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    Game Golf Live Tracking System (amtggl1r)

    Game Golf Live Tracking System (amtggl1r) 863

    More Info Game Golf Live Tracking System (amtggl1r), Live tracking winner of a 2016 golf digest editor's choice award for 'best game analyzer', game golf live is the world's first automatic, real-time shot tracker for iphone, android and smartwatch -game golf live tracking system
    • This review covers the gg live i purchased from online store on 1/7/2017, and the associated app for my iphone 6s+. That app lists a version of 2. 2. 1 (1223), and the device has firmware 7. 0. 3. 11, visible when the device is paired with the app. I mention all this because such products evolve rap... go to https://pewdo.com/game-golf-live-tracking-system-86314uy7lv2/#game-golf-live-tracking-system
    • Benefit: Strokes Gained Analysis-robust Metrics To Pinpoint Improvement Opportunities.
    • Benefit: Range Finder-get Precise Distances To Greens, Hazards And Landing Zones.
    For Sale Game Golf Live Tracking System (Sporting Goods) Amtggl1r