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Price was $50.40. Really like this safe a lot. Has never failed to open for me. It's been over a year and i'm still on the original batteries. Keeps my handgun and spare magazine easily accessible but keeps my 2 year old safe. . If i could use a wall-plug just so i never had to worry about batteries i'd be even happier.

-H. Megan

Portable handgun pistol the first alert 5200df portable handgun or pistol safe is an ideal portable solution for safeguarding your firearm and ammunition. constructed durable 18-gauge powder-coated steel, -first alert 5200df portable handgun pistol safe

  • Listed: Programmable Keypad With 3- To 8-digit “no-see” Entry Code.
  • Listed: Spring-loaded Locking Door Mechanism Allows For Quick Access.

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Very pleased well made easy to operate good value holds full size fns 40 w/ crimson trace rail master & extra mag plus 357 revolver The Best portable handgun pistol as-of ( Feb 2019 ) | First Alert Brk Brands-Security Electronics Review Listed First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe Gun safe constructed with durable 18-gauge powder-coated steel. Programmable keypad with 3- to 8-digit "no-see" entry code. Spring-loaded locking door mechanism allows for quick access. Interior foam lining protects contents during storage. Secures with included steel cable or by bolting to shelf or floor .

First Alert 5200df Portable Handgun Or Pistol Safe Review (5200df)

The 2 included batteries are junk. My safe wouldn't open electronically after the first month. . I'm used to getting junk alkaline batteries included with things, but these were really bad. I put 2 new duracell coppertops in there and they have been fine for months now. Do yourself a favor and put the included batteries in something a little less critical, like your tv remote. Only use the best batteries you can get with the safe. -X. Delgado

First Alert 5200df Portable Handgun

  1. Class: Tools & Home Improvement
  2. Brand: First Alert
  3. Color: Value Not Found
  4. EAN: 7799556871143
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:11.50 inches
    Length:3.50 inches
    Weight:6.30 pounds
    Width:9.30 inches
  6. LegalDisclaimer: This Product Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.
  7. Manufacturer: First Alert / BRK Brands, Inc.
  8. Model: 5200DF
  9. MPN: 5200DF
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: 5200DF
  13. Type: Home Improvement
  15. Size: Small
  16. UPC: 782386078353

portable handgun pistol Home Improvement, The first alert 5200df portable handgun or pistol safe is an ideal portable solution for safeguarding your firearm and ammunition. constructed with durable 18-gauge powder-coated steel, this gun safe features a foam-lined interior to protect contents during storage. the home safe offers an electronic keypad with a programmable three- to eight-digit "no-see" passcode, as well as a spring-loaded locking door mechanism to allow for quick access in the event of an emergency. this safe box can be secured with the included steel cable or mounted to a floor or shelf using the pre-drilled holes. it is approved by the california justice department. First Alert 5200df Portable Handgun Pistol Safe (5200DF-First Alert).

First Alert 5200df Portable Handgun Home Improvement

portable handgun pistolFirst Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Most of us will use this as a gun safe and it does that job well. Nicely padded inside and very easy to set up. You can easily fit two decent sized guns in this safe. I like having a manual key in addition to the electronic keypad. My one gripe is with the keypad only having numbers 1-4. Even though you can make your own code (up to eight digits) , they all have to be between 1-4. Over all though, this is well built and for the price it is really nice!

First Alert 5200df Portable Handgun Pistol Safe
Click to see NoticeFirst Alert 5200df Portable Handgun Pistol Safe (Security Electronics)"I didn't buy this for gun safety. I bought this to secure prescription drugs in my home. I had previously bought a larger safe, but the person who i was trying to keep out of it found a way to easily open it. This one seems to be tamper proof, and small enough that i can take it with me when i leave the house if need be. Just something to think about if anyone needs one for this purpose."

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Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit Aluminum Rod.38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol

Couldn't figure out what to buy in the store. This kit gave me everything i needed and the knowledge of what's needed down the line for replacement. Wish it had a brush, but old toothbrush did the trick. Glad i picked this up.

Hoppe's no. 9 cleaning kit with aluminum rod is a pistol kit intended for . 38/. 357 caliber and 9mm pistols. Includes one 2 oz. Bottle cleaning solvent and one 2-1/4 oz. Lubricating oil. Brush for the intended caliber is included with this kit.

Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit Aluminum Rod.38/.357 Caliber, 9mm PistolHoppes-Cleaning-Aluminum-Rod-38-Caliber

Hoppe's No. 9 Cleaning Kit Aluminum Rod, .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol (pco38) FAQ.

