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Price was $19.97. Just received & tried it out for a few minutes. . In all honesty, i felt a bit uncomfortable but this is most likely due to never using an ab mat before. The only thing that i don't like is that it's not anti slip so it's kinda of a nusance to keep correcting position. However, when i managed to do a few crunches i definitely felt it target the abs. . I'll have to find a way to keep it from slipping to really enjoy it.

-W. Clara

Nayoya Abdominal Mat Full Range Motion Ab How Does The Nayoya Abdominal Mat Take Standard Crunches, Sit Ups And Leg Raises To The Next Level? The Nayoya Abdominal Mat Provides Comforting, Arched Back Support During Sit Ups -Nayoya Abdominal Mat Full Range Motion Ab Workouts

  1. Quality: Removes Pressure From Your Back While Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Crunches, Sit-ups And Leg Lifts.
  2. Quality: Highly Effective Ab And Core Isolation And Engagement During Leg Lifts, Knee Raises, Crunches And Sit-ups For Increased Core Strength.

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Product arrived timely, is exactly as described and advertised, and is a nice lumbar aide for exercise or just relaxing. Best nayoya abdominal mat full range | Nayoya Wellness-Outdoor Recreation Product Review as-of ( Jan 2019 ) Quality Nayoya Abdominal Mat for Full Range of Motion Ab Workouts Provides firm lower back and lumbar support, stability, constant tension, and an effortless full range of motion workout for your abs and core. Removes pressure from your back while maximizing the effectiveness of crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts.. Highly effective ab and core isolation and engagement during leg lifts, knee raises, crunches and sit-ups for increased core strength. Mimics the curved shape of your spine allowing your abs to get a proper stretch on the bottom portion of the movement followed by a complete contraction at the top of the movement. Requires no set up: light, portable, durable, long lasting, sturdy design that stays stable, doesn't wobble or slide and can be thrown in your suitcase or gym bag and taken with you anywhere .

Nayoya abdominal mat for full range of motion ab workouts Review (fba nabm)

Wow, this thing works. I tried it as soon as i received it. It engages the core the entire exercise time. Noticed the difference immediately. I also have this brands acupuncture mat. Both items are quality. -A. Wells

Nayoya Abdominal Range Motion Workouts

Nayoya Wellness
Black With Yellow Design
Product Dimensions
Height:2.70 inches
Length:14.30 inches
Width:12.20 inches
Nayoya Wellness
Part/Serial Number

nayoya abdominal mat full range motion ab Sports, how does the nayoya abdominal mat take standard crunches, sit ups and leg raises to the next level? the nayoya abdominal mat provides comforting, arched back support during sit ups without putting stress on your back allowing you do perform more repetitions without getting lower back pain. this premium, high quality mat is great for performing ab exercises and increases the effectiveness of standard floor crunches. if you are used to performing ab crunches on a hard floor that results in lower back pain do not worry. the sleek design contours to your back's natural shape giving your core support and stability without sliding around on the floor and ensures that you abs perform in their full range of motion, from stretched position to contracted position which is typically limited without this mat due to the floor's flat surface. using the nayoya abdominal mat ensures your abs perform the way they were meant to perform with a full range of motion allowing you to perform more repetitions to feel the burn without fatiguing. Nayoya Abdominal Mat Full Range Motion Ab Workouts (-Nayoya Wellness).

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I discovered this mat at cross fit gym. It's the best invention out there for abdominal exercises. Full range of motion. No stress on your neck or back. Provides the tip of support that makes it possible to strengthen your core.

Nayoya Abdominal Mat Full Range Motion Ab Workouts
Click to see NoticeNayoya Abdominal Mat Full Range Motion Ab Workouts (Nayoya Wellness)"I'm very happy with this product! i suffer from lower back pain and this helps take the pressure off when doing sit-ups. It helps me come down slowly onto a soft cushion other than hitting the hard floor. Great fitness products."

