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Price was $369.99. Been using this product regularly for nearly a year now and its stood the test of time. Run up to 4. 5 miles, up to 7 mph regularly, multiple times a week. Allows me to avoid the vicious arizona heat and watch netflix while running. . Product is a solid starter for anyone getting into fitness. Main issue is that the treadmill is annoying squeaky once getting up to speeds of 6 mph+. Have tried tightening bolts and wd40. No luck really. There were very few other products that beat this treadmill in terms of pricing and how well it lasts. . If your just getting into fitness and don't want to break the bank, i recommend this for you. If you're a regular and stuck with fitness for years, then spend the dough for a better product.

-L. Jennifer

Cadence G 5.9 Get More Results In Less Time The Weslo Cadence G 5. 9 Treadmill. Featuring 6 Personal Trainer Workouts, A 2-position Manual Incline And Comfort Cell Cushioning, This Treadmill Is -Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

  1. Listed: Six Personal Trainer Workouts.
  2. Listed: Two-position Incline.

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I had an interesting experience with the weslo cadence g 5. 9 treadmill. I'm an avid online store shopper, and reading the reviews to me is like reading the news in the morning! extremely important! i don't have a picture of the packaging, but that came sort of dented in some spots, but when it came down to the actual product, here are some first impressions:. 1. I opened the box and found out that it's not the actual treadmill that's heavy- it's actually just the box. There is so much packaging! . 2. Two screws came completely broken (they're part of something underneath the walking part). 3. It's extremely easy to put together! all you have to do is read the instructions! . . So now we get to the fun stuff. After i saw that two of the screws were missing i knew i had to do something about it. Even though this treadmill isn't as expensive as others, i still wanted to get my money's worth. . Instructions on how to deal with a damaged weslo cadence treadmill (all from my own personal 1 hour and a half conversation with their support team, and online store support). 1. Be prepared with all of the information! it comes with a manual, and since i'm smart- i read what i needed to do before calling them. If a part has come off, is broken, etc. You can call their support team and they'll either send out someone to fix it, or recommend that you call online store. It took about 5 minutes to get to a cadence real life support person, so this wasn't bad. Especially since i knew exactly what two screws i needed. 2. Tell them clearly, and exactly what is wrong! try to be as specific as possible! be patient with them! in my experience with a lot of different sorts of customer service people, getting upset, angry, frustrated, only leads to even more chaos. Try to prevent that all from happening! . * they may tell you they can't help you! (in my situation, they couldn't help me because even if they sent someone out, they wouldn't be able to help either). It's okay though, because online store support can! . 3. Call online store support, and tell them what happened! yet again, be descriptive and polite. They're super duper friendly, and very helpful- and in my experience whether it be via chat or phone call, i've never been left unhappy. . Like i said before, i read the reviews. I've seen so many problems and so many complaints from people, and even though i did have a problem, instead of complain, whine, and rate this product bad: i did something about it! it didn't even take me much time! calling online store actually fixed all of my problems, and made me completely satisfied about the whole purchase- regardless of the minor problems i had. . Overall, the treadmill was a great buy for your average person who just wants to get some daily exercise into their days. I'm not a professional runner at all, and never will be- but i just wanted something for some daily use that will time how much i run, and how many calories i've lost. It's not that large, makes minimal noise, can stand tall if you need the room, and overall was a great buy! . . Tl; dr: great buy, go through the motions if your product comes damaged, be nice, you'll be satisfied. . P. S. The picture i took of the treadmill being pushed together (image 1), i was just lifting that up and taking the picture myself, and since i have it so close to the wall- i couldn't pull out the thing that i needed to pull out and back in to secure the treadmill in place (image 5). Although i have it set up this way on purpose because i never need to condense the treadmill, but was showing it for future buyer purposes. It does collapse in just a tiny bit more though, so i just wanted to make you all aware of this. . *the fifth image is the thing you pull out, and release in between the treadmill leg to have it stand up on its on. *the last three images are showing how you can bend the legs out and in so that it can either be completely flat, or have a slight incline. When they're pulled out (90 degree angle, it's completely even, and if you have them pushed in, there's a slight incline). Best cadence g 5.9 | Icon Health And Fitness-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Feb 2019 ) Listed Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Space saver design. this treadmill can fold up.. Six personal trainer workouts.. Two-position incline.. Comfortable cushioning. .

Weslo cadence g 5.9 treadmill Review (wltl29609)

I was a bit wary about buying this treadmill (chosen because it's so affordable) because of many negative reviews, even though many of them (not all, but many) were obviously resulting from not following the directions or reading the manual before assembly/usage. I have had three manual treadmills but this is my first electric one. I'm very impressed with my weslo cadence g 5/9. I love that i can adjust the speed increments from say, 1 mph to 1. 2 or 1. 3 or 1. 5, etc. Without having to jump to 2 mph or 3 mph, etc up to 10 mph. Tenths of a mile are good graduations for a senior just starting to get active again after being sedentary for far too long. I can't comment on running on it because it's not something i do at my age, at least not right now. I don't find it all that noisy like some complained but again, it's my first electric treadmill so i have nothing to go by in that regard. . Assembly: it was extremely difficult to do alone because of its weight & mostly because of the two screws that hook the upright to the body of the machine. Lining them up was rather nightmarish, but i propped the machine up on some of the packing materials so i could turn the wrench further without disengaging it. Finally, i managed it with much persistence and prayer for strength but i can honestly say, that part alone would have been worth calling a friend to help. However, i did it, i got it set up and running and it works great. I am very satisfied with this purchase. . I did not buy the extra years warranty yet, i have 90 days to cogitate on that. But knowing me, i probably will just take good care of her and not worry about spending more. Oh, lastly, it folds up and moves easily. I was surprised because of its weight/bulk so after i set it up in my dining room & didn't care for the look (also couldn't see the tv from there) i decided to test the fold up & move it capability and it worked just great. Now it's in the living room where i can watch tv while i walk off some pounds & give my circulatory system some needed exercise. . I used a yoga mat underneath the weslo to keep carpet fibers from getting up in her mechanism. It's working fine so far, too. -V. Rita

