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Price was $1,648.90. I'll just get right to it. This thing is high quality and while we have only owned it for a day i would highly recommend it. It took about 8 hours from the time i opened the first box until i cleaned up with a quick break for lunch. Most of the assembly i did by myself until my father-in-law dropped the kids off and stayed to help. There were a few steps in the beginning where two people would have been helpful just because of the weight of the assembled pieces. Putting the roof together is also best with two people. I put it on fairly level ground but decided to dig the front poles into the ground about 4-5" just to get it as close to level as possible. Overall, the instructions were clear but the pieces aren't labeled so you do need to pay attention to ensure you grabbed the correct one(s). Assembly was not difficult but at times it was tedious. . We bought this for our twin boys third birthday. We knew we wanted something with a slide, clubhouse and a couple of swings. The vinyl sets were all very expensive so we thought we were limited to a wood set. There are so many to choose from which didn't make for easy shopping. I then realized that wood sets require maintenance which really turned me off. By chance just before we were ready to make the purchase we visited friends and noticed that they had this exact set for their three boys. The thing looked brand new and when we asked they had owned it for three years. They were really happy with it and got us the info on it. . Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase. One word to the wise. The ladder can be very slick. Buy yourself a roll of 2" grip tape and put strip on each rung.

-W. Pete

Big Stuff Adventure Play Release Your Child S Imagination The Lifetime A-frame Playset. Lifetime S Playgrounds Are Designed Plenty Of Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained All Day, Every Day. From The -Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set

  1. Benefits: Constructed Of High-density Polyethylene And Powder-coated Steel; Durable, Weather-resistant, And Will Not Warp, Rot, Crack, Or Splinter Like Wooden Playsets.
  2. Benefits: Designed For Safety; Hard Edges Are Rounded Or Covered With Plastic Caps; Soft Rubber Grips On Swing Chains Prevent Pinching.

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This playset is such great quality! the appearance is even better in person. The colors are so vibrant-as big as it is, it's compact and fits perfectly on the side of our yard we didn't thing we had room for. We love that it's metal with no upkeep and the metal is so sturdy (not like the cheap ones we had growing up that pop off the ground. This sucker is not moving anywhere). The cargo net is great and also the roping it's made with is such great quality we couldn't be happier! we also used online store's assembly service as handy as my husband is we figured why not have it done for us. That was a game changer the assembly service was key being the builder pete has built so many of these he has it down to a science it seemed. They did such a great job and the kids were playing on it by 4pm that day! our kids have not stopped playing on it daily since such a great investment for our family and we get so many compliments on not going with a traditional wood set. Shocked this isn't more popular. Best big stuff adventure play | Lifetime-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Jan 2019 ) Benefits Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set Fun free standing playset for kids aged 3-12; includes 9 foot wavy slide, 2 swings, 1 trapeze bar, a climbing wall, cargo net, propeller swing, and activity board. Constructed of high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel; durable, weather-resistant, and will not warp, rot, crack, or splinter like wooden playsets. Designed for safety; hard edges are rounded or covered with plastic caps; soft rubber grips on swing chains prevent pinching. Total area of unit is 13' 11" x 15' 9". Free standing; no cement or anchoring required; backed by a 5-year limited manufacturers warranty. Safe and strong steel construction: passes playground performance and safety standards.. Attached swing bar: three (3) heavy-duty molded swings, one (1) rubberized steel trapeze bar with gym rings. Rust-resistant zinc-coated chains: rubberized grips to prevent pinching.. Covered clubhouse: features heavy-duty roof and marine-quality decking. .

Lifetime big stuff adventure play set Review (90042)

Will never buy any other brand. Great customer service! i purchased this february of 2014! it's been 4 years. No rust, still as sturdy as the day we put it together. Pros: kids love the chalkboard. Ship wheel and binocholurs. Sturdy. Rock wall is awesome. Cool cargo net to climb. Well worth the money. . Cons:. The swing handles get sticky, but easy clean with alcohol. . I'd rather spend the money on a quality swing set like this than buy any wooden crap, where my kid gets splinters or the wood toys or fades. 4 years and counting on this awesome swingset. -B. Julie

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play

  • Order: Sports
  • Brand: Lifetime
  • Color: Earthtone
  • EAN: 0081483004068
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:45.00 inches
    Length:96.00 inches
    Weight:660.00 pounds
    Width:32.00 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: BEFORE ORDERING: Be Sure To Check Your Local Building And Zoning Codes And Ensure That All Appropriate Permits Have Been Acquired. This Product Is For Residential Use Only The Estimated Delivery Time Will Be Approximately 2 - 3 Weeks From The Time Of Order.
  • Manufacturer: Lifetime
  • Recommended Max-Age: 60
  • Suggested Min-Age: 36
  • Model: 90042
  • MPN: 90042
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 90042
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS
  • ReleaseDate: 2012-06-04
  • Size: 13' 11" X 15' 9"
  • UPC: 081483004068
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

big stuff adventure play Sports, Release your child s imagination with the lifetime a-frame playset. lifetime s playgrounds are designed with plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained all day, every day. from the three-station swing bar, to the durable and lofty clubhouse, the a-frame playset provides kids with years of outdoor fun! designed with extreme safety in mind, lifetime playgrounds meet and often exceed playground performance and safety standards. any hard edges have been rounded or covered to eliminate snagging or scratching. unlike wooden playsets, kids will not get slivers or scrapes with lifetime playgrounds. and all swing set chains have rubber grips to prevent little fingers and hands from being caught or pinched. lifetime playground equipment will never warp, rot, crack, or splinter. constructed of uv protected high-density polyethylene (hdpe) plastic and powder-coated steel, they are durable and completely weather-resistant. forget about staining or painting, lifetime playgrounds are virtually maintenance-free and will retain their design and good looks for years to come. Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set (90042-Lifetime).

