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Price was $75.00 - $210.00. Good product, great delivery

-R. Olga

Flight Deck Xm Snow The Smaller Version Of The Flight Deck These Goggles Provide Excellent Visibility Easy-to-change Lenses And Great Peripheral Vision Thanks To The Rimless Lens Design. -Oakley Flight Deck Xm Snow Goggles

  1. Plus: F3 Anti-fog Coating.
  2. Plus: Lens Sub-frame Attachment.

Best Price Oakley Flight Deck Xm Snow Goggles (Outdoor Recreation Product) Oo7064 44 P

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Great all-purpose lenses. Got lots of compliments on the look. Best flight deck xm snow | Oakley-Outdoor Recreation Product Review as-of ( Oct 2018 ) Plus Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles Prizm lens + rimless design. F3 anti-fog coating. Lens sub-frame attachment. Triple-layered face foam. Eyeglass compatible .

Oakley flight deck xm snow goggles Review (oak fdxm 1617)

Bought these for a trip to park city, utah. We rode everything from jupiter bowl to ninety-nine ninety . They never fogged once, even while catching my breath after falling face first into feet of pow. Best goggles i've ever owned. I would highly recommend buying a second lens as this one is great for sunny days but low light conditions suffer. -U. Betty

Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggles

  1. Class: Sports
  2. Brand: Oakley
  3. Product Dimensions:
    Weight:0.65 pounds
  4. Manufacturer: Oakley
  5. Model: OO7064-44-P
  6. MPN: OAK-FDXM-1617
  7. Part/Serial Number: OAK-FDXM-1617
  8. Type: Sports

flight deck xm snow Sports, The smaller version of the flight deck these goggles provide excellent visibility easy-to-change lenses and great peripheral vision thanks to the rimless lens design. Oakley Flight Deck Xm Snow Goggles (OO7064-44-P-Oakley).

Oakley Flight Deck Snow Goggles Sports

flight deck xm snowOakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Good. works fine as expected.

Oakley Flight Deck Xm Snow Goggles
Click to see NoticeOakley Flight Deck Xm Snow Goggles (oak fdxm 1617)"I love them, they never fog up and i have so much more visibility than with my old goggles."

Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,


The oakley flight deck prizm iridium goggle delivers a wide-open peripheral and downward line of vision for spotting all of your lines on the mountain. Developed with military and shooting objectives in mind, the prizm lens blocks strategic wavelengths along the color spectrum to maximize the contrast of colors, enhancing overall visibility and making every little detail of the terrain in front of you pop. Rigid lens carrier with flexible o matter faceplate. Fits most helmets. Goggle specs: height: 4. 05" width: 7. 25". Height: 4. 05". Width: 7. 25".

Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles,Oakley-Mens-Flight-Deck-Goggles

Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles, (oak fd 1617) FAQ.

Perfect for snowy vision and sunny. Anti-fog worked like a charm. Fit was great, the lenses were so much better than what i had before. -Notice from C. Julia, Midi-Pyrenees

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I started my goggle search in the fall and was fairly convinced that i would go with a dedicated goggle company like smith (my outgoing goggles) or zeal with their automatic lens technology. I even bought some zeal goggles but ended up not liking the lens or fit at all (none of their frames fit me and my bern rollins helmet well). I didn't really consider oakley at first because they seem to be doing so many things outside of lens technology and innovation and had become a huge brand rather than the focused eyewear company of the 80s and 90s. The more i investigated this, the more i realized i was mistaken. . Prizm technology is the real deal and not just marketing fluff. I've been an avid skier for 33 years and these goggles are the best i've used when it comes to all-conditions contrast and overall visibility. Even the totch lens is good in overcast, snow/blowing snow conditions. The size of the lens and field of vision is also great with no visible distortion (another thing that i noticed with the zeal). The anti-fog is not the greatest (in terms of initial fog resistance) but so far it seems to dissipate quickly when it does fog up. The only other complaint i would have is that the word "prizm" in the lower left eye field of vision on the outside of the lens is a bit distracting. I wish it was smaller or not there at all. Neither of these things will drop a star from my rating but maybe a 1/2 star if i could. The point is that the pros far outweigh the cons and i'm a true believer in prizm! well done, oakley. . This video on youtube gives a great in-depth look at what's behind prizm.