Weslo Cadence G 5 9 Treadmill

  • Order: Sports
  • Brand: Weslo
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0043619296105
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:68.00 inches
    Length:10.00 inches
    Weight:119.00 pounds
    Width:31.00 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: No Returns. Item Has Been Tested And In Perfect Condition.
  • Manufacturer: ICON Health And Fitness
  • Model: WLTL29609
  • MPN: WLTL29609
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: WLTL29609
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS
  • ReleaseDate: 2012-07-02
  • Size: (L X W X H):64.50 X 29.00 X 55.50 IN
  • UPC: 714547183705

cadence g 5.9 Sports, Get more results in less time with the weslo cadence g 5. 9 treadmill. featuring 6 personal trainer workouts, a 2-position manual incline and comfort cell cushioning, this treadmill is the perfect tool for losing weight or increasing performance. each workout is designed by a certified personal trainer so you can maximize your time and get a great workout! the incline is easy to change and will increase the intensity of your workout. and, with the addition of comfort cell cushioning, you'll stay comfortable throughout each stride. the weslo cadence g 5. 9 treadmill is right for you. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill (WLTL29609-Weslo).

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Well, i just got it today. It took about 45 minutes to put it together (only one person necessary, but always cool with two). Packaging was in disarray and beat up, but the machine itself didn't appear to get much of that damage. A couple small cosmetic scrapes. It's plenty long for my and my husbands stride (i am 5'6-160 & he is 6'3"-220 ). I walked on it for 30 minutes at 3. 5mph. Display works well and tells me the information i want to know (calories burned, distance, time & mph). So far, the only drawback is that my fit hitting the treadmill platform is loud (not the treadmill motor itself, that's actually very quiet). Thankfully, i live on a bottom floor apartment, but i'm sure the neighbors at least hear my feet hitting the platform (but alas, that's apartment life, i suppose). I'll update my review as i use this treadmill more. So far, so good. (i took tons of pictures, but can't see anywhere to upload them. )

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill
Click to see NoticeWeslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill (wltl29609)"Works awesome! i would have bought one years ago if i had known inexpensive treadmills existed! it's way too hot and muggy during this time of year in florida to run outside. It's a lot easier to be motivated to go for a run or walk or jog now that i have this in my living room area. It's not as heavy duty as the ones at the gyms (but i know those have to put up with a lot more abuse than a single user at home). It's smaller than what you may be used to at a gym and doesn't have the auto incline built in- you have to physically alter it to change it- with only two incline choices. I don't know how loud it compares to the more expensive ones. That's because with the ones i use at the gym, i have my headphones plugged in and music blasting plus also all the other gym equipment and other people being noisy in there, it's hard to compare. At home it sounds loud but i don't wear headphones- i have youtube or netflix on during my runs. I use it about 3-4 times a week and spend about 45 minutes to an hour and a half on it. The 6 programs it has are useful but i pretty much just do my own settings when on there. If you're looking for lighter activity just to be healthier at home, i would recommend it. If you're looking to train for a 5k, or 10k, such as doing a couch to 5k program, i would recommend it. . I would probably give it half a star less due to packaging. It arrived in cardboard packaging that was totally decimated- part of it was ripped open already, and a particle board inside to stabilize the machine was broken in half. The delivery person even told us upfront that we could send it right back. We took the chance though, unwrapped it and everything looked great except for a small scratch on a inner part of the plastic near the front. I didn't want to wasted any time sending it back, as it's a cosmetic issue and it's not even visible when the machine is set up."

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Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-Inch 36-Inch

Stamina fold - to - fit equipment mat protects your floors from unsightly blemishes! if you've ever had a piece of exercise equipment mark up your floor, then you know why these mats are important. Guard against gouges, scrapes and tears in your carpet, or use the mat as a shock absorber for your aerobic workouts! the 3' x 7' mat folds up for easy storage, too. Make this smart investment right now! stamina fold-to-fit equipment mat

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-Inch 36-InchStamina-Folding-Equipment-84-Inch-36-InchProtect your floor from unsightly blemishes and nasty gouges with this stamina fold-to-fit equipment mat. Designed to sit underneath most exercise equipment or to serve as a shock absorber for aerobic workouts, the mat is made of a closed-cell foam material that's tough yet soft, helping it absorb impact, eliminate vibration, and stop carpet fibers from migrating into the moving parts of your equipment. In addition, the mat measures a robust 84 by 36 inches (w x l), making it large enough to accommodate stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, rowing machines, pilates reformers, ski machines, home gyms, weight benches, and mini trampolines. As a result, you needn't worry about scuffing your hardwood floor with gouges and scrapes, or creating nasty tears in your carpet. Finally, the mat is divided into seven folding sections, so you can easily customize it to any size of machine. The mat-which includes a textured, nonslip pebble surface that cleans easily-measures 1/4 inch thick and weighs roughly 7 pounds.

