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Price was $47.01. Use it for reloading, cleanest shiniest brass i have ever loaded

-K. Anonymous

5 lb stainless steel media tumbler frankford arsenal stainless steel media pins are ideal for rotary tumbling brass. when combined a liquid bath they deliver unmatched cleaning performance. constructed of high quality -frankford arsenal 5 lb stainless steel media tumbler reloading

  • Special: Reliable: Perfect For Cleaning The Inside Of Primer Pockets And Ideal For Rotary Tumbling.
  • Special: Ease Of Use: Magnetic For Convenient Handling.

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This helps to clean brass like they are new. The Best lb stainless steel media tumbler as-of ( Feb 2019 ) | Battenfeld Technologies-Sporting Goods Review Special Frankford Arsenal 5 lb Stainless Steel Media for Tumbler and Reloading Dimensions: 5 lbs of pins with a size of 1mm x 7mm. Reliable: perfect for cleaning the inside of primer pockets and ideal for rotary tumbling. Ease of use: magnetic for convenient handling. Durable: constructed strong for a lifetime of use. Quality: 304 stainless steel .

Frankford Arsenal 5 Lb Stainless Steel Media For Tumbler And Reloading Review (2001161)

Works great brass comes out shiny. -R. Candy

Frankford Arsenal Stainless Tumbler Reloading

  • Order: Sports
  • Brand: Frankford Arsenal
  • Color: Silver
  • EAN: 0661120091912
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.75 inches
    Length:4.75 inches
    Weight:0.44 pounds
    Width:2.15 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: This Product Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.
  • Manufacturer: Battenfeld Technologies
  • Model: 909191
  • MPN: 2001161
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 2001161
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS
  • Size: One Size
  • UPC: 799916892082

5 lb stainless steel media tumbler Sports, Frankford arsenal stainless steel media pins are ideal for rotary tumbling brass. when combined with a liquid bath they deliver unmatched cleaning performance. constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel, the media pins effectively penetrate inside of cases and primer pockets and are magnetic for easy cleanup afterwards. Frankford Arsenal 5 Lb Stainless Steel Media Tumbler Reloading (909191-Frankford Arsenal).

Frankford Arsenal Stainless Tumbler Reloading Sports

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This is by far the best possible way to clean brass. I use this in our frankford arsenal wet tumbler and the brass comes out looking brand new inside and out as long as you deprime your brass first. Heads up about drying your brass, go to walmart and buy the $30. 00 five layer food dehydrator. Pick up a dillon rotating media separator two separate your brass from the stainless steel pans and then put them into the food dehydrator for 30 minutes and your brass will be bone dry. I found this method to work excellent by simply using hot water a couple tablespoons of dawn dishwashing soap and a very small amount of lemon shine, approximately 22 long rifle case full at the most, with 1800 pieces 9mm brass, run the franklin arsenal tumblr for approximately 90 minutes, perfect results every time .

Frankford Arsenal 5 Lb Stainless Steel Media Tumbler Reloading
Click to see NoticeFrankford Arsenal 5 Lb Stainless Steel Media Tumbler Reloading (2001161)"I needed to get away from the walnut medium that i have been using. This worked out well and the brass was excellent. I would order two instead of just one unit since i like to clean a lot of brass at once and have large tumbler."

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Hornady 044096 Lock-N-Load Die Bushing 10 Pack

The lock-n-load reloading system is a unique bushing process that allows dies to be changed with a flick of the wrist. Simply insert the die into a lock-n-load bushing. Place the bushing in the press and lock it into place with a twist. The six lugs on the bushing will hold the die securely in place. Change dies in seconds! for use with hornady lock-n-load presses only. Steel.

Hornady 044096 Lock-N-Load Die Bushing 10 PackHornady-044096-Lock-N-Load-Bushing-Pack

Brand :    hornady
Size :    10-Pack
Weight :    0.95 pounds
  • Allows you to insert and remove dies with a single twist
  • Positive locking action holds dies in perfect alignment
  • Change dies in seconds
Price :    $43.28 (was $44.99)
Model :    044096
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Hornady 044096 Lock-N-Load Die Bushing 10 Pack available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 7L Rotary Tumbler Media Separator Cleaning Polishing Reloading

I am surprised how clean the brass comes out, it looks as good as brand new store bought brass, or even better. I attached a few pics, all of lc range brass (the "before" ones are lubed and sized already) and i highly doubt that i would get brass that clean, even if it was tumbled for weeks in the old corn tumbler. . For running this batch, i used:. 5 lbs stainless steel pins. 1 tablespoon of blue coral 107g car wash solution. 2 teaspoon lemi shine. . I think they overstated the capacity slightly - 1000 brass . 223 fit it, but it worked much better with about 500 for me (probably because the stainless steel pins move better? ). . When you get this, i highly recommend getting the media separator (and a bucket, as even though it is pictured with the bucket on online store, the bucket is not included). I also got the magnetic pic up thingie, which works, but a few earth magnets glued together would have achieved pretty much the same. One more tip - when you put the brass in this washer, having the primer removed will allow the brass to dry faster - i did one batch with the primer in and it took several days for them to dry out (wife refused to let me use the oven. ). . Bottom line - yes, i highly recommend it, probably does not shoot any better than dirty brass, but the perfectionist inside of me keeps yelling "yeah, yeah, yeah - this is great" :-)

The platinum series rotary tumbler delivers a new level of brass cleaning performance. Rotary tumbling with stainless steel media in a liquid bath gets brass much cleaner and works much faster than ultrasonic or vibratory tumbling methods. The pins easily penetrate inside cases and into primer pockets to deliver unbeatable cleaning power. The tumbler can effectively clean without stainless media pins by using a mixture of frankford arsenal brass cleaning solution and water (the media pins ensure primer pockets and inside of cases are perfectly clean). The frankford arsenal platinum series rotary tumbler is the most effective brass cleaning process available.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 7L Rotary Tumbler Media Separator Cleaning Polishing ReloadingFrankford-Arsenal-Separator-Polishing-Reloading

Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler 7l (Frankford Arsenal) FAQ.

