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Best of Slide Attachments Brands November 2018

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    Cool Wave Slide, Green (Swing N Slide)

    Cool Wave Slide, Green (Swing N Slide) 5108

    Discover it Cool Wave Slide, Green (Swing N Slide), Cool Wave Slide, The Green Cool Wave Slide By Swing-n-slide Is The Perfect Addition To Any Backyard Play Space! This Play Set Slide Mounts Easily To 42" To 48" Slide Platform And Features Sturdy, Smooth, -Cool Wave Slide, Green
    1. This slide is great as it is for toddler and small kids - the ones the slide was designed for. But what happens when big brother or sister decide they want to go down the slide? or even mom or dad? for this reason i recommend a pair of 2x6's, one down each edge. The slide has a slot just the right s... go to https://pewdo.com/swing-n-slide-ne-4675l-slide-green-510803ujfwg0/#swing-n-slide-ne-4675l-slide-green
    2. Featured: Features Sturdy, Smooth, 1-piece Molded-plastic Construction. Assembled Dimensions: 91. 5 Inches L X 20 Inches W X 48 Inches H.
    3. Featured: Lumber Required: One 2" X 4" X 8' For Mounting.
    For Sale Cool Wave Slide, Green (Toys And Games) Ne 4675l