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Sports

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Made by lifetime, this outdoor play set offers plenty of activities to keep your kids and their friends entertained. The set features a freestanding, a-shaped frame made of powder-coated steel, along with a roof and molded components made with high-density polyethylene (hdpe). The swings are zinc-coated to prevent rust and rubber-coated to increase safety. In addition to a clubhouse with a rigid, hardtop roof, the set offers two belt swings, a trapeze bar, a 9-foot wavy slide, a propeller swing, a sturdy climbing wall, a cargo net, an activity chalkboard, and a lookout deck with a ship's wheel and binoculars. This all-weather set won't crack, warp, rot, or splinter, and it's uv-resistant, so it retains less heat and maintains its color. It's also designed to be low-maintenance-no staining or painting is required. All of the hard edges on this set are either rounded or covered by plastic caps. Soft rubber grips on the swing chains prevent pinching and snagging. This product meets all astm and cspc performance and safety specifications and contains no lead-based material. It's covered by a five-year limited warranty. Specifications clubhouse platform: 60 inches by 56 inches by 45 inches total area of unit: 13 feet 11 inches by 15 feet 9 inches safety zone: 27 feet 9 inches by 29 feet 8 inches unit height: 11 feet 5 inches manufacturer warranty lifetime offers a five-year limited warranty on this product. This warranty covers any manufacturing defect for varying durations of time. Please refer to the factory label, your instruction manual, or your warranty card for additional warranty details. About lifetime headquartered in clearfield, utah, lifetime products is the world's leading manufacturer of residential basketball hoops and folding tables and chairs. With manufacturing facilities in utah and in xiamen, china, lifetime has applied innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to develop innovative products with superior strength and durability. New offerings such as outdoor sheds, kayaks, and tent trailers are just a few of the ways that lifetime continues to simplify your everyday life and enables you to get the most out of your free time.

I bought this after much research for my kids. I did the assembly myself and took me about good 12 hours total (2 days). Unlike what the manual says, one person assembly is doable. It take a little imagination at some steps, but it definitely can be done. . I found the net assembly the most difficult. Unlike others mentioned, the roof and the climbing wall was not bad. However, the net was pretty difficult for me. Other than that, it's just easy connecting and bolting parts together. Find parts is time consuming but again, not difficult. . Lifetime could have used better screws for the climbing wall and roof. You need a perfect fit screwdriver otherwise not only the screws won't go in all the way, you'll break the head. By the time i found this out, it was kinda late. . My kids love the playset. Everything in this product provides fun to my otherwise-boring-backyard. Will definitely recommend this product.

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set
Click to see NoticeLifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set (90042)"This playset was very well designed for assembly and functionality. I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. I did encounter one issue on assembly that caused roughly a 45 min setback. The hole dimple locations on either side of the rock climbing station did not mate up with the pre-drilled holes in the bar that couples the two climbing sections together. We had to flip the coupling bar 180 degrees and match drill all new holes to get them to mate up. This was the only time we encountered holes that didn't align thankfully. Overall, a very good product that will hold up for a long time."

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Flexible Flyer 30117 Ground Anchor Kit Metal Frame Swing Sets

30117t features: -includes instructions. -steel auger style for strength and performance. -designed for flexible flyer swing sets. -metal rod corkscrew anchors with hardware. -keep the swing set's legs from lifting off the ground. -overall product weight: 2 lbs. Product type: -swing set hardware. Color: -silver. Material: -metal. Number of items included: -4. Country of manufacture: -united states. Generic specifications: -package of 4 swing set leg anchors. Dimensions: overall height - top to bottom: -12". Overall width - side to side: -3. 5". Overall depth - front to back: -3. 5". Overall product weight: -2 lbs.

Flexible Flyer 30117 Ground Anchor Kit Metal Frame Swing SetsFlexible-Flyer-30117-Ground-AnchorThis ground anchor kit allows you to safely anchor your metal frame play set into the ground-without concrete for greater stability and durability. Compatible with any four-legged flexible flyer steel swing set and many others, the anchors both prevent your play set from tipping when kids swing and prevent play sets from being shifted during strong winds. The ground anchor kit secures any flexible flyer swing set to the ground.

Price :    $11.41 (was $16.60)
  • Anchor kit provides swing/gym set stability for four-legged metal play sets
  • Multiple attachment holes allow anchors to secure to a variety of metal play sets
  • Designed for children from two to 10 years old; 180-day limited warranty
  • Compatible with all flexible flyer steel swing sets (sold separately)
  • Set includes four auger ground anchors, attachment hardware, and installation directions
Brand :    flexible flyer
Color :    Silver
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    30117
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (flexible flyer product review) for Flexible Flyer 30117 Ground Anchor Kit Metal Frame Swing Sets available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, Earthtone

