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Price was $149.72. I purchased this knee scooter about 3 months ago, in anticipation of foot surgery. I wanted to use it for several weeks before writing the review. This review will also compare this type of knee scooter to those that do not have adjustable steering. For my previous foot surgery i had used one of that type. I thought it might be useful to you to have a comparison from someone who has used both types. . In general i am quite satisfied with this product. It has some nice features. . 1. Adjustable knee pad. Now having used two different kinds of knee scooters i can say confidently that you do not want one unless the knee pad can be adjusted to your height. The other one i used had a knee pad that could not be adjusted, and it was a bit too low to the ground. What this did was put strain on the knee that i used to scoot around with. . 2. Two brakes. It may seem weird to need two brakes, because it's not like you are going all that fast. But you do. For the speeds most people will travel on these, no brakes are really needed. You can slow down with your good foot. The brakes provide stability when getting onto the scooter. And if there is only one brake, then if that particular wheel is riding high even a little bit because your floors are uneven, then it will roll. . 3. "two-way" knee pad. I don't know what else to call it. But you can see in the photos that there are two cut outs in the knee pad running both ways. The cut outs perpendicular to the scooter are useful for getting dressed, getting into and out of a shower, etc. I was surprised at how often i was glad this one had that. . 4. Steerable versus not. For around the house or for use inside (at the office, etc. ), the steering is really nice. Without it, when you want to turn, you have to lift the front end. So you go clomp clomp clomping around the house. It's really annoying in the middle of the night when people are sleeping. And you look so much cooler when you can steer than when you are clomp clomping. . However, outside, in gravel on sidewalks and so on, the steering isn't helpful. The reason is that you have to use a lot of arm strength to keep the front end straight. I would often find myself lifting the front end when i was outside, on uneven surfaces. If a rock or a crack stops one of the front wheels, then the other has a tendency to turn because your forward momentum is still pushing the scooter. When that happens, the scooter isn't stable. Like i say, you have to hold on very tight, and it's slow going. A non-steerable scooter is definitely better outdoors. . What would be ideal is if there was a locking mechanism so a knee scooter could have steering when you wanted it and not have it when you don't. That would add a lot of expense, though, and i'm not knocking this one for not having it. . 5. Ease of putting it into a vehicle. The nonsteering one i had (sorry, borrowed it and don't know the brand) could be folded up like one of those simple child's strollers. This one can't fold up like that. The steering column breaks so it can fit sort of under the knee pad, but that's as far as it goes. It's also heavier, so getting it into and out of a vehicle is more effort. . 6. Customer service. When putting mine into the car the nature of the way it breaks down resulted in a broken brake handle. I contacted customer service and they were right on it. Sending me one with no questions asked and no payment needed. This is very good. And with two brakes, this means i could still use it. . Overall, it is a solid device. If you are going to use it around the house or at work on even floors, it's one i'd recommend. If you live where you need to use it on gravel a lot or outside on uneven surfaces, then i'd consider a less expensive one without steering. If i needed one again, i'd get this type. I've been very pleased with it. . By the way, these things beat crutches by a country mile. Crutches are dangerous, especially when you aren't young and spry. When you are supposed to not put weight on your foot or ankle, it's a lot easier to do this with the knee scooter than with the crutches. That makes these wise long-term investments. You are less likely to damage your foot/ankle while it is healing. Plus you get a lot of attention. And you can go really fast (i know it's stupid to do that, but hey i'm a guy and i like that sort of thing). . I'm keeping mine, to loan out to anybody who might need it. If i'm willing to loan it out to friends, that ought to tell you that i liked it.

-J. Nielsen

Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Relieve Pain And Significantly Increase Mobility Following Foot Surgery, Lower Leg Breaks, Sprains, Amputation And Foot Ulcers The Drive Medical Dv8 Steerable Knee Walker. Ideal For -Drive Medical Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

  1. Characteristic: Knee Walker Can Be Steered For Increased Maneuverability; Steering Column Folds For Storage.
  2. Characteristic: Leg Pad With “channel” Provides Added Stability And Comfort.

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I had major ankle surgery about 1. 5 weeks ago. Within a of my operation i found this little machine to be indispensable. I will not go into detail since others have covered it very well, suffice to say that this is a great device it's well-made and i think a great value for the money. Medical supply stores i called sell similar knee walkers for $400+. . For me the biggest problem was the stability when going over cracks, carpet edges, thresholds, etc. As others have noted, this walker doesn't do well with imperfect terrain. Moreover, i found it to be front-heavy. Especially if you put a basket on the front (which i did and recommend), it didn't take much for the walker to fall straight over. If you're driving it when this happens, might follow it face-first into the floor. So be careful! . . To lower the center of gravity and move it back toward to middle of the walker, i used 3 plastic zip ties (like these: 8" plastic cable zip ties 100-pack (black)) to attach a basic 10 pound iron kettlebell (similar to this one: cap barbell kettlebell) to the lower frame of the walker-right in between the 2 rear wheels. I've uploaded an annotated image to this review. . Not only did this shift the center of gravity back so that i never have to worry about tipping forward, it greatly improved the walker's ability to handle imperfect surfaces. . Comment on this review if you have questions and i will try to help out. . Good luck! Best aluminum steerable knee walker | Drive Medical-Health Personal Care Review as-of ( Feb 2019 ) Characteristic Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers of the foot. Knee walker can be steered for increased maneuverability; steering column folds for storage. Leg pad with "channel" provides added stability and comfort. Tool-free height adjustment of seat and handle. Handle height: 33"-37. 5"; knee pad dimensions: 14. 25"(l) x 7. 25"(w) x 17. 5"-21. 5"(h); weight capacity: 300 lbs .

Drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker crutch alternative Review (790)

I waited until i had been using this for weeks, to make my review as accurate as possible. Now that my scooter and i have become intimate friends , here is what i've found:. . Pros: the ride is smooth and moves as quickly as your surface allows. This is fabulous but you must be mindful of keeping your hands on the brakes at all times! if you change surfaces or floor tilt suddenly, you might end up feeling like you're on a runaway horse who will eventually hit a fence and throw you over it. Controls are strictly learned from practice but i'm so glad someone pointed this out in another review- it saved me multiple potential injuries in the first week. . The wheels are large and that means they will move over almost anything. I never found a surface i couldn't get over, including my gravel driveway and mud. I was and am impressed at how beautifully this device handles on what could be challenging for some people, under ordinary circumstances, on foot- and would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, on crutches. . My husband has had no difficulty getting this in and out of the car and remarks that having the top handles folding back is a plus. It does not collapse any further than the steering bar, so be mindful of that if you have a very cramped vehicle. While i don't find the scooter to be overly heavy i'm sure it is more so than much cheaper ones, but i consider this a real plus as far as its being sturdy and well-made. . The handles are comfortable and i have had no issues with irritation of my palms, as one reviewer had. I think they are designed to fit any but the smallest hands. . The seat is great in that is has a comfortable pad that allows you to put your full leg on, half a leg (as you sometimes need to use with a bulky cast or maneuvering in tight spaces) and even has a scoring so you can place your leg sideways when you need to do so. The seat functions wonderfully as a leg rest and elevator when you need to keep your leg up while sitting. I would highly recommend getting one of those faux sheepskin covers they sell; this made the difference between a comfortable ride and a luxurious one. . Cons: i have been unable to get the dual side hand brakes to lock reliably when i need to. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, and this could definitely be a safety issue if you are expecting stability and it runs away from you. This may be just a small flaw on my particular machine, and doesn't happen all the time, but it is sufficiently serious that it is my major reason i can't give out 5 stars. If you receive a device with the same issue, i highly recommend sending it back for a replacement; my surgery was by surprise and i needed to use it immediately, or i would have done so. . This does not maneuver well in extremely tight spaces. If you live in a shoebox, like i do, this can make it unwieldy in those areas. I have been able to pick it up and bodily reposition it while balancing, but someone who is not careful could hurt themselves using this approach and others might not have the strength to do it. This has resulted in my needing to use crutches in certain very tight areas (and demonstrated that i can fall constantly on crutches but never have with the scooter). . Do not plan on riding the scooter while sitting on it. The design of this machine can throw your foot back under the rail or get it caught. Use it only as intended, with one leg standing up. . Observations: as with a bicycle or any other wheeled vehicle, being conscious of what you are doing, any potential obstacles, and taking the time to learn how to use the device before you make it part of your life are essential. Don't get so comfortable that you make a safety error, as the vehicle is only as good as its driver. I think these are underestimated because people equate them with child scooters of the past- as i watched my husband fly by me on a smooth surface one day, i was reminded of this yet again. Some people want a thrill ride (usually husbands) but not those who are recovering from ortho issues! of course, i look forward to my final ride on this where i can sail down an empty aisle in a huge store, and try to click 60. ; -). . While i mentioned the amazing seat earlier, please be aware that resting only on the back half of it, due to cast or discomfort or whatever, can produce serious balance issues. Be aware of your center of gravity and adjust it as needed. . There is no light. I wouldn't expect there to be. If you want to maneuver safely in the dark, get an inexpensive headband light so you can see where you're going. . A basket of some type is essential, as it helps you move things from room to room and feel a little more in control of your environment. I think they are all about the same so don't spend too much money. None of them will carry extremely heavy objects. One quality i appreciated another reviewer pointing out was the basket needs to have no slots in the bottom where things can fall out; there are 1 or 2 designed that way. A metal mesh will work fine. . A grabber that can be carried on the scooter (don't get one that is too long) can be invaluable for cleaning things up as you go by, or getting things that it would be dangerous for you to bend off the scooter for. Just know that no grabber can pick up heavy weight, and you shouldn't be either. . I hope this was helpful to any considering this purchase. I rely heavily on reviewers because, well, companies are always going to tell you the good points and leave out the bad. Since this is a very important part of your healing and lifestyle, i took it as a serious responsibility to evaluate everything i possibly could. Obviously there will be different experiences for everyone, but i believe the vast majority will tell you this is an affordable and well-crafted item capable of meeting all of your needs. Good travels and get well! -G. Ruby