Brand :    stamina
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    7.00 pounds
  • Works with stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, home gyms, and more
  • Fold-to-fit equipment mat for protecting floors from unsightly blemishes and scuffs
  • 7 folding sections makes it easy to customize fit; also absorbs shock from aerobic workouts
  • Textured, nonslip pebble surface cleans easily; measures 84 x 0. 25 x 36 inches (w x h x d)
  • Closed-cell foam material absorbs impact, eliminates vibration, and keeps out carpet fibers
Price :    $9.20 (was $24.79)
Model :    05-0034
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-Inch 36-Inch available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat Treadmills/Ski Machine 2.5-Feet x 6-Feet

Heavy duty p. V. C. Mat for treadmills, ski machine, etc.

Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat Treadmills/Ski Machine 2.5-Feet x 6-FeetSupermats-P-V-C-Treadmills-Machine-2-5-Feet

Brand :    supermats
Color :    Black
Size :    2.5-Feet x 6-Feet
Weight :    1.04 pounds
Model :    30GS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (supermats product review) for Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat Treadmills/Ski Machine 2.5-Feet x 6-Feet available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $16.26 (was $27.10)
  • Super-tough, durable pvc material helps protect your floors and carpets from the damage effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts.
  • Prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts. cleans easily with a damp cloth.
  • Stepmant/bikemat is perfect for steppers, exercise bikes, step-aerobics, or just stretching. convenient size fits almost anywhere.
  • Treadmat is perfect for treadmills, cross-country exercisers, or as a general aerobics mat. longer mat sze fits any room in the house.
  • 2. 5-feet x 6-feet. dampens vibration that cause wear and tear to equipment and muffles equipment noises so family and neighbors are not disturbed.

ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Black, 24 Square Feet

The prosource exercise puzzle mat creates a comfortable, durable surface for workouts and exercise equipment while protecting your floors. Dense eva foam absorbs impact and noise during workouts and provides a soft surface for exercises like push-ups and crunches. Easy-to-assemble interlocking pieces cover 24 square feet with end borders for a clean, finished look. Each tile is ½ thick from the highest point of the texture. It comes in three color options and is great for garages, fitness rooms, gyms, crossfit, children s play areas, and other hard floors. The material used for the tiles contains no phthalates. Warranty prosource is confident our high quality products, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products for manufacturer defects, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Black, 24 Square FeetProSource-fs-1908-pzzl-Puzzle-Exercise-Interlocking

Brand :    prosource
Color :    Black
Size :    24 Square Feet
Weight :    0.5 pounds
  • High quality foam - high-density eva foam provides excellent support and cushion; contains no toxic phthalates
  • Versatile - the water-resistant and noise-reducing design is easy-to-clean, great for use in garages, gyms, home fitness rooms, or even children's play areas
  • Covers 24 sq. ft. - each tile measures 24" x 24" x ½"- thick from the highest point of the texture; includes 6 tiles and 12 end borders for a polished look
  • Easy assembly - lightweight puzzle pieces connect quickly and easily, and can be disassembled just as simply for quick storage
  • Protective workout flooring - durable, non-skid textured tiles protect floors while creating a comfortable workout space
Price :    $16.87 (was $23.95)
Model :    ps-2301-pzzl-black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (prosource product review) for ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Black, 24 Square Feet available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Velotas High Density Equipment & Treadmill Mat, Black, 2.5' x 6'

Velotas black high density equipment and treadmill mat 2. 5' x 6'. Mat is 4mm thick. Easy roll for storage. Helps to soften noise from weights and equipment.

Velotas High Density Equipment & Treadmill Mat, Black, 2.5' x 6'Velotas-Density-Equipment-Treadmill-Black

Brand :    velotas
Color :    Black
Size :    2.5' x 6'
Weight :    3.70 pounds
  • Mat is 4mm thick
  • Easy roll for storage
  • 2. 5x6 equipment mat
  • Black in color
Price :    $24.99
Model :    EM2564-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Wonder Mat Extra Thick Black Treadmill Waterproof Mat

With over 25 years of experience, as creator; underworld set the standards for foam mats and foam blocks. Unlike many competitors mats that are made in china, our mats are made in taiwan undergoing and passing all tests for safety. Wonder mats can be utilized to protect wood floors. No longer worry about scratches on your wood floor. Our mats can be customized to fit any size treadmills! no edging needed.

