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Price was $182.99. Perfect for big and tall. I am very pleasantly surprised. I have not done a product review in awhile and felt i needed to on such a great purchase. Now bear in mind i have been the owner of this bike exactly 1 hour out of the box, and 24 hours in the box. I will check back in after i have owned it longer for update. First, when i purchased this i was worried, because the ad says 400lbs but in another review they stated their bike said 325lbs. This likely won't matter to most owners, however i am a solid 390 lbs and 6'5". This bike is apart of my plan for weight loss, and i know i will push to it's weight, height and thus stability limits. I almost did not purchase because of that review and a picture showing 325 lb weight limit. It looked really rugged though, and for under $190 on sale i decided to give it a shot as most bikes in the 400lb class have been professional equipment costing more then $1, 300. The first thing i have noticed is the sticker on my bike indeed says weight capacity 400 lbs! (picture included) excellent! it looks to be that rugged to! this thing is a beast in regards to weight, and the size of the frame, and the gauge of the steel. The pictures so far have not done it justice. Still even putting it together being a fold-able i wondered how much it would rock once i had it extended to height max and put my 390lbs in motion. Putting it together was easy, and i have before given a very negative review for another product because of cheap screws and hardware, so i take that seriously. This not only comes with excellent quality hardware, but all wrenches and a driver. You do not have to have a single tool to put this together. I had it up and ready in 30 minutes to an hour. I placed it in front of my tv, watching a pov cycling 4k video on youtube in teh alps and started to ride away. I am not fit, i have been a couch/gaming potatoe for years now, but 5 miles later perfectly smooth operation on about 6-7 resistance and i felt great. It was rock solid, i did not wobble at all. I could even sit up and rock arms like walking while i cycled with no rocking of bike. The seat is roomy, plenty of cushion and perfect for fat bottomed boys and girls, or anyone who doesn't want circulation cut off of their perineum, and cause nerve damage to their nether region. Also i was concerned about leg reach, i am 6'5" and most of that is in my legs. Not only does max setting allow me to fully straighten my legs. But after biking awhile i actually took it down a notch for more comfort at my pace. So realistically my guess is some 6'7 owners could use this as it has room for taller then myself. Like all things mechanical time will tell the truth of how rugged this bike and its mechanisms are, but so far i can not believe the quality at this price point. Hopefully next time i log in it will still be doing well and i will be much less then 390 lbs. :d (also i plan on seeing if i can set this up for a vr cycling bike. We shall see, as that depends on availability of virzoom kits) for this price i highly recommend it, and i may get a second one for my wife so we can cycle together. This may very be more then just a nice purchase, it could be the purchase that saves or at least enhances my life. Thank you exerpeutic!

-U. Olga

Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Even If You’re Living In A New York-style Efficiency Apartment, You’ll Always Have Room To Hit The Road On The Exerpeutic 500 Xls Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike. This Innovative Bike -Exerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs

  1. Value: An 8 Level Magnetic Tension Control System For An Easier Or More Challenging Workout.
  2. Value: Folds To 1/2 The Size, So It Is Uniquely Compact; Folded Dimensions: 26. 4″ L X 24. 8″ W X 57. 5″ H.

Inexpensive Exerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs (Sporting Goods) 4100

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I have used this bike for a month and so far i am very pleased with it. I already have a commercial-like elliptical, so i wanted an affordable yet sturdy bike. I am 5 foot 4 inches and 225 lbs. I have had no issues getting on the bike or riding it. The weight capacity label on my bike did indicate up to 400 lbs and it does seem heavy duty and durable. The large seat cushion is also comfortable and easy to adjust. See note at bottom regarding seat cushion the oversized pedals are towards the front and can be used with regular shoes (unlike spinning bikes). It hardly makes any noise at all; i ride it while watching tv and it doesn't bother others in the same room. . I wanted a sturdy bike with options to adjust the ease of the cycling. The levels of tension are basic but still functional. The change in resistance is smooth. The lcd display is also basic and easy to use. It does not keep a record of your individual workouts. It does not have any pre-programmed workouts. Unless you reset the console, it will pause and continue workout stats. Note: once the machine timer reaches 100 minutes, the timer restarts at zero because it only allows 2 digit hour and 2 digit minute counter. I like that it uses 2 aa batteries (included). No need to plug it into an outlet (nor is there the ability to do so). Disregard the nearby cords in my photos, those are from other electronics near the bike. It turns on when you start to pedal and it powers down after 5 minutes of no use. . I keep my bike open, but it is easy to unfold or fold and move. I like that the stabilizer bars are wide. I have had no issues with wobbling. I did place an exercise equipment mat underneath it to protect my hardwood floors from any wear & tear-still no wobbling even at the highest resistance or tension. . The bike arrived well packaged. Even though the box appeared dinged from shipping, all the pieces were in tact. It didn't take long to assemble. Users have to attach the stabilizer bars, handlebars, pedals, seat post, seat, console and tension knob. I tried to heed the past reviews concerning the resistance cable for the tension control, but still had issues with that step. Installing the cable for the magnetic tension knob is the trickiest part for sure! the instructions and photos in the user guide, at that step are, not helpful unless you've assembled similar items in the past . I couldn't find any videos for this specific bike model. Even though i tried to be extra cautious, i still made the mistake of removing the black plastic spacer too early. I found other similar bike assembly videos to figure out what i did wrong. Once i saw what i should have done, i carefully used a flat screw driver to extend the area where the black spacer was and put it back. It was tight, but doable with care. As soon as the spacer was reinstalled i was able to quickly hook up the magnetic tension cable correctly, pop out the spacer (again) and complete the assembly. . Note: the seat doesn t fit to the bike with a standard bike fitting but with three screws. So there are only two options. The instructions does provide guidance on what option to use based on your height. But if you're on the shorter side and want more custom positioning you may have to take additional steps to make it more comfortable. If you're handy, perhaps drill other holes or replace the fitting. I also read that there are exercise bike seat adaptors that allows people to attach the bike seat of their choice in perhaps a better position. Best gold xls foldable upright bike | Paradigm Health Wellness Dropship-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Jan 2019 ) Value Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs Heavy duty and high durability steel frame construction with up to 400 lbs weight capacity. 20% more steel than the exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike for more maximum performance.. An 8 level magnetic tension control system for an easier or more challenging workout.. Folds to 1/2 the size, so it is uniquely compact; folded dimensions: 26. 4" l x 24. 8" w x 57. 5" h. Large comfortable seat cushion for people of any size, and easily adjustable to fit 5'1" to 6'5" user heights. An easy to read large computer lcd display that indicates calories burned, distance, time, speed, scan, pulse and odometer. please refer user manual attached below for instructions and troubleshooting steps. .

Exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable upright bike, 400 lbs Review (4100)

I love this bike! it is good looking and solid. I put it together following a you tube video and it was easy. The one problem i had was with the tension assembly. The spacer just popped off and i was not able to connect that portion. So i have written to the company in hopes that i can purchase that part connected to the handle bars like the original packaging and i will try again. I couldn't loosen the bolt that another reviewer suggested as it was too tight. If i can't get the replacement part i'll just have to ride as is. I was upset about the spacer popping off like that and you can't get it back on. I think they should secure it better in the future. Otherwise it seems like a well made piece of equipment. -X. Elizabeth

Exerpeutic Gold Foldable Upright Bike

Product Dimensions
Height:48.40 inches
Length:39.00 inches
Weight:51.60 pounds
Width:26.40 inches
Paradigm Health & Wellness Inc. -- DROPSHIP
Part/Serial Number
One Size

gold 500 xls foldable upright bike, 400 Sports, Even if you're living in a new york-style efficiency apartment, you'll always have room to hit the road on the exerpeutic 500 xls foldable magnetic upright bike. this innovative bike gives you a way to get in a quality cardio workout right in your home. this bike uses magnetic resistance, so you'll be able to pedal your way to your fitness goals. additional information: large, padded seat adjusts to fit users from 5 ft. , 1 in. to 6 ft. , 5in. foldable frame stores easily when not in use padded, multi-grip handlebars adjustable pedal straps about exerpeutic: health shouldn't come at a high price. that's the philosophy behind exerpeutic, a division of paradigm health and wellness inc. , devoted to offering high-quality products at value-oriented prices. exerpeutic has a fitness plan for virtually every body and budget. features: powder-coated steel frame. 3-piece crank system and double-drive transmission. 8 resistance levels. lcd display shows calories burned, distance, time, speed, scan, odometer and pulse. heart-rate sensors in the handgrips. weight capacity: 400 lbs. dimensions: 39l x 26. 4w x 48. 4h in. Exerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs (4100-Exerpeutic).

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We bought this for my husband who was getting restless from being housebound due to the rain this year. The bike came as promised, and he had it assembled in very little time. The bike is very high quality, in fact better than some bikes we saw in sears for much more money. The hubby has been using it everyday, and loves it. It did develop a little squeak, but re-tightening the fittings around the pedals takes care of it. Overall a very sound investment.

Exerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs
Click to see NoticeExerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs (4100)"I have had the bike for a week now, and once i was past the assembly process, i am finding the bike works well and does exactly what i want it to. I am 6'3" and weigh over 250 pounds, and the bike supports me and fits me with no problems. Operation is smooth and quiet, and i can easily watch and listen to tv while i am pedaling away. Assembly requires one to very carefully follow the instructions, and there are a couple of tricky spots. The first is installing the tension control, which is difficult but can be done. There is a you tube video available that demonstrates similar assembly and is very helpful (just look under the answered questions section of the product listing for the url). The second thing to remember is that the bolts on the pedal are reverse threaded, which means turn them left to tighten and right to loosen. Beyond that, it takes one person about 30 minutes for assembly. The company provides all the tools you need, which is a nice touch, and the instruction are clear, for the most part. Overall, this bike had definitely been worth the money."

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS Made in U.S.A. Indoor Cycles Recumbent Bikes Upright Exercise Bikes Steppers 2.5 Feet x 5 Feet 30-Inch x 60-Inch 76.2 cm x 152.4 cm

I purchased this mat because we have bamboo floors in our living room and standard workout mats are not wide enough or thick enough to do jumping jacks, planks, etc. I know this is designed to go under a stationary bike or elliptical, but this is almost perfect for what i wanted it for. It's 2. 5" wide so you can do pushup without your hands being off the side, and if flattens out nicely if you roll it up (not too tight). The only downside is that despite the texture it gets pretty slippery when wet (sweating). All in all much better than any $15-$20 yoga / workout mat i've tried for this purpose. I'm 5"11 so it may be good up to 6" but probably not much over that.

The supermats equipment mat is the perfect solution for your exercise equipment needs.    this mat is manufactured in the u. S. A. In the supermats company owned factory, using u. S. A. Sourced materials.   supermats are made with no harmful chemicals or materials, and are safe for use around children and pets.     supermats offers the perfect solution to use with treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, rowers, steppers, upright and stationary bikes, and other cardio exercise units.    these mats also work well as exercise mats for floor exercise.   the heavy duty, durable vinyl composite construction will protect your equipment investment from dust, excess vibration, dampen noise, and will help extend the life of your equipment, while protecting your floors from damage.

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS Made in U.S.A. Indoor Cycles Recumbent Bikes Upright Exercise Bikes Steppers 2.5 Feet x 5 Feet 30-Inch x 60-Inch 76.2 cm x 152.4 cmSupermats-Equipment-13GS-Recumbent-Exercise

Supermats Heavy Duty P.v.c. Mat Cardio- Fitness Products 2.5-feet X 5-feet (13gs) FAQ.

I use this mat for my floor exercises. I needed something more heavy duty than a foam yoga mat that tore when i did moves like mountain climbers due to my tennis shoes pulling the material apart. This mat is super easy to roll back up and stick back in the perfect-size box it came in, and it holds up to the stress i put it through. I am about 5' 1' and ideally i'd like if it were about 6 inches longer because in a plank position my hands and toes just fit cozily on the surface. Some moves i have to watch so my toe doesn't end up off the mat. But i would buy this mat again for the same use. Love it! -Notice from L. Matherly, Illinois

Click to Show supermats heavy duty p.v.c. mat cardio- fitness products 2.5-feet x 5-feet (13gs) Details

It's doing a great job at protected my floor from the heaviness of my stationery bicycle.

Supermats-heavy-duty-p.v.c.-mat-cardio--fitness-products-2.5-feet-x-5-feet-(13gs) set picture

- K. JudithBought to keep my spin bike steady and my carpet intact. It's doing the job. Good buy!

Use as protective cover on top of front load washer and dryer. It helps protect from dents and dings as things inevitably fall out of the cabinet onto the top of the machines. Helps protect finish from laundry detergent and other cleaners spilled or leaked. Easy to wipe clean. Helps keep expensive machines looking unmarred.

