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Price was 0. This machine is a great workout. It is not hard to do. I love how it helps my back. I would recommend this to any one.

-I. Anonymous

Body Power Ab Back The Body Flex Ab & Back Machine Can Be Used As An Ab-crunch Station Or An Inversion Table, Offering You Two Pieces Of Equipment In One! Get The Sexy, Toned Stomach You’ve Been Dreaming -Body Power Abi1600 Ab Back Machine

  1. Listed: Allows You To Perform Vertical And Twisting Knee Raises And Leg Raises.
  2. Listed: Works Your Abs And Core While Also Relieving Back Pain And Stiffness.

Affordable Body Power Abi1600 Ab Back Machine (Sporting Goods) Abi1600

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I'm glad i ordered it, but i am sorry it was damaged in it's shipment, but "online store" stood behind their shipment and credited me a fair amount for the damage incurred. The assembly and user manual was very detailed and helpful and i have pretty much been following it. I've had a terribly bad back for years and it has been feeling a lot better since i began using the ab and back machine. Seems to be working fine and i would recommend it for those in need of a similar assistance. Best body power ab back | Body Max-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Jan 2019 ) Listed Body Power ABI1600 Ab and Back Machine Two-in-one fitness machine that combines ab exerciser with inversion device. Allows you to perform vertical and twisting knee raises and leg raises. Works your abs and core while also relieving back pain and stiffness. Back pad with extra-thick foam padding; includes safety rail. Folding frame for easy storage; handles and padded foot bar. Measures 76. 8 by 30 by 54. 4 inches; weighs 59. 52 pounds. Supports up to 250 pounds; center beam adjusts from 4'9" to 6'5" .

Body power abi1600 ab and back machine Review (abi1600)

This unit was easy to assemble, works like it is supposed to. The only problem is when i assembled it and used it for a couple of days a "friend" borrowed it and like the one before it i fear i shall never see it again. Great bang for the buck just dont loan it out. :) -W. Mahood

Body Power Abi1600 Back Machine

  • Order: Sports
  • Brand: Body Max
  • EAN: 0878932003501
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:54.38 inches
    Length:76.75 inches
    Weight:59.52 pounds
    Width:30.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Body Max
  • Model: ABI1600
  • MPN: ABI1600
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: ABI1600
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS
  • UPC: 878932003501

body power ab back Sports, The body flex ab & back machine can be used as an ab-crunch station or an inversion table, offering you two pieces of equipment in one! get the sexy, toned stomach you've been dreaming of, or focus on relieving back pressure and stress. a lower spring-loaded pull pin provides easy adjustments. Body Power Abi1600 Ab Back Machine (ABI1600-Body Max).

Body Power Abi1600 Back Machine Sports

body power ab backBody Power ABI1600 Ab and Back Machine (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Get the most from your ab workouts with this two-in-one fitness device, which does double duty as an ab exerciser and inversion machine. In its upright position, the machine lets you perform such exercises as vertical knee raises, twisting vertical knee raises, straight leg raises, and twisting straight leg raises. Just lock the machine in place, grab the handles, slide your feet under the padded foot bar, and lift your legs to 90 degrees. It's comfortable and secure, and lets you work your abs and core in the comfort of your own home. As an alternative, you can unlock the back pad and drift downward into a full inverted position, letting you gently stretch your back, elongate your spine, and relieve pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots. The two-in-one table is comfortable in either position, with extra-thick foam padding on the back pad and a safety rail should you feel unsteady. And when you're done working out, the machine folds up for easy storage. Features and specifications: sturdy steel frame deluxe foam pad nylon covers safety rail design can be used as an ab-crunch machine or inversion table effective ab exercise without straining neck or back variable resistance by changing center of gravity folds for easy storage lower spring-loaded pull pin for easy ankle adjustments center beam adjusts from 4'9" to 6'5" assembled dimensions: 76. 8 by 30 by 54. 4 inches assembled weight: 59. 52 pounds 250-pound weight capacity the abi1600 two-in-one trainer allows you to exercise your abs and also stretch in an inverted position.

