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Best of Scotty Brands October 2018

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    Scotty 441 Backing Plate (0441)

    Scotty 441 Backing Plate (0441) 3273

    See Reviews Scotty 441 Backing Plate (0441), 441 Backing Use The Scotty 441 Backing Plate To Add Structural Support When Attaching The Scotty 241l/241 Combination Side/deck Mount Or The Scotty 244l/244 Flush Deck Mount To Thin-walled Watercraft. -Scotty 441 Backing Plate
    1. I use these to fasten the side/deck mount around a thwart in my canoe without having to drill any holes. It works perfectly but you might need to get some longer screws. https://pewdo.com/scotty-0441-441-backing-plate-32730pcia5cs/#scotty-0441-441-backing-plate
    2. Plus: Use When Attaching The Scotty 241l / 241 Combination Side / Deck Mount Or The Scotty 244l / 244 Flush Deck Mount To Thin-walled Watercraft.
    3. Plus: Made With Super Tough, Rugged Engineering Grade Nylon.
    Reasonable Scotty 441 Backing Plate (Sporting Goods) 0441
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    Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter (620389)

    Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter (620389) 1825

    Get Discount Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter (620389), Gear Head Track Gear Head Track Adapter, Mfg 0438, Quickly Slides Into Place And Locks Down Your Post Mounted Scotty Rod Holders And Accessories. Designed To Fit All Kayak Track Systems. -Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter
    1. Details: Allows You To Quickly Change Rod Holder Positions With A Simple Twist.
    2. Love the gear head put my rods, cup holder, and anything else i need anywhere i have a track. Really strong and rugged. Ive ordered two but i feel like i could fill up my whole track up with these. Ill find something to fill them up with. https://pewdo.com/scotty-gear-head-track-adapter-182509jazw6o/#scotty-gear-head-track-adapter
    3. Details: You Can Use Your Favorite, Fully Adjustable Scotty Rod Holder And Adjust It To Any Vertical Or Horizontal Position Without Having To Drill Permanent Mounting Holes.
    Buy Scotty Gear Head Track Adapter (Sporting Goods) 438
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    Scotty 368 Universal Sounder Mount (0368)

    Scotty 368 Universal Sounder Mount (0368) 1400

    Very Cheap Scotty 368 Universal Sounder Mount (0368), Universal sounder the scotty universal sounder mount uses a new multi pattern universal top plate and the patented scotty post mount design for quick removal and infinitely adjustable rotation. simply -scotty 368 universal sounder mountCut-Price Scotty 368 Universal Sounder Mount (Sporting Goods) 368