Wonder Mat Extra Thick Black Treadmill Waterproof MatWonder-Mat-Extra-Treadmill-Waterproof

Brand :    wonder mat
Color :    Black
  • 21 piece 1ft x 1ft black interlocking wonder mat set. no edging needed. creates 21 square feet designed for most household treadmills
  • Made from non recycled, non toxic, light weight, durable, lead free and high density eva. lasts up to 10 years under proper care
  • It's extra thick 9/16in exceeds the requirement to protect your floor. mats are waterproof and easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap
  • Wonder mat unique surface pattern is designed for hard flooring to lock the mat in place and prevent the treadmill from sliding. easy do-it-yourself interlocking mats
  • Dimensions: 83 in x 36 in adjustable size by removing several mats
Price :    $38.91 (was $43.23)
Model :    GE-TMBCK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack, 300 lbs, exercise chart, ankle strap, vinyl seats

Some assembly required weider home gym weight capacity: 300 lbs assembled dimensions: 65"l x 37"w x 76"h manufacturer's warranty included (see product guarantee) the weider (2980) 214-lb stack home gym is the ultimate at-home gym. Get your workout on with the following features: 6 muscle-sculpting workout stations include a high pulley, chest press, chest fly, leg developer, preacher curl and low pulley station up to 214 lbs of resistance: cable-and-pulley system offers up to 214 lbs of resistance 81-lb durastack weight stack: offers the ideal combination of durability and fluid motion with 81 lbs of durastack weights high pulley with lat bar: lets you fine-tune your lats and back, allowing for a wide variety of hand positions for maximum results low pulley: perform a variety of exercises that will help build and tone your biceps, deltoids, trapezius, forearms, triceps, rhomboids and more chest fly: builds and adds definition to your major and minor pectoral muscles, as well as your anterior deltoids (shoulders and chest muscles) 4-foam leg developer: facilitates lower body muscle development built to last: made of durable steel tubing and designed for long-term use

Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack, 300 lbs, exercise chart, ankle strap, vinyl seatsWeider-Stack-exercise-chart-ankle

Brand :    megadeal
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Brand: weider assembled product dimensions (l x w x h) 48. 00 x 37. 00 x 76. 00 inches
  • Maximum weight: 300 lbs recommended use: total body
  • Dimensions: 65l x 37w x 76h inches model: wesy1938 fitness goal: strengthen core, build muscle, tighten & tone
  • Condition: new material: steel
  • Manufacturer part number: 2980 color: black
Price :    $500.00
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (megadeal product review) for Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack, 300 lbs, exercise chart, ankle strap, vinyl seats available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The bowflex pr1000 home gym is a great way to strengthen your muscles and add a bit of cardio training to the mix with over 30 strength exercises and a built-in rowing station. With up to 210 pounds of power rod resistance, this versatile machine helps work the abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, and lower body. It includes triple-function hand grips for lat pull-down, a horizontal bench press, and four-inch upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl exercises. The rowing machine rail also folds when you're done with your workout the pr1000 utilizes bowflex's patented power rods, which provide resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights-but without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights. You can hook one, two, three, four or all of your power rod units to the cable pulley system and go from as little as 5 pounds all the way up to 210 pounds of resistance. They're precisely manufactured from a high-tech composite material under the highest quality control measures, then sheathed and tested 4 separate times to ensure quality and durability. The power rod units are so strong, you can flex them repeatedly but you won't be able to wear them out. Features and specifications: sliding seat rail adds aerobic rowing training for calorie-burning, cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down (also great for leg presses and seated leg extensions) multi-use hand-grip/ankle cuffs designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout workout placard displays workout descriptions for easy reference while you're exercising number of available exercises: 30+ height: 81 inches (205 cm) length: 84 inches (213 cm) width: 38 inches (97 cm) minimum workout area: 100 by 78 inches (254 x 199 cm) maximum user weight: 300 pounds (136 kg) 210 pounds of power rod resistance four-inch upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl horizontal bench press triple function hand grips for lat pull down built-in cardio rowing machine folds for easy storage cannot be upgraded to 310lbs exercises: bench press decline bench press incline bench press seated shoulder press front shoulder raise crossover seated rear delt rows scapular retraction narrow pulldowns stiff-arm pulldowns seated lat rows reverse grip pulldown seated low back extension triceps pushdown triceps extension standing biceps curl wrist curl seated (resisted) abdominal crunch trunk rotation leg extension calf raise seated hip adduction seated hip abduction leg kickback leg press manufacturer's warranty frame - one year; rods - five years; parts - 60 days compare these bowflex home gyms model body tower pr1000 blaze pr3000 xtreme 2se revolution msrp $499. 00 $799. 00 $1, 099. 00 $1, 299. 00 $1, 599. 00 $2, 999. 00 resistance n/a (body weight)" 210 lbs power rod resistance 210 lbs power rod resistance 210 lbs power rod resistance 210 lbs power rod resistance 220 lbs of spriaflex resistance upgradeable resistance n/a no yes- to 310 lbs or 410 lbs yes- to 310 lbs yes- to 310 lbs or 410 lbs yes- to 300 lbs platform n/a horizontal (bench folds to save space) horizontal (bench folds to save space) vertical vertical horizontal (bench folds to save space) number of exercises 20 + 30 + 60 + 50 + 70 + 100 + exercises pictured in owners manual 18 24 66 26 79 101 arm exercises 2 5 16 4 24 21 chest exercises 4 4 8 3 6 18 ab exercises 3 2 5 2 3 8 back exercises 2 3 9 4 18 15 shoulder exercises 2 4 14 6 16 22 leg exercises 5 6 13 7 12 17 cardio row no yes yes no no yes maxium user weight 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs workout area required l 53" x w 50" x h 77" l 103" x w 80" x h 82" l 90" x w 38" x h 83" l 96" x w 78" x h 83" l 96" x w 78" x h 83" l 120" x w 84" x h 83" warranty frame: 5 years wear parts: 1 year frame: 1 year parts: 60 days power rods: 5 years frame: 1 year parts: 60 days power rods: 5 years frame: 1 year parts: 60 days power rods: 7 years frame: 1 year parts: 60 days power rods: lifetime 10 years