X. Juliana, Lewisham

Price :    $26.99 (was $29.99)
  • Cushions exercise equipment from excessive wear: prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts
  • Protective floor mat: super-tough, durable mat helps protect your floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts
  • Fits indoor cycle and stepper units: the supermats stepmant / bikemat is perfect for indoor cycles, steppers, exercise bikes, step-aerobics, or just general exercise stretching - mat measures 30" x 60"
  • Made in u. s. a. : made in u. s. a. using u. s. a. sourced raw materials. no harmful chemicals or heavy metals. safe for children and pets
  • Dampens vibration: helps prevent excessive wear and tear to equipment and muffles equipment noises so family and neighbors are not disturbed
Brand :    supermats
Color :    Black
Size :    2.5-Feet x 5-Feet
Weight :    1.04 pounds
Model :    13GS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (supermats product review) for Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS Made in U.S.A. Indoor Cycles Recumbent Bikes Upright Exercise Bikes Steppers 2.5 Feet x 5 Feet 30-Inch x 60-Inch 76.2 cm x 152.4 cm available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray

I was excited to get this in the mail! it was easy to put together and i have arthritis in my hands as well as poor strength (not many steps were needed to put together and it cam with tools). I live a sedentary lifestyle and i was wanting to be more active, but start gradually. I experience random knee pains, muscle fatigue in legs, hip pain, and othe msculoskeletal problems. I use this cycle 3-4 times a week sometimes more and it has helped me with my mobility as well as reduce joint pains and muscle fatigue. . After reading all of the good reviews on this product, i decided to give it a try. I had planned on buying a $20-$30 cycle, but found low ratings and poor quality. So this is the one i went with and i am so glad i did. This cycle does not slide like many have commented on. I use it on carpeted floors, but i don't keep it on high resistance. Usually 2-3 setting. This cycle is a bit on the heavy side, but it is easily transported by the convenient handle. I started out using the bike on "2" and it was very fluid without any problems. The readout is easy to read ( although i wish it had a light to read at night or in darker areas). It is extremely quiet! i don't use the feet straps, but my feet do not slip at all. . I have no other cycles to compare this item to other than the stationary vertical and horizontal bikes i have had in the past. This bike by far surpasses those other bikes because it doesn't irritate my groin area or put my back in an awkward position and cause back pain and fatigue. . My only problem is finding a "comfortable" chair to use this with. For now i simply have a folding chair and that works fine and supports my spine. I would rather use a recliner, but that would probably not be good for my back because i use the cycle for 30-60 minutes at a time. Usually while watching tv or taking a break from housework. . If you are in search of a quality lower body floor cycle, this is a great investment

Burn some extras calories during your productive days at work or while watching tv, with the new sunny health & fitness mini exercise bike couch peddler that can be easily used under your work desk due to its portability and size. The pedal exerciser features a reliable and quiet magnetic system, with 8 level micro tension knob that allows for a moderate or intense resistance. The lcd displays time, speed, distance, odm, calories. This mini exercise peddler comes with safety pedal straps, and if you re in the mood for an upper and lower body workout the pedals work well with both feet and hands. The sunny health & fitness magnetic mini pedal exerciser is expertly designed for maximum performance and portability, with a maximum user weight of 220 lbs.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, GraySunny-Health-Fitness-SF-B0418-Magnetic

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-b0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray (sf b0418) FAQ.

I chose this one after i had returned a simple, less expensive one. The first one did not pedal smoothly, no matter how much tension i had set. Pedaling on this sunny device is smooth and comfortable. The tension knob works effectively, and i love the large display screen. The exerciser is extremely quiet when i use it. I love the handle on top for moving the device from room to room. The device is heavy enough to be substantial but not too heavy for me to move. The distance from pedal to pedal also is greater than that of the less expensive pedaler, so i get a better physical therapy benefit for my knees, hips, and shoulders. Love the hand grips on the pedals. The pedals also are comfortable for bare feet. My feet stay on the pedals with or without the straps, with or without shoes. I gave away an expensive recumbent stationary bike a couple of years ago because it took up so much space in the house. This exerciser pedals as well as that large one, but it hardly takes up any space, can be put away if desired, and can be used with any kind of seat. I bought it for physical therapy for my shoulder, knees, and hips - i'm 61 and have arthritis. This is cheaper than just three co-payments for physical therapy. Yay! i started out with their machines and was released to do the rest at home. When i finish the therapy exercises, i'm going to continue using the sunny bike for exercise, because it's actually kind of fun. -Notice from S. Jennifer, Georgia

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I purchased this at the beginning of the week and received it yesterday, i am hooked already! i had done alot of research and read alot of reviews before choosing this one. I did it for a total of 2 hours at my desk and my legs are burning today. In a good way! i immediately felt my body temp rise when i started peddling after about 5 mins. I walk 3 miles a day on my break and sit for the entire day at a desk so this is perfect for me! i posted the photo of the bike on my facebook and at least 10 friends are buying it after asking me for the link. It took me 5 mins to put together ( legs and food pedal straps) it is very sturdy and not too heavy to move around. I am obsessed and highly recommend it! i am peddling as we speak!

Sunny-health-&-fitness-sf-b0418-magnetic-mini-exercise-bike,-gray-(sf-b0418) set picture

- L. CarolEven though the manufacturer states that this device is "not for therapeutic purposes, " i bought it to help regain strength in my legs following double knee replacement surgery. It's great! . . It was easy to set up (minimal assembly required), and the mechanism works smoothly and quietly. I really like the handle on top, which makes it super-easy to move. It's very sturdy, and heavy enough not to scoot around when being used. . So far, i've only used it on the lowest resistance setting. It does not freewheel at this setting, but requires a bit of force applied by the user. As i regain strength, i expect to increase the amount of resistance. . So far, the only unknown is durability, and this product gives every indication of being solidly built. So far, so good! i am very happy with this purchase. . Update: september 12, 2016. Love this machine! i have continued to use it regularly even though i am past the basic recovery stage following knee replacement surgery. I set a goal, and when i have achieved it, i turn the resistance up a notch, and start over. I have been using it for nine months now, and it is still working as smoothly and quietly as it did when first purchased.

This is as good as the magnetrainer, at a cheaper price, and has a handle built in so you can easily (it is a bit heavy) put it away when finished. Keep in mind that if you're using it for your arms, you'll need some way to secure it, because it will slide all over your table if you don't put rubber grip pads or something. I use it at the highest resistance, so i use ratcheting straps to hold it down. . I did buy the hand grips for the magnetrainer, but they use 1/2" thread. This unit uses 9/16", so i had to buy adapters to make them fit. . It turned out for the better, as the widened stance is now the same as my shoulder width.