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

This little simple piece of equipment takes a very simple exercise (push-up) and turns it into something working literally most of your upper body. Quality is fairly high, and they are expensive looking. I did oddly have a small piece of plastic fly off during use, it doesn't alter the operation of it but it was very random. . First thing i did was go to their website and print put the workout schedule. My girlfriend and i both have used this for 3 weeks now, and initially she could only do a couple, and i barely squeezed out 8. Yes, it is that difficult if you aren't used to this type of exercise. Once you find your initial max, you follow a specific plan for 21 days that lays out your sets and reps for normal, wide, and close push-up positions and then re-test yourself. . After day 1, i literally felt muscle soreness in muscles i didn't know existed (the deltoids in particular). I did alter the plan's suggested way do do them, and instead of doing 2 minute drills simply did all sets and reps at a nice even pace, with breaks as needed to allow me to get all the exercise in. . The question is did i get results from all this work? 21 days later, on the re-test, my girlfriend was up to 10 push-ups (to clarify these are done using the perfect push-up, not just regular floor push-ups) and i was up to 22. That's 10x more than day 1 for her, and almost 3x as many for me. I'm also getting more defined arm muscles, and upper body. We are both continuing with this for another 21 days, and i will post updates. . Some take aways:. . 1). These are not easy. If you are highly overweight, i'd recommend getting to a reasonable weight before attempting to use these, as they may prove frustrating. 2). Consistency is key. Don't expect results if you only do these several times and quit. 3). This alone will not make you look like the guys in the commercials. This alone will not cause you to lose body fat either. An inclusive exercise and nutrition plan will accomplish that. . These are a great asset in the exercise tool box. Stay with it, and you will get results i promise you!

Over 6 million perfect pushups sold! here s the story behind our success. Alden mills, former us navy seal and perfect fitness founder was inspired to create the perfect pushup when his seal platoon was chosen for a one-year study to determine why seals suffered unusually high injury rates. After learning injuries were linked to their training methods (age-old body building drills), seal trainers switched to functional training. Alden learned firsthand how to incorporate these lessons into products and exercise routines that have become the foundation of perfect fitness. Our belief at perfect, is that if you take control of your body, you can take control of your life. It is our goal to help people do just that. Download the 21-day workout view larger invented by former us navy seal, alden mills view larger perfect pushups give you a total upper body workout view larger the perfect pushup 21-day workout is designed to work with all fitness levels. Our exclusive 2 minute drill workout can be modified for beginners or the intensity can be increased for advanced users. The 21-plan allows you to customize your workout to fit your level but also pushes you to increase your 1 set max. It gives you the roadmap you need to help you reach your fitness goals.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup ElitePerfect-Fitness-Pushup-EliteTake your pushups to the next level with the champion perfect v2 pushup handles. The handles are designed to rotate slightly during your pushups, increasing muscle activation as you dip lower. As a result, you can increase your muscle strength and definition in your arms, shoulders, back, chest, and abs. The handles also reduce joint strain in your wrists and elbows through natural body movement, with ergonomic grips that help distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points. And thanks to the handles' off-road-style tread, the perfect v2 handles securely grip all floor surfaces. Designed to support users up to 400 pounds, the handles come with a u. S. Navy seal-inspired 21-day workout chart.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite (perfect pushup v2) FAQ.

I use these with the beachbody chest & back workout as well as others. Very sturdy, comfortable, thick handles. I don't see much benefit in the ability to rotate, but repositioning the hands from flat on the floor is much better for wrists and elbows. I also like the fact that the grips are low to the ground. You really don't need anything higher than this. If your elbows go beyond 90 degrees on push-ups, bench, etc. , you're working shoulders and not chest. Too much of that will cause problems over time. . The original perfect pushup sounds cheap and flimsy. Not the case with these. -Notice from U. Audrey, Cumbria

Click to Show perfect fitness perfect pushup elite (perfect pushup v2) Details

I have been in the fitness game for almost 3 decades. I have used every machine/free weight you could think of. As i am entering a different stage of fitness (due to my age), i find it funny that i am doing the stuff i was first introduced to in the army- push ups and pull ups. Ironically, i wish i had continued to concentrate on these during my heavy lifting stages in life. Nothing shows fitness better than mastering the pull-up and push up. Any way, enough about me. These push up bars take all the stress off of my wrists and make the movement pain free. It works your muscles in varying degrees, and i think these are more than just a gimmick. For a price to benefit perspective, i would say they are a must have tool in your workout arsenal.

Perfect-fitness-perfect-pushup-elite-(perfect-pushup-v2) set picture

- Y. JenniferThis definitely add more challenge to my push-up routine. I can do up to 40 regular push-up straight but my elbow seem to click from time to time. I was looking for a jump rope in online store and this one shows as items to consider so i read some review and decided to give this a try. . The package came with a pair of push up device, a warning that says it could result in serious injury or death and warranty. The workout routine instruction will need to be downloaded online. There are also videos in their website or in youtube. . I tried using this with regular position to see how many i can do and boy it was hard. I was only able to do 10 and that is forcing myself up at the 10th count. I was able to do 3 sets on regular position and wide position but could not do anymore of the close position. Even though it was hard, i was able to do it comfortably and did not hear any click on my elbows. It could be that the turning action is correcting my position making my elbow work properly. I put a pillow on the floor to protect myself just in case but i was able to held myself up on every set without acquiring any injury. . The next day, i could feel the burn on my chest, biceps and triceps something i never felt doing a regular push-ups before.

