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Best of Screen Houses & Rooms Brands November 2018

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    Texsport Wayford Portable Screenhouse Backyard (02906)

    Texsport Wayford Portable Screenhouse Backyard (02906) 4645

    Read Review Texsport Wayford Portable Screenhouse Backyard (02906), Wayford 12' X 9' Portable Mesh Screenhouse Arbor Canopy Backyard The Texsport Wayford Screen Arbor Is A 12' X 9' X 82" Screened Outdoor Dining Canopy/arbor. It Features A Heavy-duty Taffeta Roof That S Polyurethane Coated And Has 3/4" Powder Coated -Texsport Wayford 12' X 9' Portable Mesh Screenhouse Arbor Canopy Backyard Camping
    1. Bonus: Frame Is Constructed Of Powder-coated, Chain-corded Steel Legs Poles With 0. 75-inch Diameter For Maximum Stability And Durability.
    2. First time setting this up without even looking at the included weather resistant instructions took me less than 10 minutes to set it up (without the needed string support). Now if i'm in a hurry, i think i can set it up solo within 5 minutes. It comes with stakes to pin it down, and also additional... go to https://pewdo.com/texsport-wayford-portable-screenhouse-backyard-464503v3xy2y/#texsport-wayford-portable-screenhouse-backyard
    3. Bonus: Shock-corded Fiberglass Roof Poles With Molded Pole Joints.
    Half Price Texsport Wayford Portable Screenhouse Backyard (Outdoor Recreation Product) 2906
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    Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House (4300614)

    Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House (4300614) 4124

    Half Price Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House (4300614), Magnetic Screen The Magnetic Screenhouse Gives You Protection From The Insects While Providing Convenience When Your Hands Are Full. The Front And Back Magnetic Doors Provide Easy And Hands-free Entry -Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House
    1. Characteristic: Sturdy Steel And Fiberglass Frame Design.
    2. Characteristic: Large Mesh Walls To Keep Insects Out.
    3. Worked really well to fight off the bees and mosquitoes in canada during our camping trip. Easy up and down and the magnetic doors work very well. Like all things, if you are careful and treat things well they will last a long time. This is mesh and could rip and tear fairly easily, but if you be ca... go to https://pewdo.com/tailgaterz-4300614-magnetic-screen-house-41240kjnlyfs/#tailgaterz-4300614-magnetic-screen-house
    Most Wishlist Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House (Outdoor Recreation Product) 4300614