Drive Medical Aluminum Steerable Alternative

  • Order: Health And Beauty
  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0822383183589
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:33.00 inches
    Length:24.00 inches
    Weight:22.70 pounds
    Width:17.00 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: It's Solely The Buyer's Responsibility To Choose The Correct Item. Please Note Our Policies Are Set By The Manufacturers We Represent. No Return Will Be Accepted After 14 Calendar Days From The Purchase Date And Without A Valid RMA#. Returns Are Subject To A 15% Restock Fee Plus The Cost Of Outbound & Inbound Shipping Costs. Any Return Request After The 14 Day Period Will Be Decided On A Case By Base Basis Depending On The Product & Circumstances & Is Subject To A Restocking Fee Up To 60%.
  • Manufacturer: Drive Medical
  • Model: 790
  • MPN: 790
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 790
  • Sub-Type: Health And Beauty
  • ReleaseDate: 2010-07-12
  • Size: Standard
  • UPC: 727908142006
  • Warranty: Lifetime On Brake Cable Limited Lifetime In Rest

dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker crutch Health And Beauty, Relieve pain and significantly increase mobility following foot surgery, lower leg breaks, sprains, amputation and foot ulcers with the drive medical dv8 steerable knee walker. ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the sturdy aluminum steering column ensures stability and durability, while the hand-operated, deluxe dual-braking back wheel system provides the ultimate sense of security. the thick knee pad is crafted with channel-style indents to cradle your leg like a comfortable cushion, offering unparalleled support compared to stiff crutches. fully maneuverable front wheels create a consistently smooth riding experience. tool-free height and left/right leg adjustments make customization simple, while lightweight design and foldable steering column make transportation easy for all-day use. Drive Medical Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative (790-Drive Medical).

Drive Medical Aluminum Steerable Alternative Health And Beauty

aluminum steerable knee walker Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This thing is amazing! i read somewhere that a trimalleolar dislocation/fracture is life-altering. I have to agree. However, this walker is turning things radically around for me. I am a disaster on crutches (two really serious falls) and even managed to fall with a standard walker. I'm also exhausted by the effort crutches and the standard walker require. I was truly stuck. . The box arrived today, and my neighbor pulled it into the house for me. It sat there for several hours, and finally i took a tentative tug on some tape on the box. I managed to unpack the thing - and even assemble it! - while reclining on my sofa with my foot elevated. If this mechanical clutz can put this thing together while lying on a sofa with her foot up, anybody should be able to do it. . At first i was alarmed because the wheels didn't really steer. I just pushed my attempts a little harder, and then suddenly found myself steering like a race-car. Be careful! this thing moves so beautifully that you could go too fast if you're not paying attention. . It also doubles nicely as a footstool for that injured foot or ankle. I'm sitting in my computer chair now, foot on top of walker, vastly more comfortable (and compliant with medical instructions) than since my injury. . I have had tremendous support and generosity from many people since my injury, from strangers to close friends. I'm humbled and grateful. But i'm also grateful to the anonymous person who designed this thing, and the people who brought it to market. It has had an enormous impact on my quality of life, and my spirits.

Drive Medical Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative
Click to see NoticeDrive Medical Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative (790)"I recently came into the world of "assisted walking" after a foot injury made me undergo surgery and strictly no weight bearing for 3 months. The traditional crutches i got from the local ed were adequate at first, but then, like many, i realized their true nature - medieval torture devices. . Enter the knee walker - i now own two - both by drive medical - and both bought here on online store. I have this 790 steerable knee walker and the other best seller, drive medical's universal knee walker. Both were super easy to setup, both came well-packed in factory packaging. Most importantly, both of these are very solid and well built. I am 43yo, 240lb, and 6'0", and these knee walkers always feel solid and stable. . I thought i would add the reason i bought both - and it has to do with the steering. The non-steerable universal knee walker is awesome for me to use around my home. It is a smaller profile device - great for smaller/tighter spaces, and is super easy to use with one hand. This way, i can use my other hand to move and carry stuff and have been able to "get back in the game" with helping my saint of a spouse with our two kids, getting dinner on the table, etc. You can't really "steer, " but you just stand up on your good leg and redirect the device in a new direction. The pad on the universal is a bit thinner than the steerable, but it's fine for daily use, and could easily be beefed up with a towel or extra pad if you wanted. . I use the steerable 790 model to get around at work. I work in a hospital, and me and several colleagues have found the steerable model to be great at covering long distances quickly - you just always have to have two hands on the handlebars (i switched from a briefcase/messenger bag to a backpack for my laptop. ) i can easily navigate the twists and turns of our hospital hallways, and i saved a bundle here on online store compared to the same models in the brochures in my orthopedic surgeon's office."

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Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Cushion Washable Cover  Support Elevation Pillow Surgery, Injury, Rest

Need a leg up? everyone does from time to time. Sprained ankles, broken legs, swollen knee joints, and bruised shins are among the dozens of nasty ways a person can damage themselves, but milliard can help you along on the road to recovery. Our foam leg cushion gently elevates your leg and supports your knee in a bent 45 angle for proper positioning to heal correctly. The key to fast recovery is immobilizing the injured joints and bones and elevating them above your heart level to reduce blood pooling, so the sculpted leg channel in this cushion gently holds your leg in place while you rest. The cushion is molded from dense, polyurethane foam for soft, but firm support on bed mattresses or reclining chairs, and it's symmetrical for use on your right or left leg. A removable, machine washable cover is also included for keeping the cushion fresh in between uses. Hopefully life doesn't beat you up too often, but if you or a friend suffered an injury, prop the leg up with the elevator cushion to get back on your feet faster. All milliard products are brought to you with safety, quality, and value in mind as part of our commitment to our consumers' satisfaction. Don't forget to try our other great products!

Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Cushion Washable Cover  Support Elevation Pillow Surgery, Injury, RestMilliard-Elevator-Washable-Support-Elevation

Brand :    milliard
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Size :    On Size
Model :    LEGE
Quantity :    1
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Price :    $42.99 (was $47.99)
  • Made from supple polyurethane foam with a sculpted leg channel and 45 angled thigh ramp.
  • Reduces swelling and decreases pain by reducing blood flow to the injury.
  • Keeps your leg(s) gently in place while awake or sleeping to prevent further injury from tossing and turning.
  • Includes removable, machine-washable velour cover. measures 32l x 13w x 9. 5h inches
  • Elevates and angles injured legs and knee joints for an optimal healing position.