My boyfriend uses these at the gym so we decided to get our own. Great quality, lots of different ways to implement them in your workout routine.

F. Wimbish, Brent

Price :    $29.99
  • Ergonomic grips help distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and joint strain on wrists and elbows
  • Weight vest ready, 400-pound weight capacity; also called the perfect v2 pushup
  • Dimensions: 10 inches x 8. 25 inches x 6. 2 inches; weight: 4 pounds
  • Built to last construction with smooth rotation and steel ball bearing system. treads on bottom of handles securely grip all floor surfaces
  • Pushup stand designed to rotate slightly, engaging more muscles and increasing strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs
Brand :    perfect fitness
Size :    2 Pushup
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    PPPV2BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (perfect fitness product review) for Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Basics Medicine Ball, 12-Pounds

An online store brand.

Basics Medicine Ball, 12-PoundsAmazonBasics-IB1025-Medicine-Ball-12-Pounds

Brand :    basics
Color :    12-Pound, Orange
Size :    12-Pound
Weight :    12.00 pounds
Model :    IB1025
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 12-pound ball for upper- and lower-body exercises
  • Textured finish provides a superior grip
  • Sturdy rubber construction; can bounce off hard surfaces
  • Ideal for classic medicine ball workouts
  • Helps develop core strength, balance, and coordination
Price :    $23.09 (was $32.99)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (basics product review) for Basics Medicine Ball, 12-Pounds available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

CAP Doorway Situp Bar, Black

Cap barbell's doorway sit-up bar lets you get an abdominal workout any place that has a door. Constructed of sturdy steel, this sit-up bar is built to last, with foam padding providing cushioning comfort for the back of your legs. Adjustable to fit securely, it works with any door and is designed to work with and fit under closed doors. Easily portable travel.

CAP Doorway Situp Bar, BlackCAP-Doorway-Situp-Bar-Black

Brand :    cap barbell
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    HHC-CB1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cap barbell product review) for CAP Doorway Situp Bar, Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    $14.29
  • The sit-up bar is portable for a work out anytime, anywhere.
  • Fits under closed doors
  • Foam-covered bar provides comfort and traction
  • Adjustable to fit securely to any door

Python Power Twister - Chest Arm Builder

The python power twister is a torsion spring exercise device. The python allows users to train with multiple resistances by moving their hands closer or further away on the rubber grip handles. Strengthen and tone the chest, shoulders, back and arms. Features high-grade steel construction for strength and durability. Molded rubber grips provide security and comfort. Durable nylon wrist straps help prevent injury. The python is a portable exercise device that is great for home, office or travel use. Want even more difficulty? add the fit grips by core prodigy to the python handles and you will have an extreme power twister.

Python Power Twister - Chest Arm BuilderPython-Power-Twister-Chest-Builder

Brand :    core prodigy
Model :    PPT01
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Patent pending long handles allows users to increase or decrease resistances levels. a wide grip is less resistance & close grip is more difficult.
  • Strengthens the chest, back, shoulders, biceps and grip.
  • Carbon steel springs, high grade steel composition with rubber grip handles.
  • Move your grip for multiple resistance levels. from 40 lbs. (18 kgs) to 100 lbs. (45 kgs)
  • From fitness product leader - core prodigy
Price :    $29.95 (was $35.95)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (core prodigy product review) for Python Power Twister - Chest Arm Builder available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Everlast Folding Exercise Mat 72-Inch 24-Inch Black

Folding exercise matt that is useful for all fitness needs. Warranty: everlast warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 120 days from date of purchase, provided they have not been subjected to obvious abuse, neglect or misuse. Everlast's sole liability is limited to repairing or replacing products that are returned within this 120-day period, unless specific product literature specifies otherwise. Please contact customer service for full details, and for replacement assistance at 1-800-821-7930.