Have been using the inversion table on a regular basis for about 3 months; from the start it arrived well packaged, assembly was a little challenging but once started, went off pretty much without a hitch. The design on the table itself looks like something from 1984, a bit splashy, but that's my only real hang up. ; ) overall, this inversion table, i believe is a good value for the money. It is sturdy, and seems to be holding up well. I use it primarily for inversion therapy, although, i have been experimenting with inverted crunches and some other core exercises as well. I'm certainly not disappointed with the purchase, as i picked it up from online store in "used like new" condition for somewhere in the ballpark of 85 bucks. I would say, if you are looking for something to dabble around in inversion therapy, or play with some core strengthening and can pick it up for under a hundred, i'd say go for it. I did, and i'm not disappointed.

Body Power Abi1600 Ab Back Machine
Click to see NoticeBody Power Abi1600 Ab Back Machine (Body Max)"Wow! this is wonderful. Much less expensive (very affordable) than other similar inversion tables, but it works perfectly. It was not difficult to assemble. One can call in if one has an assembly question. It not only inverts like other tables but also can be used to do abdominal muscle exercises. My posture is better. My energy level is higher. I sleep more soundly through the night. It has eased both intestinal discomfort and sinus trouble, and it is reversing the effects of gravity-both in height as i get older and sagging of facial, etc. Skin. It is a solid table, too, not full of holes, for better support. I bought a massage cushion for it, too, that is officially for another manufacturer's table and it fits perfectly. I am totally satisfied."

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Body Power Inversion Table

Life dragging you down? reverse course with the body power inversion table! daily life can create stress, strain and be a downright drag on you. Aches, pains, and chronic stress often come about as a result of just living, putting weight on your feet, legs, and skeletal system. Inversion tables help relieve these issues by reducing pressure on spinal discs, ligaments and nerve roots, increasing blood circulation, strengthening your back and elongating your spine. Just a few minutes a day of relieving the pressure of gravity on your vital systems can produce a refreshed feeling of well-being that lasts all day! flip to the positive side: sturdy metal frame; chrome center beam makes it height adjustable to fit most individuals 4'8" to 6'8"; 3-position adjustable inversion angle; padded ankle holders and handlebars; skid-resistant rubber floor protectors; folds quickly and easily for storage. ; it's approx. 63 x 32 x 60" h. , 47 lbs. 250-lb. Weight capacity. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Give your body a new look at the world. Get yours now with savings! body power inversion table

Body Power Inversion TableBody-Power-BWP1001-Inversion-Table

Brand :    body power
Color :    Black
Weight :    50.00 pounds
Model :    BWP1001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Body Power Inversion Table available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion therapy counteracts the forces of gravity on the body (particularly the back) by decompressing and elongating the spine. This relieves pressure on your spinal cord s ligaments and nerve roots. In essence, inversion therapy reverses the negative effects of gravity. Using the body max inversion table for just 10 minutes a day will allow you to be on your way to improved circulation and posture while relieving muscle aches, back pain and stress.

Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy TableBody-Max-IT6000-Inversion-TherapyInversion therapy counteracts the forces of gravity on the body (particularly the back) by decompressing and elongating the spine. Not only can this relieve pressure on your spinal cord's ligaments and nerve roots, but it can also relax the back muscles that support the vertebrae. And when your back relaxes, the rest of your body invariably follows. The body max it6000 inversion therapy table can make a great addition to your daily routine, and help to improve your circulation and posture while relieving muscle aches, back pain, and stress. The it6000 is easy to adjust, with a deluxe dual-pin system that lets you quickly find the right position (within a height range of 4' 8" to 6' 3"). It's also a breeze to use: once you rest your body against the pad and lock your feet behind the ankle supports, you simply reach your arms over your head. As your arms go up, your body will gradually invert until you're almost completely upside down. The only inputs are your energy and gravity itself. Construction features include a lower spring-loaded pull pin that allows for easy ankle adjustments; four safe and comfortable foam rollers; u-shaped handrails; a safety strap that lets you control the desired inverting angles; and a safety lock for when you aren't using the table. The it6000, which folds for easy storage, will support up to 250 pounds. The it6000 is easy to adjust with its deluxe dual-pin system that allows you to quickly find the right position (within a height range of 4' 8" to 6' 3").