This might not be the greatest cleaning kit in the world, with all the latest do-dads and gimmicks, but it's simple and works well. If you're someone who only has one handgun, i'd get this kit over one of the universal ones. I also use it as a demo in classes for new students, so the low price is a great bonus! -Notice from L. Lorenz, Tennessee

Click to Show hoppe's no. 9 cleaning kit aluminum rod, .38/.357 caliber, 9mm pistol (pco38) Details

Works with 9mm as well with . 380 caliber. (same diameter btw. 380 is 9mm short. ) not the absolute best, but cost effective. Buy additional swabs. Cleans my daily carry well.

Hoppe's-no.-9-cleaning-kit-aluminum-rod,-.38/.357-caliber,-9mm-pistol-(pco38) set picture

- S. SherryThe hoppe's no. 9 cleaning kit with aluminum rod is a nice set to own. I purchased this set for my husband to clean his guns and i was happily impressed with everything. The sleek design of the case and contents makes the cleaning kit easy to store in the gun case and the contents (cleaning supplies) can all be neatly stored when not in use. The products are just as i would hope for a high quality brand. My husband had no issues using any of the products in the kit to clean his gun. I would just suggest that the aluminum rod be a little sturdier. The rod does not seem as firm as it should be and looks cheaply made. This is the only reason why i cannot give this kit five stars.

Great products - don't buy the kit. I should have adhered to the previous comments about purchasing the kit and then purchasing the item separately. This is a great set of hoppes products, but the kit is rather worthless. The snap container it comes in is cheap and the snaps don't work that well with a flimsy plastic tray inside to hold the few tools included. Do yourself a favor, get a more inclusive kit in a better storage box or buy the items individually and find a suitable storage container. I found a great little nylon carry case that fits all of my cleaner, brushes, rod, mops, etc. , and pitched the little cheap black case. As far a cleaners go, this is a great set to clean your handgun after a weekend of shooting. You'll just end up buying larger sized cleaning solution and more cotton swabs.

Y. Wells, Alberta

Price :    $11.99
  • 2oz bottle hoppe's no. 9 solvent
  • Rod end accessories (1 tynex cleaning brush, 1 knob end, 1 slotted end)
  • 2. 25 hoppe's lubricating oil
  • Aluminum cleaning rod
  • 40 uniformly woven square gun cleaning patches
Brand :    hoppe's
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    PCO38
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Allen Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit - .380ACP.357 Magnum, 9mm, 10mm.40 caliber.38 special.44 Magnum .45 acp

The ruger universal handgun cleaning kit is a high quality handgun cleaning kit packed in an organized tool box with a clear lid and secure latches. Designed to work for most high-power handguns, including . 380 acp, . 357 magnum, . 38 special, 9mm, 10mm, . 40 caliber, . 44 magnum, and . 45 acp. Kit includes the following: heavy-duty 4-piece brass cleaning rod 3 brass cleaning jags a brass slotted tip and adapter 3 bronze bore brushes 3 cotton bore swabs 20 cotton cleaning patches a muzzle guard removable organizational tray tool box with clear lid and solid latches that will stay secure, even after many uses

Allen Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit - .380ACP.357 Magnum, 9mm, 10mm.40 caliber.38 special.44 Magnum .45 acpAllen-Ruger-Universal-Handgun-Cleaning

Brand :    allen
Color :    black
Size :    n/a
Weight :    1.47 pounds
Model :    27836
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Components for . 380 acp, . 357 magnum, . 38 special, 9mm, 10mm, . 40 caliber, . 44 magnum, and . 45 acp
  • Includes cleaning rod, jags, slotted tip/adapter, bore brushes, bore swabs, and muzzle guard
  • Comes in a sturdy tool kit with organization slots
  • Removable tray allows you to store small accessories underneath
  • 15 cleaning pieces plus 20 cotton cleaning patches
Price :    $18.49
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GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

Gun vault pistol safes are truly premium products that set the standard for the rest of the industry. We know that security and reliability are prevailing priorities when you need our products, and that's why gun vault pistol safes have the features you want. The micro vault (mv 500) comes with our patented no-eyes keypad that provides lighting-quick access, even in the dark. E the improved high strength lock mechanism and precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. Over 12 million user selectable access codes are available. E the audio feedback feature instantly confirms correct keypad entries and can also be disabled to allow "stealth" mode operation. The safe is battery powered for maximum security and easy portability a tamper indicator notes invalid entry attempts and a built in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries' the mv500 comes standard with a 4 foot security cable, that allows you to tether it to a fixed object, making it perfect for home and travel.