Everlast Folding Exercise Mat 72-Inch 24-Inch BlackEverlast-Folding-Exercise-72-Inch-24-InchAdd some underfoot cushioning while insulating yourself from cold floors with this spacious exercise mat from everlast. Designed to fold up for easy storage, the mat offers an ideal surface for all types of exercise routines, including stretching, yoga, and tumbling. Plus, the 1-5/8-inch-thick mat is easy to clean, with a non-absorbent shell that resists sweat and dirt. And users will love the sewn-on handles, which make it a breeze to carry the mat to and from the gym. The mat-which measures 24 by 72 inches (w x l)-is made of bonded foam for extra comfort. About everlast the preeminent brand in boxing since 1910, everlast is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, licensing and marketing of authentic boxing, mixed martial arts, and fitness-related sporting goods equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories. From heavyweight champion jack dempsey and middleweight legend sugar ray robinson to the undisputed middleweight champion jermain taylor and ufc heavyweight champion randy couture, everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes. Built on a brand heritage of authenticity and individuality, everlast is a necessary part of the lives of countless athletes and fitness enthusiasts who train, compete, and live an active lifestyle. Based in manhattan, everlast's products are sold across more than 75 countries and 6 continents. Everlast is a wholly owned subsidiary of brands holdings limited, a global company and manager of worldwide sporting goods and apparel brands.

Brand :    everlast
Color :    Black
Size :    2 x 6-Feet
Weight :    0.16 pounds
Model :    9050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Sewn handle for easy transportation
  • Measures 24 x 72 inches (w x l)
  • Folds quickly and easily
  • Non-absorbant shell
  • Non-absorbent shell is easy to clean
Price :    $24.47 (was $34.95)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (everlast product review) for Everlast Folding Exercise Mat 72-Inch 24-Inch Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Black, 24 Square Feet

This is exactly what i was looking for. I have it down in my breezeway where my home gym is and the floor is tile. I thought i needed something very thick and when i unboxed this i thought darn it's too thin! but no it's perfect! i also thought i would need something to keep it from sliding around but again, nope! it doesn't budge. I can do burpees and it stays put. Highly recommend.

The prosource exercise puzzle mat creates a comfortable, durable surface for workouts and exercise equipment while protecting your floors. Dense eva foam absorbs impact and noise during workouts and provides a soft surface for exercises like push-ups and crunches. Easy-to-assemble interlocking pieces cover 24 square feet with end borders for a clean, finished look. Each tile is ½ thick from the highest point of the texture. It comes in three color options and is great for garages, fitness rooms, gyms, crossfit, children s play areas, and other hard floors. The material used for the tiles contains no phthalates. Warranty prosource is confident our high quality products, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products for manufacturer defects, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Black, 24 Square FeetProSource-fs-1908-pzzl-Puzzle-Exercise-Interlocking

Prosource Fs 1908 Pzzl Puzzle Exercise Interlocking (ps 2301 pzzl black) FAQ.

Bought this to use for a workout mat and it is perfect. Good quality padding. I would recommended this product. I put a pair of shoes on it for a size comparison. -Notice from S. Audrey, Windsor and Maidenhead

Click to Show prosource fs 1908 pzzl puzzle exercise interlocking (ps 2301 pzzl black) Details

The prosource puzzle exercise mats are good for home use. They are a little soft compared to commercial and industrial rubber exercise mats. These are more foam rubber material. They are best on a flat surface which works well. . I also have them placed on a carpeted surface in a room and cover the whole room, and they work good, but sometimes gap a little over-time. They do feel great when doing exercises. They give you a gym like feel working on them. If you have them over carpet, they definitely feel better than exercising on carpet that's for sure. If you place them on concrete, i doubt they would move or gap at all. On a smooth surface like hardwood flooring, they might gap a little. But, you can always use duct tape underneath to tape them together as back-up to keep them firmly together. . Placing equipment on these are fine, but they will sink into the foam, so expect that. The foam does go back to normal over-time if you move equipment and leave an indentation. If you place equipment over them on a carpeted surface, it does cause some mild gapping between tiles where they connect since they are soft and the carpet is not a firm surface allowing movement. . They are not commercial or industrial rubber mats, so don't expect them to be when you get them. I would not say they are cheap, but they are pretty much like the ones you can buy in the stores which are the soft foam rubber kind like these. They are priced as expected. If you have online store prime, the 2-day free shipping is nice. They are kinda on the thin-side to me at 1/2" thickness. But, they are thick enough to make a big difference when you exercise. . If you are looking for high-quality commercial or industrial rubber mats, these are not them. Industrial rubber mats are expensive.

Prosource-fs-1908-pzzl-puzzle-exercise-interlocking-(ps-2301-pzzl-black) set picture

- L. RoweMy wife and i bought this and the black ones and we love them. Good quality for what they are. Are they going to be industrial strength ones they have at the gym that lasts 15+ years? no. But they will definitely take a beating! just make sure that if you're going to be doing any deadlifts to get extra protection for your floors. Overall awesome product!