We purchased the ace flyer for our 2 and 4 year olds as a christmas morning surprise. I was on the fence about going with the earthtones version over the brightly colored version. We are very happy with the earthtones. The teeter-tooter looks much better than it does in the photos. . The teeter-totter was well packaged in a thick double-layered cardboard box. All of the parts were also wrapped in a light plastic to prevent scuffing during shipment. . Assembling the base and fuselage took around 45 minutes. Attaching the wings didn t go quite as smooth. I am guessing i spent around 2 hours simply getting the wings attached. I don t consider my troubles with the wings a design flaw or an issue with the instructions. The fuselage was likely just a bit out of alignment making it difficult to attach the wings. After removing some of the previously installed bolts (they were all loose, but there was still not enough play to get the wings attached) i was able to complete the assembly. . The teeter-totter ships with just about everything you will need to assemble. In addition to the provided 3/16th inch allen wrenches, you will need a couple of ½ inch wrenches or crescent wrenches on hand. . I had trouble with a couple of the provided bolts such that i stripped out the hex head before i was able to get the bolts tightened. The soft zinc bolts are pretty easy to strip out if you one tries too hard to force them into place. I assumed i didn t have these two bolts properly aligned when i started threading them into the equipment. Upon removing the bolts with hefty pliers the following day, i observed the threads were in good health. I tossed the damaged bolts in the trash and acquired a couple of stainless steel replacements at the local big-box tool store. The new bolts screwed in without issue. (the damaged hex heads were likely due to the ball head hex driver i had been using. The ball wrench didn t fit in quite as deep as the standard hex driver and when it slipped it probably damaged the bolts. )

The ace flyer teeter-totter from lifetime products can seat up to seven kids and once and provides up and down, side to side see saw action. With the interactive dashboard, propeller, and spinning wheel, your aspiring young pilots can start in their own backyard. The ace flyer teeter-totter will set their imaginations soaring!

Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, EarthtoneLifetime-90135-Teeter-Totter-Earthtone

Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, Earthtone (Sporting Goods) FAQ.

I just finished putting this together. It took 6 hours by myself, a 60 yr. Old lady. Everything fit together just nicely. It's so well made. Our grandsons, 2, 4, &6 plus friends will get hours and years of fun from it. Purchasing was easy and very fast shipping. Great item and a pleasure to do business with. -Notice from Q. Julia, Kansas

Click to Show lifetime 90135 ace flyer teeter totter, earthtone (sporting goods) Details

Like others have noted, this is very popular with the kids, even more popular that most playsets. We bought it so that our yard would have something different for our kids and their friends to play in that wasn't another trampoline or playset, which everyone else has already. . I'm giving the product a 5 stars based on how fun it is after assembly. . The assembly is pretty hard. Here are some pointers that you absolutely must follow (which we didn't, and this caused it to take about twice as long as it would have if we had followed them). 1. Do not use power tools. They will most definitely strip the head of the bolts, which happened in our case. I knew i was not supposed to used power tools and thought i would anyway. Stripped a few bolts and had to spend time to remove them. This brings me to the next point. 2. Do not tighten all the bolts. Leave all of them loose till assembly is complete. Some of the bolts need to be removed and re attached. Again, something we did wrong which cost us time as the bolts to be removed were stripped. 3. The toy must be placed on a soft surface, such as a lawn. However, in just one day of use, the spots below the two wings became into holes in my lawn. Keep that in mind. Your lawn will get destroyed to some degree or the other. We ended up moving the plane to the far back of our yard where i don't care for a few bumps and holes. 4. Friends reccomend supergluing the plastic caps on several pieces to prevent them from being removed accidentally during moving the toy. 5. Assembly involves driving screws through holes in metal pipes that must be perfectly aligned. This was much harder than assembling a tv stand, or a crib, where you are screwing wooden components together. Greater torque is needed and you risk getting the screw stuck if it is not aligned perfectly.

Lifetime-90135-ace-flyer-teeter-totter,-earthtone-(sporting-goods) set picture

- Y. PattonWe are very happy with this teeter-totter. It was very time consuming to put together, however! my husband and i did it together over the course of three evenings. I estimate that we spent 6+ hours assembling it. Even though it was time consuming, we were happy with the level of detail the instructions provided - it was very clear and we rarely had questions on how things were supposed to go together. Once assembled, we have been very happy with the toy. We bought the earthtone colors and were surprised at how great it looks in our yard. Not an eyesore like some toys. The kids love it! we have only had it for 1 month, but already have had up to 7 kids on it at once. It is very sturdy! we have even had some adults try it out (including ourselves) with no issue. It does kill the grass of wherever you put it, so keep that in mind if it will be going over grass. . If it was easier to assemble, i would give it 5 stars. We are very happy with this purchase. Good value for the money!

Edit: 4 years later, still going strong, still no injuries (not even a busted lip or bloodied nose! ). Still played on daily. This is probably the best toy investment we've ever made. This thing is probably going to last for another 4 or 5 years. There's a whole new crop of children enjoying it now. I really couldn't be happier with it. -. Edit, three years later:. So, we've had it for three years now. It still works, and we just gave it to our next door neighbors who have 2 year old twins and a couple of older kids. At this moment, there are 8 kids playing on it (my younger kid, who is 6 now, the next door neighbor kids who are 2-8 years old, and some other neighborhood kids. ) older kids (9-13) lost interest fairly quickly. . Since i bought it, the propeller fell off, and we've had to make a few other minor repairs. But it's not majorly rusted, and it still works fine! . . Nobody ever got hurt on it! not even a busted lip or bruised chin! . . We gave it away only because we decided to landscape our front yard with flowers, and our backyard doesn't get played in much. . Original review below:. -. . We have lots of kids in our neighborhood, and kids ages 2 to 10 play on this thing every day (we also put it in the front yard so neighbor kids could play on it whenever they want to - legal liabilities be damned. ). . My almost 8 year old son and his 10 year old best friend aren't too big to find see-sawing on the "wings" un-thrilling (although they slam each other up and down to make it extra exciting. Haha. They also use it as a sort of obstacle course. ) and my three year old daughter is big enough to seesaw on the big wings with the 5 year old girl who lives next door. . It took my husband and i about 3 hours to put it together, but part of our problem was that we'd start trying to guess how to do it instead of closely following the directions, so we'd have to take stuff apart and re-do it. I highly suggest using an electric drill when you put it together. . We've had it for a few weeks now, and still no injuries yet. Not even minor ones.

