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    Womens Runbreeze Triathlon Tri Suit Medium (Sporting Goods)

    Womens Runbreeze Triathlon Tri Suit Medium (Sporting Goods) 3950

    pewdo.com Womens Runbreeze Triathlon Tri Suit Medium (Sporting Goods), Womens triathlon tri suit the runbreeze triathlon suit is designed comfort and performance in mind for triathletes. the suit is suitable for swimming, cycling and running and the italian made darwin fabric -womens runbreeze triathlon tri suit medium
    • Supplementary: Ergonomic Stylish Design - The Suit Combines A Secure Compression Fit With The Flexibility Needed To Perform At Your Best As Well As Looking Great With Sytlish Minimal Design.
    • Supplementary: Uv Protection - Offers Excellent Uv Protection From The 92% Polyester / 8% Elastane Technical Fabric.
    • Lightweight and very comfortable. Enough padding for a reasonable bike ride. I rode 25 miles the first time and it was fine. It tends to be a little long on me and stretches a little in the water, but i needed the size large in the bust area. A sports bra fits fine underneath. Overall very pleased. https://pewdo.com/womens-runbreeze-triathlon-suit-medium-395010movl42/#womens-runbreeze-triathlon-suit-medium
    Best Price Womens Runbreeze Triathlon Tri Suit Medium (Sporting Goods)