Grabbed this on a lightning deal and could not be happier! comes with magnetic media, sifting caps, and even a pack of liquid brass cleaning solution. I did notice that on first use it was leaking from both ends- the gaskets just didn't get a solid seal, no matter how hard i tightened the caps. I took the rubber gaskets off and ran a light coating of petroleum jelly over them and then they sealed without issue. Ran it for about 1 hour with my rimfire suppressor baffles inside and they came out like brand new (granted- they were pretty clean when i put them in. This just helped get all of the corners/nooks/crannies cleaned up). . - do yourself a favor and coat the gaskets with a petroleum or silicon jelly to get them to seal fully. - i do recommend a transfer magnet for helping with the media once you're done. The media has some sharp/rough edges to it and it sticks to just about any paper or cloth towel- a magnet helps immensely with picking up all of the individual pieces. I actually just use a small telescoping magnet (like for retrieving small pieces of hardware on your garage or engine bay) to help with the final clean-up. -Notice from U. Gladys, Peterborough

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What you have been reading about cartridge cleaning with stainless steel media is all true. It works, and it works better then any other cartridge cleaning technique. With the right solution it truly cleans the cases inside and out pretty much effortlessly. . The franklin tumbler itself is sturdy and well made. It uses plastic, but it uses the plastic in the right application. Some reviewers seem to think it turns to fast, but they are forgetting this unit was designed from the ground up to be a cartridge tumbler. Its not a rock tumbler which has to spin at a lower rpm so the rocks are not smashed to pieces. The higher rpm allows this tumbler to get done in three hours what a rock tumbler would take six to complete. . The unit is not quiet. The tumbling cartridges make quite a racket. Definitely something to consider if your an apartment dweller. . A sturdy media tumbler & pick up magnet are a must. . I put 500 5. 56 once fired military brass in the tumbler for three hours and they pretty much look new. When you dump the water out you notice the water is black. Stainless steel pin tumbling really is the only style of cartridge cleaning that truly scrubs the inside of the cartridge case and primer pocket this well.

Platinum-series-rotary-tumbler-7l-(frankford-arsenal) set picture

- Q. BrendaTumbler cleaner system is the way to go. I started with a shaker using corn then walnut. A little messy, but ok. Then i went to ultrasonic cleaner. Ok, but not so great. Now i purchased and used this tumbler after reviewing other tumblers in my price range and all i can say is why didn't i do this sooner. I ran a couple batches of brass as instructed and when they were done, wow. The cleaned brass looked like they were brand new. . If you use this type of ammo brass cleaner you will also need a separator and a method of drying the brass. I purchased both of these items from a company that specializes in ammo brass cleaning for reloading. . They are others, but for the price, the comments that i read and my personal use, i recommend this for general ammo brass cleaning. This was not a paid advertisement.

I had a thumblers tumbler. It worked great but its longevity is questionable. Kind of cheesy construction. Frankfords rig here is much beefier in comparison plus it holds more brass. (i dont fully use its 1000 rd 223 capacity. I have maybe half to way less than half of that. ). It comes with the stainless steel pins, a packet of solution which is good for one tumbling session. On that note, i used the same quantities of dawn dish soap (1 table spoon), and lemy shine (1/8 teaspoon) and it worked pretty good. That receipe worked great in the thumblers tumbler but only pretty good in the frankford. I'm still experimenting with those two ingredient quantities. The dawn dish soap is available in any store. I used the regular blue stuff, not the concetrated dawn. As for the lemy shine i believe it was a $1. 50'ish at walmart. Lemy shine is a water softener it contains citric acid (great for brass cleaning) which coincidentally is one of the ingredients in the one time use cleaning sample packet that comes with the frankford. The internal shape is the same as the thumbler tumbler, the difference is that the internal volume is 2 plus sizes bigger on the frankford. One valuable piece of advice: get a media separator. The same kind one would use for the vibratory tumbler media. The one i'm talking about has a top and bottom, i guess you'd call it a clam shell style, better yet, a picture will save my thousand word description. Check the link. This one has grafs name, mine i think is frankfords. Exactly the same, but different color. Without it you will have to do it the way it shows the guy doing it toward end of this video the magnet(harbor freight has the long handle version for about 11 dollars. It works great) you see this guy using is very helpful in picking up stray pins that may fall out of media separator as your pouring you brass into it. To me the media separator is more efficient and faster than the way in the video. I found it helpful if you have a lot of brass in the tumbler (500+ cases) that you pour about half into the media separator, separate brass and pins, empty separator basket, then pour in the remaining brass from tumbler. It's a bit easier to separate case from pins that way. What else i found helpful is to fill the bottom clam shell of separator until the internal basket is a little less than half way covered in water. For some reason it seems to greatly aid in the pin/brass separation process. All said, i think frankfords tumbler is a hearty rig that does allot of brass and it will does it well. I would recommend it and would buy another if i had to do it again. I don't think you would be disappointed if you get one. If you have any further questions i presume you can contact me through online store.

M. Miller, Torbay

Brand :    frankford arsenal
Color :    Grey
Weight :    19.00 pounds
Model :    909544
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Quiet: this tumbler features a dual-layer drum with noise dampening rubber lining for minimal noise while running
  • Versatility: this tumbler can effectively clean without the use of stainless steel media pins and can clean using a mixture of brass cleaning solution and water
  • Includes: this tumbler comes with 5 lb. of 304 stainless steel media (enough for hundreds of washes) and a sample packet of frankford arsenal brass cleaning solution
  • Specs: with a large 7-liter capacity this tumbler can clean up to 1, 000 cases of . 223 brass at a time
  • Ease of use: features a maintenance-free drivetrain that eliminates the chances of needing to replace a belt and has a built-in timer in the base that can be set to run for up to 3 hours, shutting off automatically
Price :    $159.05
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 7L Rotary Tumbler Media Separator Cleaning Polishing Reloading available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Frankford Arsenal Ultrasonic Brass Cleaning Solution Rotary Tumbler, Cleaning Reloading

The frankford arsenal ultrasonic brass cleaning solution was scientifically formulated to quickly remove carbon buildup, tarnish and oxidation on brass. It was specially designed to be used with the frankford arsenal line of ultrasonic cleaners and can be used for multiple cleaning cycles before having to mix new solutions.

