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Price was $47.99. This is a great little stepper for using during tv commercials, for a regular work-out, for increasing leg strength and general endurance. Although no assembly is required, you will adjust the tension as needed and the instructions for doing so are very clear and simple. I use this on an area rug and it does not budge. There is an easy to see step counter which so far is accurate. There are resistance bands which are great for balance if you need it, or of course they can be used as intended. For a bargain piece of exercise equipment, this is great. If you are fit and accustomed to a gym stepper, the resistance might not be strong enough for a hard workout, but it seems sufficient for supplementary stepping and general conditioning. It is quiet when used with the exception of a slight "thumping" sound with each step so you probably won't use this in a quiet office where there are other people. When the tv is on, it's not noticed.

-V. Carmen

Mini Stepper Resistance Get Fit And Healthy In The Comfort Of Your Own Home The Sunny Health & Fitness No. 012s Mini Stepper Resistance Bands. Offering A Full Cardio Workout And Strengthening Your Muscles, -Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Resistance Bands

  1. Reviews: Total Body: Equipped With Removable Training Bands, This High-quality Stepper Tightens Over 20 Different Core Muscles And Using Low-impact Aerobic Exercise To Help Tone Your Chest, Back, And Shoulders.
  2. Reviews: Hydraulic Drive System: Built With A Hydraulic Drive System, This Workout Machine Provides A Smooth Stepping Motion.

Inexpensive Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Resistance Bands (Sporting Goods) No 012s

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Like this little thing a lot! i have it in my office and i use it daily. It s well-constructed with steel. Very heavy and provides quite a workout! bought one for my 10 year-old son for exercise because he asked for it! oh and it s fun and easy to store! Best mini stepper resistance | Sunny Health Fitness-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Jan 2019 ) Reviews Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands Track your fitness: lcd monitor measures the steps, time, total and calories, making your exercise more reasonable and effective. Total body: equipped with removable training bands, this high-quality stepper tightens over 20 different core muscles and using low-impact aerobic exercise to help tone your chest, back, and shoulders. Hydraulic drive system: built with a hydraulic drive system, this workout machine provides a smooth stepping motion. Height adjustment: height adjustment knob adjusts the step motion height, for either short bursts or long steps. Wide non-slip pedals: large textured foot plates ensure a solid non-slip footing. .

Sunny health & fitness mini stepper with resistance bands Review (no 012s)

Great little machine although it s hard to achieve a cardio pulse for me. I exercise regularly but sometimes need some extra workout before bed when i watch some shows. . The max pulse rate i could get was 116 bpm which is an ok rate for fat burning. I spent about 150 kcal in 30 min. Not a big deal but it s an extra. . Also, since it doesn t have a handle, it makes you work harder to keep your balance and the strings add some additional option for working out upper body. Since there are no handles, i felt a good burn in my core as well. . Noise is moderate and weight is light. Size is small enough to hide behind the couch or under a small tables. . I wouldn t recommend this machine to people who doesn t have a good balance and older folks. Also it s seems strong enough for my 175 lbs weight but i wouldn t push it and recommend it to people who is more than 200 lbs. -M. Marguerite

Sunny Health Fitness Stepper Resistance

  • Order: Health And Beauty
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0732235237462
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:8.00 inches
    Length:16.50 inches
    Weight:14.55 pounds
    Width:12.25 inches
  • Manufacturer: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Model: NO. 012S
  • MPN: NO. 012S
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: NO. 012S
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS
  • ReleaseDate: 2008-03-21
  • UPC: 731084402953
  • Warranty: 3 Months

mini stepper resistance Sports, Get fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home with the sunny health & fitness no. 012s mini stepper with resistance bands. offering a full cardio workout and strengthening your muscles, this stepper exercise machine can help you get a shapely and toned body as well as full body workout. work out anywhere at any time! Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Resistance Bands (NO. 012S-Sunny Health Fitness).

Sunny Health Fitness Stepper Resistance Sports

mini stepper resistanceSunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This stepper is exactly what i wanted-a small machine with simple mechanics at a value price. It fits under my bed for easy storage and weighs about 15 pounds, so it's easy to move around. It has a simple counter that keeps track of your steps (and has a few other modes, like calories, etc. But nothing too in depth). It came preassembled, and the only assembly you have to do is make sure the pulley line is on the wheel underneath the machine, then tighten the tension knob to the desired resistance (which is easy to adjust anytime you want to change it) and attaching the arm resistance bands to the frame. In reference to some common questions/complaints i've seen, here is an fyi about the this machine. 1. It is a stepper, not an elliptical-meaning you step up and down, not glide back and forth. 2. It does require you to maintain your own balance while using it (unlike an elliptical). It is actually better for your muscle tone and core muscles to keep your own balance while exercising. However, if you have a medical issue that impairs your balance, this might not be a good machine for you. 3. You must use it standing up. Because you put your full weight on the pedals to pump them up and down, this machine would not work for someone sitting at a desk or in a chair. 4. The arm resistance bands are optional and do not effect the function of the stepper pedals. They are mounted to the frame of the machine and the length is adjustable. They are simple rubber type stretchy resistance bands, similar to bungee cords. 5. The step counter has been accurate for me, but i consider the other modes (calories, etc. ) to be estimates. If you need more in depth exercise tracking, i would suggest a personal device (fitbit, etc. ) or looking for another machine at a higher price point to include the bells and whistles. 6. There is no way to adjust the incline of the pedals, or increase the step height (how far up and down the pedals go) beyond the 8" or so in the machines range of motion. Again, if this is important, you should probably look at a higher price point. Personally i find the incline and step height works well for me. 7. The machine seems durable to me, and i use it about 5x a week, for 20-30 minutes. If you work out much more than that, you may want to invest in a more expensive, bigger machine. 8. The weight limit for the machine is 220 lb, per the instruction manual. 9. The instruction manual is well written and clear instructions are given for assembly and maintenance. Instructions are given for parts to oil if the machine begins to squeak. 10. The machine is very quiet. You do hear air pushing from the cylinders as you step up and down, but it's not loud. I use the machine while my baby naps with no problem. 11. The pedals are 11 1/4" long from inside the toe guard to the edge of the pedal. I wear women's size 9 and have plenty of room. 12. Despite its simple design, this machine does give you quite a work out (similar to climbing stairs). It's definitely cardiovascular exercise, and you definitely feel it in your calves, thighs and gluts. Maintaining balance also gives my core muscles a work out, and you can use the arm bands too if you want. Like any exercise, it depends on the amount of effort you put in. . I would highly recommend this stepper for anyone like myself, who wants an affordable machine with a small footprint to get some easy exercise at home. I'm a 30-something mother with small children, so going to the gym isn't convenient for me. I'm not a fitness guru, my goals are to get more cardio and shed a few pounds. For around $50, you can't beat the price for the amount of exercise you can get from this little stepper.

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Resistance Bands
Click to see NoticeSunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper Resistance Bands (no 012s)"This is actually my second stair-stepper. I have the larger one on our boat for years and finally wore it out. I would go on it for a half hour at a time, when the recommended time was 15 minutes. After six years, the gave way. Now i'm happily using the smaller(and cheaper) version of the same piece of equipment. This one is smaller and lighter so it fits easily onto our boat. I take the handles off because i like to read a book while a stair-step, plus, my arms tire out pretty quickly when using the arm bands. It's a real work out. This machine can be adjusted as to how hard you want to work out. I like mine to be fairly stiff and so far, it can really get my heart pumping. I'd like a treadmill, but that's not something that will fit onto the boat very easily(or at all), so this works really well. It's portable, inexpensive and it works. As a runner, i can get pretty antsy after a couple of weeks of not stepping onto land, and this machine helps keep the peace on a boat that would never be big enough if i couldn't burn off some energy. It counts steps, time, and calories, though i don't know how accurate it can be on the calorie count since it doesn't take in your weight. Never the less, it helps keep me in reasonable shape until i can get to land."