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What makes the pembrook cast sock toe cover innovative ? protective & durable - shield your toes and foot from the elements with this innovative cast toe cover. Clip on this cover and protect your cast and toes from harm and cold. Soft & comfortable - made of ultra-soft polar fleece fabric. Protects the foot and toes from dirt and cold. Perfect for going outside or relaxing around the house. The pembrook cast cover is a comfortable and breathable toe covering that keeps your toes warm, clean and protected. Adjustable size - one size fits most. Quickly attaches and clips into place. Adjusts to fit most types of foot and ankle casts. Works great with most plaster casts and with many air cast, cast shoes, booties, open-toe cast, orthosis or walking boot as well as with most types of splints and braces. Skid resistant tread - gripping rubber treads provide safety and security for nearly any situation. The rubber tread on the sole reduces the risk of slips and falls by providing you with traction on a variety of surfaces such as wood or tile floors. The tread is color matched to provide a subtle look and won't scuff your floors. Quality - pembrook has been manufacturing products for 40 years and after that long we've learned a thing or two about quality and design. This cast cover is designed for hospital use but perfect for the home. Our cast covers are used in hundreds of healthcare facilities, doctors' offices, retirement homes, nursing homes, medical facilities and tens of thousands of personal homes across the usa. People love them for their comfort, warmth and security. One size fits most

Pembrook Cast Sock Toe Cover - Great Leg, Foot Ankle Casts.Pembrook-Cast-Sock-Toe-Cover

Brand :    pembrook
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  • Skid resistant tread - gripping rubber treads provide safety and security for nearly any situation. the rubber tread on the sole reduces the risk of slips and falls by providing you with traction on a variety of surfaces such as wood or tile floors. the tread is color matched to provide subtle look and won't scuff your floors.
  • Protective & durable - shield your toes and foot from the elements with this innovative cast toe cover. clip on this cover and protect your cast and toes from harm and cold.
  • Adjustable size - one size fits most. quickly attaches and clips into place. adjusts to fit most types of foot and ankle casts. works great with most plaster casts and with many air cast, cast shoes, booties, open-toe cast, orthosis or walking boot as well as with most types of splints and braces.
  • Soft & comfortable - made of ultra-soft polar fleece fabric. protects the foot and toes from dirt and cold. perfect for going outside or relaxing around the house. the pembrook cast cover is a comfortable and breathable toe covering that keeps your toes warm, clean and protected.
  • Quality - pembrook has been manufacturing products for 40 years and after that long we've learned a thing or two about quality and design. this cast cover is designed for hospital use but perfect for the home. our cast covers are used in hundreds of healthcare facilities, doctors' offices, retirement homes, nursing homes, medical facilities and tens of thousands of personal homes across the usa. people love them for their comfort, warmth and security.

Knee Walker Pad Cover Vive - Faux Sheepskin Pad Rolling Scooter - Plush Synthetic Sheepette - Greater Air Circulation, Helps Comfort Knee During Injury

Knee walker cover by vive perfect for anyone looking to add extra cushion for their injured leg while using a knee walker. Soft, plush material provides better air circulation around knee and leg; will not irritate skin. Feel the difference with this premium knee pad cover. Easily slips over knee pad platform. Easy to clean, remove and throw in wash with regular laundry plush materialno-slip designadjustable compressioncomfortablemachine washablevive guaranteewe stand by our products with excellent customer service and a 60 day money-back guarantee

Knee Walker Pad Cover Vive - Faux Sheepskin Pad Rolling Scooter - Plush Synthetic Sheepette - Greater Air Circulation, Helps Comfort Knee During InjuryKnee-Walker-Pad-Cover-Vive

Brand :    vive
Model :    No Model
Quantity :    1
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Health And Beauty :    Best Personal Care Appliance (vive product review) for Knee Walker Pad Cover Vive - Faux Sheepskin Pad Rolling Scooter - Plush Synthetic Sheepette - Greater Air Circulation, Helps Comfort Knee During Injury available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $16.05 (was $16.99)
  • Comfortable design: best plush faux woolette available provides extra cushion while distributing pressure evenly across knee pad platform
  • Easy to use: stretchable elastic securely fits over knee pad for superior comfort and better air circulation for knee and leg
  • Vive guarantee: we stand behind our products with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Machine washable: cover is easy to clean, simply remove cover and put in washing machine and fluff dry on low heat
  • Relief: helps reduce pressure, friction, and irritation; while preventing everyday wear and tear on the knee pad

Ventura Easy Mount Mesh Bicycle Basket Black

The easy mount mesh basket offers a universal mounting bracket and an ergonomic plastic handle.

Ventura Easy Mount Mesh Bicycle Basket BlackVentura-Mount-Bicycle-Basket-Black

Price :    $12.87 (was $16.78)
  • Hangs easily on handlebars
  • Only adds 2 pounds to your bike
  • Steel mesh with reinforced universal mounting handle
  • Universal for handlebars from 22. 2-25. 6 mm
  • Includes plastic handle for easy carrying off of your bike
Brand :    ventura
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Schwinn Quick Release Wire Basket

The product is schwinn quick release wire basket.

Schwinn Quick Release Wire BasketSchwinn-Quick-Release-Wire-Basket

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  • Ergonomic removable handle for easy carrying
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Azoob Universal Knee Walker Knee Rest Pad Cover With Extra Foam Padding And Adjustable Straps For Rolling Scooter

Most comfortable: made out of soft faux sheepskin that has a thick (removable) foam insert for the most comfortable ride. Relief: reduces friction, pressure and irritation; while decreasing the wear and tear of the knee pad. Fits most knee walkers: designed with elastic around the knee pad as well as adjustable straps to fit most knee walkers. Easy to install: just slip the cover of the knee pad and adjust the straps for a snug fit. Washing instructions: machine wash gentle cycle, dry on low heat. Remove foam insert before washing. Product dimensions: 14" x 9" x 4"

Azoob Universal Knee Walker Knee Rest Pad Cover With Extra Foam Padding And Adjustable Straps For Rolling ScooterUniversal-Padding-Adjustable-Rolling-Scooter

Price :    $15.69 (was $29.99)
  • Easy to install: just slip the cover of the knee pad and adjust the straps for a snug fit.
  • Most comfortable: made out of soft faux sheepskin that has a thick (removable) foam insert for the most comfortable ride.
  • Relief: reduces friction, pressure and irritation; while decreasing the wear and tear of the knee pad.
  • Washing instructions: machine wash gentle cycle, dry on low heat. remove foam insert before washing.
  • Fits most knee walkers: designed with elastic around the knee pad as well as adjustable straps to fit most knee walkers.
Brand :    azoob
Model :    ACVR
Quantity :    1
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DELUXE Universal Knee Walker Pad Cover Black

Luxurious soft fleece pads provide relief from the bumps, friction, and irritation of vinyl knee walker pads. Durable design with thick fleece fabric and durable elastic. Installs in seconds - just slip cover over pad and go! designed to fit knee walkers from drive medical and most manufacturers (knee walker sold separately). Available in beige, black, blue, pink, and purple. Which color is your favorite? guaranteed to fit or your money back.

DELUXE Universal Knee Walker Pad Cover BlackDELUXE-Universal-Walker-Cover-Black

Brand :    top glides
Color :    Black
  • Thick fleece is pillowy soft and washable
  • Easy to install in seconds with strong elastic
  • 5 great colors to match your style
  • Provides relief from bumps, friction, and irritation
  • Designed to fit most knee walkers (drive medical and others)
Price :    $17.99
Model :    TG0141
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (top glides product review) for DELUXE Universal Knee Walker Pad Cover Black available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Seal Tight Freedom Cast Bandage Protector, Best Watertight Protection, Adult Leg

You don t have to avoid the water because of a cast or bandage. Seal-tight waterproof cast and bandage protectors are the easy way to keep water out during showering, bathing or play. All seal-tight products are latex-free, easy to use and guaranteed to perform. Seal-tight keeps casts and bandages dry. The easy, durable way to stay dry. Easy application eliminates need for strapping, pumps or hook & loop closure. Nonlatex diaphragm stretches easily over cast or bandage to form watertight seal. Durable polyvinyl bag prevents water penetration. Reusable. Lasts the life of the cast. Use for therapeutic care and daily showering or bathing to protect casts and bandages.