Frankford Arsenal Ultrasonic Brass Cleaning Solution Rotary Tumbler, Cleaning ReloadingFrankford-Arsenal-Ultrasonic-Cleaning-Reloading

Brand :    frankford arsenal
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    878787
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Ultrasonic Brass Cleaning Solution Rotary Tumbler, Cleaning Reloading available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $15.95 (was $15.99)
  • Ease of use: mix to a 40:1 water to solution ratio
  • Durable: this solution is long lasting and does not require to be changed out for multiple cycles
  • Specialty: this solution is scientifically formulated to quickly remove carbon buildup, tarnish and oxidation on brass and gun parts
  • Specs: 32 oz. bottle at 10" h

Hornady 0446071 Sure LOC Lock Ring, 6 Pack

Hornady adjustable sure-loc lock rings, 6 pack. Sure-lock, lock rings lets you make precise adjustments of all standard 7/8 inch -14 dies and accessories. Clamps around the whole die. Cant damage the threads. Applies constant pressure across the threads, to hold the ring in place. Wrench flats to remove and replace dies without pliers ruining the lock ring.

Hornady 0446071 Sure LOC Lock Ring, 6 PackHornady-0446071-Sure-Lock-Ring

Price :    $16.99 (was $18.34)
  • Hornady adjustable sure-loc lock rings
  • Quantity: 6 per package
  • Lets you make precise adjustments of all standard 7/8 inch -14 dies and accessories
Brand :    hornady
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    044606
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Hornady 0446071 Sure LOC Lock Ring, 6 Pack available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 5 Tray Brass Dryer Reloading

Good product. During warm weather there was little need to use this. However, during cooler or cold weather the wet brass took much too long to air dry (sometimes all day, even in a heated workshop). This brass dryer works really well and fast. No more water spots on the brass. The variable temperature setting allows you to control the drying speed. With the higher settings it drys fast but you gotta let the brass cool off before you can start reloading. One improvement that would be a worthwhile addition is a "on-off" timer.

The frankford arsenal platinum series brass dryer is the perfect tool for drying your rifle and pistol brass after wet case cleaning processes such as rotary tumbling or ultrasonic cleaning. The separate and removable trays let you dry different calibers at the same time without mixing them together. The brass dryer is a high-capacity unit that can dry up to 1, 000 pieces of . 223 rifle brass or up to 2, 000 pieces of 9mm pistol brass. This dryer can dry brass cases inside and out in under an hour. The forced air convection heating lessens the chance of watermarks on your newly clean brass and the powerful 500-watt heating system heats air quickly and consistently, reducing drying time. The top mounted fan ensures that no moisture from the cleaning process can accumulate in the circuitry. The drying trays have fine grated bottoms and retaining ribs to keep your brass separated on different layers. Combined with a platinum series rotary tumbler, dirty corroded range brass will be as shiny as new.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 5 Tray Brass Dryer ReloadingFrankford-Arsenal-Platinum-Brass-Reloading

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Brass Dryer (909213) FAQ.

First one returned because heater didnt work. Replacement arrived in two days. Awesome customer service. Second one works like a charm. Dries out brass or gn parts in no time at all. I experimented with a glock 17 slide after sonic cleaning and air blow. Literally 10 mins and bone dry -Notice from B. Emily, Nebraska

Click to Show frankford arsenal platinum series brass dryer (909213) Details

I've used it for several months now and it works great. I looked at food dehydrators as well, even thought about using the dehydrator that i already have but thought it best to buy a dedicated dryer. I use a sonic cleaner so the brass takes at least 24 to 48 hours to totally dry the inside and primer pockets. With this dryer set on 120 degrees it only takes half an hour. I purchased an electronic in wall digital timer and installed it and a cord in a plastic rough-in box. I plug in the timer then plug in the dryer and set the timer for 30 minutes and i don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Frankford-arsenal-platinum-series-brass-dryer-(909213) set picture

- T. LynetteBought this unit in april, 2016 and it has performed very well. I have run a lot of tumbled brass through this unit over the last several months. Like most reviewers, i wish it had a timer on it, but i bought an in line timer that seems to work very well. The heater on the unit stopped working on september 26, 2016. Fan worked just fine distributing cool air, but no hot air. I called the battenfeld (frankford arsenal) customer service looking to purchase a replacement heater. Customer service said that they would immediately send me a complete new unit and it should arrive in a few days. Looking forward to the new unit and a big thank you for this company's customer service. I also use frankford arsenal's wet tumbler for my brass. This tumbler is outstanding for cleaning brass and you don't have to buy any expensive liquid media. Just use tap water, dawn dish washing soap and some lemishine to handle hard water spots and you are good to go.

Excellent brass dryer and capable of holding large quantities of brass. This model has a temperature control setting, similar other manufactures do not. Like others have stated, the only downside is that their is no timer. But then again other manufactures do not have timers either. But i have a simple solution for you. I have the: ge 13479 digital timer which has a countdown feature for powering off. Just set it and forget it and the timer will power the unit you working with off. You can set how many hr&min i think up to 24 hrs.