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Pedal Exerciser Vive - Portable Medical Exercise Peddler - Low Impact, Small Exercise Bike Under Your Office Desk - Designed Either Hands Feet

Pedal exerciser by viveimprove focus and concentration for a more productive day, while strengthening and toning your muscles with the vive pedal exerciser. Compact design easily fits under any desk for use in the office or at home. Comfortable nonslip pedal bars accommodate any type of shoe and include adjustable toe loops for a secure fit. Versatile exerciser can also be used on a tabletop for low impact arm exercise. Great for toning muscles, increasing stamina and improving concentration:compact pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen both arms and legs, increasing circulation, improving stamina and relieving stress and tension for greater focus and concentration. Quiet and smooth, the pedal exerciser to be used in the office as well as at home. Use while on your phone, watching tv, or playing video games to fit in beneficial exercise each day. Compact design fits under any desk: compact design is 12. 5" high, easily fitting under a desk or in a cubicle. Non-slip rubber feet ensure the pedal exerciser stays in place on any surface, including any tabletop, carpet or hard floor surfaces. The low profile design keeps the pedal exerciser from wobbling and sliding while in use. Each pedal also has a nonslip surface with adjustable toe loops for added comfort and safety. Adjustable resistance for customized exercise: easily adjust the resistance level for a personalized experience. Great low impact exercise for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury. One touch multifunction display:a large lcd screen displays rpm, time, speed, distance and calories burned with the touch of a button easily accessible while in use. What's included:vive pedal exercisermanual

Pedal Exerciser Vive - Portable Medical Exercise Peddler - Low Impact, Small Exercise Bike Under Your Office Desk - Designed Either Hands FeetPedal-Exerciser-Vive-Portable-Exercise

Price :    $47.99 (was $59.99)
  • Compact portable design fits under any desk: compact design is 12. 5" high, easily fitting under a desk or similar space. non-slip, nonmarking feet ensure the pedal exerciser stays in place on any surface, including any tabletop, carpet or hard floor surfaces. the low profile design keeps the pedal exerciser from wobbling and sliding while in use. each pedal also has a nonslip surface with molded finger grips and adjustable toe loops for added comfort and safety.
  • Vive guarantee: 1 year unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.
  • Great for toning muscles and improving concentration: compact pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen arms and legs, increasing circulation, improving stamina and relieving tension for greater focus and concentration. quiet and smooth pedal operation allows the vive pedal exerciser to be used in the office as well as at home. use while on your phone, watching tv, or playing video games to include beneficial exercise in your day.
  • One touch multifunction display: a large, easy to read lcd screen displays rpm, time, speed, distance and calories burned with the touch of a button that is easily accessible while in use.
  • Adjustable resistance for customized exercise: easily adjust the resistance level with the tension knob for a personalized exercise experience. great low impact exercise for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury.
Brand :    vive
Model :    RHB1001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Health Personal Care (vive product review) for Pedal Exerciser Vive - Portable Medical Exercise Peddler - Low Impact, Small Exercise Bike Under Your Office Desk - Designed Either Hands Feet available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

It's definitely easy to put together and very sturdy/durable but it's also really really big. I don't know whose feet would be big enough to fill the pedals but they could have saved some space making them smaller. I didn't follow the instructions in the other reviews and didn't measure anything so i was annoyed at myself when it came because i can't use it under my table without lowering my knees, which is quite awkward. I lugged it into work (it's really heavy) and i had to really lower my chair to use it and even then it's not exactly comfortable. If i'm not paying attention and sit up a little straighter i can really hurt the tops of my legs by hitting them under the desk. Though it does seem to really work my legs it also hurts my back because i have to finagle my posture and seated position so that it fits under my desk. I also tried it without my shoes on but that is pretty painful after a while, you really have to wear some form of shoes to use it. But, if you have a tall table/desk this is a really great thing. The price and quality appear to be great, the design could have been better. Maybe having a couple options with different size pedals would be helpful? this size would be labeled 'clown in huge shoes'. I wear an 8 1/2 women's shoe.

Sweat with small things sure you want be physically fit and healthy, but finding time for a thoroughly effective cardiovascular workout is just plain difficult with your schedule. Besides, you can always get back in shape once you have enough space for a full-size elliptical machine or treadmill. Sound familiar? it's time to leave excuses behind along with any oversized clothing those excuses have earned you. The stamina inmotion e1000 compact strider eliminates any "reason" to procrastinate about the health of your body and mind. The incredibly compact, portable, and affordable elliptical lets you conveniently work up a healthy sweat nearly anywhere, anytime. Efficient cardio results ever wonder why elliptical machines are so often occupied at the gym? elliptical trainer workouts are proven to burn a similar number of calories as jogging does, efficiently increasing stamina and energy while toning your hips, buttocks, thighs, and legs. Unlike jogging, however, ellipticals help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals through a low-impact routine that won't jar your back, knees, hips, or ankles. The stamina inmotion e1000 compact strider offers the all results without the endless membership fees, crowds, and hassle of driving to the gym. Always-available cardio workout the stamina inmotion e1000 compact strider is designed for easy portability and complete convenience. It's compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere, so you can fit your cardio workout into your daily schedule with no problem. With non-slip pedals that hold your feet in place without a second thought, you can enjoy the low-impact, joint-friendly exercise while your mind is focused on work. Use the e1000 compact strider at home or at the office, and when you're finished, you can store it out of sight and out of the way - under your desk or in the closet.

Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact StriderStamina-InMotion-E1000-Compact-StriderForget the gym. Now you can enjoy a full cardio workout in the comfort of your home or office with this compact elliptical trainer from stamina products. Unlike full-size ellipticals, this trainer doesn't have arms or a front console. Instead, the trainer is essentially foot pedals only, with a chassis that's small enough to store under a desk or in a closet. Despite the small size, the trainer still packs a workout wallop, letting you burn a similar number of calories as jogging but without the risk of injury to the back, knees, hips, or ankles. Just keep your feet moving on the pedals-which continually oscillate in a low-impact manner-and you're set. Other details include sturdy steel construction, non-slip pedals, and an electronic fitness monitor that tracks the number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned. The stamina inmotion compact elliptical trainer is lightweight and portable so you can use it anywhere. Use it at home or take it to the office. Pedal while you work seated at your desk to burn calories and tone legs during your work day. It gives you a great cardiovascular workout, getting your heart and lungs pumping so you can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. You'll tone your legs, thighs, and buns, and trim your waist. Use the elliptical trainer while standing or while seated. This workout is simple, safe, effective and fits easily into your daily routine. Features and specifications: adjustable tension to control workout intensity level use while seated or while standing the foot pedals can be worked in a forward or reverse direction to target your lower body in different ways electronic fitness monitor displays number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned; or scan all stats sturdy steel construction, non-slip pedals footprint: 20" x 12" weight: 24 lbs. About elliptical trainers elliptical trainers represent the next wave of advancement in low-impact cardiovascular exercise machines and continue to grow in popularity. By simulating motions experienced through walking, stepping, cycling, and skiing, elliptical machines allow for a smooth and fluid motion while building strength in the arms and legs. Similar to the exercise position for treadmills, elliptical trainers are used by standing in an upright position while holding the handrails of the machine. With elliptical trainers, however, your feet remain in the foot pedals throughout the exercise regimen and circulate in a smooth and seamless motion, resulting in little to no impact on the knees, back, and hips. Elliptical trainers are compatible for all ages and fitness levels and allow you to select the difficulty level through the incline and intensity settings. Additionally, elliptical trainers allow you to determine the complexity of your workout based on your needs, all while listening to music, watching television, or reading a magazine while exercising in the comfort and safety of your own home. Although different types of elliptical trainers offer an assortment of features, many of them include an array of challenging programs, forward and reverse directional movement, ekg grip pulse handles, a lightweight portable design with easy fold-up capability, and a monitor displaying calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate.

Stamina 55-1610 Inmotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer (55 1610) FAQ.