Bowflex PR1000 Home GymBowflex-100141-PR1000-Home-Gym

Brand :    bowflex
Color :    Red
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.49 pounds
Model :    100141
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Over 30 strength exercises
  • Includes horizontal bench press and lat pull down
  • Get a total body strength workout with affordable home gym, includes rowing machine rail
  • Provides as little as five or as many as 210-pounds of resistance
  • 300-pound maximum user weight, requires 100 x 78-inch minimum workout area
Price :    $400.00 (was $408.62)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant

Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your treadmill in optimal running condition. In addition, after every 40 hours of use, lubrication should be applied between the running belt and deck to help reduce friction. Lifespan belt lubricant is 100% silicone and contains no odors, solvents, petroleum distillates, or propellants that can be harmful if inhaled and degrade the effectiveness of the lubricant.

LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt LubricantLifeSpan-100%-Silicone-Treadmill-Lubricant

Brand :    lifespan fitness
Color :    NA
Size :    NA
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    SILSING
Quantity :    1
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Price :    $11.99 (was $19.99)
  • 4 applications per bottle for a (1) year supply
  • 100% pure silicone with no odor, no propellants and no distillates
  • Prevents costly repairs by reducing friction between the running belt and deck
  • 4 oz bottle with universal pump sprayer

ProSource Discounts High Density PVC Floor Protector Treadmill Mat, 6.5 x 3-Feet

Prosource treadmill mat is constructed out of high density pvc for ultimate protection to your floor from scratches and dents. It is an essential piece if you own or planning to purchase a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical or any other type of exercise/fitness equipment.

ProSource Discounts High Density PVC Floor Protector Treadmill Mat, 6.5 x 3-FeetProSource-Discounts-Density-Protector-Treadmill

Price :    $27.99
  • Large size of 6. 5ft x 3ft, will cover the surface of most treadmills, elliptical and other exercise equipment
  • Protects carpets and floors from treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes and others
  • Absorbs vibration and reduces noise caused by all sorts of equipment
  • Made out of high impact, strong and durable pvc that will last you for years
  • Easy to clean and maintain, just wipe down with a damp cloth
Brand :    prosource
Color :    Black
Size :    6.5 x 3-Feet
Weight :    6.50 pounds
Model :    ps-1920-tread
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 9 to 11 weeks
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (prosource product review) for ProSource Discounts High Density PVC Floor Protector Treadmill Mat, 6.5 x 3-Feet available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

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If i was only rating the box, id give it a 1! it arrived with a box already falling apart. It made it very hard to pick it up or drag it in the house. I expected a piece of garbage. But i just used the treadmill and its pretty nice. The only reason im giving it a 4 (besides it garbage arrival) is that one of the screws does not fit, but its just one that helps it fold up for sorage so it still works. Its not a huge deal. But i will be going to home depot in the next couple days to see if they can get me the right screws for when i do want to fold it up. But overall its a 4 because the price! i hope it lasts for years, i love being able to do some cardio at home instead of having to drive to the gym all the time

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(0) Question: Does the model woman come with the machine?

(1) Question: I've ordered one of these treadmills and i'm starting to worry about how difficult the assembly will be. can an average mind assemble it?

(2) Question: I see the user weight limit is 275 lbs. does anyone know if it will really hold up for someone of that weight or should i invest in something else?

(3) Question: What kind of pace can you run on this treadmill? my husband and i are runners so i am looking for one we can train on.

(4) Question: Is it quiet?

(5) Question: From the reviews i've read, either this thing is great or a piece of junk. is it just the luck of the draw then?

(6) Question: How heavy of a person will it function properly?

(7) Question: How easy is it to fold/store? would it fit under a bed?

(8) Question: Is there a shelf for a book/ipad?

(9) Question: Can you set a kindle on it while you run?

(note) Question: where/how to get Weslo (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Weslo's products



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This treadmill is perfect for my needs. I am grateful for other reviewers here and their positive remarks, so i took a chance on this relatively inexpensive treadmill. I love it! . . It was packaged extremely well. Although the corner of the box was a bit smashed upon arrival, the inner packaging is so precise and study, nothing was damaged on the machine itself. . There is some assembly required, but it is fairly easy to accomplish; in fact, using some of the hardboard pieces that were used as some of the packaging, the motor side of the machine is easily propped up and the installation of the bolts can be done without the help of another person (although i highly recommend having someone there to assist just in case as well as helping to carry it in the house - it's really heavy). I also second the advice of another reviewer to purchase a dedicated surge protector for its power. . It is fairly easy to operate and has enough basic features to change your walking pace to keep your exercise interesting and engaging. There is adequate space for a large bottle of water and a central spot perfect for your kindle (or ipad, book, etc. ). . I am not an athlete nor a runner/jogger, i am a middle aged person with arthritis in a hip and i do my best to stay active. This treadmill is just the thing i need to walk every day without worry of weather, and if i suddenly need to sit and rest, i can do so immediately without concern of being a few miles from home. This truly is a great treadmill at a reasonable price for those of us who need a basic machine.