N. Alexia, Lancashire

Price :    $48.99 (was $54.99)
  • Ease of use: specially designed vented trays increase air flow and the inner lip prevents brass from dropping down the center of the channel
  • Versatility: the top mounted fan and a temperature adjustment of up to 160 degrees allows for quick drying of up to 1, 000 pieces of . 223 brass or utilize the 5 removable trays to dry multiple calibers at once
  • Innovative: the forced air convection ensures that the brass gets the maximum amount of airflow
  • Fast and convenient: vented trays provide the best airflow and the heavy-duty 500-watt heating unit can dry brass in under an hour
  • Quiet: the quietness of this machine allows you to run it any time without disturbing anyone
Brand :    frankford arsenal
Weight :    8.00 pounds
Model :    909213
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series 110V 5 Tray Brass Dryer Reloading available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim Prep System Hardened High Speed Steel Chamfer Debur Tool Primer Pocket Scrapers Trimmer

The frankford arsenal platinum series case trim and prep center system should probably be called the "brass series" trim and prep system-partly because it works great for trimming and prepping brass, but chiefly because "platinum" is a rather inflated label for the merely average build quality of this unit. It's good, and i'm glad i bought it, but there are a lot of refinements i would have expected for the $175 price tag. . What do you get? . For $175, you get a toaster-sized main unit that contains a very nice motor (relatively low noise, high torque), with four spinning accessory stations sticking out the front or top (depending on how you position it). Also included is a removable foot that will hold the unit at a very convenient upward angle if desired. And in the small storage compartment (under the stiff black plastic door) on the top of the device, you will also find two deburring tools (one for the outside, one for the inside of each case rim), two removable primer pocket cleaning tools (one large, one small), and one dedicated cutting station (not unlike the "world's best trimmer" in functionality). Instructions-which are adequate, but not great-are also included. . First impressions:. When you turn on the device, you'll probably be pleased and surprised: you'll be pleased that the noise is acceptably low-low enough that you could watch television (at an elevated volume) while trimming and prepping cases, and after an hour, you won't have a headache or any lingering effects ringing in your ears. The noise is a whirring sound, like an electric kitchen mixer on a very low setting. Thankfully, there is no high whining noise (like many vacuums make) and, as a further reference, the noise level is probably only two to three times as loud as your electric shaver. I like it and think it's fine-even slightly better than i expected. . But you'll also be surprised that the accessory stations for the deburring or primer pocket cleaning tools are misaligned. Instead of spinning perfectly on axis, they scribe a small circle or oval, wobbling noticeably out of orbit. In practice, this does not really affect their performance, but it's very strange, since at the $175 price point, it should be possible to refine the stations much better than this and get a stable spinning axis. . Another "rough" spot is the plastic door that covers the storage compartment on top of the device. You probably won't be accessing this very often, which is a good thing. It's very stiff with an awkwardly rigid tab that takes an uncomfortable amount of fingertip pressure to release. After trying to get into it just twice, i found myself leaving it open (unsecured by the tab) just in case i needed to get back in there-which i never did. Unless you're frequently changing the accessory tools to different heads for some reason, it shouldn't be an issue. But again, for the $175 price point, surely they could have devised a nicer latch, and perhaps a door that fits flush to the frame of the device. Admittedly, those are cosmetic and minor functional issues, but nevertheless, they just seem rough. . The rest of the fit and finish is fine: a heavy duty power cord that is sure to last as long as the motor, a reasonably attractive gray and silver/whitish finish that should look at home on any reloading bench, and fairly heavy duty rubber feet at every corner of the box-shaped housing so that, no matter how i positioned it on my (very sturdy) reloading bench, i noticed no perceivable problems with vibration being transferred to the benchtop or causing casings, etc. To rattle. I'm very happy about that, as i would certainly send it back if vibration had proven to be a noticeable issue (since it also usually spells a shorter service life for a motor). . Is it worth it? . This is the hardest question to answer. As i said above, there are some fit and finish issues-particularly with the off-axis spinning of the accessory tools-that really shouldn't be there on a device at this price point. And if frankford arsenal doesn't know how to fix it at the quality control end, then they should just reduce the price to around $100, which would seem more appropriate. . On the other hand, this is the only prep center i'm aware of that includes a motorized cutter that works this easily. It really does remind me of the world's best trimmer. You just insert the case like a pencil into an automatic sharpener and, assuming you've set the length of cut correctly, you get exact, repeatable results every time. The adjustment is a little unintuitive and not well explained in the instructions, but after 10 to 15 minutes of fiddling around by trial and error, most "handy" people (as most reloaders tend to be) should be able to get it set to their satisfaction. And thereafter, i doubt you'll be changing it often, unless you reload a lot of different calibers and switch between them often-in which case the fiddly adjustment collar for the cutting station may prove to be an annoyance (in part because of an irritating o-ring that tends to slip out of place when adjusting the case collar). . So, to me, i'm reasonably satisfied with my purchase, even if i feel i paid $75 too much for the "unrefined" nature of this device. Yet i expect that it will last a long time, and i'm delighted that the high torque motor never bogs down during cutting, and is acceptably low in volume. I can easily prep cases for an hour without being bothered by the noise, and i noticed the box housing is only slightly warm (not hot) after running that long. So that all suggests i will see a long service life from this unit. . If frankford arsenal could address the off-axis spinning of the accessory stations, include some higher quality cutter tools (the included ones are certainly adequate, but not "platinum" level outstanding by any stretch), and refine that stupid storage compartment door to make it easier to open and close, they would have a stellar product. As it stands, it's simply good: very convenient and serviceable, but overpriced. I do think you would have to pay noticeably more to get an appreciably better tool with comparable functionality, or you would have to buy multiple tools (having them all in one is nice for saving bench space). That's probably what frankford arsenal's marketing department determined in order to set it at this price. . All in all, yes, i recommend it, with the caveat that perfectionists and penny-pinchers will be annoyed that the device is not better refined at this price point. So far, i've used it to prep a hundred cases or so, but i'll try to report back in a few months or a year, when i have a lot more time with it to see how it is holding up. . Update 7-17-2015: just a quick update. I've now prepped several thousand cases (. 223) using this unit and it is still running strong, as quiet and reliable as ever. I usually prep cases in batches of 50 or 100 at a time. By then, my fingers start to feel fatigued/sore, so i quit until another day. I do this a few times a month, or sometimes a few times a week, and it means i always have a few hundred nicely prepped cases ready for a reloading session. (i usually reload in batches of 100 - 300 rounds in a given reloading session. ) i'm pleased with the unit and it has held up well.