They fit perfect in the space i needed them to and they're very light and super easy to just connect together. Great price. I'll update if anything goes wrong, but so far, so good.

I. Paula, Lorraine

Brand :    prosource
Color :    Black
Size :    24 Square Feet
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    ps-2301-pzzl-black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (prosource product review) for ProSource fs-1908-pzzl Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles Black, 24 Square Feet available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    $20.99
  • Easy assembly - lightweight puzzle pieces connect quickly and easily, and can be disassembled just as simply for quick storage
  • Covers 60 square-cm , each tile measures 60 x 60 x 1. 27cm-thick from the highest point of the texture; includes 6 tiles and 12 end borders for a polished look
  • High quality foam, high-density eva foam provides excellent support and cushion; contains no toxic phthalates
  • Versatile - the water-resistant and noise-reducing design is easy-to-clean, great for use in garages, gyms, home fitness rooms, or even children's play areas
  • Protective workout flooring, durable, non-skid textured tiles protect floors while creating a comfortable workout space

Pilates Ring - Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness Circle

Nayoya's fitness ring is the inner & outer thigh and arm toner that every women should own. - this fitness ring strengthens and tones your body and legs while increasing the effectiveness of pilates training. The ring is strong, durable and is highly recommended for resistance training. The thighs are a woman's biggest problem area. This toning ring helps use those muscles of the inner and outer thighs to work and tone over time (similar to the thigh machines at the gym) - premium, high quality, sturdy materials provide an effective core workout as well as abdominal, thigh, leg and arm toning. This ring makes it easy to do toning exercises at home any time of day. Tone while watching tv, tone while reading & even tone while checking emails! - the ring has a 14 inch diameter with foam padded grips on both sides as well as a non-slip design. The handle placement is both on the outside and inside of the ring to give your inner and outer thighs the resistance it needs to tone those areas. - valuable tool for at home toning and pilates accessory. Super easy to use and maneuver. To tone the arms and chest you simply grab onto the foam handles from the outside and try to being your hands close together. The resistance of the ring will encourage toning of the arms and chest from this exercise. To tone the thighs you can either place your inner thighs on the outer foam handles (for inner thigh toning) then bring your legs together or inside the ring on the inner handles to tone your outer thighs by bringing your legs apart. Comes with a nylon carry bag for carrying purposes or storage.

Pilates Ring - Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness CirclePilates-Ring-Premium-Resistance-Fitness

Brand :    nayoya wellness
Model :    FBA_NPR-1
Order click here :    -
  • One of the best upper thigh exercisers for women due to the resistance it places on the inner and outer thighs. improves muscle tone of the upper inner and outer thighs, arms, lower body, upper body and core. these rings are perfect for travel because they are almost flat, lightweight and do not take up a lot of volume
  • Comes with a nylon carry pouch that you can use to store your ring or travel with
  • 14 inch diameter with non-slip foam padded grips. tone your arms, thighs and chest today! toning rings or pilates rings as some call them are becoming very popular in the fitness community due to their versatility, portable design and effectiveness
  • Traditional fitness circles only have pads on the outer sides of the ring. nayoya's toning ring has pads on the outside & inside of the ring for a more balanced, effective workout. the ring strengthens and tones your body in only a few minutes each day while increasing the effectiveness of pilates training
  • Core workout, abdominal, thigh, leg and arm toning. strengthens posture and mobility
Price :    $21.47 (was $39.97)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (nayoya wellness product review) for Pilates Ring - Premium Power Resistance Full Body Toning Fitness Circle available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

AB WOW 3000 Abdominal Workout Wheel Roller Sculpt 3Xs Faster Abs, Shoulders, Arms Abdominal Exercise Equipment Trainer, Ab Roller Supports up to 500lbs

It works as expected. Ab wheel rolls and as for the resistance bands, i found them to work more as "assistance" bands. It doesn't seem to be harder to roll out, your body weight will do the work, but they seem to make rolling back in a little easier. I see them being more useful if you lack the core strength or like i have used them on days that my back is feeling fatigued after a heavy workout. I am happy with the product i received for the price.

