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Price was $134.99 - $465.74. The first thing i want to mention is that i put a regular army issue, 100 ounce hydration pack, in the hydration pocket of the bag. It takes a little bit of squeezing in there when it is completely filled, but haven't had any issues in regards to bursting or anything stupid like that. Again, this is the exact same hydration pack we get in the army, or the usual camelbaks they sell at. Well. Pretty much everywhere. Fits fine! . . Continuing on. . The picture attached is how i have my bag now. On the outside i have a basic "uniform build", as i call it with a flag, old unit patch and tab, as well as a nametape. On the molle system in front and center (the square velcro area), i have two small little ifak-style packs and a weapons cleaning kit for a "ar-15" styled weapon system. . On the front straps i have a uh, gerber strap cutter issued thing attached along with an ess eyewear case (obviously, i recommend these glasses to everyone, don't care if your shooting, cooking, driving, or on the computer, get one. ). . So anyway, i bought this bag for these very specific reasons; . . Rucking, handling heavy weight, and daily work. On board, i carry mininum 6 liters of water. Two 1. 5 bottles in each pocket, and the 3 liter hydration pack mentioned earlier. I hump with this thing pretty damn often. . I recommend looking into a better chest strap. The chest strap broke on me during an 18k ruck march and i am not happy about that. I gave this thing 5 stars because im one of those lazy ones that grab on to my chest strap when i'm tired and rest my hands on it, pulling it down, this is how it broke. Pretty sure it's entirely my fault. Before this my right side chest strap would come off sometimes as i am putting on, or taking off the bag. . I am a security patrol supervisor and i deal with a lot of crap. Plugging tires, doing incident reports, getting into little scuffles with sleeping people. Hard life. Anyway, i have a lot of stuff i have to carry with me and the bag helps out a lot. . So all in all, it exceeds my expectations for the bag. It is actually slightly larger than what i thought it would be, though i am totally happy with this big bastard. Because. It is big. People will say. . Holy crap! ? the hell? you live outta that thing or what? of which you can sound off with a cheerful, "damn right i do! ". . Seriously though, i have a sog bag. Also combat veteran, all that stuff. We veterans (as you see everywhere else in the reviews) know our damn bags. Yeah, if your thinkin it, you think you want it, get it. You can beat me up afterwards if you dislike it, thats on me.

-K. Perez

Purchase Tactical Rush 72 Sized For A Three-day Excursion, The Rush 72 Backpacks Is Loaded The Features Operators Need And Want. Designed By Special Operations Combat Veteran, Kyle Lamb Of Vtac, These Backpacks -5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack.

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Upon receiving this pack, it was everything i hoped it would be and more. I stand 6' 4" tall and weigh in at 260 and this pack fits very well. I could have taken my old bob and stuffed it right inside the main compartment. After filling, mine was around 50 lbs. With room to spare and it feels like 15 lbs. When it's on your back. The waist belt hits exactly where it should and i was able to take all the weight off my shoulders with it. I carry everyday so i generally don't use the waist belt. Other reviews said something about color not being right, and i kind of see what they are saying, i ordered a od green color and it is, but has a bit of a shine in it. Not enough to bother me though. I wish i had two more of these, i would take this on a 3-4 day hike no problem. 5. 11 put out a great product with this one! this pack will hold more than you wish to carry. Best tactical rush 72 | 5 11-Sporting Goods Review as-of ( Feb 2019 ) Spotlight 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 8. Imported .

5.11 tactical rush 72 backpack Review (5 11)

I bought this pack just over a year ago for an edc truck bag. Inside i carry 3 days worth of food, change of clothes, basic survival gear (fire, water, cordage), tomahawk, knife, compact cooking pot, ammo, gloves, full blow out/med kit, ar 15 (not completely assembled), camping hammock, emergency shelter, collapsible water bottle, steel water flask, head lamps, flash lights, ponchos and well i could probably fill 2 more paragraphs but you get the point. . The pack has held up to being tossed in the rear seat of my pickup daily aswell as hikes with all the gear mentioned. Total weight is 78 pounds and not a single stitch has popped. The waist strap makes it easy to carry when decked out as described above and the yoke style shoulder straps keep the weight evenly distributed. Even with such a heavy load the bag does not feel awkward when you twist side to side or bend at the waist, it pretty much stays where you need it to. Size wise it is perfect if i was better at organization and packing i would imagine you could fit 10-15 pounds more gear in easily. The only down side to this pack is that you will feel the necessity to put more gear in it than you can carry. -F. Carol

