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    Smith Transit Goggles (tn3ibk15)

    Smith Transit Goggles (tn3ibk15) 1259

    Read Review Smith Transit Goggles (tn3ibk15), Transit You Might Have A Smaller Face, But That Doesn't Mean Your Appetite For Ski Adventures Is Any Smaller-nope, All It Means Is That The Smith Transit Goggles Will Fit You To A T. Flat -Smith Transit Goggles
    1. These are very nice goggles but i don't think they would be dark enough for me on very sunny days. For perpspective, i am almost always wearing glasses on even partly sunny days. I got a similar pair in white that had darkers lenses along with a lighter extra lens that work better for me. https://pewdo.com/smith-transit-goggles-12590mgb5ajc/#smith-transit-goggles
    2. Feature: Ventilation: Dual Lens.
    3. Feature: Lens: Flat.
    Price Cut Smith Transit Goggles (Outdoor Recreation Product) Smith