H. Finch, Sandwell

Price :    $289.99
  • Features up and down, side to side dual action movement
  • Interactive flight features include- dashboard, steering wheel, gauges, and spinning foam rotor
  • Heavy duty all weather constrcution; will not crack, warp, rot, split or fade like wooden playground equipment
  • Can seat up to 7 kids at once; dimensions-92"l x 95" w x 30-35" h
  • Easy to assemble with 3 different height settings; backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
Brand :    lifetime
Color :    Earthtones
Size :    95L in.
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    90135
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 5 to 7 days
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (lifetime product review) for Lifetime 90135 Ace Flyer Teeter Totter, Earthtone available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat Coated Swing Chains Fully Assembled

The eastern jungle gym high back full bucket toddler swing is the perfect swing set accessory for infants, babies, toddlers and kids! the swing seat is fully enclosed and features a unique high-back so parents can be confident that even the smallest children are swinging safely. This full bucket toddler swing can be attached to most swing beams up to 9 high. The bucket swing comes fully assembled with 66 of zinc-coated, 2/0 straight-coil swing chains that are adjustable up to 30 . The bottom 30 of the swing chains are coated in yellow plastisol to allow for a soft, pinch-free grip that is comfortable for even the smallest fingers! the bucket seat is constructed with high-durable co-polymer plastic that is highly durable, heavy-duty and rust-resistant.

Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat Coated Swing Chains Fully AssembledEastern-Jungle-Gym-Heavy-Duty-Assembled

Price :    $35.00 (was $35.99)
  • Attaches to most swing beams up to 9' high and features 2/0 swing chains that are zinc-coated
  • Swing chains are approximately 66" long; bottom 30" of chain is coated in yellow plastisol for a soft, pinch-free grip
  • Swing seat measures 11. 5" from front-to-back and 10" from side-to-side; bucket depth measures 11. 5" from the highest point
  • Commercial-quality swing seat is constructed with high-quality, durable copolymer plastic and is for residential use only
  • Fully assembled, fully enclosed and features a high back for additional support and safety; material details : polyethylene
Brand :    eastern jungle gym
Color :    Green
Size :    Full Bucket
Weight :    8.00 pounds
Model :    CIS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (eastern jungle gym product review) for Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat Coated Swing Chains Fully Assembled available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat Plastic Coated Chains - Swing Set Additions & Replacements - Outdoor Play Equipment - Green

High back toddler bucket swing with plastic coated chain swing set accessories the toddler high back bucket swing was designed with young children in mind. It is constructed with high quality durable plastic to combat the harsh affects of weather. The bucket swing also features 66 in of chain which can be shortened to fit your specific needs. 30 inches of the chain is wrapped in plastic coating to protect the childs ands and fingers from getting pinched while swinging. Nothing compares to growing up outside and having fun on a jungle gym or swing set. The high back bucket swing as a great and safe swing set accessory which allows your young one to get out and play early on. Features: 1 green high back full bucket swing galvanized hardware on seat 66 inches of chain to connect to existing jungle gym or swing set 30 inches of plastic coated chain we strongly recommend purchased the heavy duty swing hardware for permanent attachment to any structure.

High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat Plastic Coated Chains - Swing Set Additions & Replacements - Outdoor Play Equipment - GreenBucket-Toddler-Plastic-Coated-Chains

Brand :    squirrel products
Color :    Green Toddler Swing
Model :    FBA_SQ-01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Baby Sale (Toy product review) for High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat Plastic Coated Chains - Swing Set Additions & Replacements - Outdoor Play Equipment - Green available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    $37.99
  • What's included: includes one green toddler bucket swing with 66 inches of chain and 30 inches of yellow plastic coated chain for comfort and protection.
  • Swing set accessories: the toddler bucket swing is perfect for young children learning how to swing. allow them to grow and enjoy any swing set as they build their core strength and get ready for a traditional swing.
  • Outdoor fun: playing on the jungle gym or swing set is one of the most popular activities to do outside. with the todder bucket swing the little ones can join in the fun!
  • Intended use: this product was designed for residential use only and should not be used in a commercial environment. for permanent installment; we strongly recommend attaching the swing with our heavy duty swing hanger kit by squirrel products.
  • Durable design: the bucket swing is made of durable and high quality materials with a highly durable plastic seat. also features galvanized hardware for years of use.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing, Blue

Great swing and a definite improvement upon the old design, where there was no shoulder strap and the rope traveled left side/right side instead of under the child front and back as it does now. As a result, you lose the ability to somewhat recline the swing for smaller kids but that's ok. The only complaint i have is that the colors on this swing are a bit bright. Maybe that's a selling point for some folks, but a. ) the red fades quickly in the sun, making the swing look weathered before it actually is and b. ) we have this hung in a wooded area of our backyard and you can see the bright swing from a block up the road as you drive towards our house. I'd prefer if it were a less conspicuous color like the step2 swing. The only reason i didn't buy that one to begin with is it was temporarily out of stock at the time of my purchase.

Little tikes 2-in-1 snug 'n secure swing, blue

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing, BlueLittle-Tikes-Snug-Secure-Swing

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing, Blue (642456) FAQ.