Frankford arsenal's case trim & prep center accurately trims brass in seconds. An innovative case holder with an adjustable collet and bushing system indexes the case shoulder and can be set to precisely trim brass to the exact desired length. Once the case holder is adjusted, simply insert brass into the case holder as a collet aligns the case squarely with the hi-speed cutter. As the case mouth contacts the cutter, it is trimmed until the case shoulder stops on an internal bushing. A series of three collets and six bushings (all included) accommodate any shouldered case from . 17 remington to . 460 weatherby. In addition to the cutter, the station operates up to three additional tools at the same time. The heavy-duty motor and drivetrain are optimized for durability and performance. A convenient built in storage box holds spare collets, bushings and tools.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim Prep System Hardened High Speed Steel Chamfer Debur Tool Primer Pocket Scrapers TrimmerFrankford-Arsenal-Platinum-Hardened-Scrapers

Platinum Series Case Trim Prep System (Frankford Arsenal) FAQ.

I am pretty impressed with this case trim and prep center. It is pretty simple, and horribly boring to use. Case prep is not a big favorite of mine. This case prep center is easy to use. Set up took me about 5 minutes. The longest part of the 5 minutes was adjusting the shoulder length for a proper cut of the case. The cutter is hss, i would much rather see it be a carbide cutter. Frankford says the hss cutter should last for thousands of cuts, well i guess i need to start searching for a carbide cutter now because i have already done a couple of thousand cuts. . The process is simple, i case check the round, if its good, i just clean the primer pocket by holding it against the primer pocket cleaner for about 1 second, then it gets thrown into the "done" bin. If the case is too long i slide it into the cutter, using medium force and hold it until it stops cutting (based on noise and feel) i then hold it on the internal deburring head for about 1 second, then onto the external deburring head for about 1 second, then i clean the primer pocket, case check it to make sure its good, then toss it into my "done" bin. . The process is really that simple and easy. It is also god-awful boring. After doing about 50 i am starting to think of other projects i would rather be doing, like cleaning gutters. After a few hundred i would rather be knocking down that huge hornets nest, the one that's as big as a basketball and hanging about 30 feet in the air on my maple tree. And let me tell you if i am thinking about doing that instead i am seriously bored. . While i am describing it as boring, this is a simple machine that works well. The noise level is not bad either. The only negative i can think of, other than it being boring, is the cutter should be carbide. I tried to find a replacement carbide cutter from frankford but could not find one. I will search one elsewhere. -Notice from N. Annette, Hammersmith and Fulham

Click to Show platinum series case trim prep system (frankford arsenal) Details

I am not sorry i got this brass prep system. There are some things that one must keep in mind. The motor has a lot of torque (it doesn't spin fast but it is very strong). I use a little oil on my finger tips on the brass before i reshape it. When you have oily fingers and you try to trim the brass on this machine it's easy for the brass to spin and not trim. To solve this i wear an old golf glove on one hand and a latex glove on the other (the oily hand). When i have the gloves on, brass prep goes really well. I can easily do 300 rounds an hour and that's with swaging military brass as well (de-militarizing or swaging takes place on another machine - this machine wont de-militarize or swage military brass)! with brass that doesn't require swaging its much higher. I believe that an adapter could be made to handle straight walled cases - right now this unit only handles cases that have a shoulder. The trimmer works a lot like an electric pencil sharpener. The pocket cleaner is pretty fierce! the de-chamfering tools are excellent quality. The motor is quiet enough where i could trim brass with the tv going and although you have to turn up the volume on the tv a little, using the trimmer didn't seem to bother anyone else in the room (this might be a matter of personal preference though). The noise was not as bad as i expected. I prefer to use the machine upright instead of on it's side - gravity helps make things go a little faster (i believe some other reviewer found the same thing and i thank him for the idea). Shavings do pile up inside the "neck" of the trimming part of the machine. There is a very easy to remove plastic guard that holds the brass shavings inside the "neck" of the trimming portion of the machine and one just "pops" that off and you can blow out the shavings with canned/compressed air. By handling the shavings this way, you can pick the machine up and hold it over the trash or recycling bin or outside and blow the shavings out when you are ready. You don't have to blow the shavings out constantly for this thing to work right. . It is extremely consistent case lengths. Part of the reason why i only get 300 an hour is that i'm a little bit "ocd" and i check the heck out of my cases because i like them just a little bit below the max length (like 100th of an inch below). I was highly satisfied with the consistency. I found that my technique was bad when my lengths were off. With any type of hand loading equipment one has to find "the feel" that works for them. . I'm glad i purchased this device. I don't think anyone else out there is making something similar with this much quality that can match or beat this price. . The only thing i would like to see is maybe a "shell holder" type adapter that could be used for straight walled cases. I realize that is an extra step but it would still beat hand cranking or even a drill and case gauge style pilot.

Platinum-series-case-trim-prep-system-(frankford-arsenal) set picture

- T. CourtneyI love to reload but i hate case prep. I read the reviews on all the case prep centers on the market from all the big names. Most of them probably do a fair job. The reviews made it sound like the franklin arsenal did them all the best but there weren't many reviews. . I reload on a dillon press because of the quality. Dillon isn't the cheapest by far but it is considered the best by many including me. So what is a dillon guy doing with a franklin arsenal prep center? i didn't switch to dillon because of the name. . Don't let the franklin arsenal name turn you away. I have a franklin arsenal tumbler that was a good price and has gone strong for years so i wasn't afraid to give this a try. Especially since it's through online store! i'm sure glad i did and i believe you will be also. . I have used 5 different case trimmers and the best by far was the world's finest trimmer until this came along. This is a huge improvement for several important reasons. . A) you don't have to chuck it in a drill and put the drill in a mount to keep it steady. B) it turns at a correct slower rpm so brass is better contained and the noise level is more comfortable. It doesn't remove as much metal as other tools do in a fast drill so your cases should last longer. C) you can stand it on end and let gravity help you. Very important when doing hundreds of cases. D) and the most important and best difference is you can trim, chamfer and deburr with a single grip on the case. Pick up the case and do all three operations and never change your grip. Yeah, this saves time! . E) i can do three operations in about five seconds per case. If you are agile with good eyes you might shave a second or two off this time. F) it also cleans the primer pocket in a second but you do have to flip the case over. G) it trims almost any cartridge without spending more bucks on additional tools. H) it only takes a few seconds to set up and adjust. I) it comes with all of the cutting tools. . If it holds up for the long haul it will be the best reloading investment since i went dillon blue. I wear a rubber palmed cotton glove. I like to be above the trimmer to make it easier. As with most trimmers, you can close your eyes and feel when each step is completed. . The only way it could be easier would be for someone else to do it for you. Any volunteers? . . Case prep is still the longest and hardest part of reloading but it just got a whole lot better and faster. . I hope this review helps you.

