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Price was $36.97. I want to start off by saying that the customer support i received from cvlife was fantastic and is why i'm giving 5 stars. The scope itself i give 4. 5 stars because i like how compact & light weight it is for the price. I paid $49. 99 at the time of this writing. . I needed cvlife support because the first scope arrived without a working laser. I should have taken pictures of how it was packaged because i believe that the damage occurred due to an inattentive packaging person at online store. Along with this scope, i purchased 5 kingston g2 usb microsdhc readers that was packaged in the same box as the scope (which was in it's own box as you can see in the products image). There was no additional packing material which allowed everything in the larger box to "bounce" around. . Inside the scope box was a little bi-fold card stock advertisement for cvlife and it has all the contact information on it, including an email address. I sent them an email explaining what happened. I let them know that there is no documentation accompanying the scope, they attached . Pdf files on their reply. Those . Pdfs have very good information in them, unfortunately you have to ask for them, they are not provided as downloads from their web site. Though the information in the . Pdfs describe the use, function, and maintenance of the scope, it didn't help my situation. I let the cvlife support team know, and they sent a second scope directly from online store. . I received it today, 8/27/2016, package undamaged and everything on the scope works. I'm prepared for the shallow eye relief and will be testing the scope on a variety of rifle calibers starting from . 17 and working up to . 50 and i'm sure it will be all about the recoil and using some form of lock tight to maintain scope accuracy throughout. . More to follow as time allows.

-C. Betty

Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Gun Scopes 20mm & 11mm Eye Relief: 101. 6mm 2. 5x – 76. 2mm 10x Exit Pupil: 16mm 2. 5x – 4mm 10x Illuminated Level: 5 Intensity (red) And 5 Intensity (green) Tube Diameter: 40mm Dimensions: 8. 5″(length) -Cvlife Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Gun Scopes 20mm & 11mm Mount

  1. Benefits: Made Of High Strength Aircraft Aluminum, The Scope Is Durable.
  2. Benefits: Field Of View:100 Yards Of 32. 5′ 2. 5x – 8. 9′ 10x.

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Perfect. Clear lens, good magnification for distant targets. Laser makes switching to close range targets a breeze. Cross hairs are real good and illuminate for dark targets or night. . Completely eliminated any need for my old crappy red dot sight. . I now have two and they both have the same great quality and have held zero through 200+ rounds on both weapons. Best hunting rifle scope red green | Huihaozi-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Jan 2019 ) Benefits CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Gun Scopes with 20mm & 11mm Mount Magnification: 2. 5-10x; power of the gun sight laser:2mw; class of the laser: class iiia. Made of high strength aircraft aluminum, the scope is durable.. Field of view:100 yards of 32. 5' 2. 5x - 8. 9' 10x. Laser reaching distance:100 yards. Reticle illuminated type: red and green .

Cvlife hunting rifle scope 2.5-10x40e red & green illuminated gun scopes with 20mm & 11mm mount Review (us00089)

I love this scope. Granted it's not the most expensive and feature rich but for the price, it's great quality and i love that it's got both red and green colors, selectable by the user depending on what you want to choose. Additionally, you have the laser that allows you to point and shoot without using the scope itself. I also like that it includes two mounts to allows the scope to mount to most any gun you want to use it on whether it has rails or not. -S. Edith

Cvlife Hunting 2 5 10x40e Illuminated Scopes

  • Order: Misc.
  • Brand: CVLIFE
  • Color: 2.5-10x40E Rifle Scope
  • EAN: 6959839720037
  • Product Dimensions:
    Weight:2.00 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Huihaozi
  • MPN: US00089
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: US00089
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS

hunting rifle scope 2.5-10x40e red & green illuminated gun scopes 20mm & 11mm Sports, eye relief: 101. 6mm 2. 5x - 76. 2mm 10x exit pupil: 16mm 2. 5x - 4mm 10x illuminated level: 5 intensity (red) and 5 intensity (green) tube diameter: 40mm dimensions: 8. 5"(length) x 3"(width) x 3"(height) net weight: 580gram(approx. ) package include: 1 x 2. 5-10x40mm rifle scope 1 x lens cover battery: cr 2032 x 1(included)lr1130 x3(laser) 2 x scope mounts for 20mm 11mm weaver dovetail rail only 1 x allen key 1 x cleaning cloth note: with the screw on the top of gun sight laser, you can adjust the direction of it. Cvlife Hunting 2 5 10x40e Illuminated Scopes (-Cvlife).

Cvlife Hunting 2 5 10x40e Illuminated Scopes Sports

hunting rifle scope red green CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Gun Scopes with 20mm & 11mm Mount (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This is my first scope ever. I'm definitely not an authority on scopes but this thing is pretty good considering the price. This is mounted on my ar15 and i forgot to tread lock the mounting screws but the scope has has managed to hold it's accuracy. I recently tried it out to 200 yards and it was slightly off to the right so i made my windage adjustments. Btw, the scope was zeroed in at 100 yards. As for the laser, i guess it's designed for close aiming (maybe 25 yards max? ) so i zeroed that in at 15 yards since the light gets larger with distance. Using a bore laser helps tremendously so i recommend one to help get you on paper. . As a first timer, i have enjoyed learning how to zero in a scope with this piece for $40. One large con however is the fact that it does not come with paper instructions in the box. I had to search online and eventually found a manual. Youtube was also a great help.

Cvlife Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Gun Scopes 20mm & 11mm Mount
Click to see NoticeCvlife Hunting 2 5 10x40e Illuminated Scopes (us00089)"Really, really surprised with the quality of this scope for the price! has a very clear reticule that illuminates clear in bright sun with the red/green illumination on. Attaches easily to my picatinny rail on my ar, however, well definitely have to loctite the screws down once you have the score mounted to where you like. The laser light, at night, is pretty bright, during day light, not so much. The eye relief is really short, i removed my rear sight to make room for the scope, because it had to be placed so far rear ward. It's a bit heavy, but not incredibly so, maybe 2 of felt weight. But the gun still feels balanced. The included lens covers are clear, so you don't have to remove them to use the scope, which i like. Zeroing in the scope took 21 clicks of adjustment right, and 9 down at 25 yards. But the adjustment knobs are very easy to use, no tools required, and after zeroing in, they stayed at zero, so no further adjustments where necessary. Going to take it out this weekend and see how it does at 100+ yds. My military buddy who was helping me zero in was very impressed with the scope and when i told him the price he was speechless. No, not the best scope ever, but for the price, and what i need it for, i couldn't ask for more. Very happy with this product."