Seal Tight Freedom Cast Bandage Protector, Best Watertight Protection, Adult LegFreedom-Bandage-Protector-Watertight-Protection

Brand :    brownmed
Size :    Adult Leg
Weight :    0.34 pounds
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Quantity :    1
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  • Seal-tight waterproof cast and bandage protectors are the easy way to keep water out during showering, bathing or play. - see more at: http://brownmed/our-brands/seal-tight/ sthash. t6jgk0rm. dpuf
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  • Seal-tight keeps casts and bandages dry
Price :    $9.12 (was $10.99)
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IWALK2.0 Hands Free Crutch

The next evolution of the original iwalkfree allows hands free / pain free mobility for people with non-weight bearing lower leg injuries. Why use an arm crutch (or knee scooter) when a leg crutch works so much better? requirements and qualifications for use before you buy, understand that success on the iwalk2. 0 requires only normal balance and strength, provided that you fit it properly. Proper fit is essential, and it s easy if you follow our do-it-yourself instructions. Qualification rule of thumb prior to your injury, were you capable of going up or down stairs without using a hand rail for balance or support? if yes, then you have all the physical capabilities you need to use the iwalk2. 0. Still not sure? try this if you can also balance on one foot for a full 15 seconds, then you can iwalk. Just remember to follow our instructions for first time fitting and use. Age limits because physical condition varies from person to person (especially in the elderly), age is a poor indicator to determine who can use the iwalk2. 0. Instead, we use ability limits. If you re in doubt about your capabilities use our stair guideline shown above. Personal assessment and sound judgement are your best tools to determine if and elderly person will succeed on the iwalk2. 0. Iwalk2. 0 is not suited for you if: you cannot bend your injured leg 90 degrees your injury is to the knee or above the knee you had mobility limitations prior to your injury you have proprioception impairment, i. E. Diabetic neuropathy iwalk2. 0 will work for you if: you are motivated to use the iwalk2. 0 you are willing to follow our instructions on learning to fit and use the iwalk2. 0 initially you are between 4 10 and 6 6 tall you weigh 275 pounds or less.

IWALK2.0 Hands Free CrutchiWALK-HFC20001BK-iWALK2-0-Hands-Crutch

Brand :    iwalk
Color :    Black
Size :    One size fits all
Weight :    5.00 pounds
  • Fitting - proper fitting is essential for proper function. but it's easy if you follow our video or printed instructions. failure to do so can result in the device not functioning correctly. your safety is our primary concern, so view all instructions before your first use. technical support by phone or email is also available. when fitted properly, iwalk2. 0 becomes an integral part of your leg, and adaptation is quick and easy. so say goodbye to crutches and scooters and enjoy the future of mobility with iwalk2. 0. adaptation time - some people adapt immediately. others take longer. make sure you're willing to spend at least one day to get fully up to speed on your iwalk. if not, other mobility devices might be a better choice for you.
  • Way better than crutches or knee scooters - before you buy , click on the more button below and read the entire listing to make sure iwalk2. 0 is right for you. iwalk2. 0 is a hands free / pain free crutch alternative. get back your functional lifestyle because your hands and arms are free! eliminate the pain and inconvenience of crutches and scooters. one size fits most adults from 5'0 to 6'4" (see sizing chart in the images at left). converts easily for left or right leg with no tools. quick release straps for easy on / off. so what are you waiting for? stop crutching and start iwalking today!
  • Other - follow our instructions! learning to fit and use iwalk2. o is easy, but it's not common knowledge. to succeed quickly you must use our video and written instructions. adaptation time - some people adapt in five minutes or less. others take longer. you must be willing to allow yourself at least one full day to gain proficiency. elderly - as we age, physical ability varies from person to person. age limits are too arbitrary, so we use ability limits instead. see can you use it above and be honest with yourself - if you cannot pass the two basic tests, iwalk2. 0 will probably not work for you.
  • Can you use it? before you buy, confirm that you meet these qualifications - 1. before your injury, could you fluidly walk up and down stairs at normal speed without using the hand rail? 2. can you balance on one foot for at least 30 seconds? if you answer no to either question, then iwalk2. 0 is not right for you. if yes to both, then click on the more button below carefully read this entire listing including the requirements and qualifications in product description section below. this is particularly important if you are elderly, overweight or have other mobility limitations.
  • Sizing - one size fits most - we use height as a reference, but leg length is what matters. iwalk2. 0 is designed to fit users from 4'10" to 6'6", however, if you are at the tall or short ends of the spectrum (4'10"-5'2" and 6'2"-6'6"), there's a 5% chance your leg length proportions will be outside of the crutch's adjustment range. please see the requirements in the sizing diagram in the images at left. note that elderly and those with obesity and other mobility challenges may be incapable of adapting to iwalk2. 0. read the requirements and qualifications section below before you buy.
Price :    $149.00
Model :    HFC20001BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (iwalk product review) for IWALK2.0 Hands Free Crutch available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Dr Kay's Adjustable Height Bath Shower Seat Top Rated Shower Bench

Comfort and safety come together in this lightweight, yet exceptionally stable, sturdy bath seat. Its adjustable height and convenient size make it perfect for a wide range of user needs and shower/tub sizes. Height adjusts from 12. 5" to 18. 5" no tools are needed to adjust the seat to your desired height. Simply slide the legs up or down, then push in the anchor pins. Anti-slip platform with drainage holes stay comfortable even under the shower with this curved seat platform. Four holes let water drain away quickly, so you're never sitting in a pool. Side handles provide an extra measure of security, and also make it easy to pick up and carry the seat. Wide base and anti-slip rubber feet for stability dr kay's bath seat features a flared leg configuration that helps prevent it from tipping over. Plus, rubber feet stop it from sliding around while you sit or stand up. Leg spread dimensions at ground level are 15. 5" x 14. 5", which fit well inside smaller tubs and shower enclosures and allow the seat to stand perfectly level for optimal safety. Lightweight, yet sturdy construction the frame is made of heavy-duty, anodized aluminum that resists corrosion and minimizes the weight you have to pick up; in fact, it weighs only 4 pounds. Yet it will safely hold a person weighing up to 250 lbs.

Dr Kay's Adjustable Height Bath Shower Seat Top Rated Shower BenchDr-Kays-Adjustable-Height-Shower

Brand :    dr kay's
Model :    82419
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Price :    $29.95
  • Our maximum height is a full 2-inches higher: some of our closest competitors make a similar product, but they skimp on the height - which could leave you struggling. adjusts from 12. 5" to 18. 5".
  • Easily lifts with built-in side handles: we want this seat to help make your life easier, so we made it unbelievably lightweight, stable and strong. tall or short, you'll be able to adjust it to the height that best suits you.
  • You don't need any tools to assemble: the seat is molded from heavy duty anodized aluminum that is resistant to corrosion and rust. you'll be able to count on this bench for many years to come.
  • Lightweight and exceptionally stable: don't sacrifice your comfort for safety when you can easily have them both with dr. kay's adjustable height shower seat. weighs only 4 lbs but can hold 250 lbs.
  • Fits even in small tubs and showers: the ample anti-slip platform and wide base give this stool maximum stability while the non-slip rubber feet ensure the bench won't slip out from under you.

drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker crutch alternative Price : 138.08, was : 149.72 as 2017-03-15
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Drive Medical Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative (790) Reviewed by on

Top drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker crutch alternative (790) Content

The F.A.Q. for drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker crutch alternative

This scooter is a must for those who have a non-weight bearing lower leg issue. It works great around the house and is very maneuverable around furniture and doorways. It glides over tile and wood floors but still works well on carpet. When stopped with the brakes locked, you have your hands free to get things done. And when you sit it can serve as a footstool to keep your leg elevated. Cons sidewalk seams/cracks, bumps, rug edges or similar things jar the handlebars and can quickly knock you off balance if you don't have a secure hold. The knee pad isn't that comfortable after prolonged use (i'm looking into a padded cover. ) i have a painful callous developing after 2 weeks. A major design flaw is the raised letter "drive" logo in the middle of the knee pad. It comes into play if you ride with your knee back 5 or 6 inches or if you use the scooter sideways, which i do when i'm at a counter, bench or sink for an extended time. Despite these issues, i highly recommend this device and would buy it again without hesitation. It gives you freedom that you don't get with crutches.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: For short people

(1) Question: What is the weight limit for this product?

(2) Question: Does this model fold up at all?

(3) Question: Is there a parking brake on this walker?

(4) Question: My brake cable broke. where can i buy a replacement?

(5) Question: I need a basket for knee walker?

(6) Question: How easy is it to travel with?

(7) Question: How effective are the brakes while driving downhill? can they only slow down the scooter or can they stop it?

(8) Question: What are wheels made of?

(note) Question: where/how to get Drive Medical (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Drive Medical's products


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I give 5 stars for this scooter as an indoor scooter. This one i received is different from the one i "test drove" that i believe people have been posting about. Mine doesn't have the cross-hatched knee rest and the rest seems a little harder than the dv8 i tried in a store but seems more durable. The turning radius is also maybe slightly not as good as the older model but it feels much more solid and i don't feel at all nervous about tipping. I test drove the free spirit and a roscoe and felt that this one felt more stable. It came down to a choice between this one and the knee rover (steerable in green) which also has gotten great reviews. I chose this one because it has wider wheels. The free spirit and the roscoe i tried had wheels a bit closer together and i think that's why they didn't feel as stable. The wheels on the knee rover looks similarly close together and i did see a number of reviews where tipping was mentioned. The joints on the dv8as a lttle shaky as some people have posted, but i don't feel that that impacts the stability at all. Mine also came with a very convenient basket. I did use this outdoors once getting it from the office to my car and it wasn't a smooth ride - doable but not the most comfortable ride. If you use it outdoors, go slowly. It did stop on me once when i hit a bump, so i could see where you might fall if you were going too fast. Set up was pretty easy to figure out. These are my impressions after a few days of use. I will update my review after a couple months if there are changes to my experience. So far i am very happy with this scooter and would recommend it if you are mainly indoors.