D. Janice, Kansas

Brand :    sunny health & fitness
Color :    Gray
Size :    1-Bike
Weight :    21.00 pounds
Model :    SF-B0418
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (sunny health & fitness product review) for Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    $94.99
  • Magnetic mini stationary bike with handle for easy portability
  • Durable design supports 220 lbs maximum user weight
  • Lcd displays time, speed, distance, odm, calories
  • 8 level micro tension controller
  • Safety pedal straps, pedals work well with both feet and hands

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-Inch 36-Inch

I have a rowing machine which sat on a cold concrete floor before this mat arrived. I was skeptical of getting an area rug and wanted something specifically designed for exercise equipment, and this product fit the bill. . Pros:. Large enough for the rowing machine, with some leeway on the sides. Folds to a small, convenient storage size. Lightweight, far lighter than i expected. . Cons:. The creases for the folds make me nervous sometimes, wont be surprised if the mat tears at the creases after a few months. Surface grip - potentially slick, could be a little slippery if shoes/feet are wet. . Unknown:. Durability - i've had this mat for 2 weeks now. With continuous use of the rowing machine over 2-3 years, i do not know how this will fare, and given the price and quality, i'll estimate under 2 years of life. For the price, thats worthwhile, but at this time, i do not know. . I recommend buying this product if you need an equipment mat or a 'landing mat' to absorb some impact.

Get the most out of your equipment this high quality equipment mat helps protect your floors from damage that workouts can inflict. Use the stamina fold-to-fit equipment mat with almost any of your exercise equipment in any space. The closed cell foam material is tough yet soft enough to absorb impact, eliminate vibration and stop carpet fibers from getting into the moving parts of your equipment. Ideal for stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, steppers, rowing machines, aeropilates reformers, weight benches, mini trampolines and many other pieces of exercise equipment that you may have.

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-Inch 36-InchStamina-Folding-Equipment-84-Inch-36-InchProtect your floor from unsightly blemishes and nasty gouges with this stamina fold-to-fit equipment mat. Designed to sit underneath most exercise equipment or to serve as a shock absorber for aerobic workouts, the mat is made of a closed-cell foam material that's tough yet soft, helping it absorb impact, eliminate vibration, and stop carpet fibers from migrating into the moving parts of your equipment. In addition, the mat measures a robust 84 by 36 inches (w x l), making it large enough to accommodate stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, rowing machines, pilates reformers, ski machines, home gyms, weight benches, and mini trampolines. As a result, you needn't worry about scuffing your hardwood floor with gouges and scrapes, or creating nasty tears in your carpet. Finally, the mat is divided into seven folding sections, so you can easily customize it to any size of machine. The mat-which includes a textured, nonslip pebble surface that cleans easily-measures 1/4 inch thick and weighs roughly 7 pounds.

Stamina Fold-to-fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-inch 36-inch (05 0034a) FAQ.

I was looking for a mat to use when i do exercise videos in my living room. The movement of my feet during exercise was causing my carpet to shed, so i wanted to keep my carpet in good shape. This mat is pretty good for that purpose, it is long enough and wide enough to cover a good area of my carpet. However, because of how it folds in those 5 sections, the creases stay creased and it trips me up while i'm exercising. I'm hoping they eventually lessen, but considering it's so big that i have to keep it folded when i'm storing it, i doubt those creases will go away. Also, the mat does not stay in one place. So i constantly have to move it back in place. I realize this mat i guess was designed for equipment to sit on instead of as an exercise mat but i thought that maybe it would be multi-functional. It's ok, i'm still using it and making it work for me. -Notice from M. Elanor, Poole

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This rubber mat arrived when expected, as expected. I bought it to put underneath my small portable elliptical machine, to provide some cushion and traction against the basement floor. It is light and easy to maneuver. I like the guide-lines that it has, so that you can fold it to whatever size you need by even sections. However, i'm annoyed that i can't fold it directly in half. There are an odd number of "sections" so there isn't a guide-line to be folded down the middle. Minor inconvenience.

Stamina-fold-to-fit-folding-equipment-mat-84-inch-36-inch-(05-0034a) set picture

- D. LisaBought this to go with sunny air magnetic rower, sf-rw5623. It fits perfectly underneath the rowing machine with plenty of overlap on the sides and ends to protect the carpeting.

This is the second time i have purchased the same exact mat to go under a treadmill which we have a nother home out of state. It saves your carpet, fits very well with that sticking out too far, and looks nice.

O. Guest, Utah

Brand :    stamina
Color :    Black
Size :    1-(Pack)
Weight :    7.00 pounds
  • 1/4" thick closed cell foam material ; weight: approximately 7 lbs
  • Textured, non-slip pebble surface is easily cleaned
  • Place under equipment to protect carpet and floors
  • Size: 3' wide x 7' long; use with most exercise equipment like stationary bikes, rowers, treadmills, inversion tables, pilates reformers, ellipticals, rebounders, weights, cross trainers and more
  • Divided into seven 12" folds
Price :    $22.13 (was $29.00)
Model :    05-0034
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat 84-Inch 36-Inch available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike, 400 lbs

This is an awesome piece of exercise equipment. Having degenerative disc disease, five back surgeries, and fibromyalgia , my team of doctors recommended this type of exercise device would work best for me. This particular one is reasonably priced, goes together with ease, has comfortable seating, therfore i never dread workout time.

Even if you live in new york style apartment where space is limited, exerpeutic gold 525xlr folding recumbent exercise bike would be your perfect choice. Boasting its 400 lb extended weight capacity utilizing heavy duty and high durability steel frame and 8 level magnetic tension control system, exerpeutic gold 525xlr features a large backrest and seat cushion which is adjustable to fit 5'2" to 6'5" user height. With an easy to read lcd computer and hand pulse, you can track your workout results and monitor your target heart rate zone. After done your workout, exerpeutic gold 525xlr can be easily folded to almost 1/2 the size for storage. Let's get started with exerpeutic gold 525xlr recumbent bike. Features: folds for storage and can moved with the included transportation wheels. An 8 level magnetic tension control system for an easier or more challenging workout. An easy to read large lcd computer display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, pulse, odometer and scan. 3 piece "high torque" cranking system provides a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. The precision balanced flywheel and v- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation. It will not interfere with watching tv or listening to music. Large seat cushion and back rest for users of any size. Seat adjustable to fit 5'2" to 6'5" user height. Folds to almost 1/2 the size, so it is uniquely compact for closets and small storage areas. Folded dimensions: 27" l x 18" w x 48" h. Larger pedal design with safety strap prevents any foot slippage when exercising. Extended leg stabilizer to prevent any movement or tipping when exercising. All batteries included (2 aa). 1 year limited warranty. Set up dimensions: 48. 5" l x 24" w x 46"h. Set up weight: 54. 7 lbs.