Tactical 1 Compact Weaver-picatinny High Profile See Through Riser Rail Riflescope Sight

Superior heavy duty black hardcoat anodized finished precision machined 6061 aircraft aluminum compact 1" high profile : 7 separate slots, approx. 3" long , 1" height easy installation - no gunsmithing required - secure locking plate with thumbnuts feature perfect for attaching lights, lasers, sights or any 7/8" weaver-picatinny accessory see thru feature so you can still use your iron sights

Tactical 1 Compact Weaver-picatinny High Profile See Through Riser Rail Riflescope SightTactical-Compact-Weaver-picatinny-Profile-Riflescope

Price :    $11.99
  • See-through design allows for the use of the original iron sights
  • Stanag dimension includes mounting base, two through-holes, and proper clearance below the base for stanag styled scopes
  • High-profile compact mount for rifles with picatinny/weaver rail.
  • I inch saddle height
Brand :    ade advanced optics
Model :    FBA_SPT-PN-8F-843784
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (ade advanced optics product review) for Tactical 1 Compact Weaver-picatinny High Profile See Through Riser Rail Riflescope Sight available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

ELENKER .223 5.56mm Bore Sight Laser Red Dot Laser Bore Sight Boresight

Elenker cal 223 5. 56mm bore sight laser red dot with 6 batteries specification: type: class 3a laser laser type: visible red laser compatibility: rifle, handgun, bow, cross bow, pistol construction: aluminum description: the laser unit cartridge fits 223rem caliber rifles. It projects a straight laser beam allowing precise optical adjustments to sight in your scopes & sights without firing and ammo. Great for the range and ensuring your gun is still zeroed in after travel. Easy to use. Simply place batteries in end cap-twist and end cap to turn on-and place in chamber. Class 3a laser and laser output less than

ELENKER .223 5.56mm Bore Sight Laser Red Dot Laser Bore Sight BoresightELENKER-5-56mm-Sight-Laser-Boresight

Brand :    elenker
Color :    Style 1
  • This laser is made to fit the . 223 chamber, caliber specific.
  • It projects a straight laser beam allowing precise optical adjustments to sight in your scopes & sights without firing and ammo
  • Simply place batteries in end cap-twist and end cap to turn on-and place in chamber, this product use only 3 batteies. which can last one and an hour, not previous 25 min.
  • Class 3a laser and laser output less than
  • Great for the range and ensuring your gun is still zeroed in after travel
Price :    $10.95
Model :    EK-L02094A1-JV
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (elenker product review) for ELENKER .223 5.56mm Bore Sight Laser Red Dot Laser Bore Sight Boresight available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

CISNO 1000 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight Torch Pressure Switch 1' Offset Mount Hunting Hiking, Battery Not Included-Flat Black

Flashlight torch: 1000 lumens output power by: 1x18650 battery(not included) flashlight diameter: 13. 2 x 2. 9 x 2. 5 cm offset mount: material: aluminum alloy suitable for 25mm flashlight flashlight mount can also be installed on standard weaver rail fully adjustable with nuts & screws included complete solution for mounting flashlight & laser sight shock absorption ability ring diameter: 25mm rail type: 20mm weaver standard rail package included: 1 x cisno tactical l2 flashlight 1 x remote pressure switch 1 x offset mount

CISNO 1000 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight Torch Pressure Switch 1' Offset Mount Hunting Hiking, Battery Not Included-Flat BlackCISNO-Tactical-Flashlight-Pressure-Included-Flat

Price :    $17.99
  • Water resistant aluminium body - made of high quality 6061t aluminum with waterproof o-rings. anti-abrasive coating. skid-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof and shockproof. it can use in rainy days (but do not put it into the water for long time).
  • Battery not included: this flashlight does not included battery, please make sure to use the 18650 battery. you can search the battery ( : b017jn0ome ) in our shop. it come with battery and charger. our product with one-year warranty and five stars satisfied guarantee, any quality problem please email us, we will try our best service you.
  • Complered flashlight kit: 1 x white light led tactical flashlight, 1 x button switch, 1 x pressure switch, 1 x offset mount.
  • Super high brightness: high lumens led makes our tactical flashlight much brighter than most ordinary flashlights. max to 1000 lumens when full charged. to meet your everyday use. perfect for cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.
  • Offset mount: tactical flashlight with quick release offset mount and cisno special two modes remote pressure switch, matte black aluminium alloy body, no reflection at night.
Brand :    cisno
Color :    black
Model :    TH270255
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cisno product review) for CISNO 1000 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight Torch Pressure Switch 1' Offset Mount Hunting Hiking, Battery Not Included-Flat Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Red Green Illuminated Gun Scope Free Mount

