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    Per4m Leg Power Tube (per4mlpt)

    Per4m Leg Power Tube (per4mlpt) 4448

    Buy Now Per4m Leg Power Tube (per4mlpt), Leg Power Per4m Leg Power Tube Increases Lower Body Strength And Build Robust Power And Leg Drive. The Leg Power Tube Provides Resistance While Moving In All Directions To Allow For Freedom -Per4m Leg Power Tube
    1. Properties: Increase Speed And Stride Length To Outpace Opponents.
    2. I am fourteen and play football. It's helped my lateral quickness and power a lot. The cord that attaches the two cuffs together is too long for me and i'm 5ft 9in. Not sure if this is good for it but i tied a knot in the cord to make it shorter. It's working pretty well https://pewdo.com/per4m-per4mlpt-leg-power-tube-44480f57rtck/#per4m-per4mlpt-leg-power-tube
    3. Properties: Improve Conditioning And Stamina To Outlast The Competition.
    Lowest Price Per4m Leg Power Tube (Sporting Goods) Per4mlpt