5 11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

  1. Class: Sports
  2. Brand: 5.11
  3. Color: *
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:1.00 inches
    Width:16.60 inches
  5. Manufacturer: 5.11
  6. Model: 5-58602-026-1SZ-P
  7. Total Items: 1
  8. Quantity: 1
  9. Type: Sports
  10. Category: SPORTING GOODS
  11. SKU: 443486

tactical rush 72 Sports, Sized for a three-day excursion, the rush 72 backpacks is loaded with the features operators need and want. designed by special operations combat veteran, kyle lamb of vtac, these backpacks come with two large compartments and a compression strap system that allows expandability depending upon how much gear you carry. the front section of the pack includes an organizer panel with two zippered mesh compartments; a large zippered pocket, a key fob and radio/magazine pockets with hook and loop straps. the main compartment has three mesh zippered pockets and a separate large cinch pocket. there are two full-length side pockets that can handle a variety of different items including large water bottles. the top of the backpack has a separate fleece lined eyeglass pocket and a smaller external zippered gear pocket. we've added molle-compatible webbing to the front and side of the pack, allowing you to attach a host of different 5. 11's slickstick accessory pouches. the padded shoulder straps also have molle-compatible webbing along with an adjustable sternum strap. the padded waist straps can be stowed away in hidden pockets and the padded back allows ventilation for those long hikes. we've also included a reinforced hydration pocket that allows you to add a hydration bladder for immediate access to water. we finished the pack off with a heavy-duty, nylon carry handle at the top. constructed of water-resistant 1050-denier nylon, this pack is built to last. we use quality ykk zippers throughout and our high-impact plastic clips remain stable in all temperatures. we've added elastic keepers to secure the ends of all straps. once you've got the pack adjusted to your size, you'll be able to secure the ends of all straps with these elastic keepers. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack (5-58602-026-1SZ-P-5 11).

5 11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack Sports

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Originaly found this bag at cabella's, and found a somkin' deal at online store, so it was a no brainer, as far as that goes. I don't use this bag as i suspect most will-i'm a railrader and pack all my needed items (lantern, cold/wet weather gear, computer, rule books, three days worh of clothes, etc. ), but i've done 16 years in the military, so i can appreciate somewhat the finer points in back packs, day bags, rucksacks, and the like. The last pack i had in the military was back in '04, and it was a huge leap from the alice pack i started with. That being said, i love this bag. I'm just as hard on it working for the railroad as i would be in the field, maybe even more so. It's well built (no walmart school bag, this), thick cordra nylon, filled with pockets and straps everywhere. With a little practice, everything is within easy reach, the only problem being which pocket you want to use. I've got no complaints so far, and i've been using it daily now for around a month

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack
Click to see Notice5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack (5 11)"No need to carry a tent! this thing is so big, you can sleep in it! . . Superb quality in material and workmanship. It's seemingly bulletproof (no need to test that claim), and it has pockets for everything! not to mention the excellent expandablilty. . I bought the rush-72 to use as a camera bag. It's size will allow me to carry my photo gear (making an insert, for protection) as well as plenty of other gear. . I was a little nervous because i read that some people had received counterfeit products, which i suppose is a risk when purchasing any product over the web; but was relieved when my bag came and it was 100% authentic. . The spillover compartment has provided a minor challenge. I stuck some velcro in their, as another review had suggested. It worked great, temporarily; the adhesive didn't stay stuck for long. You'll have to sew on the velcro. (i haven't done it yet. Sewing through that heavy nylon is going to suck. It's tough stuff. ) nonetheless, i think it will come in handy when i need to stash a jacket, or other miscellaneous item. . All-in-all, i'm super satisfied. So much so that my next pack purchase will be the rush-24 for my everyday to/from the office bag."