Cvlife 6-24x50 scope (mounted to an air rifle). A great value for the money! . . Update: february 22, 2017. This scope has been mounted to my . 22 benjamin trail np2 since i finished testing it on my other air rifles back in december and hasn't missed a beat! i did notice that the ocular eyepiece focus ring started moving a bit at around 15 shots - i found a set screw and tightened it up slightly and now it works fine. . The scope has held zero right from the start and has taken the punishment of the tough recoil my air rifle has without any issues. . For spring air rifle users; it is not advisable to use any scope that has a scope tube smaller than 30mm due to the massive recoil. Spring air rifles have a tendency to destroy even the best of scopes with under 30mm tubes. -. . First off. I am reviewing the scope and not the free scope mounts that come with it. Therefore, i will not be deducting a star, or stars, for the free scope mounts that come with this scope. Really, i can not for the life of me understand why anyone would take away anything from any product they purchase because they didn't like the free gift that is included with the product. . Second, if you are getting a "blurry" image, please read this review to understand how to focus this scope properly. Oh, i have included a photo of the reticle yardage for this scope. . That said, i shall continue. . I, like some others, almost didn't buy this scope because of the reviews and, it looks like a lot of other scopes here on online store that are oem'd out to quite a few sellers. . This first thing i noticed upon opening my online store shipping container was that the scope was in an actual cvlife box. Not the generic "scope" box that similar scopes are packaged in. To say the least, i was impressed. That is, uh, well. Until i opened the box and looked for the users manual and didn't find one. This was only a small let down as i am very familiar with mil dot/ao/ir scopes that have a range finder reticle. Yup, that's what those curved lines with the horizontal lines running through them are for. Unfortunately, without a spec sheet, it can be difficult to figure out how to calibrate the range finder. Since i'm reviewing the scope and not doing an instructional review on it, i will not be going into detail regarding the range finder reticle except to say that it's calibrated for specific guns, ammo, bullet grains. Etc. The range finder horizontal lines are the yardage lines for those specifics. Cvlife should have that information available to you upon request. Once you obtain that information, you can download programs to help you calibrate the range finder for your needs. . Because there wasn't a user's manual, i would take away 1/2 star if it were possible. However, since it is not possible to rate 1/2 stars, i opted to rate it 5 because the scope is absolutely worth every one of them. . The focus problem that was mentioned in some reviews is simply unwarranted for this scope. There are three (3) main variables on this scope that will affect the clarity of the target through the eyepiece. 1) the ao (adjustable objective), 2) the apm (adjustable power magnification, and 3) the qf (quick focus - sometimes referred to as speed focus). I will explain. To obtain a clear view of the target all three (3) settings must coincide with one another. There are quite a few opinions on how to adjust these settings to obtain the best target focus possible using all three (3) settings. To clear things up as simply as i can. Try the following:. . Pick a target that you do not know the distance to (start with the apm at the minimum and the qf set to the clearest position - wear your eyeglasses if you require them) and, with the ao on infinity, look through your scope. The target may not fill your eyepiece but, it should look somewhat clear. Now turn your apm to the maximum position (in this case 24x) and look through your scope again. This time the image will, most likely, be blurry. This is where a lot of people make mistakes thinking that if the target looks focused at low power then it should be better at the highest power. It just doesn't work that way. To clear up the image and find the range of your target, turn your apm down to the minimum setting (in this case 6x) and, while looking through the eyepiece, turn the ao until the image (target) becomes clear. Now when you turn up the apm to the maximum setting the image should be clear - if it is not (if your target is too close, you may have to reduce your power magnification for clarity), you can tweak the ao, or qf if need be, a bit until it clears up. This will give you the approximate, if not exact, distance to your target. Do this at least twice so you will become familiar with how the focus process works. This should clear up any focusing issues using this scope. Please note that none of this will work effectively if you have not focused the reticle (do a ytube search on how to focus a reticle for more information). Also, this is an extremely simplified example but, it should be enough to get you to a reasonable starting point. . The scope's optics are very close to some of my $300. 00 scopes. Albeit, without all the bells and whistles but, for the money, i am just fine with that. The mil dot reticle is outstanding and not too thick as on most of the less expensive scopes being sold today. The range finder portion of the reticle can be calibrated to the gun and ammo you are using but, it can be extremely frustrating to use. The green/red illuminated reticle works great for different lighting conditions - the brightest setting can be a bit overpowering until the battery wears down some. The turrets for windage and elevation are smooth and "click" into place nicely and are marked so that it's easier to sight in the scope at different yardages. Once this scope is sighted in, it stays on zero (i have not been able to find a way to reset zero on this scope). I supposed if you dropped your rifle and it landed on the scope it would knock it off zero but, i carry my rifle by the scope and have not had any issues with accuracy. . This scope is designed to be a hunting scope but, it works well for any type of shooting. It's very long (16 inches) and you will need to be careful if you are going to mount this to a break barrel air rifle or the scope will protrude over the barrel breech and you will damage it when trying to cock the rifle. I mounted mine to a benjamin trail np2 (purchased here on online store) and it fits perfectly. Using a wider set of scope ring mounts, the back mount needs to be positioned on the 1st notch of the picatinny rail. Place it there and tighten the rail mounting screw(s) - do not over-tighten the screws (use the long end of the hex wrench and tighten with the short end - usually you will hear a "pop" when the screw is tight. If you hear the "pop" you will need to turn the screw 1/4 turn to finish tightening it (this is a safe way to mount the scope rings if you do not have a torque driver). Leave the ring cap off and set the scope into the mount then place the ring cap over the top of the scope tube and tighten the screws just enough so that you are still able to move the scope back and forth as well as rotate it if needed. Pull the scope toward the butt stock until the scope turret base is about 3/8 of an inch from the ring mount. Now snug down the tensioning screws just a bit so that you are still able to rotate the scope if needed. Since this is a longer scope, the 2" spread that is usually ideal for mounting a scope, may not work for this scope - depending on your configuration. Find the middle of the scope, between the turret base and the start of the objective (the bell) rise, and place your scope mount one notch forward of center on the picatinny rail. This will balance the scope very well for most applications. Make sure that your rifle is level, level your scope, and tighten down the ring mounting screws in a criss-cross pattern - be careful not to over-tighten the screws or you may damage your scope. Once this procedure is done, you will be ready to sight in your new scope. Note: on some rws model air rifles you may need a droop compensation rail to mount, and sight in, this scope. . As for the scope mounts, i wouldn't be afraid to use them on my . 17, . 22, . 222, . 223, . 243 or my . 270. I would consider buying quality scope mounts if installing on anything of a larger caliber (like my m4, m40, 30-06, 30-30 . 303, . 308, 7 mm mag or my . 50 caliber rifles). I wouldn't use them on any spring, gas piston, or pcp air rifle either. Ok. So the scope mounts get 3 stars. :o) really, do not use them if you are installing this scope on an air rifle. . I have used this scope in various types of weather conditions ranging from 5 degrees to 70 degrees, in rain and a wintry mix, in light snow and fog, and have had no fogging or clarity issues. Now, when we get snow that covers the ground and the sun comes out and brightens things up, hopefully i won't have to edit this review. . Btw, the ao does get fairly hard to turn in cold weather - this is a good thing because when it warms up the ao won't be moving on you when you fire your rifle. . This is a quality well built scope for the price point that it is being offered at and, as long as you mount this scope correctly, it should give you years of shooting pleasure. . I may have passed over some of the quality aspects and features of this scope unintentionally. If i missed something, please let me know and i will update my review. . One last thing to point out - if you are going to mount this scope on a magnum spring air rifle, save yourself a headache and buy a magnum single scope ring mount. Magnum spring air rifles have a tendency to destroy a lot of scopes if not using magnum scope ring mounts. I highly recommend a one-piece mount. . I would recommend this scope for the calibers i listed above and any air rifle (edit; except magnum spring air rifles above 12 fpe - the minimum scope tube diameter should be 30 mm for high powered air rifles) in any caliber as long as it's mounted correctly. . If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of this scope, please do not hesitate to leave a comment for me and i will get back to you as quickly as i am able to.

Features eye relief: 3. 52 inches exit pupil: 5. 1-16. 9mm illuminated level: 5 intensity (red) and 5 intensity (green) tube diameter: 1" (25. 4mm) length: 40cm net weight: 630gram(approx. ) battery: cr 2032 x 1 (included) package include: 1 x 6-24x50mm ao rifle scope 1 x lens cover 2 x scope mounts for 20mm weaver dovetail rail only

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Red Green Illuminated Gun Scope Free MountCVLIFE-Hunting-Rifle-6-24x50-Illuminated

Cvlife Hunting Rifle 6 24x50 Illuminated (us0002) FAQ.

Amazing scope for the cost. Mounted to my ar15 perfectly and hit the range. Great clarity and the variable colors and brightness are perfect if u have a low light situation. Only shot out to 100 yards so far but can't wait to dial it in for longer range shots. -Notice from O. Kimberly, Durham

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Got 2 of these and put them both on 308 rifles and i'm impressed. The turrets have solid audible clicks and return to zero ( something i didn't expect at this price point ). The reticle is great it can get a little fuzzy when you crank up the magnification past 14x but it's very manageable. It is holding up to the 308 recoil and i expect it to last awhile. I got these to hold me over until i could get better name scope but after using them with good results out to 500 yards i'm going to keep them. They have a very solid build to them i don't think you could get a better scope for the price or even double the price. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a good scope that won't break the bank.