Bestsellers, Health Personal CareTop Drive Medical Dv8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative (790) FAQ Content

Best drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker crutch alternative (790) in review

Durable. I took this scooter to aruba for a wedding while recovering from torn achilles surgery and could not have survived without it. It managed the boardwalk, beach, someone riding it into a pool, a groom crashing it on a dance floor, and many more somewhat intoxicated riders taking it for a spin. I highly suggest attaching a cup holder and or basket to help carry drinks and other essential belongings. Caution, this thing is fast and fun, maybe too much so as i did get pulled over in an aruban mall by a cop for speeding. He didn't realize this was an fda approved medical device, but after was very apologetic and helped me clear traffic to get on my way. . I've attached a photo of the groom crashing the scooter into a dj stand while carrying a million drinks. I do not suggest using long stem champagne flutes or any type of glassware in general while ridding. Both groom and scooter survived unscatthed.

Z. Wimbish, Champagne-Ardenne

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W. Guest, Blackburn with Darwen says

I just received this as i wanted to get it before my achilles tendon surgery. It came in a big box that was packed nicely. There were not that many parts to put together & the only tool needed was provided. There are not many instructions & it did not look that hard to do. The problem i had was i was thinking it went together a certain way but the handle bars came out in the wrong place. When finally i noticed two arrows that needed to line up & followed that it was done in no time. The instructions should have pointed out the arrows. It took really no time to assemble. I tried it out & think it will really help out once i can't use my foot for almost 3 months. I am 5'8 and 230 lbs but it was an easy fit. It also seems very well made and sturdy. I would advise to keep both hands on the handle bars. I purchased a basket separately that fits really nicely. I am very pleased & hope to put the knee walker to good use. I'll report back after i have some experience with it. . *. So i came back 5 weeks later to fill in some feedback after i actually used this clever invention. I have to say it was wonderful. I had achilles tendon surgery so i was not able to put any weight on my foot initially. Of course i used crutches but it was so challenging. I started using the knee walker week 1. I kept my time up to an absolute minimum but this really helped me get to things like the bathroom or just across the room. I had fallen the very 1st day after surgery so that drove me to be very careful & the knee walker helped. Around the 2nd week i figured out i could use the knee walker to help me get up one tall step in the house between the family room and the kitchen. Before that i had food brought to me as i could not get to the kitchen. I used the knee walker to help in a excursion back to my house (i was staying with family). This aided tremendously getting from the car to the front door. After 3 weeks & my return home, the knee walker was essential for helping me get things done around the house. Let's be honest, using crutches is exhausting. With the knee walker i wasn't so exhausted. . You do need to pay attention to what you are doing. It's not a bike or a scooter. It's a medical aid device & with your injury you tend to be weaker and more off balance so always pay attention to what you are doing. You also need to watch bumps or changes in the surface for irregularities. I don't fault the knee walker on any thing regarding performance in these sitiations. I guess people who had issues may not have been as vigilant about safety in their use. You do need to use two hands so one accessory that is vital is to purchase a basket for the front. With this i was able to carry so many things. I fed the cats, i fed me, i carried my laundry, i carried my water bottles and so much more. . I really can't say enough about how beneficial this product was. It was well worth the purchase price and with it being on sale it was a good deal.

C. Kelly, Barnsley

This review covers four recently purchased products that are helping to make life with my broken foot somewhat bearable:. . 1. Drive medical dv8 aluminum steerable knee walker. 2. Knee walker pad cover by vive. 3. Schwinn quick release wire basket. 4. Seal tight freedom cast and bandage protector - adult leg. . I am a sixty-five year old male, 6'1" tall, 185 lbs. I am recently retired and kept in good shape through running and gym workouts. During a run a little over a week ago, i made a quick move to avoid dogs on a leash lunging at me, rolled my ankle and broke my fifth metatarsal (jones fracture). Upon leaving the emergency room, they gave me crutches. I used them for about a day and a half and found them to be a real pain in the hands and lacked stability. Luckily, we still had my mother-in-law's old walker. I used the walker for the next five days. During this time, my orthopedic doctor fitted me with a walking boot which in my case is a misnomer because i'm not supposed to walk in it. Apparently they don't cast your foot anymore but instead give you a walking boot to keep your foot stable and protect it. I found the walker to work much better than crutches for getting around. Since i'm retired, 'getting around' means just in the house. I can't imagine needing to get around with a daily job. Even though the walker worked much better, after a few days, i found that my hands had become very sore from pressing down on the walker handles to support my weight. I started wearing my padded bicycle gloves but my hands still hurt. At the time that my doctor gave me the walking boot, i recalled that such a thing as a 'knee walker' existed and had him prescribe one for me. My wife took me to a local medical supply store where they told us that they first had to submit the request to medicare (i am proudly now on medicare). The next day we found out that medicare doesn't cover the use of knee walkers. The store did tell us that we could rent one for $150 per month. I checked with another store that told me that i could rent one for $100 per month. Now on day five of my injury, i searched online store for knee walkers. . After my usual extensive research, i decided to purchase the knee walker that i named above. I am very happy with my purchase. First of all, i must say that using a knee walker is so much better than using crutches or a regular walker. But having a regular walker is still useful in certain situation such as when getting in and out of the car for a visit to the doctor or where ever. The knee walker handle bar stem does fold down and i'll probably test out having my wife get it in and out of the trunk for an appointment that i have next week that will include a semi-lengthy 'walk'. I purchased this particular knee walker for these reasons: 1. The seat is not split but rather has an indentation that allows you to position your knee perpendicular to the seat - i felt that this would be beneficial when needing to 'stand' near kitchen counters and the such. 2. My wife would be more easily able to lift an aluminum knee walker as opposed to a steel knee walker. 3. I felt that dual brakes were better than one brake. And yes, i think you are better with dual brakes because they really don't grab particularly well. But that is a result of having 'tires' that are skinny and hard (a good thing in this case). The 'tires' are like large inline skating wheels. Because they are skinny and hard, you can slide the knee walker around easier. For instance, when i'm sitting at the kitchen table and have my knee walker next to me, i can easily slide the back end of the knee walker across the floor so that it's pointing in the other direction for easier transfer from my chair back to the knee walker. I don't really use the brakes to stop my forward motion. I would lock the brakes if i wanted to kneel in a stationary position without rolling out of place. 4. This knee walker had the best and most reviews on online store. I did see that this walker did not come with a basket but i felt that points one and two for my reasons for buying over-rode this one negative point. . As for the knee walker pad cover listed above, it fits the seat perfectly. I can tell that without this extra padding, the seat could become uncomfortable on your knee over time. I do recommend getting the seat cover. . I saw that most people purchased the schwinn basket. I tried seeing if i could find a cheaper basket because i figured that a basket is a basket. But anything less expensive appeared to not come with mounting brackets. I didn't really see brackets discussed with the schwinn basket but i figured that customers would give negative reviews if it didn't come with a mounting bracket. I can tell you that it does come with a mounting bracket. It mounts up on the handle bars rather than down on the pole which is perfectly fine. And it has a release mechanism and the basket has a handle so that you can remove the basket and carry it around if necessary. . Finally, i'm glad that i ordered the cast protector. I initially felt that putting a garbage bag around my walking boot and keeping it in place on my leg with a rubber band would be fine. And actually, that did work fairly well. But i always kept my leg outside of the shower because i didn't trust that my walking boot would remain dry. With my new cast protector (named above), i can easily keep my leg inside the shower without worry that my walking boot will get wet. We have a standing shower that i normally use. But the closest shower in our house is a tub/shower. I place a shower chair (thanks again to my mother-in-law) inside the tub and take a nice relaxing shower while sitting with both legs inside the tub. I don't have to worry about water splashing outside of the tub because my leg is not outside the shower curtain. The rubber seal at the top of the cast protector is an excellent seal around your leg. But it does take a little work stretching the rubber seal up and over your walking boot. I try being very careful not to catch the rubber on anything that might cause it to rip. I've used it for three showers now with no problems. . I've never broken a bone in my life except for twice getting some cracked ribs from bicycle race crashes years ago. Since the whole process of living with a broken foot is such a pain (although the foot doesn't really hurt much unless i move or knock it the wrong way), i wanted to provide this lengthy review in order to help others finding themselves in a similar situation.