Brand :    body max
Weight :    46.00 pounds
Model :    IT6000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Inversion therapy table for elongating spine and relaxing back muscles
  • Safety strap lets you control inverting angles; safety lock keeps table secure
  • Folds up for easy storage and transport; u-shaped handrails
  • Lower spring-loaded pull pin for easy ankle adjustments; 250-pound capacity
  • Deluxe dual-pin adjustment system with height range of 4' 8" to 6' 3"

Body Power Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Br2710 features: -number of items included:1 -material:plastic -material:metal -finish:dark gray and silver. Dimensions: -overall height - top to bottom:65. 47 -overall width - side to side:24. 8 -overall depth - front to back:50 -width between pedals:10 -pedal width:6. 5 -pedal depth:15. 5 -arms:yes -seat:no -console display:yes -flywheel:yes -overall product weight:85. 98 -arm height:58. 5 -arm distance:22 -console display width:8 -console display depth:10. 5

Body Power Magnetic Elliptical TrainerBody-Power-Magnetic-Elliptical-Trainer

Brand :    body power
Color :    Grey
Weight :    85.98 pounds
Model :    BWP1004
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (body power product review) for Body Power Magnetic Elliptical Trainer available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Marcy Folding Thick Exercise Gym Mat Carrying Handles Yoga, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Martial Art MAT-28

Train safely and pave the way for more efficient workout sessions by upgrading this home gym with the multi-functional workout mat from marcy! whether you re a certified gym buff or a beginner who s taking the physical route to wellness, this workout accessory is guaranteed to help you get the best from your training experience! engineered to combine practical design and functionality, this gym mat features a lightweight yet heavy-duty structure. The high-density foam facilitates efficient pressure and weight distribution throughout its cushioned structure to effectively reduce the amount of stress and jarring directed to your body during exercises such as yoga, tumbling, gymnastics, aerobics, martial arts, mma, or simply stretching and core workouts. Featuring interlocking fasteners, it allows lets you to connect additional mats to its side to form a large floor protector. The mat s velcro-like connecting strips allow you to seamlessly join several mats together for maximized floor coverage. Its trifold design, along with its pliable surface, make this mat easy to set up and carry around whenever you workout. This indoor panel mat is ideal for home gyms, workshop areas, garages, playrooms, and other recreational areas. The mat will protect your floors from damage while simultaneously offering comfort with its soft foam padding. Unlike other floor mats, this high-impact mat from marcy combines efficiency and affordability! this mat covers 2 by 6 feet of area, providing maximized floor coverage. Don t let anything hold you back from taking your exercise routine to the next level and experience utmost convenience with the marcy connect-a-mat fitness mat!

Marcy Folding Thick Exercise Gym Mat Carrying Handles Yoga, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Martial Art MAT-28Marcy-Exercise-Carrying-Gymnastics-Aerobics

Brand :    marcy
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Handy carrying handles - equipped with convenient handles that allow you to carry or hang the mat. it can be transported from your home gym to the patio or other areas of your house. its trifold design collapses in seconds for hassle-free storage.
  • High-impact foam surface - constructed from 2" high-density foam with double nylon stitching, this durable training mat effectively resists damage from dropping equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and wall balls during training.
  • Multifunctional mat - ideal for home gyms, garages, and even playrooms, this multipurpose floor mat offers a variety of functionality. each mat is guaranteed to protect the floor from your gym equipment as well as your body from strenuous exercises.
  • Versatile training mat - created as a reliable gym accessory that will enhance your training, this product flooring has a thick surface that absorbs impact. this mat can be used for gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, aerobics, and other fitness activities.
  • Connecting strips - featuring interlocking fasteners, this tri-fold mat lets you connect additional mats to its sides to form a large floor protector. the velcro-like connecting strips allow several mats to join together for unobtrusive integration.
Price :    $44.54
Model :    MAT28
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 5 to 7 days
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (marcy product review) for Marcy Folding Thick Exercise Gym Mat Carrying Handles Yoga, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Martial Art MAT-28 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

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Very nice

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How far does the table invert? the video doesn't show a full inversion. is this a sturdy unit? i'm 200lbs.

(1) Question: Can you do inverted sit ups with this machine, or is it only knee or leg lifts for the ab work out?

(2) Question: Why will this item not ship to my address in the states, it is a valid us po box.

(3) Question: Is there a user manual available online?

(4) Question: Does it fold easily to store out of the way against a wall?

(5) Question: Anyone have any feedback on the ab workout part of this machine? is it effective?

(note) Question: where/how to get Body Max (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Body Max's products


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This back machine is works great. My back feels much better , my pain was reduced from day one on the machine! if your back is in pain this is the machine for you. Price was very good .