This tool is seriously a life saver! i just finished prepping 1, 000+ . 223 cases and once i got it figured out, was able to breeze through them with this! here's a few things i learned from other reviewers and trial and error:. . - don't use the stand! it's way easier to set it up vertically and push down on it (as other reviewers have mentioned). I wish i had been smart enough to figure this out sooner! . - take your time and run a few test cases to figure out your optimal layout. I'm including mine below for anyone that's interested. I'm sure everyone's will be different. - included tools are ok. I'm upgrading to carbide ones too see if there's much improvement. - the case trimming station was a little tricky to get set up, but once it's set, you don't need to mess with it anymore. This was actually a big reason why i purchased this prep center over some of the competitors (all-in-one). - if you're hands are feeling good, use them both! while i'm finishing step 2 (see below) i use my other hand and pull the next case out of the box and set it at station 1. I was able to go from 4 cases per minute to 11 cases per minute doing this. Once i got tired, or i got a case that didn't want to run through the uniformer very easily (i. E. Needed both hands), i would slow down and just run one case at a time through each step. . Here's my station setup and order from left-to-right (cases-to-be-prepped on the left, prepped/finished on the right) for anyone that cares :). 1 - station 1 has a primer pocket uniformer installed. 2 - on to the trimming station (if needed). Separating your brass between what needs sized and what doesn't speeds everything up as you can skip this step and move onto 3. 3 - station 2 has the chamfering tool. 4 - station 3 has the debur tool. . Hope that helps someone! it's a great tool an beats doing it by hand with the hand tool (200 rounds of that was enough for me)!

Z. Lisa, Haringey

Price :    $157.99 (was $159.49)
  • Durable: the hss cutters stay sharp for thousands of rounds to make trimming quick and easy and the heavy-duty motor and drivetrain are optimized for durability and performance
  • Ease of use: trimmer indexes cases on the shoulder for speed and precision
  • Includes: inside chamfer tool, deburr tool, large and small primer pocket cleaning tools and a trimmer with 3 collets and 6 shoulder bushings
  • Be prepared: built-in storage box holds extra tools and keeps everything ready and organized
  • Versatility: adjustable collet system works with all shouldered cases from . 17 remington to . 460 weatherby
Brand :    frankford arsenal
Color :    Gray
Weight :    8.20 pounds
Model :    903156
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim Prep System Hardened High Speed Steel Chamfer Debur Tool Primer Pocket Scrapers Trimmer available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Wet/Dry Media Separator Perforated Sifter Mesh Media Strainer Reloading

Works great. Take your time turning and you hardly lose a pin when tumbling with stainless.

The frankford arsenal platinum series wet/dry media separator is perfect for all your brass tumbling needs. Specifically designed to deal with the water and pins of wet tumbling and the dust and media of vibratory tumbling, the enclosed lid will prevent water or dust from getting outside of the unit. Built in strainers allow you to dump the dirty water out while keeping the pins in or allowing you to open the bottom strainer and rinse the pins off. After using this media separator you'll wonder how you got by separating your brass and media before this.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Wet/Dry Media Separator Perforated Sifter Mesh Media Strainer ReloadingFrankford-Arsenal-Separator-Perforated-Reloading

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Wet/dry Media Separator (507567) FAQ.

This works well at separating stainless steel pins. It s completed 48, five pound loads so far. The strainer on the top is very nice to have for the dumping the dirty water from the wet tumbler. There are small channels on the inside of the base unit. These are just the right size that a few of the stainless steel pins get trapped. As the angle is increase they can let go and land somewhere other than intended. As they serve no other purpose the manufacture should remove them, so it s less likely to lose pins. -Notice from O. Nees, Pennsylvania

Click to Show frankford arsenal platinum series wet/dry media separator (507567) Details

I have the frankford arsenal media separator and have used it for a few years tumbling dry. I upgraded to the wet stainless steel pin frankford arsenal system and it was such a pain in the butt to use i was going to return it. I thought i would get this separator and give it one more try. It made the job much easier. It is just about the perfect system for wet pins. My advice is don't get the wet system unless you get this also. If i hadn't tried it i would have sent the tumbler back. It makes it simple to drain and clean the pins and brass. It has a stainless steel drain in the lid and the base. The pins are contained while spinning. Get the frankford magnet also. Frankford arsenal media transfer magnet for stainless steel media

Frankford-arsenal-platinum-series-wet/dry-media-separator-(507567) set picture

- N. LewisThey really hit the nail on the head with this product. Well built and a lot of thought went into it. A really nice feature is the fine mesh screen in the top cover so you can rinse the steel pins off but it also has a slight flaw. After i poured the pins into it i noticed quite a few of them laying in the bottom of my utility sink. Luckily, i had the sink stopper in as a precaution for first use of the product or they would have gone down the drain. I initially thought that the screen had punctured but that was not the case. It turns out that there is a very small gap in some places where the frame of the screen seals with the top cover. The easy fix is to seal the entire circumference with silicon. Hopefully battenfeld reads these reviews and will take care of the problem in future builds. Other than that, i would have easily given it 5 stars. . Another thought not related to this product but for the tumbling drum. It would be awesome if there was one of these fine mesh screens included with the tumbler. That way you could install it on one side of the drum and rinse the pins and casings before pouring everything into the separator.