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5.11 58717 6.10 Vertical Molle Pouch

Designed to mesh seamlessly with 5. 11 bags, packs, and duffels, the 6. 10 vertical pouch provides lightweight all-weather storage for any application. Crafted from ultra-durable 1000d nylon, the 6. 10 pouch features a full-length ykk zipper and a molded grip pull for glove-friendly accessibility. Compatible with molle and 5. 11 slickstick web platforms for easy integration into your existing loudout.

5.11 58717 6.10 Vertical Molle Pouch5-11-58717-Vertical-Molle-Pouch

5.11 58717 6.10 VERTICAL MOLLE POUCH Overview
Brand :    5.11
Model :    58717-019-8
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • This pouch features a molded grip pull for gloved accessibility and ykk zipper hardware
  • Molle / slickstick web platform compatible
  • The 6. 10 pouch is made of durable all-weather 1000d nylon
  • The dimensions of this pouch are (10" h, 6" w, 3 1/2" d)
  • Provides multipurpose all-weather storage and integrates with 5. 11 bags, packs, and duffels
Price :    —
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5.11 6 X 6 Pouch

Our 6. 6 pouch attaches quickly to any molle compatible system to help you organize critical gear.   this pouch can be used to stow small items on the exterior of a pack, vest or gear bag; providing easy access to necessary items.

5.11 6 X 6 Pouch5-11-6-X-Pouch

5.11 6 X 6 POUCH Pros
Brand :    5.11
Model :    58713-131-8
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Ykk zippers
  • Slickstick(tm) molle attachment system
  • 1000d nylon
Price :    —
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5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack

Full-size day pack with 20"h x 12. 5"l x 8"d (2, 000 cu in) main compartment and numerous smaller individual pockets and pouches, several with zipper closures.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack5-11-Tactical-Rush-Back-Pack

Brand :    5.11
Color :    *
Model :    ACKAM112
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Adjustable, dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps with duraflex(tm) hardware
  • Top exterior book-end pockets with non-scratching fleece-lined organization, two exterior, side, flat, zippered pockets, one interior stuff-pocket with draw cord
  • Two large metal grommet drainage holes on bottom of pack
  • Sized for a 24 hour mission with generous web-platform on three sides with additional attachment points
  • Closed-cell foam back padded hydration pocket with two back-to-back zippered pull tabs
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

5.11 Tactical Rush 10 Mobile Operation Attachment Bag

Moab stands for mobile operation attachment bag and with the new tier system (included on the moab 10 and 6 and sold separately) can rapidly connect/disconnect to any of our rush series of packs, dc roller and bags with web platform. The moab's include similar features from our rush series of packs, including a top-access fleece-lined, non-scratching sunglass pocket, internal and external organizing pockets, key chain fobs, front and side web platform, flag and name tape velcro, carry handle and hydration pouch compatibility.   in addition, the moab 10 includes a tech pocket on the shoulder strap with an ear-bud eyelet pass-through, great for a small radio or smart phone.

5.11 Tactical Rush 10 Mobile Operation Attachment Bag5-11-Tactical-Mobile-Operation-Attachment

Brand :    5.11
Model :    ACKAM115
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Coms pocket with pass-through for mic/earbuds
  • Ambidextrous cross-body shoulder strap system
  • Includes 5. 11s tier system - attaches to rush backpacks
  • Hydration pocket (1. 5ltr) with pass-through port
  • Concealed back-up belt system pistol compartment
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 Tactical Rush 10 Mobile Operation Attachment Bag available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack

The rush12 backpack is a high performance multipurpose bag that fills multiple roles, from a tactical assault pack to a hunting backpack to an emergency go-bag. 16 total compartments provide a wide range of storage options, each one sized for a specific use. Additional features on the rush12 backpack include an internal admin panel for organizing small accessories, a 60 oz. Hydration pocket that keeps you on the move, and a fleece-lined sunglass pocket that protects your eyewear. An extensive wrap-around web platform is molle and 5. 11 slickstick system compatible, allowing you to customize your storage to suit your needs. The rush backpack offers external compression straps, adjustable shoulder straps, and a centered sternum strap to ensure stability, and water resistant construction to keep your gear dry and secure in any climate. Water-resistant 1050d nylon, 18" x 11" x 6. 5" main compartment, 12 x 9 x 1. 75 bottom front compartment, 17 x 11 1. 5 liter hydration pocket