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Best weslo cadence g 5.9 treadmill (wltl29609) in review

I love this treadmill. For the price it is very well made. It arrived in one piece. No problems with the packaging. Works great. Looks great. Fits my needs perfectly. All pros, no cons. If you are looking for a reasonably price treadmill this is the one for you. . I have been using this treadmill almost daily since july 2015. I use it strictly as a cardio workout. I do 30 minutes a day. It is an awesome treadmill and it has held up fantastically. Great treadmill. Certainly worth the price.

O. Alba, New Hampshire

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B. Pearce, Gateshead says

Like other people said, the box arrived in pretty sad shape, but all the contents were intact. It was an easy set-up and took maybe a half hour. I bought this to help recovery after back surgery; my surgeon said easy walking was the best exercise. However, we're in the middle of winter here with snow and ice outside. The last thing i need in recovery is a fall on ice! it's a bit noisy and it doesn't fold up as compactly as i'd hoped, but it's easy to use and meets my needs. Note: my athletic son bought a $1000 treadmill last year and reviewed this one for me. He thought it would be great for what i wanted, at a very good price. One word of warning: if you have a young cat in the house, tie the key down! i just looped the wire over the handle, and the cat took off with it (anything not tied down is a cat toy - lol! ). If it hadn't been for the shiny red magnet part, we'd still be looking.

C. Joanna, Georgia

This is an awesome treadmill for the money. In case anyone was looking for a review from a runner - having ran several half marathons, and a full - now training for my next marathon, this treadmill is perfect for those runs where i don't want to go out into the midwest winter weather to get in my miles. . For reference, i'm 5'4, 166lbs with a pace of around 9-10 min/mile. Running 6+ mph is no problem on this. Just last night i did 5 miles on this with no issues. . The belt looks more narrow and short than it is in real life. I move around a lot from left to right when i run sometimes, and never once did my feet go off the belt. It's not nearly as wide/long as a commercial treadmill, but what are you expecting anyway for this price point? . . Also, as far as packaging goes, this came undamaged. . Pros:. - easy to put together (my husband and i had it up and running in less than 40 mins). - easy to store (it folds up). - its super quiet compared to others i've used (we have ours in the basement though). . Cons:. - it's not obvious there is a switch that must be flipped on before you can use it. - the display isn't backlit, but as long as you're running in a room that is well lit you should be fine. - the shelves for placing your drink do not fit a nalgene bottle, but does fit a regular water bottle

Z. Morgan, Cambridgeshire says

Love this treadmill. I'm not a gym buff, so i don't know if it's missing any particular gadgets, but i like that i can walk or run on it. It's stable enough for my 250lb husband to feel comfortable on too.

H. Nancy, Enfield

I have been using this for a few months and have not yet had any problems with it, i run 6-7 mph for 2-5 miles a day 3-5 days a week and it still works fine.

B. Maria, Oregon says

Buyer beware: i gave it 5 stars so people would read this review. Online store's service was great, however keeping in mind this machine is not top of the line and doesn't have fancy features, that's why it is has a lower price. It does have many plastic parts, such as the foot rails and control panel. Mine arrived in 3 business days. I took photo's of the box at delivery and during unpacking, the box wasn't damage, after opening the box i immediately seen broken plastic piece's sitting on the tread mill, and 2 pieces in the box. Upon inspection it appeared that both foot rails had piece's broken off, the right side had 2 broken pieces and the left, 1 broken piece. This did not hinder operation, so i decide to keep it and assemble the machine. . Assembly: fairly easy about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your skills. I chose this treadmill because it was not super heavy, super bulky, and can be moved to different areas of the house fairly easy, plus it still serve's the intended purpose. It can be handled an assembled by 1 adult, use 2 if your unsure of your abilities. The machine works fine after assembly, if you plug it in and it doesn't work, first try turning on the power switch located by the power cord. I registered the product warranty online through icon fitness. . Customer service: i contacted welso customer service the next day, about 20 to 30 minutes on hold, i used both the phone and online chat service and took the first to answer. I explained it came with broken parts and gave the phone rep. The key numbers off the parts page in the included manual, in my case i had to order both the left and right foot rails and 1 broken washer screw from the foot deck. (no charge) foot rails are out of stock, so this tells you that these are probably broken a lot during shipment. Got a parts confirmation number, so i will update this review after the parts come in. It will probably be quite some time since they are out of stock. The machine still operates and is safe to use even with the broken parts i have, locks up into a storage position and has wheels that allow you to relocate it as necessary. . Weight limits: i'm 6', 265 lbs. The actual walking running surface is 16 inches wide by 50 inches long, the speed of this machine is great from the beginner walker to the fastest runners. Since women tend to be smaller in stature then men, this machine works great for women. My daughter is 5' 2" and this machine is perfect for her. I can easily walk and jog on this machine, however i probably would never try and sprint on it at my size, for women this would work fine. It has 6 programmed work-outs 3 for fat burning and 3 for intensity. It comes with a cut off key and clip to hook to your self, so if you fall the machine stops. The incline is very small, maybe 5 % and manually adjusted, by lowering the back foot pegs. Remember your also not paying an extremely high price for a tread mill. . Recommended buy: if your looking for a treadmill that fits easily into your home and you can still move it around as needed, while being able to get a good work-out without killing your bank account. I recommend this treadmill for beginners to intermediate work-out abilities. If your a running nut then this is not for you, you may want to spend the extra dollars to get one of those enormously over priced machines, that have no guarantee they will work any better than this one, and from the reviews i have read on those, many of those come broken and not working. This welso treadmill is a good machine, decent size, handles a pretty large weight limit, fits great in a small or large home, doesn't kill the pocket book. Customer service is ok, but not the greatest. I did purchase the extended 4 year parts and labor warranty, which also covers normal wear and tear and costs about $65. 00 with tax. If you don't register your product with icon fitness, then your manufacture warranty is only 30 days for parts and labor, after you registered your tread mill you get a 90 day warranty for free. After 90 days i believe only the motor is covered for 1 year, but i wouldn't risk it. . Important tips: 1. It comes with a thumb print heart rate monitor, make sure to remove the fine protective film on the display panel before checking your heart rate, it will not be actuate if the film is still in place. 2. Purchase a folding mat if you have hard floors, stamina fold-to-fit folding equipment mat (84-inch by 36-inch) sold separately $27. 99 on online store, and some lifespan 100% silicone treadmill belt lubricant, $14. 99 on online store, you will needed these for your treadmill to continue to work properly. 3. Purchase the extended warranty when you register your product with icon fitness, this protects you for parts, labor and in home service for the number of years you purchase. With all this said you will have a decent treadmill in your home with a 4 year warranty and the necessities to maintain it for a grand total of about $395. 00, that includes the treadmill and everything i stated here. . Recommended:. Good for the price, great for beginners and intermediate abilities, recommended for women and kids(with adult supervison), however men can still use this machine when walking and depending on your stride when running. . Lifespan 100% silicone treadmill belt lubricant. Stamina fold-to-fit folding equipment mat (84-inch by 36-inch). . Purchased: i purchased this on 1-21-2016 and it arrived on 1-25-1016