The seat hooked onto our play set easily with no issues. We have been using this since our daughter was about 6 months. She's 17 months now and enjoys the swing seat even more. -Notice from R. Patricia, New Brunswick

Click to Show little tikes 2-in-1 snug 'n secure swing, blue (642456) Details

Yay! i am so glad we got this swing. My 9 month old (29. 75", 22 lbs) loves it and fits in it just fine. We installed it with chain over a tree branch and it feels safe even when swinging high, which he loves to do :). This is the classic first swing - you can also install it on a swingset. One thing that i would like to change is the yellow plastic ropes - baby is always chewing on them and i am pretty sure they are coated in terrifying chemicals. Other than that, though, i give the swing 2 thumbs up and 99 giggles :)

Little-tikes-2-in-1-snug-'n-secure-swing,-blue-(642456) set picture

- D. AnonymousWe bought this so our toddler could have a little outdoor swing until we're ready to take the plunge on the full monty swingset, and we love it. . Despite the reviews to the contrary, this is a piece of cake to hang from a tree. Go to home depot, buy yourself double the length of swing chain (it is the chain wrapped in green plastic) that you actually need (and get two of them), then go to your tree, throw one end of the chain over the limb, even up the ends, and clip the swing rope into the chain. Repeat on the other side. Insert toddler and swing.

We bought this to hang from a gorilla gym unit to use as an indoor swing for our son (we purchased clamps from the local hardware store to attach it to the bottom of the pull up bar), who needs daily swinging and spinning as part of his therapy protocols for his sensory challenges. . We love this thing and can not say enough good things about it. It's held up well, and it's been a life saver, because where we live, you can't swing outside all year round at all times of day, and we've needed to be able to have access to a swing at any time of the day or night, because we also help use it to calm him down when he becomes so overwhelmed or overstimulated he's having trouble regulating himself. And i think use of this was instrumental in helping him find a different way to cope that did not involve trying to smash his head in the wall, because we really only started to make serious headway on that battle when we got this thing. So i think this is a product that has great potential benefits for kiddos with more specialized needs. We also love that this is a bucket swing, because even though our kiddo is a preschooler, up until recently, he didn't have the core muscle strength to be able to use a traditional swing. And he loves it, absolutely loves it. It's one of the few things he genuinely feels noticeably joyful about. We definitely have no problems recommending this product.

W. Margaret, Vermont

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Size :    16.30''L x 16.00''W x 17.00''H
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    642456
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Stay-put shoulder straps hold baby securely in place
  • Made in the usa. maximum fall height protection up to 7 feet required
  • Easy-in hinged t-bar
  • Durable and great for outdoor or indoor swing. this product does not come with anchors
  • As the child grows and doesn't require the t-bar or straps, they store conveniently out of the way
Price :    $24.32
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing, Blue available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

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I purchased this as a surprise for my son's 7th birthday. He absolutely loves it! it has a ton of great features. The fort is a good size and has a really cool chalk board. The roof on the fort is high enough that even i can stand in it comfortably with plenty of room to spare. ( i'm 5' 6" )the slide is great and really fast too. I had the opportunity to try it out for myself and it was awesome! even after sitting out in 90 degree temps. , for several days in a row, the slide did not get hot and my son was still able to enjoy it. There have been so many times we had to skip the park because the equipment was too hot. Not with this set! it also looks wonderful in our yard. The colors are bright and fun. It is sturdy and seems very well made. I'm just hoping the color doesn't fade too much over time. . * the only negative is that there is a little swing under the fort that my son says is "lame". I tried it out too and had to agree with him. It doesn't really do much but rock back and forth. I'm hoping my 1 year old will enjoy it soon. Maybe it was meant for small children? .

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can the configuration on this set be reversed in a mirror configuration, i. e. slide and clubhouse on right facing forward?

(1) Question: Any rust issues? our cheap regular set is rusting badly after a few years.

(2) Question: How long does it take to put this together

(3) Question: Does anyone have a solution for the rubber coatings on swing chains becoming sticky and leaving residue on hands? only two months old.

(4) Question: Is it possible to hang a tire swing from where the helicopter swing is? is the helicopter swing fun? does it swivel?

(5) Question: I own this set, and we need to anchor one of the legs, which moves when one is swinging. can anyone recommend an anchor that will work with this set?

(6) Question: Our kids are 2 and 4. we want a set that can grow with them and last a long time, but that they can also enjoy now. is this too advanced for them?

(7) Question: We are looking at putting in a play area with shredded rubber and edging around this set. what size would people recommend for the play area?

(8) Question: How tall are the swings hanging from the ground?

(9) Question: I'm trying to decide how much mulch need to prepare the ground under the playset. doesn anyone know how tall the slide is at the bottom of the slide?

(note) Question: where/how to get Lifetime (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Lifetime's products


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I was excited to get this for my grandbabies! arrived a week earlier than anticipated or even stated. Took only a couple (8) hours to assemble with one other person. Instruction were pretty straight forward as long as you follow one step at a time- it makes sense later. You really do need close to level ground, but if you are willing to do the hard work of digging and back filling then you can put this thing just about anywhere you have adequate space. Pretty sturdy, had my grand babies and their mothers on it to see if it passed their stability and safety standards. It did. Granddaughter even wants grandpa to swing right next to her - and it supports him too! . I would recommend this set for anyone who needs a durable, quality play set for their family.