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike, 400 lbsExerpeutic-525XLR-Folding-Recumbent-Exercise

Exerpeutic Gold 525xlr Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike, 400 Lbs (4153) FAQ.

Received on time and in very good condition. Excellent recumbent bike. A bit of a pain to assemble as the instructions were not the most intuitive. Very stable and folds up like a champ! -Notice from K. Alberta, Bury

Click to Show exerpeutic gold 525xlr folding recumbent exercise bike, 400 lbs (4153) Details

I bought this bike and received it only a few days later. Was well packaged, no damage. I had my friend assemble it. She did it quite easily with little aggravation. It took about 2 hours to assemble. It feels quite sturdy, very nice to look at, and fairly easy to fold and store. So far so good. I've only had it assembled for one day but i'm impressed with the quality at this point. We will see how it goes after a month or so of use.

Exerpeutic-gold-525xlr-folding-recumbent-exercise-bike,-400-lbs-(4153) set picture

- G. BentonEasy to put together for this nearly 50 year old overweight person. Once adjusted it's great! already did 45 minutes on day 1.

Heavy duty bike at a low duty price! i am 325 lbs and this bike is very sturdy for me. Do wish it had a tad more resistance at the top level, but still for the money you cant beat this bike!

A. Gladys, Bexley

Price :    $131.68 (was $197.00)
  • Large seat cushion and back rest for users of any size. seat adjustable to fit 5'2" to 6'5" user height which is great for taller people.
  • 400 lb. extended weight capacity utilizing heavy duty and high durability steel frame. 27% more steel than the exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike for more maximum performance
  • 8 level magnetic tension control system. an easy to read large lcd computer display indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, pulse, odometer and scan
  • Semi-recumbent design allows you easily to get on and off the bike. dual transmission flywheel allows for higher resistance workout
  • Folds to almost 1/2 the size. folded dimensions: 27" l x 18" w x 48" h. 1 year limited warranty. larger pedal design with safety strap prevents any foot slippage when exercising
Brand :    exerpeutic
Size :    One Size
Weight :    54.70 pounds
Model :    4153
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike, 400 lbs available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

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Versatile dumbbell set for beginners or experienced weightlifters easily and quickly expand your home gym several weight combinations - heavy enough for light chest presses, light enough for bicep curls and tricep extensions machined-grip, threaded steel bars with spin-lock collars for safety and security convenient and durable carrying case for simple storage and transport set includes four 2. 5-pound plates, four 5-pound plates, two threaded bars, four spin-lock collars, and carrying case manufacturer's warranty included - see product guarantee for complete details cap barbell is a leading distributor and provider of fitness equipment. Launched in 1982 with a small inventory of free weights and benches, cap barbell has grown over the past 20+ years to include more than 600 products in 10 categories. Headquartered in houston, texas, cap barbell is dedicated to providing quality fitness equipment at competitive prices, by constructively designing, accurately testing, and manufacturing its products to perfection. Fully adjustable dumbbell - up to 40 lbs. Create several weight combinations. Threaded steel bar with spin-lock collars. Includes sturdy carrying case . Manufacturer's warranty included .

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Brand :    cap barbell
Weight :    44.00 pounds
Model :    RSWB-40TP
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Manufacturer's warranty included
  • Includes sturdy carrying case
  • Threaded steel bar with spin-lock collars
  • Create several weight combinations
  • Fully adjustable dumbbell - up to 40 lbs.
Price :    —
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AboveTEK All-In-One Cycling Bike iPad/iPhone Mount, Portable Compact Tablet Holder Indoor Gym Handlebar on Exercise Bikes & Treadmills, Adjustable 360 Swivel Stand For 3.5-12 Tablets/Cell PhonesAboveTEK-Portable-Handlebar-Treadmills-Adjustable

Brand :    abovetek
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Weight :    0.38 pounds
  • Convenience & value - no more extra money spent on multiple ipad iphone stands or holders for your gadgets separately. this true universal tablet cradle spin bike mount holder fits all 3. 5-12" screen cell phones including the new iphone x 8 & 8 plus & tablet pcs ipad galaxy tab with hidden extension arm, creating total holder expansion of 4. 5"-8. 5"(check your device dimension for this range).
  • Big functions in small size - turn your boring gym workout into surprisingly fun activity with this pole strap mount. extremely portable companion for your mobile entertainment with its midget size but versatile design cue. carry it in your tiny purse or bag and be stunned at how multi-purpose it can be in various indoor settings besides gym.
  • Instant setup & removal - quick and easy attachment to handlebar saves you valuable time to focus on your personal training app or catch the latest movie on mobile device. rubber padded strap lock fits any shape 1"-2" diameter bar or rod with strong grip on all kinds of gym equipment. no more complex installation, just unbox and use right away.
  • Flexible with security - gives you much-needed motivation on building your fitness and health with the highly adjustable 360 swivel clamp holder and locking wheel to securely fix for many viewing angles, perfect to follow your sports channel or tv drama on your tablet while hard sweating on stationary bike bicycle/treadmill, doing yoga on a mat or on any gym cardio training equipment with handlebar and elliptical trainer machine
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Price :    $21.00 (was $35.00)
Model :    TH-412B
Quantity :    1
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Chargercity universal strap lock tablet mount for treadmill and exercise bike add an element of style to your fitness routine with the universal tablet mount with quick-release mounting strap. The versatile tablet mounting system will help you stay motivated while walking on the treadmill or increasing your stamina on the elliptical machine. Whether you need to multi-task by catching up on emails or do some light reading, the our straplock mount will keep you going during your low-impact, cardio workout. The quick release handlebar strap mount can be secured to any handlebar up to 2 inches (50mm). The universal spring-loaded tablet holder/cradle fits and firmly holds any 7inch-12inch screen size tablets in place on the mount. Just by interacting with your tablet during your workout, with music or streaming video, you'll be more likely to keep your spirits up. The fear and dread a long, arduous workout becomes a thing of the past, and looking forward to a healthier, happier you becomes possible. Why is our mount the solution for you? - compatible with ipad, ipad air ipad mini, and all other 7" to 12" screen size large tablets with widths up to 10" inches. - won't scratch your ipad, microsoft surface pro, galaxy tab or any other compatible tablets. - easy strap-lock bar mount (compatible with differ shapes bars, round, square etc, up to 2" in diameter) - 360 swivel viewing adjustment to allow the best viewing position - shock absorbent rubber padding hooks/feet please note that in order to contour our mount to smaller pole/bars, please remove one or two of the non slip rubber padding. Once removed, it will shorten up the diameter of the strap to mount on to your handle bar