F. Hadley, Thurrock says

Oh, man, is this ride sweet. After my foot surgery, i found that crutches were pretty much unworkable because having my foot down near the floor caused blood to pool in it, resulting in instant throbbing pain. Thank goodness i had the drive 790. It arrived in a sturdy box with good instructions, and my very kind hubby assembled it to perfection in under an hour. There were lots of little adjustments to brake sensitivity, knee-rest height, etc, but it was soon sorted out. . It rolls like buttah, turns in a very narrow radius, steers responsively, brakes firmly and instantly, and is extremely sturdy and nearly impossible to tip, even when you're turning, or going over bumpy surfaces. The handle also folds down nicely so it fits well in a car. I considered buying a faux-sheepskin knee rest cover, but i'm glad i waited - so far, the knee rest has been very comfortable. It also has an extra indentation so it can be used as a knee rest when the item is braked and you want to lay your knee across the seat, instead of lengthwise. It's also a great leg rest when you're sitting down. That gives it greater versatility. I bought the sunlite mesh-bottom lift off bicycle basket to go with it. (mine is black, but it's also available in light blue and pink. ) it comes in handy because there's no way to carry anything at all in your hands or arms while operating this thing. . I was given a prescription for this item, and my surgeon suggested a rental, though he warned me it would be unlikely to be covered by my insurance company. Well, i know my insurance company, and "unlikely" pretty much means "don't bother. " so instead of paying the $100/month to rent a well-used one, i got one in two days via online store for $200. On my recent visit to one of the best orthopedic surgery hospitals in the country, i counted four of these being used by outpatients, and no other scooters were in sight. That's a pretty good endorsement. . This has been the most useful thing i've had to prevent postoperative pain and accidental weight-bearing. I found it especially useful for getting to the bathroom when dizzy from codeine and exhausted from. Well, everything. I kept toppling over when i tried to use crutches and i was terrified that i'd accidentally put weight on my foot. Those 10 feet from bed to bathroom can be the hardest when you're in a non-weight-bearing cast, as you foot-surgery veterans know. Hooray for the drive 790! very highly recommended. And if you're reading this, best wishes for a smooth-rollin' recovery. :)

Y. Patricia, Sachsen-Anhalt

I bought both the drive medical 790 & 796 (used in lieu of crutches during fractured foot-bone recovery). This is kind of a lengthy review, but hopefully others will find it useful, since even the manufacturer's website didn't provide enough details to answer some of the questions that came to mind as i was trying to compare models & features. Some assembly insights are added in a response commentary. . From reviewing many of the negative reviews, it appears that there are far too many users who tried one of these and suffered additional injuries because they fell off while using it. So, towards hopefully not having others suffering from even further injuries using any steerable knee walker - perhaps a good criteria whether any of these might be for you is, if, before your injury, would you be able to hop on any two-wheeled bicycle, and ride it down the road, street, or sidewalk? . . In not, think pretty carefully whether one of these is your ideal option, because using one employs much of the same skillset - visual awareness and processing of what you're rolling over, good balance, awareness of, & managing your center of gravity, hand and upper body strength, and just generally being aware, careful, and employing common sense. The way almost all these are designed, they get inherently less stable the more the wheels are turned, because the axle turns with the wheels - you make a turn too fast, have the wheels turned and lean to the wrong side, don't lock the brakes and keep the wheels pointed straight ahead getting on/off it, hit an obstacle or ramp ledge while moving too fast or not paying attention, let the speed get away from you on a downslope, lean too far forward and risk flipping over the front bars or straight down on your face, etc - it's less stable and your risk of tumbling off the thing increases. There are a couple of these that have a fixed front axle, and only the front wheels turn. If managing the personal balancing with one of these models isn't your bag, the ones that have fixed axles/steerable wheels are more stable and perhaps a better choice (at last look, they are also more expensive, presumably due to more complexity). However, much of the bike-riding/usage skillset still applies for those with a fixed front axle. Think about it, the triangulated support points of any of these, necessitated by having to have clearance for the leg you're scooting with, means some inherent instability, which at least is helped by having two rear wheels instead of just one - the only way these could be more stable would be rear wheels placed as wide as the fronts, and to clear your stride, they then would have to be so long they would be completely impractical to maneuver in a house, never mind too heavy and cumbersome for vehicle stowage or, pretty much any convenient usage. These work great for lots of people, as evidenced by many reviews, but they are definitely not for everyone. . There are some further caveats in the rest of the review, but that covers perhaps the main stuff - if you can't handle the balance of bicycling, or riding a bike in general, this particular design of walking aid may not be for you. . On to the positives -. . Main point - for outdoor use and collapsing the steering column for stowage in a vehicle, the 790 is by far the better choice compared to the 796. . The handles on the 790's steering column are wider than the 796, which means you have better leverage for steering control, and thus, better steering control. . The 796 does come with a small basket, which is handy, but the schwinn quick-release wire basket, although a separate purchase, is bigger, and not too hard to attach. . The 790's release catch to fold down the steering column is much easier to use vs. The 796. The catch release on the 790 can be a one-handed maneuver, although you'll probably use the other hand to keep the steering column from just falling down once the catch is released. You slide up a spring button to release the flip lever, which has a tab that catches the latch-bolt as you pull down the flip lever. The 796 catch release is a push-button, but the push button is so small you can't use your finger, you have to use something like the eraser-end of a pencil to be able to push it in far enough to release the catch and fold it down, obviously a nuisance to try to do in the haste-of-the-moment of stowing it into your vehicle. Between that and the shorter steering handles, i think the 796 is better suited to indoor use. To be fair, i saw one comment that just pulling down on the 796 steering column worked and you don't need to press the button - that didn't seem obvious to me, but i'll try it and see if it works and either revise or add a comment later. . The only negative i found to the latching on the 790 is the latch-bolt is spring loaded, and occasionally, the tab on the flip-lever release could push past it, meaning you have to pull down the latch-bolt by hand (quicker), or flip the lever up and down trying to get it to re-catch. You can most easily release the catch by pulling the steering column towards the catch mechanism, which ensures it's flush to the bottom section of the steering shaft and not putting any pressure against the latch bolt, leaving the latch-bolt free to pivot down without resistance. . Turning radius:. . The 790 has a good-bit tighter turning radius than the 796, as you can turn the steering column/wheels further side-to-side. This is handy everywhere, although especially inside within tighter quarters. The downside to this is it can be easier to get off balance with the 790 - you have to be careful not to crank the steering all the way to the side of your good leg and lean over your elevated leg the other way, you can go right over. . A little cautious forethought and you can avoid spilling yourself. The 796 is more tip-proof in that regard since you can't turn the steering as far - in that sense the 796 might be a better choice for a senior 70's-80's+. . The 790 does not have a knee pad slightly offset to one side, the 796 does have an offset knee pad. For the 796, you want to make sure the knee pad is offset towards the 'scoot' leg, which also makes it more tip-proof (since it moves your center of gravity more off of the center-line of the scooter). Interestingly, even though made by the same company, the seat columns are different diameters and thus not interchangeable (i tried, wouldn't swap). The other advantage of an offset seat is your 'scooting' foot is over a little further and less prone to rake against the rear wheel. I didn't really have a problem with that with the 790, although it's advisable to wear some sort of foot gear scooting around indoors rather than just socks or barefoot, lest you rake a bare ankle or foot against the rear wheels. I saw some reviews of people running over their own feet and breaking their toes - so, yes, possible, but be careful and you can avoid doing that - also another reason why not to scoot around in bare feet or sandals. . The wheels spin very freely on the 790, you can really get moving on this thing outdoors, and if you hit a pavement/surface irregularity at speed, that could make you go down, so it's a good idea not to get too carried away with zipping along, advisable to keep rolling at walking speed. I opted to lift the front slightly over sidewalk gaps & wheelchair ramps rather than trust the front wheels not to catch and force an unwanted sudden turn. It got some usage on city streets, here they have these dimpled 'traction pads' (for lack of a better description) on the sloped part of the sidewalk ramps; the dimples are large enough and high enough that they are difficult to traverse over with a knee walker, the dimples have the handlebars wanting to twist out of your hands - no way to roll over those things quickly or easily. The 796 wheels also turn freely enough, the 796 steering column seemed to have more resistance than the 790, although that could be attributed to having less turning leverage with the shorter handlebars. . Brakes/braking:. . The 790 has a bicycle-style brake handle on each handlebar for each rear brake, and there is a separate brake on both rear wheels. . The 796 has a single brake handle which actuates brakes on both rear wheels. . The 790 has serrated metal pieces that press against the rear wheels for braking; the 796 uses bicycle-style rubber brake pads that press against the rear wheels. Both models, you can lock the brakes on, and pulling the brake handle releases the spring-loaded brake lock. If it isn't obvious, releasing the brakes allows the rear wheels to roll freely; if the brakes are unlocked but still tight against the rear wheels, obviously they're out of adjustment - the provided instructions explained how to adjust the brakes, up to a point. . Because of the serrated metal 'pads' and handles for each rear brake, the 790 has more stopping power for the brakes - having two hands braking obviously you can apply more braking force than being able to only use one hand, as on the 796; that, plus the rubber brake pads of the 796, although a replaceable wear item, can't bite against the rear wheels as much as the metal counterparts on the 790. If the rear wheels of the 796 get wet, it would be the same loss of stopping grip as a bicycle in the rain. The serrated metal of the 790, that's not much of an issue, except it can be easier to just lock up one or both of the rear wheels (thus back to keeping rolling speed within reason). In the couple months usage, i didn't discern enough usable wear on the rear wheels to be a problem - seems like it would take a long time for the metal pads of the 790's brakes to wear the wheels to the point of needing replacements. . The 790 brake cables did stretch some (similar to bikes) over the couple months usage, but not enough that i couldn't re-adjust within the range of the turning adjusters - further stretching would require pulling the cable tighter through the bolt clamps (again, similar to bicycles). . The knee pads on both models were well-cushioned and fine, just different designs. The 796 has the offset knee pad, the 790 doesn't, the 796 has two large square pads with somewhat more cushioning, the 790 is a molded single piece of cushioned foam, no problem for me with comfort/use of either. Many reviews have users complaining of discomfort with the 790 knee pad, or it splitting or tearing - i didn't have that happen, and rarely did i keep my knee on it for any great length of time. Even if out shopping or whatever, if i was stopped for awhile, straightening the good leg to stand up a bit would vary and relieve tension and pressure. If you can't take some pressure off the knee on the knee pad by standing up straight with your good leg, i'd say you probably have the knee pad adjusted too high. Some reviews have complaints of skin abrasion/discomfort - i'd say it's probably not a good idea to have your knee on the pads bare-skinned, except possibly for just a few minutes usage at a time indoors. Heading out all afternoon in shorts, probably not a good idea, that could necessitate some sort of additional padding or cushioning. Also, if for whatever reason you have to lean heavily on the knee pad a lot, that could make it uncomfortable. If you have bad knees, bad knee arthritis, or other complications, obviously having to place a lot of body weight on the knee can make for a problem. For me though, it was fine, no problems for either. . Using the 790 more regularly, i found the adjusting/locking knob for the knee-pad post would occasionally loosen and require re-tightening, no big deal really, just something to check every so often. . Don't know how i did it, but accidentally knocked off the small retaining circlip on the underside of one of the 790's brake locking buttons - must have knocked it against something, although maneuvering it in & out of my truck was more of a hasty rather than careful procedure. Not a flaw, i suspect most would not have this happen. . The 796 is tools-free assembly, the 790 involves some simple assembly of the steering column with a provided allen wrench - the biggest challenge for the 790 is getting the handlebars parallel with the front wheels. If you push the front wheels against a straight wall, you'll have more visual reference for parallel alignment. Both come in a good-sized box that's easy enough to open, i think the 796 box had industrial staples at the seams, & the 790 was seam-glued. I think both were taped shut. . I found i could use the 790 to navigate my 6 outside deck stairs (which also have a railing) - the steps up to the deck (& house door) were more than deep enough for both rear wheels to rest solidly on the steps pushed against the next step, and with the handlebars turned at full lock away from the steps (towards me), the one front wheel was more center-line, and with the brakes locked, made for a stable platform i could place my knee on, and then step up a step, although i then had to lift the walker and reposition it on the the next step up with one arm while holding the railing with the other for balance - the makers would never suggest doing that due to the risks on the stairs, but if you have the strength for it, i found it manageable enough with no problem, going up or down, although up was easier because one side of the steps was railing, the other, house. Sure beat scootching up a few outside steps in bad weather one at a time on my butt. My indoor stairs are nowhere near deep enough, and, too many steps besides; also too risky & too slow. Needing to be upstairs made keeping a 2nd on walker on the upper floor a logical choice. Trying to haul the scooter up & down solo all the time, too much hassle. In any case, using it to navigate stairs is only recommended if the stairs are deep enough to rest both back wheels, and, it's just a few stairs - that, plus turning it completely and pushing the other front wheel against the step, is the only way it's stable to make a secure maneuver. Don't even try it if your not sure about it, as the risk of a fall and further injury while trying to heal isn't worth it. . The 790 gets 5 stars, i'd say giving it an offset knee-pad would about make it perfect, but it's perfectly fine as-is. . The 796 gets 3 stars due to lack-of-ease with the release catch for folding down the steering column, shorter handlebars, single handbrake handle, and the nuisance with the greater turning radius.