Wow! this works great. Do not purchase the cheaper more basic media separators. I use it with the frankford arsenal ss pin wet tumbler kit and do 4 lbs of brass at a time. I rinse and drain in the tumbler a few times being careful not to lose any pins then dump the whole load in this unit. I run hot water in to just under the handle holes and spin 10 times or so, drain and repeat 2 or three times or until water is clear with absolutely no soap residue. Then i spin them dry to get rid of excess water, spread brass flat on 2 cookie sheets and into the oven on 175 for 20 min. I leave them in the oven to cool down then dump in gallon zip lock bags with out touching the brass. I love the heavy duty blue cage and the fine screen in the corner of the bottom unit. I wish the screen was bigger and there was no crevices molded in the trays to to catch pins but i guess they add strength.

L. Clara, Centre

Brand :    frankford arsenal
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    507567
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Wet/Dry Media Separator Perforated Sifter Mesh Media Strainer Reloading available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $39.89 (was $39.99)
  • Ease of use: perforated sifter allows media to fall through while retaining cleaned brass and a spill proof tub fully captures water, dry media and stainless steel pins
  • Durable: rugged rubber latch keeps sifter closed even with heavy loads of brass and media
  • Versatility: ideal for both wet or dry cleaning processes
  • Ambidextrous: this separator includes two sifting handles that allows for use with the right or left hand
  • Specs: complete setup with bucket, sifter and handles for an easy and reliable sifting process

Frankford Arsenal Media Transfer Magnet Picking up 304 Stainless Steel Media While Reloading

If you're gonna work with metal polishing media you better have a magnet to move it around. Grabbing handfuls of stainless steel pins and trying to move them between the the drain bucket, the media separator, and the polisher without dropping them everywhere is impossible. Yes, this magnet is about double cheaper after market ones. Read the comments. This magnet is a full face full magnet with distance separator. Not water proof. So, drain your media before using the magnet. It will fill with contaminated water and wreak within days if you submerge it. Invaluable and a bargain for what you get.

The frankford arsenal media transfer magnet is ideal for handling stainless media pins. It effectively gathers and releases pins with a pull of the handle which makes separating pins from the brass fast and convenient.

Frankford Arsenal Media Transfer Magnet Picking up 304 Stainless Steel Media While ReloadingFrankford-Arsenal-Transfer-Stainless-Reloading

Frankford Arsenal Media Transfer Magnet Stainless Steel Media (909271) FAQ.

It works fine to pick up the stainless steel pins used in wet tumbling brass. I find that putting it in a plastic bag makes it easier to get all the pins off because even when you pull the handle (which really only retracts the magnet from the base), some of the pins stay stuck to the sides. -Notice from Y. Walsh, Kentucky

Click to Show frankford arsenal media transfer magnet stainless steel media (909271) Details

I got the small dual tumbler from harbor freight for $55. 00 a 2. 5 pound bag of stainless steel tumbling media pins on online store and one of these is a must have item. I wet tumble the brass and strain the water and pins out into a big plastic bowl then use this magnet to pick the pins out of the water and place them on a towel to dry. I then take a peanut butter jar that has a bigger mouth than this magnet, pick up the dried pins and drop them into the jar for storage. I have about $100 tied up in the tumbler, pins, magnet and strainer basket and it does a great job for the amount of brass i need to clean. I plan on graduating up to the frankford arsenal tumbler as soon as i can save the money, but i'm in no hurry for it for now.

Frankford-arsenal-media-transfer-magnet-stainless-steel-media-(909271) set picture

- A. BroylesI just started using this yesterday and already i like it. You wouldn't want to use the wet stainless steel tumbler system without a good magnetic pick-up. This one works great. It's powerful enough to pick up the ss from a towel when drying off the brass. If you're going to go to the wet stainless steel media for your tumbler you definitely need to get one of these.

I purchased this to go along with my frankford arsenal wet rotary tumbler - to separate the stainless steel polishing media/rods. Once you understand the limitations and best methods for use. It does alright. First and foremost - this is not water tight. Do not submerge this in even 1" of water to pull up the ss media! water will get inside and rust the innards and/or spill over your drying area as you try to remove the media. Pour out all the water you can from the plastic catch bucket(s) before using this magnet to pick up the media. The metal cap on the end of the magnet body has about a 3/8" tall side wall (lip). Any water deeper than that and you get it inside the device (it isn't easy to get out). . I also learned the media magnetizes very quickly - which is a pain since they want to stick to each other. So - i use my hands and/or a plastic scoop to collect and transfer as much media as possible manually, before using the magnet to pick up the remainder. Also, because the cap is metal, media will sometimes stick to the bottom and sides (that 3/8" lip) - so be sure to wipe off those areas when "dumping" the media, or you will wind up spilling a lot. . No matter how careful, you always wind up spilling some of the tiny ss media rods. The magnet works wonders cleaning up the work area and picking up spills that sometimes you don't even see. I 'sweep' the area after i'm done just to catch escapees. And i always find some.

K. Russell, Nebraska

Brand :    frankford arsenal
Weight :    1..2 pounds
  • Durable: constructed of durable, lightweight plastic and steel allows for a lifetime of use
  • Dimensions: 9" h x 6" w and 1. 5 lbs
  • Fast and convenient: quickly separate the pins from the brass by utilizing this easy-to-use magnet transfer system
  • Ease of use: easily handle and transfer 304 stainless steel magnetic media pins by using the magnet to pick them up and squeezing the handle to release
  • Ambidextrous: this magnet has an ambidextrous handle that can be used with the right or left hand
Price :    $13.46 (was $14.95)
Model :    909271
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Media Transfer Magnet Picking up 304 Stainless Steel Media While Reloading available as-of ( Feb 2019 )


Lee decapping die, no cleaning or lubing of cases necessary. Even removes crimped primers, one size fits most cases. Important note: the most likely reason a pin would bend is that the user is trying to primers from berdan casings. Berdan casings are not designed to be reloaded, only casings with crimped primers can be reloaded. Most steel and aluminum casings are berdan casings. Another common cause of a bent pin is not placing the shell casing all the way into the shell holder.