Bestsellers, Sporting GoodsTop Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set (90042) FAQ Content

Best lifetime big stuff adventure play set (90042) in review

My wife and i decided to purchase a swing set for our five sons ages 2 to 8. We did allot of research before we decided to buy this particular unit. . We where concerned about buying a wood play set. We live in northeast ohio and experience every type of weather imaginable. We have seen our relatives and friends spend thousands of dollars on wooden sets that fade, split rot and need constant maintenance. We simply did not want to spend thousands for a unit we would have to maintain. . We already have a collapsible picnic table from lifetime and love it. So after shopping around we decided to buy the lifetime big stuff outdoor play set from online store. Com as it was the best price and we where able to use our online store. Com store card for 12 month same as cash financing. . A few things that you should be aware of before you buy this unit:. . 1) it is large. It takes up a serious amount of space in our city lot. . 2) it is very heavy and is delivered by common carrier. You will need to help the driver unload the product. It comes in an open shipping crate around 17' long, 4' wide and 5' high. The slide and rock wall are not boxed and are the lightest items. The rest of the unit comes in several large boxes each around 100 's or more. So be prepared for a work out, or have a friend available who is fit and willing to carry lots of heavy boxes. . 3) this comes in about a thousand different parts including fasteners. Take your time and read the entire directions first. The set up is pretty straight forward, but we made a couple errors simply by not paying close attention to the instructions. It only goes together one way. . 4) you will need two adults to set this up. I am not sure how anyone could set this unit up completely without another adult. Most of the unit can be assembled alone, but another adult is essential for several steps, holding parts still and for moving the unit around. I had my wife's help for a few of the steps, but set most of it up on my own. Like i said it is not terribly difficult, just time consuming. . 5) find a level area if at all possible. I could not find a level area and it added a great deal of trouble to the set up. . 6) it is time consuming. It took around 16 hours to put this unit together. We received it on a tuesday. We found the bag of fasteners and hardware and did an inventory on all the parts. This is a must. We where missing the nylon washers for step number one, but everything else was delivered. We where able to replace the washers at lowe's. . I started putting the unit together alone wednesday at 8 am. My father stopped by to help me set up the a frame for five minutes and i stopped working around 8 pm with about 2/3 complete. Thursday my wife helped me finish up and we worked on it from 10 am to 2 pm. . I have had the unit completely set up for three days and my boys have been swinging and playing on it non stop from the time they get up until it gets dark. Bonus: it is much quieter in the house during the day as they are all outside playing! . . Bottom line: if you are looking for a solid play set and swing set i would highly recommend this unit. It looks exceptionally well made and solid and i believe we will get decades of use out of it.

C. Sherry, Warrington

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L. Mays, Gateshead says

I really enjoy watching my kids and their friends play on this swing set! very strong and sturdy set. I can swing as high as i want and swing set does not tip. -i installed no anchoring as none came with the kit. My only complaint/advice: even if you read the directions ahead of time, (which i recommend) be prepared to have to redo some of your work. For me, i had to redo the platform because i had the holes incorrectly lined up and did not realize it until almost 4 steps later. I do recommend this product! total time to build: 10. 5 hours.

T. Rhonda, Somerset

I cannot say enough good things about this playset. We have had it for four months an it has been an amazing product. It is the quality of professional playground equipment. Very sturdy and safe. No need to anchor it to the ground. Great buy, i highly recommend it!

N. Edna, Missouri says

I did the research, and i investigated every kind of play-set imaginable! i did all the work for you because i am a neurotic mom! this one is the real deal (and no one paid me to say this). We have two kids under five who absolutely love this thing. Many people are reviewing the assembly, commenting that it is a bear, but my husband and his brother (your average joe's) got it up in a day, without any issues. Their advice: inventory all of the items and read the directions. Both, they admitted, we're not usual tasks for men! all joking aside, this is a super sturdy play set, maintenance-free, and has endless hours of fun. We love that there is no wood to stain, treat, or repair after hard minnesota winters, and if you compare this to the rainbow sets, we are talking 1/4 the cost! finally, this was a free delivery with online store prime membership, which you just cannot beat. The club stores alone had a $100 delivery fee on top of exorbitant cost! i caution those with little ones, the highest point is about 6 feet off the ground so you must supervise at all times, but this is one of those play sets that will grow with your children for years, not seasons.

W. Kristen, Montana

This play set is a beast in the best way possible! i can't recommend it enough; would give 6 stars if i could. In one day i helped a friend put together his wooden play set and then we moved to do mine. He had immediate buyer s remorse when he saw this play set. I weigh 200 pounds and can swing and slide without any movement from the set! . Don t fret about putting it together. It took me about 8 hours total, 6 hours of those by myself. The worst part was unpacking the thing because each piece is wrapped in shrink wrap which meant everything arrived in pristine condition. The crate is about 5 feet wide, 4 feet tall and 9 feet long. It took up one space in my 2 car garage until i could put it together. Recommendations:. 1. Avoid wooden play sets. 2. Stop looking and have years of fun on this play set. An amazing value if you can get it for $1299, the lowest price i have seen.