B. Weber, Halton says

About 4 weeks ago, i had foot/ankle surgery. This surgery involves no weight bearing for 8-16 weeks. Needless to say i was really concerned how i would continue to work and maintain some kind of active lifestyle using crutches or a traditional walker. I was pathetic and scary on a crutches and possibly would have broken another appendage. A traditional walker makes you hop on what is left of your good foot and so it also not practical. I asked my doctor, prior to surgery about the knee walker and he had limited knowledge of it , but said for me to try local medical appliance places. I ended up purchasing the drive walker from online store after finding prices locally of $700-+$1000! . I have had dozens of people come up to me asking me where i got it, and how it looked so much better than crutches. Even the doctors office had never seen a steerable one. I tried the one that doesn't steer at a local store, and it was horrible. I can say without this device, i would be homebound. It has allowed my to return to work after less than a week from surgery ( no stairs, flat floors). I can still do most of my housework, laundry, making meals. I can go shopping, out to eat and even still go to the y to roll on the indoor track and do upper body weight lifting. It is awesome for helping me get into the shower. I lock the brakes, balance on my bad leg and lift my good leg with the help of a shower handle(also purchased from online store), over the shower threshold, and sit down on a shower stool (also purchased from online store). The knee walker is incredibly stable, it has never tilted or tipped with me achieving this task. I also purchased a led flashlight that attaches to the handle bars for late night trips in my house and also the sunlite mesh bottom removable bicycle basket ( from online store). This basket is a lifesaver, it carries about everything for me ( purse, water bottle, small amounts of groceries, laundry, paperwork, mail, etc). It detaches quickly for going in tight places and is indispensable. Carrying things one handed with the kneewalker in not advisable. It is hard to steer this way and could tip over, plus if you are like me, you will find you drop stuff constantly. . After 4 weeks of use i would like to offer the following tips/safety information:. . 1) the knee walker is close to perfect for rolling effortlessly on a smooth flat surface. On anything else, you better be attentive, alert and super careful. Uneven pavement, gravel, rocks, cracks, thresholds(such as entering buildings), even raised painted places in parking lots will violently throw the front wheels. Hold on tight to both sides of the handlebars and keep your good foot on the ground 100% of the time in all situations. Even on smooth pavement, be careful to not get over confident. I ran the back wheel of mine into a pallet in a grocery store that i thought i had cleared and it almost threw me off. Small pebbles can throw the front wheels. Most entrances to buildings have non-slip mats or carpets that can throw you. Handicap entrances to sidewalks tend to have hard knobby surfaces, i guess to prevent slippage, these can be tough to navigate on a knee walker. You will get use to these obstacles as long as you use common sense and do not get overconfident. Give yourself plenty of time to go to and from buildings outside and probably forget it if you have a gravel driveway. 2) be sure to lock the knee walker when mounting or dismounting. It will fly, and will fly out from under you in a heartbeat. When locked, it has always appeared to be very stable. Be sure to lock it too if you are bending down to pick something up from the floor. It will roll out from under you. 3) don't wear clothes that dangles down, it can get caught in the wheels, like riding a bike. 4) invest in a pair of good, no finger bicyling gloves. Preferably ones with gel inserts. You will be surprised how sore your palms will get after days of usage supporting your upper body. 5) i have not found the knee walker to do poorly in wet situations, but still use common sense. 6) check all the hardwear on the kneewalker periodically and make sure it is still tight. I have had to tighten some of the hardwear a couple of times after use. 7) if you only have one that you use at home and out in the community, be prepared to clean the wheels. I have family members clean it before i use it in the house after returning home, they wipe the wheels with a wet cloth. You would be surprised how dirty they get! the cloth is black and i definitely did not want to get that on my hardwood floors or carpet. 8) be super careful on any downhill, even handicap small ramps going up to sidewalks. The front wheels of the walker tend to stick where the ramps meet the pavement at the bottom and i have learned to pick the wheels up at the bottom. Kinda like getting stuck facing downward. Use both brakes evenly going downhill. The brakes are great, but be careful pulling them hard, you will wreck! they stop on a dime. 9) the knee walker is kind of heavy, 20+ pounds. To get it in my car, i use a lightweight 2 step stool, usually used in a kitchen. I found this to only weigh a few pounds and it is about the same height as the knee walker. I put a towel on the top step, put my bad foot knee on the towel and then find it easy to pick the knee walker up to place it in the car. The kneewalker was too heavy for me to stand on one foot and lift in the car. The stepstool folds flat and takes up little room in the car. 10) it is a terrific foot rest. When i am not moving, i have my foot propped up on it to keep it elevated. . Good luck with your recovery! i would suggest purchasing this prior to your surgery to get some practice. It is very easy to use and with some real care in rough surface conditions, it seems to be just as safe as crutches. Use common sense and keep it away from your teenagers or spouses who want to use it to do tricks!