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun SafeGunVault-MV500-Microvault-Pistol-Safe

Brand :    gunvault
Color :    Black
Size :    Micro
Weight :    4.00 pounds
Model :    MV500
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Foam lining inside to protect the firearm or other valuables; country of origin : china
  • Dimensions: 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches interior dimensions: 10 3/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches by 2 inches
  • Learn buttons make it easy to program more than 12 million user selectable access codes
  • Does not include 9v battery user must unlock via key first
  • Weighs 4 lbs, 20 gauge steel exterior construction
Price :    $83.99 (was $85.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (Home Improvement product review) for GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Howard Leight Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses, Clear Lens R-03570

Howard leight by honeywell genesis sharp-shooter anti-glare shooting glasses are engineered for maximum comfort and protection. The uvextreme anti-fog lens coating combines with a ventilation channel to minimize fog and moisture. The 9-base wraparound uni-lens style gives this protective eyewear uncompromised peripheral vision. A soft, flexible browguard plus adjustable temples and nose piece provide maximum comfort and customization. These shooting glasses feature high-impact standards and 99. 9% uv coverage to keep your eyes safe. The clear lens is suitable for shooting in most indoor and outdoor environments. Ideal for use at the range or as hunting glasses. All howard leight safety eyewear and earmuffs are compatible for use with each other.

Howard Leight Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses, Clear Lens R-03570Howard-Leight-Honeywell-Sharp-Shooter-R-03570

Brand :    howard leight
Color :    Black/Clear
Size :    one size
Weight :    0.79 pounds
Model :    R-03570
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (Home Improvement product review) for Howard Leight Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses, Clear Lens R-03570 available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $8.91 (was $9.99)
  • 9-base wraparound uni-lens style offers maximum protective coverage and superior peripheral vision; soft, elastomer browguard diffuses impact while providing comfort at all key points
  • Clear lens is suitable for most indoor and outdoor shooting environments
  • Meets ansi z87. 1-2010 (high impact) and is certified to the requirements of the csa z94. 3 standard; meets military v0 ballistic impact test requirements (7x higher than ansi); 99. 9% uv protection
  • Soft, adjustable nose piece fingers conform to almost any nasal passage; adjustable temple length and lens inclination for customized fit
  • Uvextreme anti-fog lens coating offers superior performance in extreme conditions and won't wear off after repeated cleanings; ventilation channel between frame & lens controls fog in eye socket area

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Installed gunvault speedvault svb500 in a horizontal mounting position underneath my bed! fastest access method i've found for my firearm without leaving it on the nightstand! . . So far, i couldn't be happier with the speedvault. Note - unlike other reviewers have said, the biometric speedvault does include a method to disable the beep. Just hold the learn button for 3 seconds until the green light flashes and you hear a couple of beeps! . . Hope the video review is helpful. . -keith

The gunvault speedvault keeps your and gun safe, secure and ready for action. Offering a revolutionary design, the speedvault digital quick access gun safe is equally as fast as it is discreet. It is the ideal choice for a home or business looking for added security. Constructed of 18-gauge steel. Holds 12 million selected access codes.

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun SafeGunVault-SV500-SpeedVault-Handgun-Safe

Gunvault Sv500 Speedvault Handgun Safe (secgvsv500) FAQ.