Cvlife-hunting-rifle-6-24x50-illuminated-(us0002) set picture

- E. CandyI got this scope on a whim. I have several rifles, so i figured i'd throw it on one of them, and see if it was worth the money. My initial intent was to put it on my cz 452, which i did. This required a different set of rings than the ones that are sent with the optic, but that was an easy fix. End result was awesome, if you're okay with a huge scope on a rifle. With one exception. The only way i could mount it resulted in the front bell of the scope resting on the rear sight of the rifle. I was worried that this could flex the optic, and affect its performance, so i went with plan b. The optic now sits atop one of my long range ar-15s, which meant that the original scope rings could be used after all. Score. . Now, i didn't have high hopes for this optic. But three things made me take a chance on it. First, even though it has a lighted reticle, it's also got a black reticle, when the lighted option is turned off. I hate magnified optics that rely on batteries for their usefulness. So that was already a point in its favor. Second, it's cheap. Worst case scenario, i spent as much as dinner and a movie would cost (at least), if you were taking someone worth the time out for that sort of thing (if they're worth it, don't be cheap, fellas). And lastly, the turrets were hand adjustable. I don't see why the concept of a knurled knob is so difficult for so many optic makers to grasp, but they should all come that way, in my opinion. So those three things, i decided to get the scope, despite my low expectations as to the function. On to that. . This thing was great. I sat at a 100 yard range, and focused in on individual stalks of reeds in the brush above the berm. I was quite impressed with the clarity of such a low priced optic. Eye relief is awesome, so you don't have to struggle to find the sweet spot while mounting. Once i had the optic set up the way i wanted it, turret adjustments were distinct and easily noticeable, with both audible and tactile clicks. The only thing i disliked about the setup was having to re-focus when changing distances. The focus on the end made it hard to work the adjustment while staying on the scope, which was necessary to fine tune the focus. That's going to be an issue with any focus system like this, but this one seemed quite stiff, and made adjustment take longer than i'd like. This would be fine for punching holes in paper, but if you had to do it to take game, competition, or for any shot that required speed, you're going to have issues. Not insurmountable issues. But issues, none the less. . So how did it shoot? this optic was one of the easiest to get on paper, and sight in, that i've had in quite some time. I basically billy bobbed it onto paper (kentucky windage until i saw that it punched a hole, then adjusted accordingly to get it closer to where i wanted it), and then dialed it in at 30 yards. It held its zero from shot to shot for the duration of approximately 30 rounds of 5. 56 (actual 5. 56. Not . 223. So a bit snappier recoil than the . 223 ammo. I figured it was worth mentioning, in case anyone cared) during the sighting in phase. . Now, it was about 40 degrees, with the ocassional breeze dropping it down to approximately -68 degrees (i'm going by my best guess on that second assessment. It felt pretty damned cold to me, so i was freezing my ass off. Ymmv. Moving on. ), so admittedly i didn't put in my due diligence putting this scope through the paces. I didn't drop it or, much with it to test how resilient it was in holding zero, but i can say that, at 30 yards, i created a single hole grouping of 3 shots with this optic, after speed zeroing it (see pic). Now, this isn't that impressive with this powerful of an optic, at such a close range (but, aside from spreading the group out a bit, a 30 yard zero should be fairly close to a 100 yard zero), and i didn't have the chance to stretch it out after that (i was in no mood to dawdle in that kind of cold), but i'm pretty impressed with that kind of performance out of a cheap optic, especially considering the less-than-methodical manner in which i was assessing it, and the weather conditions. If i hadn't been cold as i was, i could have probably tightened that group up a bit. I have yet to check it, but from initial inspection, i believe it's possible to reset the zero on the optic, as well. If that's the case, i'll bump this rating from a 4 star to a 5, since i was on the fence as to whether i should just give it a 5 star to begin with. The only reason i did was because i have yet to be able to put this through some torture testing, long range shooting, and such things as resetting the turrets. . If you're looking for a light duty long range optic, something for the rifle you rarely shoot, or something to use while you're saving up for your nightforce, leupold, schmidt & bender, zeiss, or us optics scope of choice, this is a handy little option, with the added benefit that buying it won't set you back much monetarily on your journey to purchase one of the previously mentioned optical powerhouses.

For $35. 00 its hard to go wrong with this scope. Most cheap scopes have a fix parallax distance of like 50 yards. Which means they are usually blurry inside of 20 yards. This scope can focus clearly down to 10 yards. The optics are as clear or clearer than my 600. 00 swfa 3-15x. Now the swfa has better turrets, 30 mm tube and is more rugged. But in terms of clarity this is all you need. I don't know if its milldot or millrad reticle as it came with no documentation. . Cons: a little long, turrets are passable but not great. I compared it to my 6-24x bushnell elite (not its not as good as the elite but its not 1, 000 either) and its 24x is about 14x so the power is not accurate. I would say this scope is a 4-15x not 6-24x. I don't know what power the reticle markings are accurate at. (edit) - at around 20x on this scope the markings are in line with the milldots on my bushnell elite at 12x. So set to 20x for accurate mil dots.

K. Sharon, West Sussex

Brand :    cvlife
Color :    black
Model :    US0002
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cvlife product review) for CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Red Green Illuminated Gun Scope Free Mount available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    $33.99 (was $249.99)
  • Field of view: 28 ft 100 yards
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Magnification: 6-24x
  • Click value: 1/8 inch 100 yards
  • Illuminated type of the rifle scope: red and green

CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight 20mm Rail

Features: constructed by aluminum alloy with anodized matte black processing anti-glare reflective coated lenses that gives good optical clarity a 3-position rheostat illumination (red & green) offers 4 different reticles(circle dot, cross, 10 moa & 3 moa) for optimum versatility fully adjustable windage and elevation with integrated mount for most 20mm weaver/picatinny/ris rail rubber protective cover(included) operated by 2 x cr2032 battery(included) package includes : 1 x 1x22x33 holographic 4 reticle reflex red green dot sight scope w/20mm rail 1 x allen wrench 1 x cr2032 battery

CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight 20mm RailCVLIFE-1X22X33-Green-Sight-Reflex

Brand :    cvlife
Color :    Anodized Matte Black
Model :    FBA_US0013
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 4 reticle patterns offer unlimited eye-relief and corrected parallax
  • Made of high grade aluminum alloy, the dot sight is durable and light weight.
  • Allen wrench included helps you adjust elevation and windage easily.
  • Reflex sight reticle type: circle dot, cross, 10 moa & 3 moa(red and green illuminated)
  • Screen size: 22mmx33mm; weight: 130g; length: 82mm
Price :    $16.99 (was $69.99)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cvlife product review) for CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope Reflex Sight 20mm Rail available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return Adapter

Not super cheap and not super expensive. It appears to be a decent mid-grade bipod. There isn't much to a bipod, so few things to go wrong and few things could be better. I really like that it came with a picatinny mount. Granted, i don't use that mount for the bipod, but i do use it as a sling attachment. The bipod gets the forward harris swivel mount that came on the rifle, and the sling gets the rear mount that came with the bipod. That's a heck of a lot more comfortable than a secondary harris mount on a bipod itself. Unlike my "good" bipod, this one does not have a separate harris swivel on the bipod for your sling, but there are a couple holes on the bipod's mounting mechanism that you can use instead. . For my money, this is just the ticket. Not too pricey and not bad hardware.