H. Mays, South Dakota

After having ankle surgery i started out with a knee crutch. Big mistake! i never felt stable with the knee crutches. I then purchased the dv8 and i have been very happy. No matter what knee walker you buy i strongly suggest you get these features; front steering and hand brakes. The dv8 has a tight enough turn radius to be maneuverable but limited enough to maintain stability. There are hand brakes for each rear wheel which you will need when mounting or dismounting the walker. The wheels, although they appear black, are encased in clear plastic which do not mark flooring. On hard surfaces the dv8 will go for a long way on a single push while carpet will give resistance. Only thing this needs is a basket because you should not ride this with only one hand and the basket really helps ; i recommend the schwinn detachable basket which comes off easily and still allows you to fold the walker.

V. Anderson, Thurrock says

Our daughter had foot surgery last month and just began high school last week. This mobility knee-walker has allowed her considerable freedom of movement while at school, and saves her family a considerable amount of grief too. She is now able to shop and visit her friends much more easily than if she were limited to crutches. The knee walker itself is durable, very easy to construct, and relatively inexpensive. I can't recommend it highly enough. I would also recommend the sun lite mesh-bottom basket as an accessory, and also the knee walker pad cover (both available through online store). The faux sheepskin pad makes the walker seat more comfortable on the leg for lengthy excursions, and the basket was a convenient way for our daughter to carry her backpack, books, purse, and folders around school. This is definitely a worthwhile investment for those who require physical rehabilitation post-surgery.

G. Brendon, Wiltshire

I bought the drive medical dv8 aluminum knee walker from online store prior to heel/achilles surgery on october 6. Price was much lower than scooters for sale at medical supply stores, and also less expensive than renting one for the 2 months plus that i can't put any weight on my foot. After reading many reviews i decided on this model, and it was an excellent choice! i had tested other brands available for rent, but found this one far superior in construction and maneuverability. My physical therapist assembled it when it arrived, only 3 days after ordering. I also bought the schwinn wire basket, which comes in very handy for carrying all sorts of items. I should have ordered the fleece cover, as i didn't realize that the raised "drive" lettering on the seat would irritate my shin almost immediately. (i bought it shortly afterward). With a piece of carpet pad under the cover, the seat is as comfortable as it can be with a fiberglass cast which has a wide, hard rim. I am very pleased with this knee walker, as it has given me great mobility around the house, and ease in transferring from it to bed , recliner, toilet etc. After a lesson from the physical therapist, i have learned how to position it for best transitioning. I find it very easy to maneuver, as it has a good turning radius. . I haven't tried it outside yet, but i do know you need to keep both hands on the handlebars when going over transition areas and rough surfaces. Mostly common sense things that you need to be aware of. . Note: after using this for 4 weeks, the left brake cable pulled out from the clamp. Don't see any way to reattach it in the booklet that came with the walker. Can't find a number to call (drive) for help. The online store return time has expired, and i don't see a way to contact customer service. . I am non weight bearing for at least 2 more weeks, and am apprehensive because i now have only half a braking system which could be dangerous. The knee walker is my only way to get around inside the house. Help! . . Finally found a contact phone on line & contacted drive medical. They sent a replacement brake handle & cable free of charge. 4 days ago the right brake cable broke. Once again i called drive and they are sending a free replacement for that side. Customer service has been very helpful-it's just annoying to have this problem reoccur after using the knee walker for less than 2 months. Service rep says it's "normal wear & tear", but i question that.

U. Debra, Bayern says

Had foot surgery - and crutches sucked to get around. This scooter was the perfect solution - mobility throughout my house. . I liked:. . O steering! i've tried a scooter without steering, what a pain. Trust me, you want the steering! . O adjustable height seat (knee-pad) . Choose what's comfortable for you. O cost! trying to find something locally cost $450+ ! online store was less than $200. O portable - the front steering column folds down, makes it easily portable in my car. . Cons:. O required a little bit of assembly - in particular, had to futz around getting both brakes adjusted to they didn't rub. (wasn't hard, just took some time and patience). . Suggestions:. O you can separately purchase/add a bicycle basket, which i did. Very helpful to keep your important stuff with you. Phone, water, remote control, whatever you may need. O you can also purchase a matching knee cover. I did. The seat was already a soft rubber, but the seat cushion added extra comfort.

D. Michele, North East Lincolnshire

This is a huge improvement over crutches or walker for someone who doesn't have good upper arm strength. I have been using the knee scooter during recovery from major foot surgery. However, there are some things to keep in mind for safety. I took a spill the first week after surgery and injured my shoulder. 1. Where a closed toe shoe on your good foot to protect it from being rolled over. It will happen. 2. Always be aware of your balance when standing/transferring. 3. Go slow! minor changes in the floor surface will impact your balance. Cracks in the sidewalk, doorway plates, any uneven surface needs special caution. 4. Always lock the brakes before transferring. 5. Be aware of the placement of your wheels when going around corners. These may seem like common sense but i was unaware of how easily my balance could be compromised the first few days out of surgery. . All of the above considered, i'm glad i purchased this item. The two way groove in the seat is helpful for assisting with balance going forward and for turning sideways. Such as leaning over the sink. . Happy healing

A. Finch, Wirral says

I have been using this particular knee scooter for much of the last year due to a recurring foot injury. It works much better than crutches. It's easy to assemble and it's easy to use. And it's got some serious brakes to get things stopped in a hurry. . As long as it's being used on a smooth, solid surface like asphalt, concrete, wood, or tile, it works quite well. At my job, we have concrete floors in my building and the carpeting we do have is more like a covering for the concrete underneath. So there, it works great. But i recently discovered that there are times were it does not work quite so well. In particular, the thick carpeting in the concourses at charlotte/douglas international airport required a lot of effort to move over - so much so that coming back into the main terminal area, i had to dismount because the carpet, combined with the inclined, made the climb impossible for me. And in new orleans itself, where there are a lot of cracked and uneven sidewalks, i really had to work to make sure i stayed upright. . This is a great device to get around with, especially if you are on consistent, smooth surfaces. But if your path takes you over a lot of uneven or broken terrain, you may need to consider something else.

R. Shawna, Nevada

This comes already assemble all you have to do is align the handle bars & tighten the screw inside which they give you the tool for. Read the instructions before doing this to make sure this is done right. Then you have to put on your seat & tighten to the right height, then you are ready to go. This is a great walker but it does not come with a basket like most. It is a little heavy but i did see others & it made me glad i got this one. The seat is nice so that when you want to do something sideways it's got the spot in the seat for your knee. The braking system works awesome & this thing really rolls along nicely in the stores. It's a smooth ride & a very fast ride if you want it to be, lol. The seat is uncomfortable without memory foam padding & a seat cover & even that they get uncomfortable after about 15 minutes. I don't thing any knee walker is made to be pain free because you are riding on your knee which starts to cramp up. This walker is great quality & will last for a long time. I bought the schwinn quick release wire basket for mine & i'm glad i did. I all so bought a cup holder that i used once in a great while but was kind of a wast of money. It turns really nice, goes through grass & dirt with some work but the big wheels are very nice. This is a great walker & i did a lot of research on online store before i bought mine. This one seemed to be the best one for reviews & comfort, i agree.

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