5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack5-11-Tactical-Rush-Back-Pack

Brand :    5.11
Model :    511Bp
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Compatible with hydration systems up to 60 oz.
  • 16 total compartments, pockets, and slots to stow and organize your gear
  • Large zippered administrative compartment with 9 pockets and slots
  • Main compartment: 18" x 11" x 6" capacity: 1296 cu in/21. 2 liters
Price :    —
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5.11 Tactical Rush Tier System

An adaptation of our legendary 5. 11 stryke pant, the stryke short is built from our exclusive 4. 84 oz. Flex-tac mechanical stretch fabric for lightweight mobility and resilience, and is treated with teflon to repel stains, spills, soil, and light precipitation. Featuring roomy front a rear pockets, dual multi-purpose thigh pockets, and twin low-profile cargo pockets with internal compartments sized for ar magazines, the stryke short offers more than enough space to store your tactical kit. A full running crotch gusset eliminates constriction and ensures full freedom of movement, while a secure and adaptive waistband keeps your gear stable when you're on the move.

5.11 Tactical Rush Tier System5-11-Tactical-Rush-Tier-System

Brand :    5.11
  • Compatible with hydration systems up to 60 oz.
  • Main compartment: 18" x 11" x 6" capacity: 1296 cu in/21. 2 liters
  • 16 total compartments, pockets, and slots to stow and organize your gear
  • Large zippered administrative compartment with 9 pockets and slots
Price :    —
Model :    ACKAM111
Order click here :    -
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XTACER Tactical Multipurpose D-Ring Grimloc Locking Hanging Hook Tactical Link Snap Keychain Molle Webbing

Specifications: pros:lightweight, strong, don't rattle of make noise cons:none really come to mind color: black and tan

XTACER Tactical Multipurpose D-Ring Grimloc Locking Hanging Hook Tactical Link Snap Keychain Molle WebbingXTACER-Tactical-Multipurpose-Grimloc-Keychain

Price :    —
  • Tactical multipurpose d-ring grimloc locking, materials: plastic
  • Latch design of this hanging hook comes with a detent to maintain an open position if needed and, while strong enough to carry equipment
  • Used extensively by the army and marine corps
  • Speed clip as it is, the release button is textured for ease of use with gloved hands and works
  • Can be used on any 1" wide piece of webbing and replaces the metal carabiner for attachment of lanyards, weapons, and accessories
Brand :    xtacer
Model :    MT-20801
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (xtacer product review) for XTACER Tactical Multipurpose D-Ring Grimloc Locking Hanging Hook Tactical Link Snap Keychain Molle Webbing available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Custom Military/Tactical Name Tapes 50 Fabrics to choose Made in USA SHIPS UNDER 24 HRS

When customizing your product, you will get exactly what you typed in the font color you requested. Font color is embroidery color! double check your order! all name tapes are centered. If choosing a logo, logo is as it appears on the logo sheet, and will be printed as you see it in the logo sheet. Sew on items are longer so you can either tuck it under or cut off the edges depending on what your attaching the sew on to. (uniform ready fastener) items are measured exactly as ordered. Either 3. 5", 4", 5" or 6". No returns on custom items.