ChargerCity Strap-Lock Tablet Mount Bicycle Treadmill Exercise Bike Boat Helm Handlebar w/ universal tablet holder Apple iPad Mini Air PRO /Ipad Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-12inch TabletsChargerCity-Strap-Lock-Treadmill-Handlebar-universal

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  • Please note that in order to contour our mount to smaller pole/bars, please remove one or two of the non slip padding on the strap mount. once removed, it will shorten up the diameter of the strap to mount on to your handle bar (please check the setup images)
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  • Strap lock mount is compatible with any shape and size handebar /pole /boat helm up to 2" in diameter
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  • Brand new from chargercity (includes manufacture direct replacement warranty)
Price :    $19.95
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exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable upright bike, 400 lbs Price : 182.99, was : 0 as 2018-10-29
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Exerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs (4100) Reviewed by on pewdo.com

Top exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable upright bike, 400 lbs (4100) Content

The F.A.Q. for exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable upright bike, 400 lbs

Here's a photo of the label on the front support

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does using this bike put pressure on a specific area (knees, calves, thighs)? where do you "feel it" the most after a workout?

(1) Question: Is this bike easy to assemble

(2) Question: What are the dimensions folded up?

(3) Question: Im 6'4 and 210lbs, is this to small for me?

(4) Question: Does the seat hurt your butt when peddaling full speed?

(5) Question: How big is the seat? thank you in advance.

(6) Question: Do the handles adjust toward you so a shorter person doesn't have to lean forward?

(7) Question: Can you use this bike as a spin bike?

(8) Question: Can you stand and ride?

(9) Question: What if any are the key advantages of this model over the prior model still availableon online store for $149? plus, is it good for cardio too?

(note) Question: where/how to get Exerpeutic (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Exerpeutic's products


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My only con is a small cosmetic defect; the plastic in front is cracked(as pictured). . Other than that, this bike is excellent for the price. The sticker on the frame i received does say it caters to up to 400lbs unlike other reviews have stated. The bike is very simple to put together, i assembled it by myself in less than 30 minutes; no special tools required, everything comes in the box. It rides very smoothly and very quietly. It is also very sturdy. The seat is nice and big and well cushioned for support. As a heavier person i am pleased with this product and it's made working out at home comfortable and easy!

Cardio Training 1477043, Exercise & Fitness 1377043, Exercise Bikes 1877043, Sports & Fitness 11018117901, Sports & Outdoors 1525733Top Exerpeutic Gold 500 Xls Foldable Upright Bike, 400 Lbs (4100) FAQ Content

Best exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable upright bike, 400 lbs (4100) in review

As a prelude, i'm 6'4 and 310, and a mechanical engineer. The bike frame and assembly points are built like a tank. Assembly wasn't bad, but getting the cable for the resistance adjuster attached when putting on the handlebars wasn't well described nor easy. The seat is flat and hard, which i like, but others might prefer something else. The attachment for the seat isn't easily modifiable for any other cushion you might choose. The one thing i don't like is the information display. You can choose from distance, time, speed, odometer (cumulative, not reset), heart rate monitor, and scan (where it skips through all of these sequentially). I know this is a bare-bones system, but it would be nice to be able to display more than one metric at a time, and switching between them requires punching a large, loud, clunky button that is virtually guaranteed to wear out long before the rest of the bike if you want to look at more than one data stream. For now, i'm using the pulse monitor and have my phone show me a timer. It's also nice that, if the electronics all eventually die, the bike keeps working - the magnetic clutch system is all mechanical. It would also have been infinitely preferable if the resistance levels on the adjusting knob were not dark blue on a black background - even in good light they are very hard to read.

K. Bertie, Limousin

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C. Lisa, Bath and North East Somerset says

I'm six foot tall and north of 200lbs so i bought the more sturdy model. If i could, i would have rated this a 4. 5. My only minor issue is that the pulse indicator is not especially accurate so i just take my pulse reading manually using the traditional runner's six second method. Otherwise the other read-outs are fine as is the build quality and performance of this device. I've logged 55 miles on the machine so far and it's quiet along with a quality flywheel precision feel typically associated with more premium priced exercycles. The height adjustable seat takes a little getting used to, but settles in nicely with only a slightly negligible squishy sound as you pedal. With the tv on you cannot even hear it which is great! the bars are nicely padded and allow for multiple hand positions to reduce fatigue. Note that this is not a "spin cycling" machine as the seat is only height adjustable and i doubt if the cranks and pedals would allow you to stand-up during sprinting mode. That said, it's perfect for me and my calorie burning and cardio needs. Plus it doesn't take up a lot of room and you can fold and store away if need be. The variable tension knob settings will easily allow you to sweat and raise your heart beat at its higher settings. I think it's a great value for the money, even with the somewhat erratic pulse read-out. Based on my satisfied experience so far for under $200 it's a bargain, in my opinion.

S. Powell, Bromley

This bike is a thing of beauty. The steel frame construction is thicker than i had imagined. When you sit on the extra wide, comfortable seat, you know you are astride a sturdy, dependable bike. I bought another folding bike for less than half the cost of this bike. The difference is is well worth the extra money, and a bargain at its price. I looks, feels, and rides like commercial quality. . The set up was reasonable easy compared to other pieces of exercise equipment i have set up. There weren't many parts to assemble. Most of the assembly had been done. The instruction are clear and easy to follow. . Moving it is a breeze. My other less expensive fold-up bike has no wheels. Though it is light, it's a pain to carry it around unlike the exerpeutic gold 500, which is heavier and larger but glides across the floor on wheels. . I have always felt a magnetic tension bike could be manufactured that would be as good as, or better than, the more costly exercise bikes with all the electronics that i never wanted or needed. I'm talking about bikes costing $400 and more. Many which you see on here with less stellar reviews than this bike. I had one. After using it for only a few months, the electronics connected with the resistance levels went bad. It wouldn't go beyond the 1st of 22 tension levels. . I love that this bike easily accommodates my height, 6'1 . In the instructions for attaching the seat to the frame, you have two choices for connecting the bolts: users between 5'1 - 5' 6 use the holes to the rear. Users between 5'7 - 6'3 use the holes to the front. After i screwed the bolts into the front holes, i adjusted the seat to the highest height and discovered it was too high for me. I had to take it down two levels to get the proper leg extension. In my less expensive fold up bike, the highest adjustment wasn't enough for my height. It was more suitable for a shorter person. . From that and the less than stellar reviews of many of the more expensive bikes, i deduced that no matter how much you spend on these exercise bikes - it's a crap shoot. Rather than pay a lot for any exercise bikes in the future, i'm rolling my dice on less expensive, high quality bikes like this one. And honestly i enjoy riding this bike more than i did the costly one i got rid of. And the seat is way more comfortable. Quite frankly, i am amazed at how well this bike is made and how enjoyable it is to ride.