Exercise & Fitness 1377043, Sports & Fitness 11018117901, Sports & Outdoors 1525733Top Body Power Abi1600 Ab Back Machine (Body Max) FAQ Content

Best body power abi1600 ab back machine (body max) in review

I've been using this about 10 days, and after the very first use i felt better. I had a fractured, compressed vertebrae and kyphoplasty surgery. I still have 2 bulging discs. I began this machine after the neurosurgeon gave the go-ahead. It is very sturdy, well built for the price. After about 10 days of using this, i invert to a 20-25 degree angle for about a minute, then return to horizontal for about a minute, and do reps that way. No dizziness or tachycardia at a small angle of inversion, but i get a full body stretch that i was not expecting! it feels so good! complete abdominal/torso stretch wow! meanwhile it decompresses my vertebrae and discs. I get off the machine after 4 or 5 reps, i feel about 5 inches taller lol. My posture is better, it makes everything feel better. A friend that had 2 fractured vertebrae and 2 ruptured discs used an inversion table, no surgery, and no more back issues after 3 years of use. As for this table, it does come with a lot of holes in the box, however all the parts were there. The nuts, bolts, little pieces are sealed in plastic on a piece of cardboard and each is labeled, so easy to know what's what. I totally recommend buying rachet wrenches to fit the nuts and bolts after you see them. Mine didn't fit and it would've been so much better with the right tools! also, the right front handle bar arrived with the foam covering split, it has a 5-6 inch gash in the foam, it's obviously been there a long time, it didn't happen in shipping. Looks like it happened in packaging at the factory. Otherwise, i am totally happy with this machine!

T. Heidi, Connecticut

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B. Alma, New Mexico says

I spent alot of time researching & reading reviews on different types of inversion tables, including the "teeter". For the money i saved and the quality of the product, i can't say enough positive things about the body power ab & back machine! it does exactly what it says it will do. The stretch relieves all that compression, and i use it faithfully every day for 10 minutes. My husband was very impressed by the workmanship that went into the product, and the easy of assembly. I have chronic lower back pain, and i love to walk every day, but my back just ain't what it used to be, so as soon as i make it back in from my 2-1/2 mile hike, i head right for the inversion table. It is relaxing and gives me total and immediate relief. I am amazed! i weigh 160 lbs. , and my ankles are quite comfortable in the cushioned restraints. The table itself gives support & comfort, as well. It's so easy to manuever, and just as easy to fold in half for compact wall storage. I have not used the ab's part as much, because i am focusing on my lower back and don't want to put any strain on my back, than is necessary right now. But i will say that i love it so much, i told my daughter about it, because she is suffering from a ruptured disc, and her worker's comp. Doctor was very enthusiatic about her use of this machine, so i ordered her one as well. She is very glad i did!

R. Juliana, Swindon

The machine comes in quite a few pieces that have to be put together. I found it simple but the instructions to put it together are a bit confusing. It makes it look alot more complicated than it is. The instructions for using the machine is not helpful at all. I was trying to figure a way to send it back until i did my own "thing" with it. If you use the back machine, then set the height adjustment 4" taller than you are. I'm 5'6 so i set it at 5'10. When i use the ab part, i set it 4" inches shorter than my height. (5'2"). I think that the height adjustment is based more upon your arm lenght than your height when it comes to the ab cruncher. After all, you want to feel comfortable when you ab it. I'm only able to use it for about a minute at a time right now so i have it parked in front of my tv so that i use often during the day. I really feel it hitting my abs and thighs when i used it. I haven't used the back part much yet because my big butt makes it feel uncomfortable right now when i suspend backwards. The weight max is 250 lbs. It says not to use it if you exceded that weight. It doesn't fold up. So far after a few days of having it, it seems to do alright. I guess i'll see in the long run. When i get my big butt down, i'm anxious to find out how the back part works for me.

P. Elanor, Wisconsin says

I am going to try to keep this short and sweet. Last nov. I was being scheduled for fusions on the l4 and l5, and decompression of the l3, also shoulder surgery in attempt to postpone shoulder replacement surgery, i am only 50 yrs old. I had a previous back surgery in 2009 with the only benefit being that i could walk, everything else was the same or worse, but thank god i could walk! my insurance was delaying things, and while this delay was occurring i decided to get an inversion table- - and believe me i have tried everything else. It is now may and i have been using my table 2-3x per day at only the recommended 5 minutes and i am no longer looking at having surgery for either my back or shoulder, and i find i can do more now then ever. I still have my limitations, but, no surgery! my muscle knots and tightness throughout back and shoulder are virtually gone. I have never used narcotics for my pain and hopefully never will now that i have this table. I tell everyone i know to get this table!