J. Kelly, South Carolina

This treadmill is by far more than what i expected for $300! i did my research and did not want to spend thousands of dollars on a treadmill for an apartment, but at the same time i did not want to buy a crappy one that barely works! during these winter months i need something! i am big into jogging outside, but most days i cannot with the ice. Though i have a gym membership, working full time and school - i just don't have that time to go to the gym! . . I needed a space saver, so i needed one that folds up in my apartment. This one rolls and folds up! though take note - it is so much easier to pull than push it off to the side. Just pull it and you will have no problem. . This treadmill has everything you need! very sturdy and pretty quiet unless running of course. I do a lot of hiit workouts, for example warm up for 5, run as fast as you can for 1 minute, rest for 2 minutes & repeat for 20 minutes with a 5 minute cool down(30 minutes total) - and this treadmill is perfect for that! great for a 24-48 hour metabolism boost for those who need some extra help losing weight ; ). A lot better than just running or walking! makes you feel amazing. . The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because my package came damaged. Not because of the treadmill itself. I couldn't even get it into my apartment without the box falling apart, so we had to take the box apart and then bring the pieces inside. This was annoying and scary thinking my treadmill would be completely damaged. We did figure out some wires were torn. It does work fine, but in the the future i may need to replace the wires. For now, some electrical tape will do as the film around the wires were just torn and not the wires themselves(hopefully). . Online store customer service was great! this is why i buy things from only online store. Anytime i have an issue it is resolved in 10 minutes. They told me i could either return the items and ups could pick it up as is. That i didn't need to even put it back in the box etc. & they would refund me. Or i could get a partial refund of 20%. I chose 20% because i didn't want to go through the hassle of returning and buying another one, just to have a bigger issue happen with ups. Like the motor being damaged or something. They also said if i had any issues with the wiring, to contact them and they will take care of it. . Still a hassle with the shipping. Wish that never happened, but the treadmill is wonderful! think they need to go with another shipping option for their customers if they can. I really wouldn't hesitate to buy if you have been going back and forth about which treadmill to buy. This is it! $300 or less for a good treadmill you won't find anywhere else. Online store has your back if you do not like it - return it. If it comes damaged - they will figure it out!

C. Gina, Worcestershire says

I purchased the weslo cadence g 5. 9 treadmill with intentions. Of losing weight and getting into a better health routine and in the year or so i've used it i've shed 25 pound so it has exceeded my expectations in this regard. Using this treadmill once a day in a 30 minute weight routine it has worked reliably and without a hiccup. I do shut of the machine and unplug it after every usage. It does fold up nicely which but be advised this is a heavy machine get a helper if you are setting up on a second story house .

P. Imelda, Kensington and Chelsea

Exactly what i wanted/expected. I wanted a treadmill that i could walk on at speeds ranging from 2. 6 -4. 5. It has 3 weight loss programs that i really like because they force me to move a bit more than i may on my own in the morning. It is quiet and sturdy. I didn't realize that the display isn't backlit, which is a bit of an annoyance when i don't want to turn on the lights in the morning. My own fault for not seeing that in the details. . It took my husband and me about 25 minutes total to set it up and it is easy enough to move. . Cons: display not lit. Can't change display- just cycles through cal/time. Arms short and curved and display tilted so no way to set up a board with a laptop. Looking for another option so i can get some work done. . Pros: light. Fewer bells and whistles to distract. Continuous motor? . Size/power good for what i want. . Will update in 6 months