Gliding full won't damage after easy assembly quick breakdown no carrying gloves needed foam all sizes callous slip sweaty included insanity challenge belly toning get lbs illustrated six pack stretch carving a exercise machine that makes you skinny ab carver pro ab crunch ab machine ab mat ab pro ab roller ab roller wheel ab roller with foot straps ab strap ab wheel ab workout abdomen roller abdominal exercise equipment abdominal fitness abdominal workout equipment abs exercise equipment abs roller abs straps abs trainer advanced ab workout an belt workout an crunch machine an roller wheel push up bar at home exercise equipment at home gym equipment at home workout equipment at hone workout balance wheel best fitness equipment caminadoras de ejercicios cap barbell core exercise core exercise equipment cross fit exercise equipment crunch machine eliptical machines excersize equipment excersize machine exercise ball exercise bands exercise bike exercise equipment for home fitness equipment for home gym foam roller folding elliptical for abdominal exercise for arms workout gym equipment home crossfit gym home equipment gym home exercise equipment home gym accessories home gym equipment home workout equipment in home exercise equipment in home gym equipment in home workout equipment iron gym kettlebell set kettlebell workout leg raise straps lower abs machine maxiclimber mma training equipment set oblique exercise oblique workout of steel workout pack abs perfect fitness ab carver pro perfect fitness ab straps perfect push up push up stands push ups resistance bands exercise sit up bench smart wonder core the navy seal workout thick workout mat toning tools total gym total home gym treadmill exercise machine tummy exerciser water rowing machine weight sled wheel ab roller wheel ab workout wheel abdominal exercise workout machine wheel abs work out working out machines workout equipment workouts for women

AB WOW 3000 Abdominal Workout Wheel Roller Sculpt 3Xs Faster Abs, Shoulders, Arms Abdominal Exercise Equipment Trainer, Ab Roller Supports up to 500lbsAbdominal-Shoulders-Exercise-Equipment-Supports

Roller Abdominal Workout Wheel Equipment (Youactive Sports) FAQ.

Great quality you can feel and it's sturdy. Ropes actuality work best if you're core is weak or need some support. I train and i'm strong, this roller is great. I'm excited for the results to come! . . I thought i could use the ropes for another strength move, but it works just as resistance until one builds enough strength to use without the ropes. -Notice from A. Guest, Thueringen

Click to Show roller abdominal workout wheel equipment (youactive sports) Details

I've only been using it for 3days, so far i can honestly tell you i feel the burn after my workout, i've done crunches and haven't felt this much work going on with my stomach muscles. I will definitely recommend this to everyone, i've had 3 csections and have remained with a little pouch and for the first time i feel those muscles being worked and targeted, it works your shoulders and legs too. Will update while i see and feel more results.

Roller-abdominal-workout-wheel-equipment-(youactive-sports) set picture

- W. ElanorThis is really an amazing product. It's not easy to get used to it in few days! it will take weeks to do a full stretch with this. But once you get used to it, you will definitely feel it. A great equipment for home exercise.

It works-always many ways to do things-this is one- well made- good company to purchase from-but working out is always on you-this isn't a pill or a dream-it is a tool that you can use-and it works- but you will be the one who does the work-if you want to get your dream results that this can give you, then use this tool and work hard to get what you want

N. Tracey, Maryland

Brand :    youactive sports
Weight :    0.4 pounds
Model :    ABWOW15
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • 1 speed-shred 3000 technology - why this ab roller gets you ripped 3x's faster: 2 geo-balanced wheels allow you to safely roll in any direction on any floor surface, laser targeting to melt away fat from your toughest spots like love handles (obliques), under arm fat (triceps) & even back fat.
  • 3 pro trainers say it's the "best total gym in a box. ever" - "this is the best ab wheel i have used and i've been a personal trainer for over 10 years" - review by matt while another customer says, "it's amazing how many exercises you can do with this device! " making it the perfect complement to your home gym, kettlebell weights, cap barbell, bike trainer, stair climber, rowing machine, small elliptical, sit up bench or treadmill.
  • 5 will it last a lifetime? yes, and customers agree - the large ab-wow pvc dual ab wheel roller with footstraps is comfortable, compact for travel plus engineered to provide safe support to 500 lb competitive weight lifters. become ripped as you smoothly and seamlessly roll your way sexy at your home gym or office. spanish: caminadoras de ejercicios
  • 2 faster & safer than any other ab roller or bench: tired of stubborn fat hanging around no matter what you try? ready to see a ripped, carved, sexy body that makes you want to take your shirt off? super-quiet, stability controlled fat burner get sculpted abs, shoulders, arms, plus upper and lower back and go from flab to wow in just 5 sets a day
  • 4 free result-accelerating bonuses - 2 resistance bands, comfort enhancing no-slip handles & knee pad, travel bag plus exercise guide (valued at $24. 95) so you have all the ab workout equipment you need to uncover muscles you never knew you had - for life!
Price :    $59.95
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (youactive sports product review) for AB WOW 3000 Abdominal Workout Wheel Roller Sculpt 3Xs Faster Abs, Shoulders, Arms Abdominal Exercise Equipment Trainer, Ab Roller Supports up to 500lbs available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Core Workouts

Amazing product! on month 2 and i see huge results!