Specification: color: black material: hardened steel and aluminum leg height:6 inches/ 152mm (retracted) ; 9 inches / 225 mm (fully extended) light weight : 10ozs feature: leg length can be adjusted from 6 to 9 inches. The legs can be folded forward or backward. Heavy duty and made of hardened steel and aluminum. Package included: 1 x 6-9 inches bipod 1 x mount adapter

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return AdapterCVLIFE-Inches-Tactical-Adjustable-Adapter

Cvlife 6- 9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return Adapter (Sporting Goods) FAQ.

Looks nice, works well great price. -Notice from H. Rebecca, Poole

Click to Show cvlife 6- 9 inches tactical rifle bipod adjustable spring return adapter (sporting goods) Details

So far, i like it. Took a trip to the range last week, and found this bipod to be sturdy and easy to deploy from any position. Only complaint is that it is a bit noisy when deploying the extensions. This can be remedied by keeping the legs extended when folded up against the rifle. Definitely worth the money. Will update after elk season.

Cvlife-6--9-inches-tactical-rifle-bipod-adjustable-spring-return-adapter-(sporting-goods) set picture

- M. DorineVery happy with this bipod, especially for the price. I have this on my spike tactical st15 and held up very well, although ive only put about 100 rounds through with it on. . Its a good looking bipod, with spring loaded legs that extend out to about 9 inches. With a 30 round magazine in and my stock extended, the magazine does not touch the ground sitting on the bipod. . Seems to be pretty solid, although this decreases slightly the further you extend the legs out. That being said, i had no issues with it moving or flexing when i did shoot with it fully extended. I just found it to be a bit more stable with the legs on the lower levels. . Time will tell how it holds up, but so far so good.

Great value for the price, i mounted one on my nef . 17 and it works great. Shipping was on time, 2 days. I'm very satisfied with this product and i think you will be too. No need to go out and buy an expensive one.

D. Matherly, North Carolina

Price :    $15.99 (was $39.99)
  • Foldable arms with spring tension control. come with the mount adapter.
  • Quickly attach to or detach from the rifle using existing swivel stud.
  • Adjustable leg length: 5 settings for different length, the bipod is ready to meet your needs.
  • With return springs and leg release button, the leg length can be adjusted from 6 inches (152mm)to 9 inches(225mm).
  • Made of hardened steel and aluminum, non-rust black anodized finish, the rifle bipod is duty and light weight.
Brand :    cvlife
Color :    6-9inches
Size :    6-9
Model :    US03033
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cvlife product review) for CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Return Adapter available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

P2M In-Chamber Laser Bore Sight .223 Rem, Red

I was a little apprehensive about buying this because of the reviews but i'm glad i did. This is the first time i ever tried to bore sight a scope, i shot a few rounds at 20 yards then cleaned the bore. I loaded the laser in and very carefully closed the bolt. It was a sunny day and but at that distance i had no trouble seeing the laser. I used the laser to correct the scope and then shot a few more rounds the elevation and ended up in between the 2 for elevation. I suggest you use this method and then back up 10 to 20 yards at a time, you'll be on the paper and that's all this is for. The bore sight did hang up in the barrel, most likely due to sticker residue i was too lazy to wipe off. There is no harm in using a cleaning rod to ease it out because the laser diode is nowhere near the end of the bore sight. Note that you need to keep the batteries out of the unit until you are ready to load in the gun. The batteries complete the circuit against the metal case without the end cap even being on. Good luck to anyone willing to gamble 11 bucks like i hope you have the same luck i did.

Save time and ammo with the p2m bore sight. P2m offers the highest quality boresight for the price on the market. Zero faster and shoot straighter.

P2M In-Chamber Laser Bore Sight .223 Rem, RedP2M-Chamber-Laser-Bore-Sight

P2m In-chamber Laser Bore Sight .223 Rem, Red (p2m39001) FAQ.

Dropped t it the chamber to sight in a new 3-9x40 scope, in daylight at 24 yds. Could see it perfect. Don"t release the bolt onto the laser! you have to put it in by hand, release the bolt easy. Probably could have still been seen at longer distance, but i didn't have the room in my yard. But ot put the scope in the ball park. I shot it at 50 yds, and i was only off 3 inches left, and 1 inch high. Next shots were at 100 yds after making adjustment to the 50 yard shots. Was an inch away from bullseye. One more move did it. Good tool for the money. -Notice from K. Terry, New Brunswick

Click to Show p2m in-chamber laser bore sight .223 rem, red (p2m39001) Details

Works great. Yes, with a bolt action, you can always sight through the bore and align your scope or red dot accordingly. You can even use an ar upper and do the same thing. The advantage with this is that you don't risk that bumping the rifle after you look through the bore will cause you to have to start over. With this laser light, you see where the bore is pointed at the same time you see where the scope or red dot is pointed. The light is bright, the two batteries go in easily, and the base screws in place nicely too. . After use, the unit fell out of the bolt action (ruger american ranch 5. 56) easily. With the ar-15, it did not fall out, but a gently nudge with a cleaning rod, and then it fell right out. This is worth the money.

P2m-in-chamber-laser-bore-sight-.223-rem,-red-(p2m39001) set picture

- C. AnonymousI bought this because i have a 1-4x scope on my ar that always seems to be off when it sits in the bag (my guess is the turrets rub the bag and get the scope off zero). I received this a couple of days ago and took it out to the range yesterday. It was easy to use and got my scope zeroed in less the two minutes. This thing should save me a ton of time and ammo so for me its definitely worth the $12.

I was hesitant to purchase this product after reading the reviews. However, i moved forward with the purchase and i'm glad i did. The product works just fine. The quality is ok, but i would suspect that based on the price i paid. I did not give it five stars for two reasons: 1) it does not look like it does in the picture, it actually has a silver body with a gold back - 2) there is no on/off button. You have to actually remove and install the batteries each time you want to use it. . All that aside, i would recommend this product for anyone wanting a bore sight for a . 223 / 5. 56 ar.