Custom Military/Tactical Name Tapes 50 Fabrics to choose Made in USA SHIPS UNDER 24 HRSCustom-Military-Tactical-Fabrics-choose

Price :    —
  • Ships under 24 hours!
  • When customizing your product, you will get exactly what you typed in the font color you requested. font color is embroidery color! double check your order! all name tapes are centered. if choosing a logo, logo is as it appears on the logo sheet, and will be printed as you see it in the logo sheet.
  • Ships under 24 hours! no need to expedite these name tapes, we usually ship the very same day! questions? call our embroidery hotline at 715-598-1543
  • All our shipments have tracking numbers, we ship to apo/fpo. all names tapes are 1" in width except usn - 1. 25". military spec fabrics / made in the usa! by professionals! using military threads! all tapes are centered.
  • All our shipments have tracking numbers, we ship to apo/fpo. military spec fabrics / made in the usa! by professionals! using military threads! all tapes are centered.
Brand :    northern safari
Model :    NameTapes
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (northern safari product review) for Custom Military/Tactical Name Tapes 50 Fabrics to choose Made in USA SHIPS UNDER 24 HRS available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult H2O Carrier

Staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining peak performance. The 5. 11 h20 carrier is sized for a standard water bottle and integrates with molle and slickstick web platforms providing an ideal hydration solution for both tactical and recreational environments. Built to complement 5. 11 bags belts and packs this highly functional slickstick/molle water bottle holder features durable nylon construction and a high impact locking clip to prevent jostling during periods of high activity.

Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult H2O CarrierTactical-5-11-Unisex-Adult-Carrier

Price :    —
  • High impact locking clip to prevent jostling during periods of high activity
  • Sized for a standard water bottle
  • Ideal hydration solution
  • Integrates with molle and slickstick web platforms
  • Imported
Brand :    5.11
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for Tactical 5.11 Unisex Adult H2O Carrier available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

5.11 6 X 6 Medical Pouch, Black

Our 6. 6 med pouch is designed to secure first aid supplies to your pack or vest using a molle attachment system.   the pouch has a first aid cross on the front for immediate recognition.   with two zippered internal mesh pockets to help you organize your first aid equipment and allow you to see where critical items are located, the 6. 6 med pouch can be attached to the molle straps of any molle compatible pack or vest.   the 6. 6 med pouch uses our slickstick molle attachment system that makes attachment of the medical pouch to packs or vests quick and easy. The 5. 11 slickstick is compatible with standard molle attachment systems, yet functions like none other. The slickstick slides through a uv-resistant ring making it easier to arrange and attach your pouches and other gear. Slickstick attaches like a normal molle attachment, but it slides to make it easier. To remove an item, just pop the snap and pull the stick out. We use quality ykk zippers on our 6. 6 med pouch.   constructed of 1d quality nylon, our medical pouch comes in two colors; flat earth dark and black.  all of our accessory slickstick pouches compliment any molle system and give you tremendous versatility in organizing your gear.  the 6. 6 med pouch is a great value and extremely durable nylon accessory.   you can count on 5. 11 tactical series to outfit you with quality gear at a great price. Measuring 6" h, 6" w, 4" d

5.11 6 X 6 Medical Pouch, Black5-11-Outdoor-58715-019-Medical-Pouch

5.11 6 X 6 MEDICAL POUCH, BLACK Benefit
Brand :    5.11 outdoor
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    58715-019
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Ykk zippers
  • Medical cross for quick id
  • Mesh interior pockets
  • Multi-compartment medical pouch
  • Slicksticktm molle attachment system
Price :    $21.00 (was $27.59)
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 6 X 6 Medical Pouch, Black available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

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The F.A.Q. for 5.11 tactical rush 72 backpack

In my search for my perfect bob/travel bag, i poured over review after review of the condor, 5. 11, maxpedition, and after watching hours of youtube videos on each series of bags, i settled on the rush series by 5. 11. I wear the 5. 11 brand pants and hats and love them. That was part of my decision. I am 5'4" and about 145. I am not a tiny girl and this bag fits like a glove. The straps including the waist straps are a lifesaver after loading the bag with 20+ lbs. It carries everything and then some including my snugpak sleep system and tent.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is this bag tsa approved?

(1) Question: Does this pack have more cubic inches than the 24 pack

(2) Question: What are the sizes of the two velcro areas?

(3) Question: Does this pack come with the hard plastic backing and metal rod?

(4) Question: How many liters capacity is this backpack? thanks

(5) Question: What size hydration bladder would you recommend for the 72? what size will fit?