The perfect fitness ab carver pro is an ab roller with built-in resistance to help maximize muscle growth and definition in abdominals and arms. A kinetic engine, comprised of a durable carbon steel spring, offers resistance on the roll out and assistance on the roll back to amplify ab and arm workouts. Perfect fitness ab carver pro features an ultra-wide wheel tread that increases stability when carving left or right to work obliques. Ergonomic hand grips are angled to help activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport. Durable, high-density foam knee pads are included for superior comfort while carving. Downloadable 21 day perfect fitness ab carver pro workout plan also included. 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Core WorkoutsPerfect-Fitness-Carver-Roller-Workouts

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro (31042) FAQ.

I've been working out with a personal trainer for 3 months and have been doing a lot of core workouts and haven't had a good burn. I tried this ab carver yesterday and today my abs are sore, a good sore. I had a baby 7 months and was having difficulty targeting my core muscles. I am happy i purchased the ab carver because finally i can feel a burn. -Notice from Q. Carolyn, New Hampshire

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This works. Never in my life have i had "abs. " after switching to a low carb/keto diet and using this for about 5 weeks, abs were there. Amazing. Very tough the first week. It gets easier the more you use it. Amazing the workout your abs get beyond what you can do with situps, crunchess, and leg lifts. Your upper body seems to get a bit of workout from this too (not just abs). . To even see abs, you have to get your body fat percentage down to around 14% or lower. So even if you strengthen your abs, you wont see them without the diet portion also. Fyi.

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- X. NogueraBest ab roller i've ever had! . . The grips are perfect for my hands, complete with a thumb notch that keeps your wrists in the perfect position. . Start off in small increments. Then gradually increase the distance you extend and number of repetitions. . Targets entirely different abdominal and back muscle groups than just situps alone. It involves the arms, shoulders, thighs and of course delts and obliques when you roll out left and right. . Huge step up from the old wheel with a handle through it. The tension spring function is very helpful in reducing back stress while still loading your muscles as much as you can take. . My wife in particular likes the knee pad space apart and that they are just right in size. We both give the ab carver pro five stars. . Put it in your living room and hit it when those commercials come on! you'll tone up in no time! . . Yes, would definitely endorse this to friends and family.

At first i was skeptical about this product because it seemed like it could be another gimmick or waste of money. Boy was i wrong! i've been doing ab workouts for several months and find it hard to make my abs sore. After one use of this product (only 15-20 rolls at first) my abs were sore for 2 days! i've only been using it a few weeks but i use it daily - it literally only takes 5 or so minutes of your day. I'm up to 50 or 60 rolls per day in order to feel sore. I feel like with daily use over several months you will definitely see results. The only negatives i could think of is that maintaining posture during the workout is difficult - i get soreness/discomfort in my lower back during and shortly after use. I was hoping for better directions with the product but it did not come with any at all. I am also getting small blisters on my middle fingers like how you would from weights. Besides those, i have no other complaints!

T. Sherry, California

Price :    $21.81 (was $39.99)
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring to provide resistance and  amplify abdominal and arm workout
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers  stability when carving left, right or center for targeted work on obliques
  • Includes high-density foam kneepad for superior comfort; downloadable 21-day workout plan; 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Ultra-wide ab roller with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles to help maximize results of ab roll-out exercises
  • Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport
Brand :    perfect fitness
Color :    Red
Weight :    5.52 pounds
Model :    31042
Quantity :    1
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nayoya abdominal mat for full range of motion ab workouts Price : 19.97, was : 39.97 as 2018-03-10
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Nayoya Abdominal Mat Full Range Motion Ab Workouts (Nayoya Wellness) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for nayoya abdominal mat for full range of motion ab workouts

This is a nice, firm mat to help you get into the correct position to do crunches on the floor. It is very firm, but that is a good thing, and means that it will last a while without breaking down. I'm short (5'1) , so it took a few tries to get my back set on it right, but you can feel the proper core muscles being worked once you get it right.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does it matter which side is closest to my butt?

(1) Question: Will it provide enough cushioning so my tailbone doesn't hurt after doing lower abdominal excercises?

(2) Question: This is good for sciatic and disk l5 s1?

(3) Question: How much weight can it support?

(4) Question: What is the thickness of this mat?

(5) Question: Will it support my lower back when performing abs workout?

(6) Question: Can you sleep on it?