W. Crawford, Cornwall

I cannot review the "effectiveness" of an inversion table on helping my back pain, as i'm using both tens and this table to help my lower back pain and so far it's still early. . However the product is great. My main concern when looking for an inversion table, was how solid it would be. The last thing i wanted was to hang up side and have something bend or give way. This table is very solid and well built. The rate of inversion is easily adjustable based on your setup. It has handles to pull yourself up and the ankle supports hold my relatively small feet without an issue. It does work for ab crunches as well, though i will likely never use it for that. . All in all, this product does everything you'd expect it to do, and it does it well. I can't imagine why anyone would pay for 300. 00 for a teeter or other product when there are products like this at half the cost or less. . I deducted 1 star for 2 reasons:. First, the instructions aren't exactly the best. They are functional, but the diagrams are small and the verbiage doesn't exactly make this a no brainer. I did the typical guy thing, not fully reading the instructions and going based on logical fit, but at times when things weren't clear and i went to the details, they did not help much. . Secondly, this table could use a lumbar support pad. Not a huge deal, as i can put something there, but i think lumbar support is a nice to have! . . Last note, my package, as others have suggested, didn't come in the best of shape. The box had definitely been opened before. The foot pedal grip tip had scratches and gouges, the metal bars had tons of rub marks, and the back support board had a tear in the back fabric. None of this affected the products ability to function, but sometimes you like "new" things to look "new". However i put this more on online store, than the product itself. . * keep in mind *. Sometimes it appears nuts and bolts are missing, but often they are already bolted into the parts they go to instead of being part of the package of nuts and bolts. So that can be confusing.

D. Brenda, Merton says

Amzing unit. Does twice as much (abs) as any other in this prize range. Hanging for 10 minutes and all my backpain is gone all day long. Finally after trying medications, exercising, yoga, heat, massage, zapping, . This actually works

S. Wade, Liverpool

Came with a missing piece for putting it together. I had to call the company that made it, to ask them to send it. They were real good to talk to. So now we ll see if i get it, so we can finish putting it together. It didn t have very good instructions on how to use it!

G. Judith, Ohio says

This product is amazing . After only 3 minutes of inverting a problem i paid a chiropractor $200. 00 for was gone . My back has not felt this good in years . The only complaint worth mentioning has to do with the assembly process step 1-c(cross tube 7), this part does not fit. The knob bolts 47 will not hold this part in place because of the torque and the plastic knobs were pushed off . A quick trip to lowe's, $18. 00 worth of bolts and 2 hours later my son and i completed assembly. The knob bolts 47 were replaced with real bolts. Turn the assembly on its side and use gentle persuasion to place bolts where knob bolts 47 should go, one side at a time . Please insure you have a helper, "you'll need one" . The price was great $85. 00

N. Benton, Midi-Pyrenees

It was fairly easy to assemble. The machine is decent and sturdy. I particularly love the inversion/ab blasting 2 in one feature. Great value!

R. Alexia, Blackburn with Darwen says

It wasn't the easiest thing to put together, but after you get it together it was worth all the time! i have problems with my sciatic nerve, but i get on this machine for about 10 minutes and the pain is gone. Love it!

Y. Sally, California

Assembly was easy. I do recommend installing bolts just finger-tight until all pieces are alligned. Just remember to go back and tighten everything when you are done. I am very pleased with the quality of materials. Functionality is better than expected. I will save enough in chiropractor fees to pay for this in just a few months. My back feels better than in years. My only complaint is that the rubber coverings on the handles had a really bad odor, so strong that my entire house stunk for about a week. It did finally air out, though. I suspect it had something to do with being in storage so long (tag on product indicated 2005).

B. Cathy, Harrow says

Very sturdy, love the dual funtion but was very unhappy about receiving a black and white back pad instead of what the picture showed(an all black pad). When you care what your home looks like things like color matter!

J. Bertie, Hessen

Works for me as an ab trainer and inversion table. This is my first inversion table for stretching the spine. I like it. I wish i could bend me knees while hanging to let my feet rest.

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