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Best of Golf Balls Brands April 2018

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    Bridgestone Tour B330 Rxs 2016 Golf Ball (gcwx6d)

    Bridgestone Tour B330 Rxs 2016 Golf Ball (gcwx6d) 2420

    Very Cheap Bridgestone Tour B330 Rxs 2016 Golf Ball (gcwx6d), Tour B330 Rxs 2016 Golf Tour Performance Engineered From 300, 000+ Ball Fittings For Swing Speeds Under 105 Mph Seeking Maximum Tour Distance. The New Tour B330rxs Features A Softer Amatour Core Designed -Bridgestone Tour B330 Rxs 2016 Golf Ball
    1. Feature: The Newly Formulated Slipres Cover Has The Highest Friction Coefficient Rating Possible For Maximum Greenside Spin And Reduced Spin Off The Driver For Longer Distance. Slipres Also Delivers A Self-repairing Cover For Longer Playability.
    2. Feature: Seamless Cover Technology (sct) Is A Proprietary Manufacturing Process That Eliminates The Straight Part Line And Results In The Most Consistent Golf Ball In Terms Of Accuracy, Distance And Trajectory Ever Created.
    3. I am a 14 handicap. I switched from srixon z star to the r330 rxs this year. They add 5 -10 yards to my drives. Iron and approach shots are longer as well. I had to adjust my distance to avoid hitting over the greens. . I was concerned that the extra spin model would cause too much draw or fade, but... go to https://pewdo.com/bridgestone-tour-b330-2016-golf-24201b4spene/#bridgestone-tour-b330-2016-golf
    Low-End Bridgestone Tour B330 Rxs 2016 Golf Ball (Sporting Goods) Gcwx6d