I stinking love this thing. I bought it to go under my work desk where i sit all day. I started out looking for a cheap under desk exercise bike but after reading some reviews was concerned about hitting my knees underneath and looking funny while pedaling. Then i cam across this gem. While it is a bit more expensive than i originally wanted to spend, i am so very happy that i chose this. Do yourself a favor and objectively read the reviews before purchasing anything. I am shorter than some at 5' 3", and have no problems what so ever with knees hitting desk, even with a keyboard tray mounted underneath. If you are tall, lowering your chair temporarily would probably do the trick for you. The best part is that i can read and type while pedaling (i am pedaling right now actually! ) the movement is less of an up and down pump that you would have with a bicycle and more of a forward and back gliding motion. Most people don't even notice i am using it when they talk to me, especially when you slow down. I really feel it in my calves and buttocks, especially when standing up after using awhile. It is not hard to pedal, in fact at first i thought it wasn't helping me at all until i stood up. I unexpectedly had spaghetti legs! it also pedals backwards which feels like it works a whole new set of muscles. Backwards is really fun. I have had this for 2 days and have pedaled at work just about all day each time. It feels so good to get some activity while sitting at a desk job. Only problem now is that today is friday and i don't work weekends. May have to get one for home too. . I hope this review helps. If so, please click the "yes" button below. Thanks! -Notice from N. Mathis, Limousin

Click to Show stamina 55-1610 inmotion e1000 elliptical trainer (55 1610) Details

I love this elliptical! it isn't exactly "portable", but i was able to carry it to work on public transportation without killing myself. Set up took about 15 minutes and didn't require tools or more skill than ikea furniture. It's completely silent and i have had people standing at my desk talking to me who had no idea i was even using it. I always tell them about it though and now several other people in my office have bought one. . At first i was only doing 10-15 miles a day before getting tired, or i would find it distracting as my heart rate got up, but now i have the resistance at 75% and i can use it for 4-5 hours a day, logging up to 50 miles on average. I have found a sweet-spot where i can peddle non-stop and i always feel riiiiight on the verge of breaking a serious sweat, so i take a 30 second break every 10-15 minutes just to keep from ruining my make-up. . I've lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks while using this at my desk without other dietary changes. In fact, i've been skipping out on running after work now and then because my legs are sometimes so tired from stepping all day. . The only things i would caution someone considering buying this are 1, if you are using it under your desk, it feels more like a bike than an elliptical and if you have bad knees (like i do) you might feel pressure if you don't have it perfectly aligned with your chair- turning to face a computer screen or talk to someone can turn your knees at a weird angle; 2, the calorie count is complete nonsense- don't rely on it at all, i've found deskcycle . Com has a more accurate calorie count based on other data this machine gives you; 3, sometimes the little step counter keeps running for several minutes after i have stopped moving. I'm not sure if it takes a few minutes to catch up on all the steps i've done (this seems unlikely), or if mine is just a little messed up, but usually if i get up from my desk when it says, say, 3 miles, when i come back a few minutes later it might say 3. 5 miles, so you need to keep an eye on that too if you are trying to track progress. . None of these are serious drawbacks though, and i would absolutely buy this product again. . Edit: i did experience some squeaking that was annoying enough that i stopped using the elliptical for a while. Eventually i missed it though and i pretty much wd-40'd the entire thing. Not sure what was causing the squeak, but it just needed a little grease and it's working great again!

Stamina-55-1610-inmotion-e1000-elliptical-trainer-(55-1610) set picture

- O. FabianFirst off, i bought this elliptical for my work space, so i am only using it sitting down. It has a 250lb weight limit that i exceed so i am not attempting to test it out from the standing position. I work at a lab with high counter tops and a tall chair, but i am 6ft tall with long legs so it works really well for the adjustable space that i have. I can see it being an issue for someone with a short desk and long legs - so do some measuring before you purchase this. I have a rolling chair with a foot rest bar around the base, so it is somewhat irritating having to get the chair and pedals to cooperate, as they tend to run into each other with even the slightest movement of the chair. The elliptical does have a nice weight to it so it doesn't move at all on the tile - it just takes some work to make my chair work with the machine. . Also - side note - be sure to read the instructions carefully if you want to use it sitting down, because you have to actually use it backwards. I didn't do that at first and it was pretty uncomfortable. The instructions also have some stretching guidelines which would be very helpful for a beginner. . The resistance is adjustable from barely anything to a decent amount, though i wouldn't really recommend it for someone used to moderate to heavy exercise - strictly for cardio purposes. It doesn't really get my heart rate up all that high, but my cardiovascular system is healthy and used to hiit and intense weight lifting, so for someone just starting out or used to light exercise, it could be very helpful with cardio training. Overall, it has been great at keeping me motivated and moving while staring at a microscope all day, and i am so happy that i decided to take the chance and purchase the machine. It is calculating an extra 1, 000 calories burned throughout my work day, although i am not sure how accurate it is, it is definitely helping!

The first thing i want to say about this little beauty is wow. I'm not mechanically inclined, so i was pleased that it took all of five minutes to assemble the product (less than i've ever spent with 'easy to assemble' ikea furniture! ). Immediately after i was done, i wanted to try it, but my balance isn't that great. I moved the elliptical close to a wall so that i could stand on it. Within a minute, i was balanced and working out-no joke. It is super easy to use and completely intuitive to boot. I managed to get some leg burn going whilst catching up on the news, which is exactly what i was hoping to do. . Now, i'm not an athlete, and though i am a little overweight, i'm not good with most gym equipment. I don't stick with them and end up exercising better when just doing aerobics or other 'phys ed' style moves. I can see myself using this every single day, and for that, i'm glad to have made this purchase. If you are a hard core work out guru, this probably isn't the thing you're looking for. But if you're like me and in need of a way to get your moderate 30 minutes daily, you'll be glad you spent the money for this. It's worth it. . Note that if you want to work on your arms, you may want to use tension bands or small weights as you work out-unless you're like me and have really bad balance!

W. Eva, Delaware

Price :    $80.00 (was $89.99)
  • Reverse-motion foot pedals can be worked in a forward or reverse direction to target your lower body in different ways
  • Textured pedals; sturdy steel construction; non-slip endcaps
  • Electronic fitness monitor displays number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned; or scan through all stats
  • Adjustable tension to control workout intensity level
  • Use sitting or standing
Brand :    stamina
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    24.00 pounds
Model :    55-1610
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter

Great addition to your fitness routines yes4all balance board fits all ages and fitness levels. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to improve their core strength, stability, functionality, and sense of balance for better sport performance. Using balance board can engage and train stabilizing muscles of your back, abdominal, hips, legs and ankles thus help to reduce back pain, improve posture, leg strength and ankle range of motion. Great to use after leg, knee, angle injury and surgery to boost the rehabilitation and reduce the risk of re-injuries. Fitness non-slip wooden balance board (15. 75-inch diameter) high quality board with the non-skid surface prevents slipping or falling out of the board. You can easily stand on the board barefoot, but shoes with anti-slip soles help provide even better grip. Perform side-to-side, front-to-back, stretch & circular drills. Also, balance board adds more challenges to your workout, which helps you to increase your balance, functionality and visual sense. When you master all the skills, you can try practicing balance board with your eyes closed. Portable and lightweight board that is easy to take when traveling. Great for commercial rehabilitation centers, gyms, professional athletes and individual use specifications diameter: 15. 75" height: 4" max weight capacity: 300 lbs balance board thickness: 0. 7" material: solid wood colors: black, red, blue, purple, gray skill level: beginner to pro suitable for indoor/outdoor use

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch DiameterYes4All-Wooden-Wobble-Balance-Board

Brand :    yes4all
Model :    MBLG
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (yes4all product review) for Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board Exercise Balance Stability Trainer 15.75 inch Diameter available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Durable, non-slip surface: premium wooden balance board with anti-skid pad on the surface provides a secure grip for absolute safety. 15. 75" diameter large enough for both feet. support up to 300 lbs
  • Best satisfaction warr: we fully stand behind our products. if our product does not meet your needs, our customer service are free-hassle to resolve your issue at once
  • 360 degree rotation - 15 degree tilting angle: 360 degrees rotation and up to 15 tilting degree - great to perform side-to-side, front-to-back, stretch & circular drills
  • Great for balance training: improves core strength, posture, enhances coordination, sense of balance and visual sense. great to strengthen the targeted muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints
  • Versatile, compact balance board: with the lightweight, portable design, this balance board is great for balance exercises, home gyms, gyms, sport performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and strength & balance workouts

Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper Band, Silver

Save space and step anywhere with the sunny health & fitness no. 068 twisting stair stepper with resistance bands, which delivers smooth steps to target your calves and thighs while also sculpting your core muscles and upper body for increased calorie and fat burning results. Get up and step up your workout routine!

Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper Band, SilverSunny-Health-Fitness-Twisting-Stepper

Brand :    sunny health & fitness
Color :    Silver
Weight :    15.00 pounds
Model :    NO. 068
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Ultimate stability: user weight max is 220 ibs.
  • Effective movement: move up and down with side to side action to tighten and tone your calves muscles, gluteal muscles and hip flexors. removable toning bands offer an ultimate full body workout.
  • Quality construction: wide, textured, non-slip foot pedals keep feet secure. it also includes skid-resistant floor protectors for added grip.
  • Comfortable cardio: the twisting stepper features independent hydraulic pistons that allow you to manually alter the difficulty of your workout for smooth low impact stepping motions.
  • Track your training: the informative lcd training computer will ensure you stay focused during your workout as it tracks scan, time, count and calories.
Price :    $44.04
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (sunny health & fitness product review) for Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper Band, Silver available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 045 Twister Stepper

I can't help but give this a 5 star rating. . I started off at 260lbs at the age of 19 when i acquired my first. I was unaware of the weight limit, so i ordered a replacement after snapping the plastic portion. Following which, i kept a steady pace, and somewhat cut back on my meals. I replaced my occasional soda with coffee, and ate a bit less when it came to sweets. Nothing much changed there, but my metabolism kicked in after this process initiated. . From the month of october to april of the following year, i dropped several trouser sizes, along with going from xxl shirts to m. . My routine consisted of performing about 2, 000 steps a day every other day. Sometimes it was skipped, but it only required an hour or so each time. There's nothing like kicking on fast pace music and jogging to this. This is my third purchase of the machine due to me flying to a different state about a month ago. . It becomes squeaky over time, but wd-40 fixed said issue.

Excellent lower- and upper-body workout moves up and down with a side-to-side motion. Twisting action tones buttocks and thigh muscles works deep muscles without over-stressing bones and joints. Exercise bands add upper-body workout. Oversized footplates with slip-resistant surface for safe workout heavy-duty steel construction. Built-in computer with lcd display showing count, total count, scan, time, and calories. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Manufacturer's warranty included - see product guarantee area for complete details. About sunny health & fitness - sunny health & fitness has been importing and distributing high-quality health and fitness products for over ten years. From their headquarters in los angeles, california, they import equipment from direct sources in taiwan and china to provide more competitive pricing than the average health and fitness equipment distributor. Because they are committed to excellence and stand behind the quality of every one of their products, sunny health & fitness has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the market. Moves up and down with a side-to-side action. Heavy-duty steel construction. Exercise bands provide upper-body workout. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Dimensions: 18. 5l x 16w x 8h inches. Manufacturer's warranty included (see product guarantee).

Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 045 Twister StepperSunny-Health-Fitness-NO-045A compact, surprisingly versatile home fitness device, the sunny health & fitness twister stepper is essentially a portable elliptical machine, with built-in resistance training. The twist action the device creates helps you tone thighs and buttocks, while achieving a challenging cardiovascular workout. Moving up and down and side to side, you'll work deep muscles in hard-to-reach places without putting undue stress on joints. Resistance is adjustable, and the exercise bands work the arms, chest, back, and shoulders for a total body workout. Heavy-duty steel construction will provide years of reliable use, and oversized, slip-resistant foot plates keep you firmly planted during your workout. An onboard computer with lcd display shows total count, time, calories burned, and rep count. The stepper can be used for 15 minutes each time, because the hydraulics may get over heat if they use it for over 15 minutes each time. The hydraulics will make noises if they are over heat, and the hydraulics can be damaged too. The maintenance and care instructions in the manual, and this item is not made for commercial use.

Sunny Health & Fitness No. 045 Twister Stepper (Sporting Goods) FAQ.

It hasn't killed me. Yet. Day 2 the pretend computer died. Well, didn't die. It still displays but it doesn't actually count anything, doesn't keep track of the time, doesn't scroll through the modes. Just sits there w 2 steps and a minute or so of time. Resetting doesn't do anything, removing the battery, nope. I didn't buy it for the what ever on earth you want to call it. Good thing too. It really is a nice little stepper and i'm truly impressed by anyone doing more than 15 minutes on it. I don't think i have the tension set to far and maybe i'm way more out of shape than i realized. I really feel it right above my knees and it does a good job of getting my heart rate up. If it twists you can't convince me. The instruction manual has nothing about it. Unless they consider the way the foot pedals are set slightly off kilter (which does make it feel much more natural and comfortable. I can't see where there's a bit of twist to it. -Notice from T. Smith, Hertfordshire

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I hate big bulky exercise equipment, and this is perfect! i don't want a stepper or treadmill taking up valuable real estate in my home, nor do i want the eyesore (since the larger equipment tends to become a clothes hanger of sorts and takes up a lot of floor space! ). I bought the one with the hand pulls, but i find i don't like them as well as using small free weights. However, i'm sure there is a benefit to using the hand pulls, like for different resistance, so i likely don't know what i'm talking about. But, i do know that i get in a good workout, and since it's so small and out of the way, i leave it in a convenient spot and find that i use it more often since i don't have to get it out, put it away, etc. (out of sight, out of mind! ). The pedometer doesn't light up, and my eyes are too old to see it without bending down, so i use my exercise watch instead, but it does seem to keep a good record. Also, the fact that the pedals push out versus just going up and down seems to make it a lot more comfortable and easy to maintain balance. This stepper may look innocuous, but you get a very high lift, and you don't want to fall off! i would recommend using it next to a chair or something else you can grab on to until you get the hang of it for balance. Overall, i get an excellent cardio workout in addition to valuable upper body strengthening. I love this little gem!

Sunny-health-&-fitness-no.-045-twister-stepper-(sporting-goods) set picture

- N. AnonymousThis stepper exceeded my expectations. I just wanted something to get my heart rate up a bit on days i couldn't make it to the gym. Now i find myself skipping the gym to use this! i normally use the upright bike, treadmill, or elliptical at the gym, for at least half an hour. I can't last a full 10 minutes on this without needing to take a break to catch my breath! i'm sure i could adjust the resistance to make it easier, but i like the fact that i'm pouring sweat and gasping for air and have aching legs after each use; workouts aren't supposed to be easy. I do find sometimes the motion hurts my knees, but leaning forward or back, or adjusting my foot position on the pedals, usually helps. . I'm a fit person. I've worked out regularly my entire life. I run 5ks. I use weights for squats and leg presses and such. Nothing else i've tried gets me breathing as hard as this little guy, or pushes my muscles as hard. I even had a friend who runs marathons use it for a few seconds goofing around, and he commented on how surprised he was by its difficulty. . As far as storage, it's a bit clumsy to move around, but would easily fit in a closet. Doesn't fold up to be slid under a couch or bed. . The arm bands are decent. Definitely won't have the same effect as lifting weights, but they offer enough resistance that they would probably improve arm tone even without lifting. . The noise is negligible. You can hear the air escaping with each step, but no squeaking that i've noticed. I use while watching tv and just turn the volume up a little. . Assembly was very quick and easy.

I am very happy with this stepper. I have a disability in my back and also get recurring dvts and pes, so i really need to keep my body from being too sedentary. If this was easy to do right away i would be disappointed in it. The tension is great along with the hand help straps. I need strength and i believe this will help me in my legs and elsewhere as well as getting my balance back. I already fell off backward so i need to watch myself until i gain that sense of balance. I'm seeing a chiropractor and he knows all i am doing to try to help. I also have dumbells and a pilates ring which i need to do a review on. But i am very pleased with this purchase. No squeaks. I'll use w-d 40 once a month as it says to. I know as i keep using it my strength will come and i can tighten up the tension. I would recommend this especially for a first-time buyer like me unless you are way high on the fitness scale and looking for a more intense workout. But this has good tension for the legs to get a workout and cardio too. . June 1, 2017. Addendum i have found that my sense of balance needs help. I have fallen backward about 4 times with this stepper. So if you have balance problems i would definitely go with the handle bars. I have even bought some piping to use to hold onto but not being stationary it does not do the job right. I know it seems like a waist but i am going to invest in the one with handlebars. I'm so afraid i am going to break my neck yet i do need this type exercise.