I. Betty, Kent says

This is our first playground lifetime product. We bought a few of the folding plastic tables a few years ago, and love them, so after a good bit of research, we decided on this playground set. It arrived on time, and came in large freight crates. I knew that this was going to be an adventure in and of itself just setting it up. . This was a gift for our two toddler daughters, so my wife, two teenagers and i started putting it together as a family effort. It definitely requires a minimum of two adults to put it together, but i'd recommend at least one other person to help with the heavy parts. . I started it on a sunday and it took about three more days in the evenings after work to complete it. . I have to say that it is an impressive structure, and extremely sturdy. Once constructed, two grown male adults can barely lift one side. (so as a hint, make sure you know exactly where you want it before you build it. It is not easy to move at all once completed. ) this play set is so big and durable, it handled two adults swinging on it as high as they could with out rocking or looking unstable. It easily handles everything our kids can throw at it, and i feel that our toddler girls will get years of use out of it. (even our two teens who are too "cool" for such things, get on it from time to time. ). . I am also giving them a "5" star rating because of the customer service at lifetime. While tightening the bolts, i broke one in half, which was probably my fault. These bolts are made specially for this play set system, so i contacted lifetime, via their website e-mail, and reported my problem, advising what part was broken. Within just a few short days, i had a brand new bolt and nut set arrive in a package at my home free of charge. . This equipment is solid, looks to be long lasting, and now, nearly a year after putting it together, is still a valuable part of our yard and the kids still can't wait to go outside to play on it. . One last thing, it also adds to the beauty of they yard and blends in well with my wife's flower gardens. We expect it that it will be used by our kids and when they grow up, possibly by our grandkids, for years to come. . Great product and service support! . . Mark

P. Neva, Redbridge

I looked at quite a few playsets, almost went with the triumph play system, which is a great play system, but comparing the cost for similar options, the lifetime just made sense. It is very durable and has everything we needed in a playset. Plus, no maintenance, like a wood structure. It came in about 6 boxes, my only issue with the shipment was the slide was shipped with no protective packaging, there were some black marks on it from being pushed around the warehouse i suppose, but they were easily removed and not worth shipping back for a replacement. I was missing some washers and one of the welded nuts on the ladder post came loose while trying to tighten the bolt, but i was able to fix it. I assembled it by myself and it took me about a day and a half (total of 12 hours). You really need 2 people for standing up the a frame, but i was able to muscle it up by myself. My daughter loves it, she is 2 years old (almost 3! ) and she was a little scared to stand up in the fort at first, now she cannot stay off of it. It is well built, sturdy, and a lot of fun. I am about 200 lbs and i get into the fort, climb the rope ladder, and utilize the slide, although it's weight capacity does say 150lbs. My only two complaints are (1) the rock climbing wall, it is not that well made and would be nice if there was a different option or constructed better (2) the binoculars have no magnification.

D. Adrienne, Tennessee says

I am really happy with this play set and would buy it again if i had the chance. I highly recommend it! that being said, i m going to give a very detailed review on my experience just to help anyone else out with questions. . I was nervous about purchasing this product because i have a yard with a moderate slope, and was not in a position to be able to do a large scale excavation/leveling of the yard. I searched through the other reviews and questions on the online store page to see if there was anyone else with a similar situation to see how it could be handled. I saw two options; just plunking it down on the sloped yard and let the kids deal with the slope, or bury the parts of the play set that were on the upside of the slope to level it out. I didn t see anyone complaining about either option in other reviews, so i went ahead and made the purchase. Here s my experience. . I scheduled my delivery for several weeks out so i could plan for a long weekend for assembly. While i was waiting, i read the instructions on the lifetime website (do not use the online store instructions, they are super old for an old model ). I also decided that i was going to bury the side of the play set that was going to be on the upside of the slope to make it more level. Lifetime has all the measurements on their website, so i decided to do the digging the week before delivery to save some time. Hopefully i m able to upload photos and you can see how i prepared the ground. I used a line level to determine the depth to dig (about a 7 inch drop from climbing wall to end of the swing a-frame). I dug out more than was needed just to give myself some room for error. I lined my trenches with gravel to help with drainage and to give a more solid foundation for the legs. . Delivery was pretty good, the abf truck that came to my house had a lift gate and a pallet-jack. He was able to put it right in my garage (although i wish i had a photo of him trying to position this massive crate onto the lift gate, i thought for sure it was going to come crashing off). . Assembly first of all i am super impressed with the reviewers that said this was easy and that they completed this in one 4-8 hour day. Especially the people who said they did it completely alone with no help. It took me two 8 hour days with a second person helping for a few hours each day. I m a pretty handy guy and in pretty good shape, and there were some things that would have been impossible by myself. The hardest part for me was probably the climbing wall. As others have mentioned, the locations you are told to drill do not line up very well with the holes on the climbing wall pole. It took a lot of effort to make it work, but i only had to re-drill one hole. . Instructions were okay. My instructions were different from what lifetime has on their website when you search by model 90042 (and i checked both versions they have available and used my product id ), this could be important if you are missing instructions in your crate. For example, on step 1 the swing assembly in mine uses completely different hardware parts than the instructions on the lifetime website. There were typos in the instructions (not a lot, but enough to cause confusion). For example, a step might have listed bolt xyz as a required part for that step, but then in the detailed instructions of that step it is called bolt abc (where bolt abc was not on the parts list). There were also instances where the name of a part in the detailed instruction was different than what is listed on the parts/hardware lists at the beginning of the manual. The instructions also said to use a wrench size several times that was the wrong size for the bolts/nuts on that step. These issues did not cause a big problem for me but i can see it being confusing for others who struggle with putting things together. Some of the illustrations were not very clear as well, making it hard to know exactly what direction a tube should be facing when assembled. I m pretty confident in my ability to follow directions, but when compared to what is pictured on the lifetime website photos i ended up with the binoculars on the opposite side of the climbing wall and the wheel on the opposite side of the chalkboard. However i ve noticed from other reviewer photos that i m not the only one, so i m not sure if that s an issue with instructions or if the poles had holes drilled on opposite sides from how they used to be, or if i misread the instructions. . Overall, i enjoyed the challenge of putting this play set together. It is super solid, adults have climbed on it and swung on it and it has not moved at all. Best of all, my son really likes it. Right now his favorite part is the propeller swing. I will try to update this review to let people know how it holds up in the texas weather.

