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    Bas Body Action System Deluxe (bas3dx1)

    Bas Body Action System Deluxe (bas3dx1) 1112

    On Sale Bas Body Action System Deluxe (bas3dx1), The Head Pad Is The Only Hitting Pad Of Its Kind In The World Allowing You To Do Upper Cuts And Hooks Correctly. Interactive Targets On The Torso Pad Ensure Proper Form And Aim Punches, -Bas Body Action System Deluxe
    1. Advantages: Great For Martial Arts, Boxing, Fitness And Mma Training / Full Body Workout / Great Cardio Exercise / Excellent Strength Training / Muscle Activation.
    2. Advantages: 2 Focus Pads With Fully Adjustable T-bar / Customize For All Sizes And Configurations.
    3. One hundred percent the best overall boxing set up you can get, it's great at close thai boxing, little bit harder for leg kicks or dorsal kicks but great for knees and elbows, the set up was easy and having "el guapo" give you a good workout is just as good as the product itself. https://pewdo.com/bas-body-action-system-deluxe-11121d6nsh5w/#bas-body-action-system-deluxe
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