Note: this review is for the biometric version of the safe. Online store has done a disservice by combining the product description page and reviews for the biometric and combination version of the product line. . This product is amazing! at first i had a hard time getting the fingerprint recognition to work properly - i even exchanged it thinking it was defective only to discover that it was totally my own user error (sorry online store! ). (my problem: as i slid my finder down the scanner, i was rocking my hand forward so that it would scan the tip of my finger up to the finger nail. This is not correct. You're supposed to lay your finger flat on the reader and the slide your whole hand straight down until your finger clears the reader. ) once it "clicked" in my mind, it was extremely easy. Now that i have it set, it works correctly 99. 99% of the time. I almost never have a failure to open. Since it can hold 120 different fingerprint scans, i actually scanned my same finger a couple of times standing at slightly different angles - this helps ensure that it will open when i need it too. After multiple practice runs, i am now literally betting my life on it should a sudden home defense situation arise. . The only negative i have found is that the "low battery" light only blinks when you activate the safe. That means that if you very rarely use the safe, that the battery could die without "warning". Testing the safe every 2 weeks should be sufficient to know in advance if the battery is going bad. I would suggest keeping a spare battery handy just in case. I really wish the safe would blink the "low battery" light as soon as it detects a bad battery instead of waiting for you to use it again to alert you. . Also note that this same safe is available in two options: one is a biometric fingerprint reader like mine (svb500), and the other has a combination keypad (sv500). At first i leaned toward the keypad option because i was afraid that the biometric version would be unreliable or too slow. However, i had a chance to test the keypad version in the store. I found that the keypad version requires you to key the code at a certain, steady pace and that entering the code too quickly would prevent it from opening! this could actually be an advantage to keep a child or unfamiliar person out of the safe - not only do they have to guess the code, they have to key it at the right speed. However, in a high stress situation i personally would find this very difficult. It makes the biometric safe much easier and faster to open in an emergency, and i have found the fingerprint reader to be extremely reliable. -Notice from Y. Broyles, Saskatchewan

Click to Show gunvault sv500 speedvault handgun safe (secgvsv500) Details

This is my second speedvault. The first was placed in a concealed spot so looks didn't matter but the second was going to be placed in a rather open area so the vault needed to blend. As henry ford said "you can have any color car you want, so long as it's black" seems to be speedvault's mantra too. I decided to strip the vault down to it's shell right out of the box, easy. Then i spray painted the vault antique white to blend with the wall and i think the results look good.

Gunvault-sv500-speedvault-handgun-safe-(secgvsv500) set picture

- I. DorothyI like that i can have a firearm ready to go in seconds and still prevent the kids from getting to it. Only problem is that out of the box the foam inside the vault doesn't allow for a tactical light mounted on a pistol. I had to cut foam out of mine and though it looks jacked up it works well now. The light inside is awesome!

Love the concept. The vault is easily hidden and secure (since my kids are too young to train yet). Have it mounted between my nightstand and the bed. My one drawback would be that you have to take a hair more time pressing each button individually. If you go too fast (like an emergency situation) then it often times won't read a number you pushed in the code. Then you have to start all over and go more slowly. Im talking maybe a 1/2 second longer to get it right, but still precious time lost when somebody is in your home. I can only imagine how long the print reader takes, especially with a little oil build up. If it's anything like the print access to my iphone, then you are probably in trouble. It also has a pretty audible unlock mechanism as well, so if you are trying to be quiet and get the jump on someone, they then know you are around.

E. Annette, Connecticut

Brand :    gunvault
Color :    Black
Size :    Combination
Weight :    8.20 pounds
Model :    SV500
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Security Electronics (Home Improvement product review) for GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $109.00 (was $131.21)
  • Quick access digital keypad. battery usage : 1-9 v
  • Fast activation drop down drawer, for quick access
  • Multiple mounting options, hardware included. backup override key included
  • Exterior product dimensions hxwxd (inc. keypad and lock) : 6. 5 x 3. 5 x 13 inches, interior product dimensions : 2. 25 x 5. 75 x 8. 5 inches
  • 18-gauge steel construction, with protective foam-lined interior

Crescent PSX204C X2 Long Reach Plier Set, 2-Piece

The crescent x2 long reach pliers contain a compound joint allows access with minimal handle movement. Jaws open greater distance than the handle for added reach in tight locations. Extends pliers where others cannot go. Contains: 13-inch long nose and 12. 75-inch 45-degree bent long nose pliers.

Crescent PSX204C X2 Long Reach Plier Set, 2-PieceCrescent-PSX204C-Reach-Plier-2-Piece

Brand :    crescent
Color :    Red
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    PSX204C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Flush rivets for strength and thinner profile
  • Dual material grips designed for improved comfort and performance
  • Corrosion resistant alloy steel
  • Tips are ground with milled grooves, allowing you to grip fasteners and other objects tightly
  • Long reach and 45-degree bent nose long reach pliers with compound action joint for increased access in tight spaces
Price :    $23.22 (was $24.29)
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (crescent product review) for Crescent PSX204C X2 Long Reach Plier Set, 2-Piece available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Simmons Brandnameinternalv 600, Rangefinder, V 600, 4X Power, 20 Objective, Single Button, black Finish, Box 5L