Oakley-men's-flight-deck-snow-goggles,-(oak-fd-1617) set picture

- B. HannahGave them to our grandson for christmas. He says he loves them! he lives in spokane, wa and loves snowboarding and skiing.

Great goggles!

Q. Wimbish, Stockton-on-Tees

Price :    —
  • Injection molded polycarbonate under extreme pressure to create a precise contour of optically correct geometry
  • Lens sub-frame attachment for fast and easy lens changing
  • Iridium consists of a special metal oxide coating that allows you to tailor the lens according to specific environmental conditions
  • Optically correct rimless lens design with f3 anti-fog coating
  • Discreet frame notches at temple for compatibility with most rx eyewear frames
Brand :    oakley
Model :    OO7050-48-P
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles, available as-of ( Oct 2018 )

Oakley Multi Unit Goggles Case

Protect your goggles on your trips with the multi unit goggle case by oakley. The case with zip closure holds up to six goggles with adjustable dividers.

Oakley Multi Unit Goggles CaseOakley-Multi-Unit-Goggles-Case

Brand :    oakley
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    08-069
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • With adjustable dividers
  • Oakley multi unit goggles storage case for adult
  • Can holds six goggles
Price :    $39.12
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Powersports Protective Gear (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for Oakley Multi Unit Goggles Case available as-of ( Oct 2018 )

Oakley Men's Line Miner A Snow Goggles,

Oakley lineminer (asia fit) snow goggles

Oakley Men's Line Miner A Snow Goggles,Oakley-Mens-Line-Miner-Goggles

Brand :    oakley
Model :    OO7080-08-P
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Oakley Men's Line Miner A Snow Goggles, available as-of ( Oct 2018 )

Oakley Oakley Universal Soft Goggles Case Black

Even an insanely durable oakley goggle is a precision instrument that deserves respect. Our universal soft goggle case fits all oakley goggle models and most others, and it takes the hassles out of transport and storage. Soft fleece lining minimizes friction and wear while dual vent ports help reduce moisture. We added a handy storage pocket inside, and it's made of expandable mesh. This lightweight soft-shell case is crafted from tough nylon that can handle abuse. It features a wide hatch with a zip closure, and a convenient carrying strap.

Oakley Oakley Universal Soft Goggles Case BlackOakley-Universal-Soft-Goggles-Black

Price :    $25.00
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Easy-access opening with zip closure
  • Nylon soft-shell goggle case
  • Universal sizing to fit most goggles
  • Interior storage pocket made of expandable mesh
Brand :    oakley
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    08-011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1 to 2 months
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Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Love these! great peripherals, comfortable fit and had zero issues with fogging even with a balaclava on. Gives you an awesome look and comfort. You definitely get noticed in these. If you want a slim profile goggle, you probably want to pick another option.

Inspired by the helmet visors of fighter pilots, flight deck maximizes your field of view so you won't miss a single target of opportunity. Peripheral and downward vision are wide open for spotting challenges and dangers and the interchangeable lens system lets you adapt to whatever the sky dishes out. The rimless design has wide-ranging helmet compatibility plus the comfort of minimized frame mass and it meets ansi z87. 1 standards for impact resistance. With clean style and a field of view that's unparalleled, this is the ace of snow goggles.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski GogglesOakley-Flight-Deck-Ski-Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles (flightdeck 2016) FAQ.

Great pair of ski goggles. . I had a lot of people ask me about it, and where i got it. . This product is great against the rays of the sun. It is easy to put on, and the view is spectacular when you try to look at the sun directly. The color of the goggle is just great, and goes well with a lot of different color outfits. The elastic adjustment is easy, and it fits almost all different types of heads. I fell a lot during my first run, and these goggles can take a lot of beating. Amazing product. -Notice from J. Lewis, Wisconsin

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Excellent for partly sunny to cloudy days. Provides clarity and eliminates flat light on slight downward sloping runs , highlighting hard to see uneven terrain.

Oakley-flight-deck-ski-goggles-(flightdeck-2016) set picture

- A. GinaThese are nice but have a huge, huge lens. Too large for my liking, but can see how some would love them. Mine also showed up with a scratch so the iridium is obviously not very durable. I sent them back.