LEE PRECISION Decapping DieLEE-PRECISION-LP90292-Decapping-Die

Brand :    lee precision
Color :    Silver
Weight :    0.22 pounds
  • 90292 universal
  • Even removes crimped primers
  • Type universal decapping die
  • No cleaning or lubing of cases necessary
  • Series decapping die
Price :    $13.62 (was $13.99)
Model :    LP90292
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for LEE PRECISION Decapping Die available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller Reloading

Leave a comment if you have any questions and i can either take some photos or give more details. . I've used this mainly to pull 9mm reloads or failure to fire rounds; and for that purpose it's worked very well. . If you're trying to pull tightly crimped projectiles you might want to look into an item called a collet puller. . I had mixed success getting this to pull the rounds on hard surfaces (25lb weight) but had fantastic success against hard rubberized surfaces like a 5lb dumbbell. . If you have a piece of 1/4 thick metal and dip it in rubber paint or cover it with some type of rubber spray paint then attach that to your bench it would work well to absorb some of the force but still give you a hard surface. A 4 inch by 4 inch square would be a good size. . Smacking this on metal started to form internal stress cracks. After switching to a solid rubberized surface it seemed to reduce the cracking and increase the speed where bullets were pulled. . I would buy this again if it breaks.

When you need to pull some bullets for whatever reason, an impact style tool is the easiest method. One stern whack and the bullet is separated from the brass. Three different collets are included allowing you to pull bullets from almost every caliber, rimmed or rimless. The versatility alone makes this bullet puller the only one to have.

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller ReloadingFrankford-Arsenal-Quick-N-EZ-Impact-Reloading

Quick-n-ez Impact Bullet Puller (Frankford) FAQ.

Works exactly as expected. Pulling . 32 s&w rounds takes seconds to slip the round into the collet, 3 or 4 vigorous strikes to pull the bullet, and seconds to remove the empty case and dump the bullet and powder into a container for later reuse. Bullets aren't necessarily reusable (though factory revolver rounds are very heavily crimped, which affects this outcome), but they'll make good casting metal. Thirty rounds took less than an hour, including the learning curve of assembling the collet, learning how hard to hit, and finding a suitable surface to strike against (to avoid damaging the puller's impact surface on, say, concrete). Next time i have some time, the remaining 70 rounds i need to pull shouldn't take as much as an hour, now that i'm past the learning. This is a little slower than a collet puller in a reloading press, but it's 1/3 the cost of the puller, never mind the press. -Notice from N. Linda, North Tyneside

Click to Show quick-n-ez impact bullet puller (frankford) Details

This bullet puller works very well. I have only used it on 9mm ammo so far with no problems. If you are into reloading and make a mistake once in awhile, you need to get one of these tools. I didn't like having live ammo mistakes sitting around on my reloading table. It's nice to be able to fix those mistakes when they happen. It comes with three different size collets for a wide range of calibers. The collets are three pieces each and they have a groove around the outside edge. An o-ring fits in the groove to hold the collet together. The bullet slides into the center of the collet up to the head of the case. The bullet and collet are placed in the tool nose first and then you tighten the cap. There is a piece of rubber inside the tool that cushions the bullet when it comes out of the case. Give it a couple of good hits on a wood block and it's done. It's nice to recycle all of the components of a live bullet and reuse them. Great tool and it's easy to use!

Quick-n-ez-impact-bullet-puller-(frankford) set picture

- C. GlendaI have about 30 9mm rounds that unfortunately need pulled. The first few rounds came apart after a few solid whacks against hardwood; however i have a very very stubborn round that refuses to separate. It's not the pullers fault as the bullet must be crimped a little too tight. I've tried hardwood, 1. 5" mdf (very very stiff stuff), and even my concrete garage floor. I'm not lightly tapping this against the ground either. It looks like i've smacked it against the ground hard enough now to start bending the aluminum handle and yet this bullet won't give. I'll probably drown it in water then destroy the case so i can remelt the bullet. Usually this works pretty well, but if you have a very very stubborn bullet then this probably won't be able to get it.

I took a while to get hang of it. Get a 4x4 on end. You don't have to hit with full strength but good solid raps and let it bounce. Check lock ring every couple whacks. I had some new 44mag loads that were start loads when loaded but now show as over max charge with latest data. Very difficult to pull. My rcbs collet puller couldn't budge them. Not even vice grips would work. This saved me at least $50-60 in brass and bullets, paid for itself first time. Just needed to get technique. About 10 good raps on end of a 4x4 on concrete, check lock ring every few times.

Z. Debra, Barnet

Brand :    frankford arsenal
Color :    Blue & Gray
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.44 pounds
  • Specs: 12" l x 5" w
  • Durable: constructed of lightweight aluminum and heavy-duty plastic
  • Ease of use: works with one stern "whack" to separate bullet from brass
  • Versatility: 3 different sized collets included allows you to pull bullets from almost any caliber from . 22 hornet to 45-70, rimmed or rimless
  • Includes: 1 hammer, 3 collets and 4 o-rings
Price :    $13.49 (was $13.95)
Model :    836017
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller Reloading available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

frankford arsenal 5 lb stainless steel media for tumbler and reloading Price : 41.43, was : 47.01 as 2018-07-28
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Frankford Arsenal 5 Lb Stainless Steel Media Tumbler Reloading (2001161) Reviewed by on

Top frankford arsenal 5 lb stainless steel media tumbler reloading (2001161) Content

The F.A.Q. for frankford arsenal 5 lb stainless steel media for tumbler and reloading

They work great and last a long time.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: What are the dimensions of the pins?

(1) Question: Can this be used in a vibrating tumbler

(note) Question: where/how to get Frankford Arsenal (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Frankford Arsenal's products

Hunting & Fishing 110318607, Hunting 1582143, Sports & Fitness 11018117901, Sports & Outdoors 1525733Top Frankford Arsenal 5 Lb Stainless Steel Media Tumbler Reloading (2001161) FAQ Content

Best frankford arsenal 5 lb stainless steel media tumbler reloading (2001161) in review

Cleans casings like they are brand new.

J. Parker, Florida

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N. Guest, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Exactly as listed.

Y. Carol, Isle of Wight

Not much to write about here. They are what they are and do what they're supposed to do.

T. Meghan, Oldham says

Works very well. No stuck pins after 2000 223 cases. It looks like there are a very small number of short pins but none have gotten stuck in the primer pocket yet.

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