(6) Question: How is this for bushcraft? it would need to fit food, water, fire, first aid. trying to make a all in one survival pack.

(7) Question: Anyone who ordered black model. can i attach a tent to the bottom of the bag?

(8) Question: How many liters does the pack hold?

(9) Question: Will a 15"x 10" laptop fit inside?

(note) Question: where/how to get 5 11 (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar 5 11's products


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I did not receive a discount on this product for my review though i would love to in the future as i am ordering a lot of stuff lately to build this bag. I did a lot of research before ordering this bag. I am building a grab and go bag/camping bag that will carry everything i need and this bag has the storage for it! i absolutely love 5. 11 products, high quality, very large ( i am 6'5 ), and pockets everywhere! the molle system is very nice too, i'm planning to attach the 5. 11 medical pouch and another storage pouch soon! i almost went with the rush 24 and am very glad i went with the 72. This is a beast of a bag and you don't have to think twice about 5. 11 products. The one thing i am concerned about and the only thing is the mesh used for the inside pockets and webbing between the stuff in pocket. Time will tell i guess. Over all 5 stars!

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Best 5.11 tactical rush 72 backpack (5 11) in review

One of the best purchases i've made. . Before this bag, i had the condor 3 day pack, which was alright until one of the stars started ripping off. So as you can imagine while shopping for a new bag, strap quality was a big deal. I was undecided for a while, after all, the rush is not cheap. You do get what you pay for though. After finally pulling the trigger and getting the rush 72, all my doubts were swept aside. . This pack offers so much. From the reinforced hydration compartment, which i use for carrying my laptop (fits 15 inch macbook pro without a problem) to the main compartment, which is fitted with many pockets and is perfect for clothes etc. That's not even mentioning the two small compartments on the sides and in the front. All in all, the space is abundant, but what's more important, that space is very organized. . If i had to choose my favorite feature on this bag, it would have to be the "kangaroo" pouch. Seems silly, i know, but that is the most useful partition, i've ever seen. Need to stuff your jacket somewhere? no problem. Shoes? easy. For quick access or just extra storage, it's great. . I highly recommend this bag and if you're on the fence whether or not to buy it, check out some youtube reviews. They really break it down feature by feature. Overall, money well spent.

E. Palmer, Yukon Territory

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N. Nancy, Staffordshire says

I really wish online store had better prices on these. Because they aren't cheaper than any other retailer. And warranty is a problem on top of that, so honestly it should be more aggressively priced considering after 30 days your goose is cooked for 160 bucks with any problems later on. . Now to the bag, this thing is huge, i mean it's perfect for pack rats or whoever likes to bring more than they need for short trips. I personally use it as a weekend bag. When i travel and i fit about 4 days of clothing, and i stuff all kinds of just in case items in it and still have room left. Grooming products, power cables, power-banks, tablet, knives, soap etc. This was a organizers dream the sheer level of pockets on this rivals most electronics bags our there also. Bags like the tylt bag, and ones that include powerbanks often advertise their versitility with storage spaces for all kinds of things. And so far from what i have personally seen this bag has way more. Its perfection. . My only issue so far is the design of the hard plate on the back. I'm not convinced it is providing me any comfort but i have to play with the metal bar and see if i can fine tune it to the shape of my back. I haven't had any quality control problems so far, i feel it's well constructed minus the mesh, these seem a bit fragile to be and could easily tear if you put the wrong items in them or over pack them. The straps on the shoulders were comfortable for me and i'm 6'2. So for those who said it was horribly uncomfortable its at least better than my old backpack was, that's not saying much for anyone going hiking with it though so i have no experience there. . Biggest gripe is if you tuck the waist belt straps away they create a uncomfortable bulge i did not care for. Otherwise i would say i doubt i would find anything better period. No looking back on this purchase i love this thing.

E. Veronica, Saarland

Utterly utterly brilliant backpack! i'm glad i've got it. Before i use to carry two bags now everything goes in this 511. It's just perfect for my enduro rides, camping and stuff. That waist belt takes off all the wieght from your shoulders. It makes my 150-200 miles adventures easy. . Ride on!