E. Cunningham, Texas

Brand :    p2m
Color :    Red
  • Aircraft grade aluminum casing
  • Highest quality affordable boresight
  • Don't waste ammo
  • Fastest gun zeroing and sighting system
  • Precision accuracy
Price :    $8.09 (was $8.99)
Model :    P2M39001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (p2m product review) for P2M In-Chamber Laser Bore Sight .223 Rem, Red available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod Quick Release Adapter Included Hunting shooting

Specification - color: black - material: hardened steel and aluminum - leg height: 6 inches/ 152mm (retracted); 9 inches / 225 mm (fully extended) - weight: 395g features - the quick release adapter enables you to install and disassemble it from the rifle conveniently and quickly. - 5 notches on the legs make for 5 setting of leg length. You could adjust the bipod from 6 inches to 9 inches by pressing the button. - the springs on the legs make it easy to fold the legs up and are not over tightened which makes easy work of keeping silent when hunting. - special spring load to hold the bipod in a steady and strong position for aiming and hitting the target. - high quality rubber on the bottom of the leg makes the bipods shockproof and antiskid. Package included - 1 x 6-9 inches bipod - 1 x quick release adapter

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod Quick Release Adapter Included Hunting shootingCVLIFE-Release-Adapter-Included-shooting

Price :    $15.99 (was $69.99)
  • The bipod comes with a 20 mm quick release adapter, which enables you to install and disassemble it from the rifle conveniently and quickly.
  • Foldable arms with robust external spring tension control.
  • Adjustable leg length (5 settings) with return springs, you could adjust the length to meet different needs when hunting.
  • High quality rubber on the bottom of the leg makes the bipods shockproof and antiskid.
  • Made of hardened steel and aluminum, non-rust black anodized finish, the rifle bipod is duty and light weight.
Brand :    cvlife
Color :    Black
Size :    6-9 inches
Model :    US5600001b
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cvlife product review) for CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod Quick Release Adapter Included Hunting shooting available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

CVLIFE Tactical Gun Sight Red Green Dot Scope Reflex Sight 20mm Cantilever Mount

Specification - color: black - weight: 308g - tube dia: 40mm - length: 120mm - objective dia: 35mm - magnification: 1x - field of view 100 yards: 60 - eye relief: flexible - exit pupil: 80mm features - made of high grade aluminum alloy, the reflex sight is durable and hold zero. - 5 illumination intensity, the dot sight is bright enough to see on a sunny day or at night. - anti-lost windage/elevation adjustment caps design - comes with lens cover and mount, the mount fits for 20 mm rails. - full metal construction, the dot sight is waterproof and fogproof. - long battery life, the gun sight is equipped with one cr2032 battery. Package included - 1 x dot sight with lens cover - 1 x cr2032 battery - 1 x cantilever mount - 1 x allen wrench - 1 x cleaning cloth

CVLIFE Tactical Gun Sight Red Green Dot Scope Reflex Sight 20mm Cantilever MountCVLIFE-Tactical-Sight-Reflex-Cantilever

Brand :    cvlife
Color :    Black
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    US0000001
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • The dot sight is equipped with removable, spring loaded flip lens cover
  • Shockproof and water resistant, the gun sight can hold the recoil and keep zero well
  • Come with cantilever mount which fits for 20 mm rail, the sight is easy to install
  • 5 illumination intensity, you could select different type to meet your need
  • Loop-top prevents the lid of the dot sight windage/elevation adjustment would not be lost
Price :    $24.99 (was $79.99)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (cvlife product review) for CVLIFE Tactical Gun Sight Red Green Dot Scope Reflex Sight 20mm Cantilever Mount available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

cvlife hunting rifle scope 2.5-10x40e red & green illuminated gun scopes with 20mm & 11mm mount Price : 35.97, was : 249.99 as 2018-08-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Cvlife Hunting 2 5 10x40e Illuminated Scopes (us00089) Reviewed by on

Top cvlife hunting 2 5 10x40e illuminated scopes (us00089) Content

The F.A.Q. for cvlife hunting rifle scope 2.5-10x40e red & green illuminated gun scopes with 20mm & 11mm mount

Purchased this for a takedown 10/22. It comes with necessary hardware to mount it to the factory scope mount that comes with the gun; however, i opted to spend $9 on a picatinny mount for the gun. Mounted great. Had to mount it as far back as possible bc the eye relief is quite short. I would not trust this on my ar bc jumping from target acquisition to long range would be difficult. Consequently, it is perfect for the 22lr. Build quality seems good for a scope this cheap. The laser is not sealed with a rubber o-ring, but the scope itself seems relatively well sealed. The reticle is solid as is the illumination. Now to zeroing in the dang thing. If it came with directions i wouldn't have gone through 100+ rounds to zero at 50 yards. The adjustments are easy to make, it's just they aren't true for the amount of adjustment stated on the height and there are not markings to specify rt or lf or the amount of adjustment rt to left. In saying that, i was on paper out of the box. She did finally zero with some decent rounds (22's vary soooo much). Note: very experienced with scopes and firearms. Not user error. The laser is as bright as the crimson trace on one of my handguns (don't expect to see it in sunlight unless looking through the scope at any distance beyond 25 yards). For the $, it can't be beat at this point. Will see if it holds zero and update if not. 4 stars bc figuring out the adjustments was a pain.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can it mounted on a picatinny? see that the 1 star customers complained about this when it says weaver dovetail rail only.

(1) Question: Will this fit on a smith and wesson ar-15? caliber is . 223

(2) Question: Ok i have a sks and i dont want to buy the back with intigrated rail can i mount this in the middle of my gun and still see threw the sight?

(3) Question: Has anyone tried it on a 300 blackout.

(4) Question: Will this scope handle the recoil of a . 308 ar10?

(5) Question: Fits in 11mm dovetail rail?

(6) Question: Can this handle the dual recoil of a high powered pellet rifle? i own a gamo big cat 1250.

(7) Question: If i'm in space with zero g will this site find true north?

(8) Question: Can this be use on a benjamin trail xl. . 25 air rifle?

(note) Question: where/how to get Cvlife (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Cvlife's products


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For me this was easy to sight in. I won't use lasers for any type shooting so haven't tried it. I do a lot of shooting & this scope has stayed spot on on my . 22 tcm. My fil bought this also after trying mine & he's also very happy with it. Most of the negative reviews i've read seem to be user error not problems with the product everything from placement, to eye relief and even a few people who sounded like they expected to not have to sight it in after just putting it on.