I purchased these goggles at the end of last years ski season. I've been skiing since the early 1990s, and in all those years i don't think i've ever seen a cooler looking ski goggle. Of all the products in the oakley line, i think this is the best looking goggle they make. When you're wearing them you kind of look like something out of star wars, and you'll definitely stand out from the other skiers/boarders on the mountain. But style means nothing if they don't deliver on performance, and these definitely deliver big time. I bought these goggles because my previous "fog-free" goggles just didn't cut it. These oakley's are truly fog-free. In addition, they are extremely comfortable, even over the eyeglasses i wear when skiing. The extra wide lens offer great peripheral vision (although i lose a little because of my strong prescription eyeglasses). . If you're going to purchase these goggles, i highly recommend spending the extra coin and getting the prizm lenses. They offer clarity in a greater variety of light conditions than the standard lenses. I got mine in the black iridium, which is ideal for brighter conditions, but served me well in overcast conditions as well. For this coming season i might get a rose lens (lens are interchangeable) for snow and extreme low light conditions. I should add that the photo of the black iridium makes the outside of the lens look white, but in reality it is a highly polished mirror surface (which looks uber-cool when on the slopes). . Two hundred bucks is a fair chunk of change to spend for a pair of goggles, especially when you can get a cheap pair for a fraction of the cost. But you get what you pay for. These goggles are extremely high quality, and they offer unsurpassed field of vision, clarity, and fog-resistance. If they're in your price range, i highly recommend them.

B. Carol, California

Brand :    oakley
Weight :    0.65 pounds
  • Snow goggles featuring logoed band and rimless lens design for improved peripheral vision
  • Platonize lens material for 100% protection against uva, uvb, uvc and harmful blue light
  • Lens sub-frame attachment for fast and easy lens changing
Price :    —
Model :    59-719
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Salomon Arctic S3 Ski Pole

The salomon arctic ski poles will keep you linking turns day after day. These solid aluminum sticks are all you need for frontside missions with a comfortable bi-material grip, standard strap, and the included standard baskets.

Salomon Arctic S3 Ski PoleSalomon-Arctic-S3-Ski-Pole

Price :    —
  • Length: 110 cm, 115 cm, 120 cm, 125 cm, 130 cm, 135 cm
  • Grip: s3 freeski
  • Tip: standard
  • Shaft: 18mm aluminum
  • Strap: s3
Brand :    salomon
Weight :    1.68 pounds
Model :    Salomon
Quantity :    1
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Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet

Smith sport optics sets the standard for high performance sunglasses, goggles and helmets. Smith innovations include the patented regulator lens ventilation system, distortion-free tapered lens technology, and the versatility of the slider series. Smith optics is synonymous with innovative and top-quality products in the eyewear, goggle and helmet markets. The vantage was built for the hard-core-demanding the ultimate in everything. New for 2013, aerocore construction featuring koroyd simultaneously maximizes full coverage protection and increased airflow. For the most custom fit, the vantage offers the all new boa fs360 fit system, with a 360º halo design. Combine all this with the smith pioneered airevac technology for goggle integration, and the vantage delivers the perfect blend of technology and style. Hybrid sl shell constructionnew aerocore technology featuring koroydairevac 2 ventilationnew adjustable boa fs360 fit systemlow-profile dual regulator adjustable climate control21 ventssnapfit sl2 ear padsnanosilver performance liningremovable ultra-light goggle locksizing: + small 51-55 cm + medium 55-59 cm + large 59-63 cm + x-large 63-67 cmcertification: astm f 2040, ce en 1077:2007 class bweight: 17. 5 oz / 500 grams2013 model

Smith Vantage MIPS HelmetSmith-Optics-Vantage-MIPS-Helmet

Brand :    smith optics
Color :    Matte Black
Size :    one size
Weight :    1.95 pounds
  • Smith optics vantage ski snowmobile helmet for adult
  • Certification: astm f 2040, ce en 1077:2007 class b
Price :    —
Model :    Smith
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Replacement Lens 2017