V. April, Midi-Pyrenees says

I chose this bike because (1) i'm tall, (2) i had limited space for a bike, and (3) i needed to be able to easily move it into a different room. I've used it for a few weeks now, and it perfectly satisfies (2) and (3), and comes close enough for (1). . I'm 6'6", and most stationary and spinning bikes aren't big enough for my long legs. Reviews and comments on this particular bike suggested it could accommodate me. But i wish it had just one more notch to raise the seat. However, it's better than most, and i can live with this. I've also tried wearing shoes with thinner soles, and that actually helps (reducing the overall distance between the pedal and my hip) - which gives you an idea of how close it comes to being the right size for me. However, 6'6" is definitely the max height i was suggest for this bike. . As for footprint and portability, i love this bike. It's really lightweight, takes up about a 3' x 4' space in my living room, and very easily folds up and rolls out when need be. All the other features work great, and the assembly was pretty straightforward. . The only other note i'll give is that it's a different kind of pedaling and resistance from traditional wheel-based bikes. It took a little getting used to. The posture is something between a normal upright bike and a recumbent bike. Your legs are pushing down at a forward angle, so you can't put your whole body into it like on a standard bike.

L. Emma, Utah

This is great! my boyfriend and i have been really wanting to lose weight but we struggle to get ourselves to the gym. We just don't have the motivation to go alone, and the time of day we're both home is super late and we don't really want to get out and drive at 2am. So these bikes have been fantastic! we've lost a bunch of weight already working out at home, watching futurama while we do so in the living room. Much more rewarding and we can do it together, so it's more fun. It's nice to work out at home. I hate being sweaty around strangers at the gym. . The only downside is that if you're short like me (i'm 5 feet tall exactly), this brand of exercise bike doesn't get quite low enough for you to be entirely comfortable. I can make it work, but if you're any shorter than me, like 4 foot anything, i doubt you'll like it.

R. Dorine, Cornwall says

First and foremost, the bike is solid. I am 6' 1" and currently 255. The bike does not flex or rock during hard use, even on a medium carpet. It is also virtually silent. I can sneak into the bedroom and ride this thing without waking up the wife, or preventing her from falling asleep. She is a zero light/ zero noise sleeper. The bike is about a 9 foot distance from the pillows. The folding design isn't perfect, but works well enough. The forward leg peddle style is awkward at first. I am fine with it now. There is a few negatives worth mentioning. 1. The heart rate monitor does not work, it just shows a static number (65) and never changes. Many reviewers on here have said the same thing. 2. The seat starts to become uncomfortable after 15 minutes of use. Around 20 mins my behind starts to ache a bit. But to be honest, my legs are (or should be) burning much more. Making my rear end issues moot. 3. The remote holder is a tad small/thin, just barely works for my remote or cell phone. It would be easy to fab and install your own if needed. 4. The tension knobs numbers are blue and impossible to see in low lighting. 5. The tension settings are pointless until about 6, where u start to get resistance. The top setting is ridiculously hard. Tip - if you go from setting 5 to 6 u will get less resistance than moving from setting 7 to 6. This works at all heavier settings. So i will go up two settings and back it down one for a little more of a workout at that said level. Or the opposite if i want an easier session. So in closing, this bike does have minor issues, but it excels at what i need most. Gives a good workout on a solid platform without ticking off my wife.

J. Taylor, North Carolina

Compact, stable, and super quiet. I live in an upstairs apartment and have no worries about the bike disturbing my neighbors. The large seat is about as comfortable as any bike seat is going to be on my old-lady rear. Also, i'm barely 5' 2", with short legs, and it fits well. The large pedals are comfortable, but i prefer to wear my walking shoes when pedaling and the shoes even allow me to raise the seat above the lowest setting. Assembled it by myself in about 20 minutes; just read the instructions and follow step-by-step.

M. Carmen, Bath and North East Somerset says

I love, love, love this bike although i found out what pathetic shape my leg muscles are in. I let you know in about 3 months how well they improve. Installation was a piece of cake except for the tensioning wire thingy. Had a little problem and had to take it apart and re-do it when i started using the bike. It was not a big deal but i would have appreciated better pictures. The owner's manual only gets a rating of 2 from me. . The bike frame is extremely sturdy and quiet as a sleeping babe! i seem to slip forward on the seat and have to adjust my "seating" often during my ride. I might try unscrewing the seat and shifting to the other holes to see if that's better. My only complaint is that the crotch of the frame is quite high even for my long legs (36" inseam") when i get off, i can hardly lift my leg over the "v" of the frame. Can't imaging how a short person would climb over. . All in all, this was an excellent choice - sturdy, quiet, practical size and excellent price. Well done y'all

W. April, City of Bristol

I wanted to hold off on reviewing this bike until i had about two months with it, due to some of the other reviews that have said it has fallen apart after a month or so usage. I've used it daily for about two months, and my husband has used it well. (collectively, about 400 miles on the bike so far. ) no issues have surfaced yet, and the gears seem to be holding well. This bike is built strong! i started out using this at about 370 lbs, and it didn't even creak when i got on it. It holds up great to fast paced biking, too. Some of the pros i've had with this are:. - sturdy. - well built. - the tension settings work well, and have not had issues. - it's very quiet. - folds up nicely, if you are worried about space. . There's only a few cons i have:. - i wish i bought the blue tooth edition. - the seat *does* hurt my butt after about 30 minutes on the bike. I have to usually stand up, stretch, then i can continue. - if you have longer legs than torso, then it does make it hard for the set to be adjusted correctly to where you can use the pulse grips. . If you're looking for something compact, and quiet this should be good for you. I will try and update this in another few months to further review.

C. Nancy, Portsmouth says

I went with this new model because it says it fits people up to 6'5". I am 6'4" and i don't have this set up anywhere near the highest seat setting. I can easily imagine this fitting someone well up to 6'8", if not taller. It is extremely easy to assemble, quiet, comfortable and all features perform great.