K. Kellie, Reading says

I got the weslo treadmill and absolutely dig it. I'm 6'2", 230 lbs. And like running outside (about 2. 5-3. 0 miles each go). When the weather doesn't cooperate, i "try" to go to the fitness club. However, i feel it's such a pain to pack my stuff, drive there, find a treadmill, and then drive home sweaty in my car. So when i started researching for a treadmill, i was discouraged by the critically acclaimed ones costing $1000 on up! finding this one for the price is steal! if you want something basic, but has some cool features, here it is. When you unpack it, don't freak out about how thin it is. I was used to the wider running room on treadmills at the gym and almost didn't even unpack out of the box when i opened it. However, after running on it, it was plenty of room. You can also transport it easily through doors while collapsed. I attached pictures to show my 12" shoes on it to show. The runs have been smooth, durable and impressive for such a large frame like mine. . Here are some highlights that i personally like:. Easy to put together. It took me 30 minutes. It may take two people to install the bottom 4 bolts. It is collapsible! (see attached pictures). It has a basic digital read that flips through calories burned, time elapsed, distance, and mph as you run. No other crazy info i never used at gym. It has six run presets that are just right and adjustable as you run (pics). What i love is that you can slow down (hitting the "-" sign) and the treadmill will allow it for a "segment" (about 60 seconds), but then start back up on the original run settings for you after the segment without hitting anything. At the gym, the treadmills stay at the new "lower" setting during the whole workout, thinking that you bit off more than you can chew. This one does not. It goes back to the original workout thinking you just needed a rest or something. This could be annoying to some, but i like it. It is quiet. I had it on 8. 0 mph and my dishwasher is louder. Inclining the treadmill is as easy as lowering the back two feet (pics). It has a thumb heart rate monitor, which is good for those who want to know. . Notables:. The manual suggested you plug the treadmill into a surge protector, so have one ready. There is an extended service plan option that comes in the box 1yr $59. 99, 2yr $79. 99, 3yr $99. 99. There are two hex keys and an manual that tells you how to adjust the belt (re-center, slipping, slowing, etc. ). Don't lose them! it's just a simple quarter turn left or right into deep holes in the back to fix these problems. But without the keys, you're in trouble. 275 lbs. Is the weight limit according to the manual. It also recommending turning off (the switch is underneath the front) or unplugging the treadmill all together when not in use to protect electrical components, which could be annoying to some. . I have heavily relied on reviews when buying anything on online store. This is my first review. I wanted to do my part to highly recommend this treadmill. I hope this helps!

S. Adrienne, Portsmouth

I've been using this treadmill for a few days now and it does exactly what i bought it for: it gets me off my backside and walking. I'm glad i bought it. Roasting hot and humid weather? raining cats and dogs? mosquitos everywhere? none of that matters. I get my walk in every day thanks to this affordable treadmill. . A few random comments:. . Shipping: the unit is frighteningly vulnerable to shipping damage. 1 bolt was sheered off and a plastic piece cracked when i received it. At the moment, neither are a concern for me. The unit works and i'm just happy to have it up and running. . Assembly: as others have mentioned, there is a pre installed bolt that needs to be loosened before you attempt to wrestle the bottom portion into place. Sure wish the instructions mentioned that. . Use: the lack of a backlight on the display is *extremely* annoying. Even for the inexpensive price of this treadmill, you'd think that a simple led backlight could be included. Ultimately though, if the motor and tread belt hold up to regular use, i can deal with it. . Overall: this is a compact unit that is excellent for people without a great deal of spare room in their house or apartment. This is also best as a walking machine, not running.

T. Perez, Tower Hamlets says

I wanted a treadmill but didn't have much to spend. Imagine my surprise when i discovered that this machine was way better than the other machines in the $250 to $300 range that i tried. This treadmill is solid, easy to assemble, and has a wide range of options in the controls as compared to other inexpensive machines. There are two folding feet that make it very easy to adjust an incline, and i was surprised to see that there were many speed and program options on a machine in this price range. There is also a pulse monitor! the program tracks miles, speed, and calories automatically. The design is smart. It easily folds up for storage, and the wheels on one side of the base makes it incredibly easy to move it from room to room. It is a great design for a small home. There is a safety pull that you can attach to your clothes for an emergency stop. The machine is quiet enough for my daughter to watch tv in the same room as i run. (and trust me when i say this is amazing because my kid will whine and complain if i am even talking on the phone in the same room as the tv! ) the tread is plenty wide and long for clumsy, tall runners (like me). . The downsides to this machine was the delivery condition and the simplicity of the controls. The first treadmill was delivered in horrible condition, as though someone shoved it out of the cargo plane as it flew by my house. Online store was awesome in the exchange. They immediately sent out a replacement and then sent ups to pick up the damaged one. The second machine arrived in pristine condition. The more experienced athlete might not find the simplicity of the controls and programs inadequate, but for an amateur runner just trying to keep active, this is an incredible machine. It was worth every penny and i can't recommend it enough!

M. Helen, Rhode Island

I really like this treadmill. It works great, was easy to assemble and is the perfect size. I'm 5'9 and i'm able to run on it with no problem. It also folds up nicely for storage. The only part i don't like so much is the incline. I guess that's my fault because i didn't read the specs over well enough. But it has an incline you have to manually set it before you use it. I wanted an incline that worked as i was working out but i was sad to see this one doesn't. It has pre set workouts too but i haven't used them at all so i'm not sure how great they are. Just follow a youtube video for a good workout.

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