Whether you're looking to replace an already broken lens or just adding to your stash of extras, the oakley flight deck xm goggle replacement lens are impact-resistant and have an anti-fog coating to meet all the demands of the mountain. Proposition 65 warning for california consumers: this product contains chemicals known to the state of california to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Replacement Lens 2017Oakley-Flight-Deck-Goggle-Replacement

Price :    —
  • Lens: hdo (high definition optics)
  • Compatibility: oakley flight deck xm
Brand :    oakley
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    Oakley
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggle Replacement Lens 2017 available as-of ( Oct 2018 )

Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Lens

Replacement lenses are made of premium platonize lens material, an innovation that blocks 100% of all uv radiation. Oakley's cad/cam engineering makes lens replacement simple, yet maximizes impact protection while the lenses are installed. For select goggles, choose an optional iridium lens coating to minimize glare and tune light transmission.

Oakley Flight Deck Replacement LensOakley-Flight-Deck-Replacement-Lens

Price :    —
  • Replacement lens
  • Platonize lens material provides 100% protection against uva, uvb, uvc and harmful blue light
  • Color: black iridium
Brand :    oakley
Weight :    0.59 pounds
Model :    59-783
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for Oakley Flight Deck Replacement Lens available as-of ( Oct 2018 )

686 Mens Authentic Smarty Cargo Pants

686 outerwear men's size chart 686 outerwear women's size chart take on the mountain in these amazing 686 pants. 15, 000mm waterproofing / 10, 000g breathability infidry material protects you from extreme weather while remaining comfortable. Thermal rating 7 means you'll stay warm and dry in 0 -32 f temperatures. 310g removable fleece smarty 5-pocket pant lining with adjustable drawstring. Air-flo leg ventilation with mesh gussets improve breathability and body temperature regulation. Fully taped bemis seams ensure weatherproofing. Pj connect system allows a jacket to be attached. Hem gussets with snap closures for easy on-and-off. Condura reinforced horseshoe hem curved back leg openings. Boa compatible leg gaiter with boot lace hook. Loose, all access fit. Belt loop waist with adjustable hook-and-loop tabs at sides. Double snap, hook-and-loop front closure. Zippered, hook-and-loop fly. Gusseted crotch aids in movement. Hook-and-loop flap back and cargo pockets zip hand pockets with hook and loop flap. 686 logo hit. Shell: 100% polyester; smarty lining: 100% polyester; lining: 100% nylon. Machine wash cold, hang dry. Imported. Measurements: waist measurement: 36 in outseam: 42 in inseam: 31 in front rise: 11 in back rise: 17 in leg opening: 22 in product measurements were taken using size md, inseam 31. Please note that measurements may vary by size.

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Brand :    686
Color :    Olive Melange
Model :    L6W208C
Quantity :    1
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Took these for a week on a ski trip and i'm amazed. I could see everything very clearly, they were extremely comfortable, and most importantly (to me), any fog i would get cleared up almost instantly. I had my mom struggle with fog, and while they couldn't see sometimes due to low visibility i was able to lead them down the mountain. Good job, oakley!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Do the prizm hi pink lens has the iridum coating? in oakley online store they sell the prizm hi pink iridium, i don t know if it s the same

(1) Question: What are the differences between the sizes?

(2) Question: When choosing the matte black option, do they come with the fire lens or normal lens?

(3) Question: Do these goggles come with a spare lens?

(note) Question: where/how to get Oakley (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Oakley's products

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Best oakley flight deck xm snow goggles (oak fdxm 1617) in review

These are great. My first pair arrived scratched and online store was fantastic about returning/replacing. It seems technology just keeps increasing and these make that fact clear. They are such a step above all other goggles we've ever tried.

V. Cindy, Medway

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S. Carol, Wakefield says

Amazing fit. Amazing lenses. I can't recommend a bettter snow goggle.

Q. Teresa, West Berkshire

Excellent lens, prizm tech works really well. In regards to fogging, if your stationary and sweating, its going to fog, but perfectly fine after a bit of airflow.

M. Linda, Wirral says

My husband loves these goggles! they look and feel great. They have lasted a great amount of time which says a lot as he's an avid snowboarder. They even worked well over the summer at mt hood summer boarding! would definitely recommend this product!

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