The volt 600 4 x 20mm vertical rangefinder (standard) from simmons is hairsplitting-accuracy made simple. An in-view lcd display provides the exact distance to your target from 10 to 600 yards with the tap of a single button, while 4x magnification and bright, crystal clear optics bring you nose to nose with your next trophy. Its efficient, compact vertical design and weather-resistant housing provide an unparalleled advantage that's easy to carry. Just be prepared to carry something much heavier on the hike back

Simmons Brandnameinternalv 600, Rangefinder, V 600, 4X Power, 20 Objective, Single Button, black Finish, Box 5LSimmons-Brandnameinternalv-Rangefinder-Objective-Single

Price :    $89.00 (was $89.99)
  • 1-button operation; in-view liquid crystal display
  • Refer page 6 in user manual for troubleshooting steps
  • 1-yard accuracy. measures in yards or meters
  • 10-yard-600-yard range
  • 4 x 20mm vertical rangefinder
Brand :    simmons
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.58 pounds
Model :    SM801600
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Simmons Brandnameinternalv 600, Rangefinder, V 600, 4X Power, 20 Objective, Single Button, black Finish, Box 5L available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Stanley Solid Steel Biometric Personal Drawer Safe Fast Access Fingerprint Recognition Secures Jewelry, Gun, Pistol, Firearms, Money, Valuable, Collectibles & More

Solid defense against breach or break-in! whether at home or in the office, keep your valuables safe, secure and organized with the biometric drawer safe by stanley. Ideally sized for hiding inside a desk drawer, filing cabinet or other small space, our strongbox provides perfectly sound protection for everything from firearms and jewelry to petty cash and confidential documents. The safe's laser cut solid steel construction, seamless welding and motorized deadbolt locking system offer utmost peace of mind, while its easy electronic interface runs smoothly on just 4 aa batteries. Technophiles also enjoy the unit's prompt entry via fingerprint recognition, pin keypad or traditional lock and key. If you want dependable durability and secure shelter for all your safekeeping, add a stanley biometric drawer safe to your cart today! versatile home defense from handguns and expensive jewelry to cash, checks, passports and paperwork, our safe is a suitable safeguard. It's optimal for small to medium sized items, giving you just enough space to shelter what matters most. Users also gain super swift entry, so it's perfect for use in the office, in a bedroom, or anywhere you need instant access. Dependable anti-theft design the safe boasts a hefty 2mm body and 5mm door in heavy solid steel. It's seamlessly welded to prevent prying, while the unit's motorized door and 20mm deadbolt locking bars inhibit break-in. The exterior is finished with a convenient scratchproof powder coating, and the fully carpeted interior won't damage fragile items.

Stanley Solid Steel Biometric Personal Drawer Safe Fast Access Fingerprint Recognition Secures Jewelry, Gun, Pistol, Firearms, Money, Valuable, Collectibles & MoreStanley-Biometric-Personal-Fingerprint-Recognition

Brand :    stanley
Model :    STFPKP110
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (stanley product review) for Stanley Solid Steel Biometric Personal Drawer Safe Fast Access Fingerprint Recognition Secures Jewelry, Gun, Pistol, Firearms, Money, Valuable, Collectibles & More available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Advanced security - multiple forms of defense include warning beep if left open, up to 32 fingerprint memory & interior carpeting to keep items in place
  • Personal drawer safe - heavy, high quality safe securely protects home & office valuables including cash, guns, jewelry, paperwork & other small items
  • Convenient cabinet size - compact unit fits discreetly in a drawer, dresser or cupboard; arrives w/ anchor bolts for easy mounting to the floor or inside closet
  • Heavy duty construction - 5mm door features strong motorized deadbolt locking system; antirust body is seamlessly welded out of cold rolled solid steel
  • Biometric innovation - gain instant access with your choice of fingerprint recognition, lcd screen w/4-8 digit security pin or manual emergency key entry

MAKERSHOT Custom 9mm Caliber Magazine Speedloader Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

This makes loading your smith & wesson 40 shield a breeze. Just put the magazine through it, and push down. The hard plastic tab inside will push the round on top down as far as you need it to be, then put another round in, pull up, and repeat. It will save your fingers from pushing down on the round to place another in, and you can load a magazine in about 10% of the time it would take with just your hands. I would recommend this speedy finger saver to anyone.

Makershot speed loaders are fine-tuned across more than two-dozen critical dimensions for a specific magazine, resulting in perfect fit, speed, comfort, and durability. This complex technology, developed in the usa, creates high-quality loaders that are simply the fastest and easiest to use. Specifically designed for the advertised firearm model. Clone magazines are likely to work. Magazine not included. May be used with thumb from top or with thumb and pointer finger along rim.