R. Kimberly, Maryland

The playset was put together by mostly one person over the course of 3-4 days. He worked a couple of hours on it at a time. It came out great! . . When the playset is delivered it comes packaged in a wooden frame crate. Be sure to have a crow bar to pry off the planks. The boxes are very heavy. I had to open them and walk the set piece by piece into the backyard. The box with instructions will be marked. . No assembly problems were ran into that were not the product of user error. One addition that would have been nice is markings on the posts to show which way they should face (forward, backward, etc). The only time this was a problem was with the climbing wall. There are several predrilled holes. Be sure to read the directions to see the proper way to face the holes (both go toward the inside) or you will have drill more holes or disassemble the set. . I expect to get several years of used from the set. The kids love it! it is very sturdy and did not require anchoring. I am very pleased i chose this over a wooden set. No upkeep!

V. Linda, Newfoundland and Labrador says

Awesome playset. I put it together in about 10 hours by myself. The instructions where a little challenging because none of the pipes were labeled as the instructions said it should be. If it had been labeled i could have assembled. It faster. The playset is very sturdy. The playset is beyond my expectations. I would give it more stars if i could and recommend it to anyone. I shopped around and look at wodden playset and am so glad i went with this one.

N. Patton, Lorraine

Very heavy duty playset that i couldn't be happier with. Easily handles 35 year old 250 pound kids. You need two people for a few steps, but just to hold certain pieces while you install the fasteners. The instructions were top notch, with only a couple mistakes on wrench size. The front page says you need a 1/2" and 5/8" combination wrench, but on the actual assembly step it says to use a 9/16" wrench. This is a typo, and a 1/2" is what is required. The allen wrenches are supplied, so no need to buy those if you don't already have them. Occasionally i had to use one of the combination wrenches to get more leverage on the allen wrench. You have to use the smaller 3/16" allen wrench for most of the steps, so my fingers were very sore after trying to properly torque all the hardware. . Hardware for each section is in its own bag, so no guessing about which bolt to use for each step. There is also an image of the hardware to use on each step that is drawn to scale, so you can simply match the bolt to the picture. They also included extras of each piece, so you shouldn't have to go to the hardware store if you lose something. . Pay attention to any little notes on the page. They typically give you warnings about how to orient the pieces that may not be clear in the picture. . The set comes in multiple boxes, but all of these boxes are inside a large wooden crate. You will need a crowbar or a hammer to get the crate open. A ladder is best for putting on the lower roof panels, but i think you could get by without it. The directions call for a rubber mallet, but a hammer works just fine. The directions also say to use a screwdriver to help attach the rope net, but this is unnecessary and just leads to scratched paint. Finally, i used a battery operated drill for all of the screws. The directions warn against it, but if you pay attention, then you cant really mess it up. If you are concerned, then set the clutch as low as possible and increase it until you find a setting that works.

D. Carrie, New Mexico says

From uncrating to final cleanup of the site, this is a long 2-day job for 2 people. Do take the time to lay out and group the parts for each step. No real complaints about assembly. There are a couple spots where you'll be reminded that you should never perform final tightening on any fastener until all of the fasteners in that assembly step have been started. Fastener counts in each well-marked bag were always greater than or equal to the requirements for the assembly. As far as part marking (commented by others), all you really have to do is note hole placement to detect differences in what otherwise appear to be identical parts. Also, lifetime apparently has heard the complaints on touch-up paint and included both colors with the kit i received, although we didn't create any damage that needs touching up. . One star off for some tabs that could have been better positioned on the swing bar before they were welded (makes you draw up the bolt without washers to pull them together so you can get enough thread exposed to start the nut when the washers are on), and an overbend on the 'a' of the a-frame ends (made it tough to later join the swing frame to the playhouse - had to get creative in spreading those 4" tubes).

Z. Shawna, California

Received the item by freight shipping about 1 1/2 weeks after ordering it. My wife and i put the playground together in about 9 hours over 3 days. A few tips and comments about the playground:. . 1) definitely lay everything out before starting. It is nice the hardware is packaged by sections so you're not constantly looking through a 100 parts. 2) i thought that the playground could be done with 1 person for the most part, but i was wrong. The more you put the playground together, the more likely parts and screw holes aren't going to fully line up. This is where having 2 people is a must to "bend" on certain parts while another screws the part in. Doing it with 1 person can be doable for about 85% of the construction, but it sure makes it a lot easier if there are 2 people. 3) ignore the screws for the roof and for attaching the climbing wall to the playground and go to home depot/lowes to get better screws. These screws actually go into the metal poles which requires really good screws. For reference, the roof needs about 48 14 (1/4") 1" screws and the climbing wall needs 12 14 1-1/4" screws. 4) we had no real trouble with the rope if you follow the instructions about using a screw driver to pry the rope up. 5) the roof we had issues getting one side to line up with the holes. We fixed this by taking off on of the end braces of the roof and attaching the roof to that brace. Then, i forced the brace back onto the playground. It was much easier to force a pole into place than it was to force the large roof panel into place. 6) i had to drill different screw holes in the chalkboard since the screw holes didn't align. I probably could have found some way to loosen some parts of the playground to force the holes in place, but it was so much easier to just add extra holes. . This is a really sturdy playground and should last years. Nothing is really difficult with the construction, it's just very time consuming and physically tough as there are a lot of bolts to screw in on heavy parts.

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