J. Parker, Queensland

Exerpeutic gold 500 xls 400lb weight capacity is a strong and sturdy bike. The seat is wide and one can sit on top with ease! however, with that being said, the seat, even though widely comfortable, it's hard. There is a fix for that, right here on online store, so don't fear! i ordered the extra large gel exercise bike seat cushion cover, stationary recumbent bicycle rowing machine - domain cycling by domain cycling and that solved that problem immediately! i also put an old, flat bed pillow on top of that, for added cushioning, and i'm able to ride until i get tired! i love my exerpeutic gold 500 xls 400lb weight capacity bike! the schwinn ad7 is hard on the female private parts, but not this exerpeutic gold 500 xls 400lb weight capacity bike! i'd take comfort over popularity any time. Exerpeutic, can you please design a bike, with this same seat, with arm poles, please!

B. Cortney, Trafford says

I always said you get what you pay for. Well here is an exception. For the price this an excellent exercise bike. It is very heavy duty and can easily handle 400 lbs. The fit and finish is superb. The hardware, (nuts and bolts) are actually decorative. Assemble is a simple 4 step process with clear detailed instructions. Operating instructions are equally user friendly. The bike operates smoothly with many features like heart rate monitoring and more. The bike folds up easily with the repositioning of a pin and can be stored in smaller places. It comes with built in wheels for easy transport. That's a good thing since it is quite heavy. Overall an excellent product well worth the price. Highly recommended. .

O. Erin, East Riding of Yorkshire

I needed to become mobile because i work at a sedentary job and had started to experience poor circulation in my legs. My niece recommended the exerpeutic gold 500 xls foldable upright bike because she has one. After reading the reviews, i decided to go ahead and purchase one. . I do not regret this decision at all! . . I've had my bike for almost 2 weeks now and i absolutely love it! i can't wait to ride it. (i want to ride as i type this review! ) this bike is super quiet, very sturdy and well made. . I'm 5'3 and weigh more than 300lbs. I need a stool to help me get on my bike and get situated. Once i push the stool out of the way, it's on baby! i was concerned that the seat would be uncomfortable, but it's not. It feels just fine to me. . I love the digital display that shows time, calories burned, distance, speed, and heart rate. It also has an odometer and it can scan these readings if you so choose. . Assembly was super easy. With no mechanical abilities whatsoever, i was able to put it together in about 40-45 min (i intended to time myself, but i was so excited that the bike had arrived, i forgot). The hardest part to put together is the tensioning, but if you go to youtube and search for the name of this bike, there are a couple of videos that are very helpful. In fact, i watched the videos a few times before the bike arrived so that i would know exactly what to expect. . The only negative thing i have to say (and it's really very small) is that the bike arrived with a little scratch on the front. But you really don't see it unless you're looking for it. The scratch is so small, i'm stll rating with 5 stars. . This bike should not be used as a spin cycle, because it's not. It's a normal stationary bike that will provide you with a great cardio workout. . I would definitely recommend this bike to my family and friends.

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    Very Cheap Bickmore Specially Formulated Condition Leathers (bic10fpr155), Exotic, specially formulated leather spray used to clean, condition, polish protect exotic/reptile about the product: bickmore exotic cleaner and conditioner is specially formulated for exotic leathers and reptile skin. it is ideal to clean, soften, preserve and restore exotic leathers. -bickmore exotic, specially formulated leather spray used to clean, condition, polish protect exotic/reptile leathers
    • Benefit: Cleans, Softens, And Preserves: Bickmore Exotic Penetrates Deep Into The Pores Of Exotic Leather, Moisturizing And Rejuvenating Old Leathers, And Protecting New Leathers From Future Wear And Tear.
    • Benefit: Cares For All Types Of Exotic Leather: Alligator, Crocodile, Caiman, Snake, Lizard, Ostrich, Elephant, And Many More!.
    • Thought i would try this product after a search on online store. Completely satisfied after using it on caman, ostrich and cowhide knee length boots. Great penetration, shine and waterproofing. Would recommend for all exzotic skins. Plan on using it next on an old pair of eel skins. Will update afte... go to https://pewdo.com/bickmore-specially-formulated-condition-leathers-2170167gan0m/#bickmore-specially-formulated-condition-leathers
    Purchase Bickmore Specially Formulated Condition Leathers (Sporting Goods)
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    Extreme Max 3006 6548 Boattector Complete (Powersports Vehicle Part)

    Extreme Max 3006 6548 Boattector Complete (Powersports Vehicle Part) 1789

    See Reviews Extreme Max 3006 6548 Boattector Complete (Powersports Vehicle Part), Boattector complete pwc anchor kit rope / marker buoy / storage 3. 5 pound anchor kit perfect for use personal watercraft, canoes, kayaks, sups or small inflatable boats. includes folding anchor, 25' of rope plated steel snap hook, marker buoy, -extreme max 3006.6548 boattector complete pwc anchor kit rope / marker buoy / storage bag
    • Bought as a gift for girlfriends dad. He uses it on his kayak. It's a little larger/heavier then a normal kayak anchor which means you can use it without letting out a lot of rope, or "rode" if you want to get technical, the hextra wieght also helps if its windy. He said it works well, and it has a ... go to https://pewdo.com/extreme-max-3006-6548-boattector-complete-178914hew4v2/#extreme-max-3006-6548-boattector-complete
    • Details: Anchor: Folding 3. 5 Lb. Grapnel Anchor With Four Shanks, Ideally Suited For Use In Coral Or Rocky Conditions.
    • Details: Rope: 25' Of Hollow Braid Polythene Rope With Plated Steel Snap Hook.
    Price Fall Extreme Max 3006 6548 Boattector Complete (Powersports Vehicle Part) 3006 6548
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    Nonwe Women's Wate-resistant Quick Drying Lightweight Outdoor Cargo Pants (ot6127010)

    Nonwe Women’s Wate-resistant Quick Drying Lightweight Outdoor Cargo Pants (ot6127010) 3007

    Most Wishlist Nonwe Women's Wate-resistant Quick Drying Lightweight Outdoor Cargo Pants (ot6127010), Women's wate-resistant quick drying lightweight outdoor cargo the prefect pants are going to become a warm weather favorite. this pants is water resistant, quick drying and lightweight. featuring our partial adjustable waist and multi-functional -nonwe women's wate-resistant quick drying lightweight outdoor cargo pantsCut-Price Nonwe Women's Wate-resistant Quick Drying Lightweight Outdoor Cargo Pants (Outdoor Recreation Product)

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