Y. Ruff, New Jersey

Price :    $42.29 (was $46.99)
  • Heavy-duty steel construction provides years of reliable use; oversized, slip-resistant foot plates keep you firmly planted during workout
  • Twist action helps you tone thighs and buttocks, while achieving a challenging cardiovascular workout; work deep muscles in hard-to-reach places without putting stress on joints
  • Exercise bands work arms, chest, back, and shoulders for total body workout
  • Onboard computer with lcd display shows total count, time, calories burned, and rep count. our twister stepper has a adjustable resistance to work your deep muscles without putting extreme pressure on bones and joints
Brand :    sunny health & fitness
Color :    Grey
Size :    19 x 17 x 8 inches
Weight :    20.00 pounds
Model :    NO. 045
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Sitting Stepper

Help prevent blood clots help reduce your risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) with this compact sitting walker. With an almost effortless stepping motion, you can help increase circulation to your ankles and feet, reduce numbness and prevent swelling. Plastic. 10-1/2"w, folds to 5-1/2"w. Prevent swollen feet and ankles relieve numbness help increase circulation use at home or on airplanes

Sitting StepperNorth-American-Health-Wellness-JB5475

Brand :    north american health & wellness
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    0..81 pounds
Model :    JB5475
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Portable and collapsible walker exercises feet and calves while you sit
  • Imported or made in the u. s. a.
  • Portable enough to fit into purses, backpacks, brief cases, duffle bags, luggage and more!
  • Great for home, office, vehicles, bus rides, plane rides and train rides
  • Increases blood circulation
Price :    $9.94
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (north american health & wellness product review) for Sitting Stepper available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle

I purchased this product so that my wife and i could use it while we were in the study and using the computer. I initially was interested in this product because we could get in our exercise while sitting at the desk. It is small, compact, and light making it quite portable and easy to use. This cycle fits nicely under the office desk and it is a great way to save some money by not needing to go to the gym every time we want a workout. This product was very easy to assemble especially since it did not require any tools. However, the instructions were not very clear on which knob to turn to increase the difficulty level on the folding cycle. We were able to figure it out and now changing the resistance level is simple and it works well for us. This product has a nice silver color to it and has a sleek finish. I also enjoy the fact that it comes with a timer so that we can keep track of the time we spent on the cycle. I am enjoying this product because i am able to save money by not needing to go to the gym every time i want to get in some cardio, to work out while sitting at my desk, and to time my time spent cycling.

The stamina instride folding cycle is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you to use at the office, on vacation, or home to burn extra calories while performing your regular daily tasks. Pedal with your feet while seated for a lower body workout, or use it on a desk or tabletop and pedal with your hands for an upper body workout. It's exercise that fits effortlessly into your life. The battery-operated electronic monitor times your workout to keep you motivated. Sturdy rubber feet prevent the instride folding cycle from slipping, and straps hold your feet firmly in place on the pedals. The instride folding cycle has a convenient tension control that allows a broad range of pedal resistance to set the intensity of your workout. Compact and lightweight, just fold and take it with you to the office or easily store it away. The instride folding cycle has a durable steel tubular frame for solid workouts for years to come. Aerobic conditioning and heart health: cycling improves cardiovascular health, and improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels while decreasing your risk of heart disease. It also increases hdl (good cholesterol) and reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood, and helps lower blood pressure. Circulation is increased with the smooth bicycle motion. Stronger muscles and bones: consistent exercise strengthens muscles at any age. Both upper and lower body instride folding cycle movements are perfect for improving muscle strength in legs, arms, shoulders and back. And exercise helps prevent osteoporosis and the risk of broken bones. Better overall health: cycling helps you to maintain flexibility without stress on the joints. Regular use can help reduce discomfort from arthritis or back pain and diabetics benefit from increased blood circulation. Other benefits include improved digestion, lung function and higher metabolism.

Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding CycleStamina-15-0125-InStride-Folding-CycleTired of trudging to the gym for your cardio every day, but don't have the space or money to invest in a home exercise bike? turn to the stamina instride cycle xl, a portable folding exercise bike that gets your heart rate up while storing easily on a closet shelf. The instride measures a mere 19 by 15. 25 by 12. 25 inches (w x h x d)-about the size of a small suitcase-so you can bring it to the office or on vacation in a pinch. More significantly, the instride lets you pedal with your feet while seated for a lower body workout, or with your hands for an upper body workout. As a result, you can improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your upper and lower body muscles all from the comfort of your own home. The instride cycle xl is equipped with a battery-operated electronic monitor that times your workout and keeps you motivated. The unit's convenient tension control, meanwhile, offers several resistance levels, so you can vary your workout intensity depending on your fitness level. And thanks to the sturdy nonslip rubber feet, the instride stays securely in place while you exercise. Other features include handy foot straps, a durable steel tubular frame, and a pewter gray finish. The instride, which weighs a mere 9 pounds, carries a 90-day warranty. The benefits of cycling cycling improves your cardiovascular health, boosts the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, and decreases your risk of heart disease. It also increases hdl (good cholesterol) and reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood, helping lower blood pressure. Of course, aerobic conditioning is just the beginning, as the constant movements demanded by the instride improve your muscle strength in the legs, arms, shoulders, and backs. And exercising your muscles helps prevent osteoporosis and the risk of broken bones. Finally, cycling helps you maintain flexibility without stressing the joints, and can reduce discomfort from arthritis or back pain. Other benefits include improved digestion, better lung function, and higher metabolism. About stamina founded in 1987, stamina has long focused on bringing quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets. Over the years, stamina has developed a broad distribution base, including mass merchants, sporting goods dealers, catalogs, internet retailers, and tv shopping networks. In addition, stamina's products are available all over the world through the company's extensive international placements. One of the first companies to sell infomercial products with the introduction of the american gladiator home gym, stamina has since released such infomercial classics as the pilates performer, instride walker, and the gyrotonic and body dome products. In addition to the stamina brand, the company sells its products under such brands as body by jake, suzanne somers, tony little, cosmopolitan, brenda dygraf, denise austin, and bodyshaping.

Stamina 15-0125 Instride Folding Cycle (15 0125) FAQ.

Five stars from me! read on. Got this originally for my dad. He was excited about it, . But found that it was too jerky for him. He prefers a more steady fealing workout, so he opts to continue using the recumbent bike at the local gym. But it works perfectly for my very social mother who refuses to join a gym. There definately is a jerky hesitancy many times when pedaling; (sometimes i can get it to pedal smoothly by moving slightly closer or farther from where i am sitting, sometimes i can't). Even with the jerkiness, this peddler does the trick for my mom just fine! my mom uses it while talking on the phone or watching the news. It doesn't exhaust her at all and it gets her legs moving while she is enjoying a chat with a friend. . If you or a loved one are of senior age and not an "exercise enthusiast", you know what the doctor says, . You have to exercise somehow if you want to keep your mobility. If you want to avoid degeneration of your flexibly, stability and mobility as you age, . This little machine works great. I have a friend in her 90s, - she has been using one of these for 30 years. She has great flexibly and mobility. -Notice from Z. Guest, Wandsworth

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I was looking at exercise bikes but there were a number of drawbacks. The bikes would have taken up my whole living room. They would be too heavy for me to move. And they were quite expensive, esp. The recumbent ones i liked. I saw this online and decided to give it a shot. I was expecting a flimsy piece of junk but was very pleasantly surprised. It's quite sturdy. The folding feature allows it to be stored under your couch when company comes. I read a few reviews that said these cycles make noise but i have not noticed that at all. I have also not encountered the slipping that some people mentioned. I use the cycle on a rug, not on a bare floor, which may make a difference. I have diabetes and a heart condition and it's important for me to get some exercise. This is a good choice for me. Sitting on a kitchen chair proved uncomfortable due to the fact that i am short. I found a living room chair that was just the right height. So far, i have used it every day. It's very easy to use it while watching tv at night. One segment of a show is about 13 minutes, so you do not even have to use the timer. I would absolutely recommend this to someone like myself.