MAKERSHOT Custom 9mm Caliber Magazine Speedloader Smith & Wesson M&P ShieldMAKERSHOT-Custom-Caliber-Magazine-Speedloader

Makershot Custom 9mm Caliber Magazine Speedloader Smith & Wesson M&p Shield (ldswmps9b) FAQ.

Very nice magazine loader made of high quality plastic. Fits and works great on my sr9 and sr9c magazines. I'm not sure why some others haven't given this 5 stars as this one of the best loaders available on the market! it's ergonomic and slides with ease and is very intuitive to use. Great product from a us developer that has taken time to really understand the challenges of loading a magazine. -Notice from W. Helen, Gateshead

Click to Show makershot custom 9mm caliber magazine speedloader smith & wesson m&p shield (ldswmps9b) Details

Five stars. . I bought the taurus pt111 millennium g2 9mm and i love the handgun. But the magazines are hard for me to load by hand. I looked online and found this speedloader and decided that for $12. 99 (shipping and all) i could hardly go wrong. It was very easy to use. I have two magazines and can load both in less than 1. 5 minutes. No more sore fingers for me. Great product! i love it! . I've included a short video. The sound isn't so great, but it gets the point across.

Makershot-custom-9mm-caliber-magazine-speedloader-smith-&-wesson-m&p-shield-(ldswmps9b) set picture

- S. GuestI bought the version that fits a single stack s&w shield 9mm. The plastic is molded and very strong. I don't think i'd trust some of the 3d printed loaders i've seen to hold up well, but the molded plastic of this is pretty good. The design is very basic, it just has a plunger that pushes the round straight down. The user places a round in the magazine as far back as it will go, removes the loader, and pushes the round the rest of the way in. I did have problem with it being a little bit of a tight fit at first, but it has broken in. Some of the loaders that cost more than twice as much as this might be better, but. They do cost twice as much.

I was not sure about buying one at first but it saves time each time you go to the range. It works great for my smith & wesson m&p shield 9mm! pleased with this purchase! get more shots fired in less time than loading it yourself.

O. Sarah, City of London

Brand :    makershot
Color :    Black
Size :    1 Unit
Weight :    0.55 pounds
Model :    LDSWMPS9B
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • This is not a universal loader. please select caliber and magazine compatibility above
  • Great speed, ergonomics and lifetime durability.
  • High-quality polymer speed loader from an american company.
  • Perfect fit on selected magazine for ideal loading of every round.
  • Easy load assist will prevent sore fingers at the range.
Price :    $12.99
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for MAKERSHOT Custom 9mm Caliber Magazine Speedloader Smith & Wesson M&P Shield available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

TekMat Smith & Wesson M&P Cleaning Mat / 11 x 17 Thick, Durable, Waterproof/Handgun Cleaning Mat Parts Diagram Instructions/Armorers Bench Mat/Black

Your gun is a proud possession as well as an investment and should be protected as such. Tekmats depict the fascinating mechanical assembly of each firearm accompanied with data, history and details on each gun. We don't want cleaning, repairing or storing your firearm to be a chore and when seated in front of one of these gun mats, it certainly won't be. Aside from the aesthetic and intellectual appeal; tekmats also serve a very purposeful and functional role in protecting your firearms. They worked with numerous suppliers and tested many materials to find one that would be suited for both the imprinting of the design as well as protection of your firearm. The top surface of the gun mat is soft and made to protect your gun from scratches while the rubber backing will help to absorb damaging impacts from accidentally dropping your gun or parts while working on them and it also helps hold the mat in place while it is in use. We also utilize a special printing technology that prevents the ink from simply sitting on top of the material but instead fuses the ink into the fibers of the cloth via sublimation. This keeps the surface of the gun pads completely soft and even and helps ensure the print will last through repeated washing and cleaning of the gun mat.