(7) Question: Any instructions does it come with exercises routine

(8) Question: Would this help for lower back pain as well? i also noticed there is a lot of 5 star rates and most are dated august 25.

(note) Question: where/how to get Nayoya Wellness (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Nayoya Wellness's products


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Very satisfied with the product i use it to sit with my back pressed against the pad, this helps to strengthen my stomach and back muscles so that my posture is at my center. I also use it when i do sit-ups.

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Love it i don t know what i l do with out it. 5 stars one o the best product s online store haves. It s s o amazing. Love it it s the best thing ever. Its just what it looks like. Bought it to every one they loved it. Its so isable gym my coach loves it bought onr fo him 2

P. Nellie, Reading

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G. Emily, Florida says

A few years ago, i was involved with crossfit. During that time, i regularly used ab mats to maximize the effectiveness of situps. As i am attempting to get in the same physical shape that i was then, i decided that getting a ab mat would be beneficial. This mat is a well-made, durable mat that is shaped perfectly. The curve allows contact with the lower back through the full range of motion. It is exactly what i wanted.

R. Whiteman, Halton

This ab mat works great. One of the better equipment purchases i have bought for around the house. Both my husband and i use it regularly. Great addition to any workout. The product itself is durable, easy to clean, and its of good quality. Especially for the price point. I would recommend this to anyone interested in a abdominal mat.

V. Ruff, Ile-de-France says

This mat is awesome! i use it with my 8 pound medicine ball, it really offers great back support. The description is accurate, there isn't really anything else to it. I use it everyday and so far i have not had any issues with it. I use it on carpet and it does not slip. If you want to start working out your abs with something weighted, i highly recommend this!

Z. Benton, Bretagne

Nice and firm, great arch support when you're doing your bum-busters, or whatever it is you do. Only gripe i have with it is like other reviews say, it does not have any sort of grip on the bottom, causing it to move slightly when working out on hardwood floor. Seems alright on carpet, and it would be a easy fix by attaching some rubber to the bottom with some adhesive. . The material feels durable and long lasting, and whatever kind of padding/foam is inside is very sturdy and firm. It does not give much, and my 2 year old loves to jump on it and it doesn't seem to leave an impression or and noticeable ware.

D. Wimbish, Georgia says

If you ever do sit ups and your sacral area starts to hurt, this actually helps out. You feel your muscles working more than with the traditional sit-ups of laying flat on the ground.

G. Terry, Louisiana

I use this for some floor dumbbell exercises where i wanted some additional lift off the floor vs. Buying a bench. It works well for skull crushers and floor presses, etc. I also use it for certain ab exercises. It is a nice addition to my workout routine.

W. Joanna, Delaware says

When i first used the mat it felt weird because i have never used anything like this for abs. After using it a couple times i could feel the difference in my workout. This give me a much bigger ab stretch. I really like it and enjoy feeling the burn.

J. Shirley, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

I'm not sure why i didn't think it was as big as it was but it is and that's fine. It works. I've had a lot of trouble executing ab work when working out ever since i had my son. Sit-ups, crunches, jack hammers, reverse crunches were all off limits to me until i purchased this. It relieves the ache i sometimes feel when i have to come back down. And no one is going to continue doing something that causes them pain. But obviously i need to rebuild muscles i once had and to do that i need to be able to focus part of my workout on floor work. Not only can i do sit ups and crunches now. I can shift the mat a little further south and have a better time with reverse crunches and leg scissors. So if you suffer from lower back pain or discomfort and you enjoy working out, this is for you!

C. Barbara, Texas says

I purchased this and recently had a change of jobs. So sitting all day was making my back hurt! began laying on this baby atleast 15 minutes a day. Wow i can feel the difference! . . I also use it for working out. No matter what this was so worth it. I now have it next to my bed. For daily use!

O. Elizabeth, North Carolina

This mat makes doing sit ups or crunches much easier and less painful on the back and butt. It also helps me to do them without having to have another person holding my feet. I really like it and use it every night before bed.

M. Amanda, Calderdale says

Pretty good and effective. It is on the firm side and i hope that it softens up and has more give. The firmness could be of benefit for some with back complaints. By the way, laying this on the side in the back of a chair is also a great support when sitting. Overall a good item.

S. Guest, Halton

I ordered this originally for exercise as intended. I get really bad back aches and one day decided to lay on this out of desperation. Low and behold stretching on this popped my back and i felt so much better. Now when i get a bad back ache i immediately go lay on this for a few minutes to stretch it out. I realize this is not what it was intended for but if you back problems it is a nice bonus!

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