Stamina-15-0125-instride-folding-cycle-(15-0125) set picture

- N. RuffI spend most of the workday sitting in front of a computer, so i needed something to be at least semi-active. I purchased this item despite reading some of the reviews. It doesn't slide around on my carpet. The pedals reach about 1 ft in height at the highest point (see picture), and will occupy about 1. 5 ft x 1. 33 ft of space on the floor. I'm about 5'1 (ish), measuring 1'7 from the bottom of my foot to my knee. It fits under my desk, though on rare occasions, my knee ends up hitting the underside of the desk which is about 2'4 tall. The electronic monitor piece is flimsy and kept falling off within two days. It works when you're able to keep it on. This wasn't important for me so i just took it out. The tension control works somewhat. I didn't get a level of resistance higher than 2 or 3 on a regular stationary bike. When i set it at the highest level, it did tend to stick once in a while, which is when my knee would hit the table (followed by a loud 'ouch! '). If you keep it at the halfway/easy level, it will run smoothly. I kept it anyway because it allows me to keep moving, and i still get my heart rate high enough for a mild aerobic activity.

I have restless leg syndrome, so i can really go to town on this. It times how long you go, but not how far. My only real complaint is how hot the pedal bars get. There is a warning label, but you forget how long it takes for metal to cool sometimes. Not the products fault, just simple stupid human error on my part. . I would definitely recommend this for home or office use

U. Gina, Texas

Price :    $25.34 (was $32.24)
  • Sturdy nonslip rubber feet; sturdy foot straps for stability
  • Portable folding exercise bike that sits on a tabletop or on the floor
  • Convenient tension control offers several resistance levels
  • Battery-operated electronic monitor times your workout; consists of tension knob adjusts resistance; material: steel frame
  • Measures 19 x 15. 25 x 12. 25 inches (w x h x d); 90-day warranty
Brand :    stamina
Color :    Default
Weight :    6.20 pounds
Model :    15-0125
Quantity :    1
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Exercise Ball Chair - 65cm & 75cm Yoga Fitness Pilates Ball & Stability Base Home Gym & Office - Resistance Bands, Workout Poster & Pump. Improves Balance, Core Strength & Posture - Men & Women

Your complete home gym system! includes 1 anti-burst fitness ball, 1 stability ring, 1 foot pump, 2 resistance bands, a handy tape measure & an exercise wall chart. All at 1 sensible price! why pay for costly gym memberships or bulky, heavy equipment? with our all in one gym ball for men & women, you can tone your abs & glutes, do strength training & more. All in the comfort & privacy of your home, office, classroom or hotel room. The heart of the system: our heavy-duty exercise ball made of tough multi-layer pvc, our eco friendly, phthalate free nonslip toning ball: inflates quickly & easily resists puncturing & bursting bears loads up to 750 lbs. Won't attract dust or pet hair comes in 65cm (26in) or 75cm (30in) and offers a choice of colors: black, grey, pink, purple, blue or acqua best of all, this versatile balancing ball trainer recruits more muscles for more effective workouts. Set in its stability holder to keep it safely anchored or use it without the stabilizer stand. Either way, it's perfect for push-ups, crunches, planks, bridges & more. Use as an ergonomic office chair, a birthing ball during pregnancy or to support physiotherapy helping increase flexibility and recovery from knee or hip joint replacement surgery. Resistance bands - even more options use the sturdy metal clips to safely secure the strong latex rehab bands to your ball's stability ring. Then grip the cushioned handles & stretch to allow the tension bands to thoroughly work your muscles. All this plus a free bonus wall chart your set also includes a colorful a1-size poster with 30 tried-&-true exercises to get you started. Guaranteed! so order risk-free for yourself & your gift list! mantra sports 2017

Exercise Ball Chair - 65cm & 75cm Yoga Fitness Pilates Ball & Stability Base Home Gym & Office - Resistance Bands, Workout Poster & Pump. Improves Balance, Core Strength & Posture - Men & WomenExercise-Ball-Chair-Stability-Resistance

Brand :    mantra sports
Color :    Black
Size :    75cm
Model :    MSBBGS75BB
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (mantra sports product review) for Exercise Ball Chair - 65cm & 75cm Yoga Fitness Pilates Ball & Stability Base Home Gym & Office - Resistance Bands, Workout Poster & Pump. Improves Balance, Core Strength & Posture - Men & Women available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    $37.97 (was $99.97)
  • Get fit whilst you sit! the perfect replacement for that office chair you spend hours on at your work desk. take the opportunity to make a simple life change & improve your spinal health, build core strength to support your lower back, reduce pain & improve your posture.
  • 100% ultimate satisfaction lifetime guarantee! buy from mantra sports and you're also backed by our legendary customer service - just see our reviews! if for any reason you don't absolutely love your mantra sports body ball gym series, simply contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make it right!
  • Watch our video below: 'how to set up & use the mantra sports bodyball' - see why our swiss ball is recommended by physios, personal trainers & physical therapists to support flexibility, recovery & rehabilitation from knee or hip joint replacement surgery through low impact exercises.
  • Save money on gym fees! why spend money on the gym? this multi-purpose home gym system has everything you need to support your fitness goals. whether it's pilates, yoga, crossfit or a full body workout, you can burn fat & tone all muscle groups with the professional grade ball, attachable resistance straps & the glossy a1 size exercise wall poster.
  • Independently tested for total confidence! made of multi-layer heavy duty pvc, our core ball has been independently quality tested to bear loads up to 750lbs & is anti-burst & anti-slip. the stability base ensures reduced movement of the ball, crucial for perfect form when working out.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Instruction Guide, Carry Bag, EBook Online Workout Videos, Set of 5

These are awesome. I'm wearing them the extra heavy around my ankle while sitting on my stability ball at my work station. The lighter ones are great for shoulder stability exercises - i have a bad shoulder (arthritis, bursitis, rotator cuff issues). Think i'll get another set for the car. Google "car exercises (sit-ups) with therapy band. " gotta exercise where and when you can, especially on long commutes. There are some safe exercises you can do while driving (at stop lights, etc. ) too.

Best resistance bands - 5 loop fitness bands set - exercise resistance loop bands - exercise bands for legs and arms - carry bag are you ready for the most versatile, results producing workout bands on the market? these bands are ideal for - sports - fitness - injury rehabilitation - body shaping - weight loss - physical therapy our bands are the best among others. Why? first, our bands are made of highest quality 100% genuine latex (not rubber bands which are much cheaper and tend to break easily). They are stronger and able to stretch further. You will feel the same resistance after a dozen reps. These bands are free of non-natural materials such as thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) - tpe materials cost 40% less, are not gentle to skin and much less durable. Second, our bands are comfortable, soft and easy on the skin. The only way to achieve that is to let the latex rest for a long time in tightly controlled circumstances such as temperature and humidity before making the bands. Both of these involve a higher investment for us but we think it's worth it to create a better product. What makes our resistance bands special? these bands are rigorously tested to be snap, stretch and sweat resistant. You get 5 resistance bands set and you can combine multiple bands to find your ideal resistance. These bands are so lightweight that they make a great travel fitness kit! this is also a great christmas, mother's and father's day gift idea for men, women, dad or mom. 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee! warranty, ebook, and online video access is available in the instruction manual included in your package.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Instruction Guide, Carry Bag, EBook Online Workout Videos, Set of 5Fit-Simplify-Resistance-Exercise-Instruction

Fit Simplify Resistance Exercise Instructional (ff 0001) FAQ.

I've been going to the gym for 25 years and i'm pretty fit to begin with, but i really wanted to up my game this year and work on my buns. I purchased these last week and i really like them. They don't hurt or pinch my skin like i've heard other people say about other bands. I use the black and blue ones mostly. I wrap them around my ankles and side-step around the room while squatting. Ouch! major bun workout! love these! -Notice from H. Carol, Tasmania

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So far, these work great! i'm looking forward to trying out the sweet exercise ebook that was emailed to me. . I like that i can grab them in any attire and get some quick muscle work in.