TekMat Smith & Wesson M&P Cleaning Mat / 11 x 17 Thick, Durable, Waterproof/Handgun Cleaning Mat Parts Diagram Instructions/Armorers Bench Mat/BlackTekMat-Cleaning-Waterproof-Instructions-Armorers

Brand :    tekmat
Color :    Black
Size :    11"x17"
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    TM-17-SW-MP
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  • Easy to use - this smith and wesson m&p gun cleaning mat comes with an overview of the history of the smith and wesson m&p as well as a simple to follow parts diagram that makes up your smith and wesson m&p.
  • Protect your gun and your work area - the soft thermoplastic fiber surface ensures your gun doesn't get scratched while the thick 3mm neoprene rubber back will protect your work surface and prevent the mat from sliding.
  • Large, clear design - this smith and wesson m&p gun cleaning mat measures 11" x 17" and is 3mm thick. it gives you plenty of room to disassemble your smith and wesson m&p handgun and to clean it without having to move parts all over.
  • Quality gun cleaning mat - this smith and wesson m&p gun cleaning mat by tekmat is made to exacting standards. this begins with the waterproof, scratch proof, fade, and oil resistant dye-sublimation printing.
  • Quality lifetime warranty designed in salt lake city, ut this smith and wesson m&p gun cleaning mat will last a lifetime and will always be a great accessory to your smith and wesson m&p handgun. all tekmat bench mats come with a lifetime warranty.

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Seems to be holding up pretty well. Setting the combo requires a bit of finesse, but it is really pretty straightforward. I suggest not doing it sleep and caffeine deprived. Probably would take fewer tries! . Pros:. It fits nicely just under my desk surface, where i can reach it easily. With the hand outline thing, i can work the combo without even glancing at it at all. The door just falls right open after keying combination - no mucking about with the door. Just hit combo, reach in, grab. It is sturdy as h311, as it should be. It has a couple different ways it can be bolted down. Has ample room for 2 pistols and a fair amount of ammo/spare clips/other odds & ends, or 3-4 pistols and at least one or two spare magazines for each. . (sort of) cons:. The inner shelf is plastic, lightweight, and doesn't really snap into place or anything, so you can knock it askew, if you try at it. That said, it has worked just fine for me. As some have noted, the protective foam sheet is pretty thin, so don't bolt it to your truck and go 4-wheeling, expecting that small protection to safeguard your pistols (or whatever you keep in there). If it's remaining stationary, or nearly so, it should be fine. If in a vehicle or on a boat, and particularly rough roads/seas are expected, add more padding.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Will this comfortably hold a full size 1911 (without a potentially damaging "tight fit")?

(1) Question: Will a revolver fit?

(2) Question: Does it beep, or is it silent? what are the interior dimensions? thanks!

(3) Question: How long do the batteries last? and does it beep or do something to let you know they are running low?

(4) Question: Does it have pre-drilled holes to attach to the floor?

(5) Question: Length of cable? i have read an answer of 2' and another said 3' can you attach a longer cable? . also, how thick is the cable and how does it attach?

(6) Question: Is the door spring loaded at all? if not how easy is it to open considering you may be doing this in the dark of night?

(7) Question: How do you change the batteries?

(8) Question: Some models mention that they are designed to make them hard to pry open. in your opinion, would this model be easy to pry open?

(9) Question: How long do your batteries last and how often do you open the safe? twice a day? once a week?

(note) Question: where/how to get First Alert (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar First Alert's products


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I bought the first alert 5200df for the purpose of storing a handgun and 2 spare magazines. My purpose is to secure my home defense pistol, due to having curious children in the home. This will fit a full size handgun inside with room to spare. I have a springfield xd 4" and 3" sub compact model and they both perfectly with room for 1 magazine. Both pistols have weapon lights on them. If i were to remove the lights i'd have enough room for additional spare magazines. . It works as described. The instructions and programming the combination are straight forward and easily done in less than five minutes tops. The locking mechanism looks very stout it appears to be casted vs stamped sheet metal like other brands, i was very impressed with that feature. If you're looking for an affordable safe to secure valuables or a firearm. This safe should be considered as a viable option. I own two other small safes which were much more expensive. The first alert safe is of the same quality and craftsmanship as other top tier safes.

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Best first alert 5200df portable handgun pistol safe (security electronics) in review

Very sturdy safe, the instructions weren't completely clear as to how to put in the code on the no-see touch pad. (or maybe i was having a blonde moment), but once i figured it out, it was very easy to program and it's working perfectly now. Will fit 3-4 handguns easily along with some ammo.

O. Edna, Tasmania

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O. Carrie, Schleswig-Holstein says

The box is sturdy and the lock is easy to operate. It fits a wide range of handguns from a glock 30 to a beretta 92 and even a 1911. Padding keeps the gun tight and secure. The only issue i have is that the cable mine came with had loops on both ends rather than a loop and a retaining ring. It isn't terrible, but the loop takes up space in the box and changes the geometry inside a little. An easy solution is simply to flip the side your gun rests on.

