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    Scotty 441 Backing Plate (0441)

    Scotty 441 Backing Plate (0441) 3273

    Half Price Scotty 441 Backing Plate (0441), 441 Backing Use The Scotty 441 Backing Plate To Add Structural Support When Attaching The Scotty 241l/241 Combination Side/deck Mount Or The Scotty 244l/244 Flush Deck Mount To Thin-walled Watercraft. -Scotty 441 Backing Plate
    1. Great product. In my case the hardware was not faulty or of low quality. These are the type of lock nuts that have a plastic liner so it feels like the bolt is cross threading after a couple turns but it is just the plastic threading to the bolt. Same type used to secure skateboard trucks to the boa... go to https://pewdo.com/scotty-0441-441-backing-plate-32730pcia5cs/#scotty-0441-441-backing-plate
    2. Plus: Use When Attaching The Scotty 241l / 241 Combination Side / Deck Mount Or The Scotty 244l / 244 Flush Deck Mount To Thin-walled Watercraft.
    3. Plus: Made With Super Tough, Rugged Engineering Grade Nylon.
    Reasonable Scotty 441 Backing Plate (Sporting Goods) 0441