Fit-simplify-resistance-exercise-instructional-(ff-0001) set picture

- N. HadleyThese are amazing :). I used the green and blue ones to do some glute work and it was a lovely experience. I'm looking forward to incorporating them into more workouts and finding some workouts that give me a good burn for my booty to throw into my normal build a butt routine. The customer service with this company is phenomenal too. Love the email followups and all the care put into making sure the client feels taken care of. I love the pouch also because it has a strap i can use to carry these around easily :). . Oh, and the workout that i used these gave me such a good and surprising burn. I'm really satisfied with the overall experience

Quick delivery and great product! i am a chiropractic and was looking for a great set of bands that weren't too expensive for patients. I feel for most people rehabilitation exercises are safer especially when starting out. The ends where the band has been folded are a little questionable as this area seems a little weaker than the rest of the band but overall they are cost effective and physically effective.

K. Finch, Kansas

Brand :    fit simplify
Color :    Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black
Size :    12" x 2"
Weight :    0.4 pounds
Model :    XCEX-01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Multiple uses. while these resistance bands are often used for sports and fitness, physical therapists love these physical therapy bands (rehab bands) to help them rehabilitate their patients. our stretch bands work for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and help in recovery from torn mcl and acl, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. they are also perfect for use by women after pregnancy and birth to keep their bodies in shape.
  • Great with any workout. this resistance band set can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout program including yoga, pilates, and more. or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs. the included carry bag makes it easy to take your bands with you and do any workout away from home or your home gym.
  • Lifetime guarantee. we stand by the quality of our exercise bands, and if they don't work out for you for any reason then send it back to us for your full money back. we know you will love them.
  • High end exercise bands. our 12 by 2 heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex - free of non-natural thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) and no rubber smell - and come in 5 varying resistance levels. this makes them perfect whether you are just starting to workout or a seasoned workout warrior. our extra light and light bands are great for beginners, while our medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise bands are targeted for more intermediate and advanced strength training.
  • Superior quality. all of our exercise resistance bands are thoroughly tested before we ship them out to you. this ensures your bands are easy on skin and free from defects and will provide you with a worry free experience. take a look at our complimentary instruction guide and 41-page e-book, where we include dozens of illustrated exercises that demonstrate how to use our resistance bands for legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, hips and stomach. bonus access to our online video workout guide.
Price :    $10.95 (was $49.97)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (fit simplify product review) for Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Instruction Guide, Carry Bag, EBook Online Workout Videos, Set of 5 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

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Due to financial hardship i recently had to cancel my health club membership. Unfortunately, this caused me to gain 30 pounds. After coming across this one day i just knew i had to have it. I syarted off slow and day by day worked myself up to a nice steady pace. My legs now feel toner and i have lost 5 pounds! i'm on my way to getting the old me back! i would highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't have the time for a gym due to a crazy schedule or someone with financial hardshios that needs a little help. Works great and gets the heart pumpin and blood flowin!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: I cant get the pedals to work. any suggestions?

(1) Question: Can i use this if i am seated on a chair, or do i have to be standing?

(2) Question: Step on one foot rest, othe doesn't rise. is machine set up wrong? newbie question.

(3) Question: How heavy is that?

(4) Question: Does it need assembly?

(5) Question: If your desk chair has wheels are you able to use the stepper without pushing yourself away?

(6) Question: I know how to adjust the resistance, but how do you adjust how high the steps go? mine rise just a few inches. not a great workout.

(7) Question: To get silm leg, should i increase the stepper to the highest intensity with slow motion or low intensity with fast motion? suggestion?

(8) Question: There a few comments that this can only be used once a day for 15 minutes or it will break. is this true?

(9) Question: What is maximum weight of person to use this?

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I bought this cardio machine because i have the tiniest nyc apartment ever, and i wanted a way to get some extra exercise without losing any space. This is a perfect size for me-it has a small footprint, and it is very light, so it can be moved out of the way easily. I still go to the gym regularly for my main workouts, but this lets me get a little extra movement in when i am just home reading. It is really quiet, and i can use it at night without disturbing my roommates. It is easy to adjust the level, and it is possible to get a pretty good workout with this-you use some strength, and i definitely work up a sweat. However, the range of motion is a bit limited because of the size-you can only take fairly small steps, so it is not really a natural movement. The resistance bands for upper body are a little disappointing as well-there isn't really a lot you can do with them, and there is not a way to adjust resistance. Overall though, this is a very convenient, well priced option.

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This product is pretty nice. I'm using it as i'm typing this review with my standing table. It's somewhat quiet and it does the job. And the price is perfect! oh and it's super heavy which makes it sturdy. Would recommend this rather than the pedals that goes under your desk.

Q. Anonymous, Worcestershire

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T. Linda, Bedfordshire says

This item the the best excise for your buns and legs i've had a stroke and having some problems walking and i needed to strengthen my legs and loss a little weight. And this has been the best its hard when you first start but after a few times you look forward to do your excise. Thanks

Y. Imelda, Wisconsin

I was looking for a replacement for a mini stepper that i used to have that wore out over time. I found this one that is affordable and durable. I have only used it for about a week but i am already loving it. I keep it under my desk to use while sitting back in the chair. This is good for a stretch of my thighs and helps when i am sitting at the desk for hours at a time. I work from home so then when i have the time to do more than just stretches i pull the stepper out and use it while watching a tv show. I love the resistance bands and that i can work out my arms at the same time as my legs. It has adjustable tension. Simply turn the knob that is underneath it until it has the tension that you want. I did think that it was broken when i first took it out of the box because the tension pulley was loose. Then i realized that it was only because i had not tightened the tension yet. Once i tightened it the pulley stayed tight like it is supposed to. So if the pulley doesn't look right when you first take it out of the box try tightening the tension knob. I like that this is able to be stored underneath my desk so that it is out of the way.

H. Cassella, Massachusetts says

I am near the weight limit on this so i was nervous that it wouldn't hold me after reading some of the reviews, but the price was right for what i was looking for, so i went for it anyways. So glad i did. This is a great low impact workout tool that i can move anywhere in the house so i never have an excuse not to get some exercise. I like that i can do it with or without the resistance bands, but using them helps give me more of a resistance for my lower body as well. I would definitely recommend this for someone just looking for a light workout that will still yield results (because you do feel the burn after awhile! )

W. Rebecca, Oklahoma

This is great for people who have been off work and need to jump back in the work force ! just make sure you put one foot on to make sure you have your balance then the other before you start. Dont just get on and go or you will fall. The hand bungie cord holders or whatever they are help you keep your balance. I hold them at my waste and can go for about 4 minutes. Totally works your thighs and booty !

P. Rhonda, Milton Keynes says

It's compact, tones both my legs and arms, and not terribly loud (none of my roommates have complained that i use this thing at 5:30am). I've found that it has helped improve my stamina during long uphill climbs on both runs and hikes. The best part is, after i'm done with the workout, i can just throw this stepper into my closet and it takes up very little space.

Y. Juliana, Ohio

Bought this as well as the under desk cycle and have to say it's perfect. Gets me up and moving and you can definitely feel the burn! comes ready to use just have to set the tension where you want it and step away! i work 12 hour shifts and it's all sitting so this definitely helps

K. Rochelle, Islington says

I was rather skeptical about this thing. Always looking for space-conscious workout options for my basement gym. But i'm pretty much a bars, bells, and plates kinda guy. So i was dubious about the efficacy of this stepper. Despite my initial impression that it would be better suited being in an older lady's sunroom for afternoon cardio sessions, i've really come to enjoy it. I jacked the tension up as far as i possibly could without breaking the mechanism and it's like walking up the side of a mountain. (and i do a lot of hiking, so i should know. ) after about 10-15 minutes/500-750 steps i can feel a substantial response in most of my leg muscle groups. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to affect my glutes very much, but that may be due to my gait or height. But the heads of the quads, the entire hamstrings, and the double balls of the calves really get a surprisingly intense workout in a short period of time. Again, i have it set to the most intense tension possible. Price was good. Build is solid. The lcd display options are pretty swell as well. For a weightliftin' dude like myself, the included optional resistance bands are fairly useless. Just not enough resistance to matter to my musculature. However, i taped them together and attached them to a pillar. The two combined together generate a bit of effort for me, about equivalent to a 20lb kettlebell. So yeah, kinda useless for my purposes. But anyway, get this thing and get steppin'. Set that tension high and stomp it out yo.