V. Anonymous, Solihull

I've has this little safe for a few weeks. Spent a lot of time reading reviews on the various options in this form factor. Now that we have little ones in the house i needed to secure the accessible firearms. This safe does the trick. It holds a midsize handgun with two spare mags or a full size with one or two. So far the unlock mechanism has been smooth and reliable. The only unknown is overall battery life. If that ends up being an issue i will update the post. For now i plan to order another for a second room. . Update: i updated the review to 4 stars because the unit does really seem to drain the batteries faster than it should. I will monitor the lifetime of a new set and report back.

Q. Mahood, Herefordshire says

This was the 3rd such safe i tried. The others were way too heavy-making the drawer hard to open (and seeming like it was about to break). This one was just right, and fits in a tight space. I drilled a few screws down through the existing holes in the bottom and secured it inside the drawer. It works silently and quickly. It's not a high-level of security-if someone is willing to rip it out of the nightstand and take a pry bar to it, they'll eventually get your stuff. But to keep out everyone else-fantastic.

S. Dorothy, Staffordshire

I'm giving 5 stars for now even though i just got it 2 days ago. I've read reviews where people had difficulty setting it up but it's very simple. I had it set up in about 5 minutes. I don't understand what people's problems were no offense though. I've opened it at least 50 times now just to check and it always opens flawlessly. I use this to store my pistol bedside versus just in a drawer where little hands could find it. Holds a glock 23 (. 45 acp) extended clip and regular clip with no problem. If i experience any problems i will try to update but as of now it seems like a sturdy little box that will do the job i bought it for

A. Guest, South Carolina says

I have another brand of electronic keypad pistol safe, amd i like this one much better. The key response is very distinguishable and easy between the different buttons. I can access this safe much faster than my other. Now i haven't had it long, so can't speak to the longevity of it, but love it so far.

G. Anonymous, Alabama

For the price, i like it a lot, it seems solid a secure. I wrapped the steel cable around the leg of my bed to secure it and can access it with my eyes closed with the aid of the braille like dots. My only complaint is that it is a little slow in opening, but that is the nature of the mechanism for the price. I also wish it had a way of alerting you if the battery is dying. Overall, i would recommend and would buy again, but if i had the funds i would probably get something more advanced.

C. Reed, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

This is now my tsa good-to-go transport case. It comes with a locking cable to attach to the interior of the luggage. The finish is nice and the interior is well padded and ready for most medium to large size pistols or revolvers. The key lock seems secure enough for flights in checked baggage. I highly recommend this unit.

R. Bullock, Connecticut

I purchased this for my taurus judge i just bought. I have 4 small children at home so keeping my guns secure is of utmost importance. I keep this on my nightstand so i still have quick access if needed. I set up a 6 digit pin and can easily open this in under 2 seconds. I like that it is also silent and doesn't have the beeps of some other models. I would recommend for any pistol owner.

S. Rowe, Oldham says

I purchased this safe to store a full-size handgun (glock 17 dimensions) and was pleased to find that it was large enough to also hold my cc pistol (glock 42 dimensions) at the same time. Other reviews feature pictures of similar configurations. With my two pistols there is not enough room for spare magazines. The safe is quiet (no audible beeps when pressing the keys). The provided instructions were easy to follow in creating and storing a unique code. Access is very fast. This safe shipped with a steel security cable, keys, and batteries. Now, the provided batteries are not top of the line, but i used them just the same. I am interested to see how long they will last as i am in and out of this safe daily. I have considered buying this sort of safe for several years and wish i had done so sooner. The current pricing ( $50) is almost impossible to beat. . *update* the provided batteries lasted 3. 5 mos. With daily usage. Replaced with higher quality batteries. We ll see if they make it longer.

Z. Hayward, Norfolk

Perfect size. Easy to open fast only if you know the combination that you decide. My gun is always there ready to go without my grandchild being able to access it.

Q. Monique, Hillingdon says

Works great. Reset my code to 6 button pushes. Pretty easy to use. The only thing is sometimes i get confused if i am looking at the right side to put the code in. Meaning hinge side closest to me or the opening side closest to me. Plenty of room for stuff. Good cable for locking it to my truck.

K. Gladys, Newham

Don't know how i could complain. It's everythingsit's supposed to be. My wife's. 380 and my. 40 fit nicely and it seems pretty secure. I got it to keep our 6 yr old from stumbling on them. It's perfect for that.

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