Gun Scopes 110020261, Hunting & Fishing 110318607, Optics 110710261, Rifle Scopes 1104216223, Shooting 11095346331, Sports & Fitness 11018117901, Sports & Outdoors 1525733Top Cvlife Hunting 2 5 10x40e Illuminated Scopes (us00089) FAQ Content

Best cvlife hunting 2 5 10x40e illuminated scopes (us00089) in review

First of all let's get the obvious things out of the way, don't expect this to be as good as a $200 nikon, it won't, the main problem with these cheap compact scope is that the eye relief is extremely short, you almost have to mount it right in front of your eyes. Which is not a major issue as long as the recoil is controllable and you mount your gun to shoulder properly. I measured at 2. 5x the eye relief is about 2"-2. 5", while my nikon is getting close to 4". None scientific measure though, just rough idea. But for the price, you do get a pretty clear image at low zoom side, from 6x above the image start getting less contrast, but still usable. . For the price you can hardly beat it.

U. Lara, Kentucky

You might like to see 30-90x100 wp gladiator spotting 30-90x100 wp, gladiator, straight, mc, green lens, w/tripod barska spotting scope 30-90x100 wp, gladiator, straight, mc, green lens ad11344 hunting scopes spotting -barska 30-90x100 wp gladiator spotting scope
  • Attribute: Versatile Top Of The Line.
  • Attribute: Another Quality Product.
Buy Barska 30-90x100 Wp Gladiator Spotting Scope (Sporting Goods) Ad11344 Barska 30-90x100 Wp Gladiator Spotting Scope
Or you might like to consider H30-g predator premium 273 yards rechargeable hog hunting light scope mount, rail mount, barrel mount, remote pressure switch & charger orion h30-g predator hunting light is a bright and focused premium green led flashlight specially designed for hog hunting. hog's eyes are not sensitive to green lights but human eyes -orion h30-g green predator premium 273 yards rechargeable hog hunting light scope mount, rail mount, barrel mount, remote pressure switch & charger kit
  • Included: Extended Battery Runtime: 300 Lm (4h), 190 Lm (5h), 50lm (17h), 6 Lm (120h).
  • Included: Complete Hunting Kit: Include Rail Mount, Barrel Mount, Scope Mount (1 Inch Or 30mm), Remote Pressure Switch, Rechargeable Battery And Charger.
Low-End Predator Premium Rechargeable Hunting Pressure (Sporting Goods) Predator Premium Rechargeable Hunting Pressure

J. Kristen, Languedoc-Roussillon says

I know i only gave this scope 4 stars, but that is not because of lack of quality. This scope is great. It is easy to install and sight in. The red and green glowing cross hairs are easy to operate and see in low light settings. The bullet drop compensation adjustment is great to stay on target at different yardage. The laser on it is an added bonus, small and out of the way. The laser is bright enough to see in daylight but not well. Great for dimmer settings. The only negative i could find about this scope was the short eye relief. It really is not a negative but could be if you want to use this scope for a larger caliber rifle. Larger calibers typically cause more recoil. This scope has an eye relief of approximately 2. 5-3 inches. If placed on a large caliber rifle with significant recoil, the scope could end up striking your face around the eye area. I have seen this happen on other scopes. That's why i would suggest this scope is perfect for an ar15 or 22 rifle (low recoil rifles). This is just my humble opinion. Overall this is a great scope. I like how it's compact but offers significant magnification. Well worth the money.

I. Julie, Kansas

Got this to try out on a 7. 62x39 ar upper (16"). I was not expecting much, honestly, but wanted to see how well the upper worked and planned to use this as a testing platform, since it was the right configuration (excepting the laser on the side) and right price. Mounted and zeroed, i was surprised by the clarity of the scope and the quality of the build. It is not as good as the sig tactical my brother has, nor as my bushnell and leupold offerings, but it is also a fraction of the cost of those, more compact, and perfectly suited to my needs for this project. After five rounds of zeroing, i was busting soda cans at 60y every time as long as i didn't rush things. . A couple of things about this scope that i feel i have to mention:. . First, the laser. Couldn't pick it up cleanly at 60y in daylight. It is red, not very strong and is so far off axis, it is only going to be a close-range deal. Some would say that is what it is there for, but with a rifle, it is already point-and-shoot inside 20 yards anyway, and that laser is just going to get in your way. That is my opinion of it anyway - other may have different. . Second is that the turrets do not have very good tactile, audible or visual feedback when turning. The windage just barely clicked when turning it and i had to struggle to feel any type of tactile indicator for clicks, while the elevation was a bit louder with clicks, but didn't seem to have any feel of the clicks. Neither turret had any useful indicator marks for come-up or come-down to indicate how much spin was on the barrels. . That being said, i did not expect much at this price point and this scope impressed me. I shot 80 rounds through it the first day, at ranges from 20y to 150y. The scope remained steady, consistent and proficient within those ranges and round-count. I inspected the scope mount after i finished shooting, and the mount was still tight and torqued to spec (i use blue loc-tite when mounting my optics to avoid them vibrating loose or being loosened due to other field events). . Would i buy this again? absolutely. In fact, considering this for my . 300 blk upper to free up the bushnell on it for use on my next rifle.

N. Cathy, New South Wales says

Great scope. I have purchased 3 in last 2 months aand installed them on my ar 15s. I read the reviews good and bad , i have no problems out off my scopes strait out of box . Zeroed in n able to shoot n hit target at 25 to 500 yards. No problems. Most negative reviews i have read seems to be minor or installer era. Always check all screws (i like to put a dab of black finger nail polish on threads for locktite n unlosens fairly easy for disasssembly). Alwys tap gently on scope when adjusting crosshairs each time moved . Windage n elavation. This settles in instead of aftershock of bullet going off. Shouldnt have any problems if installed correctly . Able to shoot over 500 yardsif u expect more than that yaa need to dig deeper in your wallet. Just over 50 bucks and shoots better than my 400 dollar baraska on my 270 rifle . Super great deal cvlife optics will continue buyingf. N recomending yall. Oh shippimg time was great also 3 days no extra shippin fee either thanks . Tim shope nc

K. Lindsey, Milton Keynes

Would have given it 5 stars because the scope is actually pretty good. Works well and has some cool features with the cross-hair illumination as well as the lazer. My only complaint is thin painting on the adjustment caps and i had returned the first one because the mounting bolts were bent, as was the second one i received. The 2nd was was workable and may even have to shim, but the first one was really bad. Not sure if it's a shipping issue as both boxes were pretty beat up.

D. Valencia, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Good scope with decent accuracy, nice features and small footprint is great for smaller bore rifles. Has a nice hood over front lens and illuminated reticles that are especially helpful in dimmer light situations. Also comes with 20mm and 11mm weaver type rail mounts for different rifles.

O. Lorenz, Hawaii

I bought this for my ruger 10/22. Went on easily. Great optics for the money. This is not a $300 scope, but if you are looking for an accurate and well functioning scope, look no further.

