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Best of Diving Boots Brands February 2019

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    Hyperflex Amp 5mm Split Toe Boot (hypampbootst5mm)

    Hyperflex Amp 5mm Split Toe Boot (hypampbootst5mm) 1777

    Purchase Now Hyperflex Amp 5mm Split Toe Boot (hypampbootst5mm), Amp 5mm Split Toe The Amp Boot Is A High-performing And Feature Rich Surf Boot. Building On Over A Decade Of Success, The Amp Boot Design Has Stood The Test Of Time. This Didn't Stop Us Improving It -Hyperflex Amp 5mm Split Toe Boot
    1. Attributes: Diamond Skin Sole: Provides Excellent Traction And Protection Without Losing Feeling And Control; Miniature Diamond-shaped Channels.
    2. Attributes: Exoshell+ Membrane: A Vulcanized Heel Lock Membrane Structure That Connects To The Upper Arch Strap For Maximum Adjustability, Fit And Support.
    3. These were great boots, some water did get in them, but they worked well for what i was expecting. I would say tat the sizing is hard. I am a size 8 shoe, and this is a little big. I would suggest going down a size, and if you are a half size, go down 1. 5 sizes. https://pewdo.com/hyperflex-amp-5mm-split-boot-17770ip45loi/#hyperflex-amp-5mm-split-boot
    Economical Hyperflex Amp 5mm Split Toe Boot (Outdoor Recreation Product) Xb50s 31 10