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Best of Soft Lures Brands June 2018

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    Yamamoto Senko Bait (Sporting Goods)

    Yamamoto Senko Bait (Sporting Goods) 2637

    Very Cheap Yamamoto Senko Bait (Sporting Goods), Senko when gary yamamoto designed the senko in the early 90s, he had no idea he was changing the future of fishing. there s a senko in the lineup for every possible application and for every -yamamoto senko bait
    • Bonus: The Beauty Of The Senko Is In It's Simplicity.
    • Bonus: The Yamamoto Senko May Just Look Like A Thick Round Plastic Worm But The Fall Rate Created From The Large Amount Of Salt Impregnated Drives Fish Mad.
    • They just work! yes, they are kinda expensive for soft baits, but the others just don't come close. Yes you can catch fish on other worms, and i have as well, but i just seem to catch more fish, more often with these. I have more fun when i'm catching more fish, to me that is worth the extra expense... go to https://pewdo.com/yamamoto-062252-p-senko-bait-26370b5qbgy2/#yamamoto-062252-p-senko-bait
    Reasonable Yamamoto Senko Bait (Sporting Goods) 062252 P