R. Angelica, South Dakota says

The guy who says he put adhesive everywhere obviously doesn't know what he's doing. Didn't hold up to a pellet gun? it's held fine on my ar-15. . This scope is great for it's price, definitely a bargain and you won't find a better scope within $50 of this. It has held up through almost 1000 rounds in my ar-15 and the only issues i have had was that the part that holds onto the rail gets a little loose at times, just have to make sure to tighten it as much as you can. The scope is easy to set up, easy to zero in, has surprisingly good clarity for the price and i have not regretted my purchase one bit. I've only used this scope for target practice and it's served it's purpose well. I have not used the red dot sight all that much but it works flawlessly from what i could tell.

L. Alexia, Dorset

Mine arrived with a cracked lens cover. I'm not sure how this happened because it was packed well in a box with a foam cutout insert. Batteries packaged separately. But a cracked lens cover is better than a cracked lens. It's a big scope. It's a heavy scope but it is perfect for my 22 marlin varmint rifle. We have flood lights that come on when raccoons or coyote are near. The illuminated sights help place the cross hairs in these low light conditions. Sometimes i catch one really close. To close to use a scope and the lazer is perfect for those 20yd or less shots. Because of the lazers mount it will drift to the right the farther the target and left the closer so i recommend setting it for a good medium distance like 20-30 yards. I haven't really had an opportunity to see how durable it is but since it's on a rifle that just sits by the door in wait i don't think it will matter much to me. It is big though. It has some nice features i've never had before like a quick x100 yard adjustment.

Q. Audrey, Brighton and Hove says

It works as expected! i have it mounted to a really cheap semi . 17 hmr and it has kept its zero well. That gun is my truck gun, so it frequently is on trips with me over rough road (and i drive fast at that), dropped, had crap thrown on top of it and has even fallen off my hood with nothing but scratches, dings and dents. . Durable, keeps its zero and has a laser. Better than i expected. (ps: i would love for this to have a sister model with a flashlight)

H. Denise, Barking and Dagenham

I'm only giving this product 4 stars at this point because i've only taken it to the range once and am not yet sure how well it will hold up over time. That being said, the quality of this product was surprising, given the price. I was not expecting to be as nice as it is and it definitely seems sturdy enough to handle the wear i plan to give it. Make sure to tighten very well, preferably using a tool and some loctite when attaching this to your rifle because the jostling it gets can cause it to come loose. It was relatively easy to adjust and zero and i definitely look forward to beating the crap out of this scope over the next few years. If this scope holds up well after 4 - 5 visits to the range, i'll come back and give it 5 stars.

M. Olga, Vermont says

Compact scope. Acceptable eye relief but narrow critical eyebox at max zoom. Heavy but perfect for bench shooting. Shooting sub moa at 200 yards. Turrets arent perfect. Excellent price point. . Tips: sight in at 100 yards and make sure turret is set to 1. Once sighted in, rotate the elevation turret to yardage range. Make sure to lightly tap the turrets when making adjustments after going 1 click past and 1 click back. For example, need to 4 clicks right, turn 6 right and 1 back then tap. This helps set your adjustments with any scope

L. Ross, Westminster

Received scope on time and undamaged. I was surprised at quality and weight of this scope it feels like a much more expensive model. Setting zero was easy and so far has held. Now the laser isn't of much use due to it can't be seen in bright sunlight. I have this 1 mounted on a dpms panther. (also ordered a second of these scopes to mount on another flat top ar) there's not much paperwork or instructions included with these scopes so i'm not so sure about the bullet drop compensation settings. From the bench i don't see much affect down range looking at grouping with spotting scope. Hey, for the price i like it very much being not concerned with laser or drop compensation settings.

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    See Offers Mil Spec Paracord Parachute Continuous Breaking (Titan Paracord), Titan Mil-spec 550 Paracord / Parachute Cord, 103 Continuous Feet, 620 Lb. Breaking Strength - Authentic Mil-c-5040, Type Iii, 7 Strand, 5/32 4mm Diameter, 100% Nylon Military Survival Cordage. Includes 3 Free Paracord Project Titan Paracord's Quality Is Trusted By Military Forces And Outdoor Enthusiasts Around The World. Our Superior Quality Means Superior Performance. - Titan Paracord Has A Minimum Guaranteed -Titan Mil-spec 550 Paracord / Parachute Cord, 103 Continuous Feet, 620 Lb. Breaking Strength - Authentic Mil-c-5040, Type Iii, 7 Strand, 5/32 4mm Diameter, 100% Nylon Military Survival Cordage. Includes 3 Free Paracord Project Ebooks.
    1. Details: The Perfect Cordage: Titan Paracord Is The Perfect Utility Cord For Home & Auto Emergency Kits, Camping, Hunting, Survival Kits, Disaster Prep, Bug-out Bags, And Crafting Projects. From Para-cord Lanyards And Bracelets, To Dog Collars And Belts. There Is No Limit To What You Can Use The Titan Paracords For.
    2. I purchased this item with two main goals in mind: 1) i have an upcoming camping trip and i don't see how you can not consider taking such a vital tool along. 2) i am also prepping a new edc bag and i cant imaging not including such a great practical item. I have paracord survival bracelets with a b... go to
    3. Details: Extremely Versatile: 550 Paracord Is Specifically Designed For Rugged Utility Applications Requiring Strength, Durability, And Compactness. From Crafts, Clothes Lines, And Outdoor Tent Guy Lines, To An Emergency Rope Substitute. Everyone Should Have 100 Ft Of Titan Paracord Available For Camping, Hiking, Hunting, And Boating Trips.
    For Sale Mil Spec Paracord Parachute Continuous Breaking (Sporting Goods)
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    Vertx Edc Gamut Plus Bag (Sporting Goods)

    Vertx Edc Gamut Plus Bag (Sporting Goods) 331

    Most Wishlist Vertx Edc Gamut Plus Bag (Sporting Goods), Edc gamut plus the edc gamut plus delivers top-of-the-line features the same conceptual design as our gamut but in a higher capacity pack. it contains multiple internal organizational pockets and -vertx edc gamut plus bag
    • Special: Size Of Bag Is 9" X 14" X 24"; Maximum Capacity 35 Liters; Sized To Fit A 15" Laptop In Addition To A Full Sized Hand-gun.
    • This is a great every day back that really has everything for both the urban and austere environment. I probably have twenty different backpacks/bags and i got tired of having to shuffle between them for different environments and needs. This bag really covers all of the bases, and i haven't used an... go to
    • Special: Dual-sized Pockets Feature Additional Storage Capacity And Cinch-down Side Pockets With Elasticized Straps.
    Economical Vertx Edc Gamut Plus Bag (Sporting Goods)

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