Z. Heidi, Nebraska

So, getting older in life, and still have a very sedentary desk job and the effects are starting to show on my health. Not good! so, a bit of research has told me that getting active in any form adds up over the day, and, while i started clocking myself to get up and move around throughout the day, i wanted to do more than just do a few stretches. Began looking online for options, and found this gem! . . I now have it in my office, and, i also purchased a garmin vivofit 4, to keep track of my steps and activity throughout my days, to get a sense of how much i'm doing, or not doing, and when i need to be more active to reach my goals. This handy stair stepper is exactly what i wanted - something small that easily fits in my office space, that is rigorous enough to get my heart pumping, but not so extreme that i need to take a shower afterwards or swap out my work attire for gym clothes. . This is most basic - two pedals, and a cord that goes around a tension wheel, just stand on it, and start stepping. Also has two light resistance fitness bands, so you can work out your arms in any way you choose. I was so out of shape that i had to back off the tension entirely, and just stepping while using the bands, for half a minute got me breathing hard! sad, i know! it does have a little computer on it that keeps track of things, but, since it is rather limited and is down on the floor with the stepper, and not really so practical, i just use my fitness tracker to show my progress during use. . Happy to say i have started dieting as well, plus using my bowflex at home for something other than a clothes rack, and, with this device at work, i've already lost a few pounds in just a few weeks, so life is going in a better direction! and, already have ratcheted up the tension setting, from when i started, so i'm getting in slightly better shape already, after just a few weeks. Small gains, but good gains. . With the amount of time i work, and the amount of work i need to get through, i really needed something i could fit into my existing life, and that's what i love about this. I don't have the time or funds to go get a gym membership or suddenly take up running or biking or something, so i needed a machine that i could integrate into my current schedule, and this is it! . . My vivofit 4 has an activity alarm, so, when i've been at the desk too long, my wrist device beeps at me, and i get up, get on my stepper, and start stepping, doing my first half with the resistance bands, and then the next half without, since i'm still too out of shape to do justice to this device, but i take it as a good sign that it gets my heart pumping and my legs get a good burn. In other words, it is an effective little workout machine. When i've been active long enough, my vivofit beeps again, telling me i've been a good boy and burned some calories, and i see my step count for the day has risen, and so i can go back to work again. . While my sad state of fitness was shocking, in how quickly i was winded, the good news is that, a few weeks into use, my times on it are getting longer, so it is definitely building endurance, and, while i am not managing to also take a needed walk around my neighborhood every day after work, i find that, when i do, my uphill stints are already becoming easier. So, in other words, i'm seeing progress! . . To me, many fitness endeavors fail because they are not maintained - often because the goal just does not fit into reality. This stepper, however, is easy to use, easy to remember to use, stares at me every day, gives me a sense of progress and is making me feel better, so it is a fitness tool that works for me, which means i will use it. The best fitness regime on earth is useless, after all, if we are not doing it. I needed something i could use, every day, starting small and working forward. I've even scaled back my bowflex goals to, again, be realistic in what i will do, rather than make great plans about what i wind up not doing, so this has helped me to just get on a better track, overall, in terms of my health. . This seems well built, and i have no reason to think it won't last. And, at fifty bucks, even if it broke down in a year, i'd buy another. Very affordable versus the cost of poor health! . . If, like me, it's hard to work a grand fitness scheme into your life, or you're just getting started on a fitness plan, i think this is an ideal tool. I look forward to the day when i can step for much longer periods than a few minutes at a time, but the great thing is that, over the course of a day, this is helping me build some real health betterment into my life. . The most recent studies are showing that periodic fitness adds up to being as effective as dedicated periods of exercise, so this really is a terrific answer for me. Life is not interrupted, and my health is being addressed, which has given me a routine i like, and that i can maintain. Plus, with seeing real progress in losing weight, no, it's not an overnight sensation, but, again, over time, i am getting healthier, and a few pounds every few weeks adds up over time, to the goal of getting off these extra twenty pounds that are loading me down and impacting my health. . For me, this is literally a life saver! . . Very thankful for this purchase. Highly recommend!

D. Anonymous, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

I was a little alarmed when choosing a stepper to find that this one had a number of bad reviews. Not an overwhelming amount, just a fair percentage: slightly under 10%. When i read those less-than-stellar reviews, though, it seemed that the persons writing them had issues with the extra features, not the stepper itself. Many of the 1- and 2-star reviews cite broken resistance-band clips as issues, and the computer clearly doesn't work very well, if at all. The seller, however, had a very good rep. I opted for this stepper because i didn't want the resistance bands and didn't care if they're of bad quality, and i use music to time my workout, so i didn't care about the computer either. I also opted to spend the least amount of money possible because i didn't know if i'd end up using the thing consistently. (still not very good at that, but improving. ). When it arrived, it was clearly a returned unit: the packaging had been sealed, let's say, less than professionally. I gulped. But: this basic stepper does exactly what i want it to: it's easily adjusted, has a small footprint, and is very sturdy. I have no fear at all of falling off it, or of it failing catastrophically while in use. I don't want the resistance bands and don't have any use for the computer. If you do, read the reviews, and decide on that basis. If all you need is a very basic stepper, though, this will do the trick very nicely indeed.

E. Clara, Brent

The unit appears sturdy and is comfortable to use. It isn't wobbly and is also light and takes up very little space. That being said, i tried it out as a 25min workout (about 2000 steps) and i had two issues with it. 1) it started squeaking after about step 1800; 2) the resistance knob gets a little loose during the workout so the resistance you start is not the resistance you end up with after 15-20min. If you're looking for something that you can use for short bursts of exercise this is a great deal. After about 10 days of use i am adding one star to my rating because this little machine has definitely grown on me. The squeaking aspect isn't an issue if your workout is less than 15-20min at a time. It is very light yet sturdy (easy to carry from the office to the living room, etc) so it's a wonderful way to keep you active wherever. I prefer to use 5lb weights instead of the provided resistance bands so i cannot comment on their durability.

W. Cassella, Rochdale says

Sunny health & fitness mini stepper with resistance bands. These are very well built machines for the price and will last a long time with moderate use. Purchased this product 3 years ago. What a great value for the money. I've had similar machines costing more that i could break the steel cable connecting the pedals in as few as a couple of weeks. At that time my routine consisted of only 500 or so steps each morning. This sunny unit is used almost daily and i put on 3500 to 5000 steps each day. I've broken two cables in that time, one just recently. The cables are easy to replace and sunny customer service is usually very prompt in handling my purchase request. Price for each cable is less than 10 dollars. We were so impressed on the quality (even if it's made in china like all of your iphones and apple computers) that we purchased one of their motorized tread mills for our home. Not fancy with all the bells and whistles of some 1500 hundred dollar machines but we only paid around 225 dollars for a very serviceable piece of equipment that gets used frequently. In regards to some of the negative comments, i've never had any issue with assembly as it's relatively simple. Someone spoke of putting it outside in the cold. Any piston operated machine will be hard to operate when the pistons are cold. We keep a lot of equipment in the basement where on winter days it maybe 55 degrees and any piston whether on a stepper, rower, etc. Will be hard to operate until it warms. I can't speak for the resistance bands or the electronic step counter. I've never used them. I wear a pedometer daily and use that to gage the number of cycles i do on the stepper and i usually spend 20 to 30 minutes on the machine. As for balancing yourself on the machine - i store mine under a chest of drawers which i use to help maintain my balance when i exercise - problem solved.

K. Mary, Camden

I absolutely love this little workout machine! it's small, fairly lightweight and extremely portable. And the best part-lo and behold- it actually makes me work up a sweat! i can go on for as little as 10 minutes straight, just powering through, and be covered in glistening sweat by the end. I feel like my thighs are stronger as well and it's only been a little over two weeks. I'm excited to keep using this! one tip: it's also quiet enough to be used around sleeping roommates as long as you put it on top of carpet or a rug. Last tip: don't forget to turn the knob at the bottom- otherwise you'll receive it and want to use it right away and think it's broken. All the instructions are in the manual- there's only about 4 or 5 easy steps! get this product!

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