M. Candy, Kansas says

So far i am loving this backpack. I use it every day as a heavy-duty commuter (bike) bag as well as travel bag. I love how large it is and how well it fits everything i need. Other larger backpacks i've owned have been to long in the vertical direction (hard to bike or travel with), but this one is not. I much prefer how this bag distributes it's volume, whether full or nearly empty, compared to every other bag i've had. It's many specific features are excellent! i especially like having the fold between the two main compartments (the kangaroo compartment? ) for stashing wet/sticky/gross items that i do not want to put inside my bag. I could go on and on about all of it's features that i like, but i won't. The two drawbacks i have-for my uses-are the comfort of the straps, and the drain-wholes in the bottom of the bag. (1) traveling with it for long periods with a heavy load starts to wear on my shoulders, but the bag is worth it-although i would not use it as a hiking backpack for extended treks. (2) i don't mind the drain whole for the water bladder compartment, but in the main compartment allowing water in/out is a problem, not an asset, so instead i sealed them with a combination of of duct tape (from the outsite) and thermoplastic/glue gun (from the inside). With that easy fix, i can say it's basically the perfect bag for me!

H. Nielsen, Maryland

I've been searching for months trying to find a good backpack for a three day outing. Finally it came down to this or the kelty redwing, but ultimately i went with this bag. I have to echo everything others have said with regard to the bags solid manufacturing, reinforced seams, adequately padded straps and tough material. What really sold me on the rush 72 versus the kelty was all of the organizational detail inside. There are numerous solid pockets with zippers, and open mesh pockets, with pockets sized for small items like pens, to larger items like a small axe or hatchet. I haven't yet acquired all the gear needed (times two) to go on an overnight trip, so i have yet to put the pack to actual use. For a momentary moderately weighted test fitting, i was pleased the bag's weight rode correctly on my hips, and that the waist band and shoulder straps padding felt appropriately thick. I also liked the pack's internal support structure, as it seemed to help distribute the weight sufficiently. Until i hike a few miles with the rush 72 loaded to the gills however, i can only hope the pack will still feel comfortable. One regret i did have, is that the sternum strap isn't adjustable vertically, so it felt on my experimental fittings like it was close to choking me. The only other negative i noticed was inside one of the side pockets, where the stitching went across a little fold of the pocket, preventing it from fully opening. When you buy mass produced products, little mishaps like these are going to slip through quality control, so i wasn't really bothered. I'd chosen the color grey to stay low key, but ultimately i just didn't care for it. But with the pocket issue and my color indecisiveness, i elected to return the bag for another. My boyfriend decided he liked the bag, so we ended up keeping it for him and ordering me another one. Sigh. If i only knew back then how such a seemingly simple process could turn into such an ordeal, i might've just kept this bag. But that saga will have to continue in the review for the next rush 72 i ordered for myself. :(. Update edit: duh. I can't make another separate review as all the reviews are combined for the different colors. As if the different colors didn't warrant separate reviews. I beg to differ! . . As mentioned above, i did immediately order another rush 72 in sandstone for myself. (i beg your patience here as i have a question for you, gentle readers, and i sincerely hope to hear from anyone who does own this backpack in sandstone. Because the pack i received had a tag that said "sandstone", but the bag was green! unmistakeably od green like fatigue's the military used to issue until they got silly with their computer chosen camouflage. I and my boyfriend are older military veterans and thus very familiar with od green. 5. 11 calls the color tac od and by their product photos my new "sandstone" pack just had to be mislabeled! grrr. I phoned 5. 11 customer service directly, and the rep agreed "sandstone" should be a light brown color. Shortly thereafter i got my return authorization from online store and back the bag went. Just to be safe, as some of online store's sellers are shady, i purchased the next bag directly from 5. 11. And. It too was od green with a "sandstone" tag. The color sandstone to me is evocative of, well, sand. 5. 11's product photos of the "sandstone" bag on their site appear definitively khaki or sand colored on both my window pc and boyfriend's android phone, as well as my ipad air 2, which ruled out color saturation differences across varying devices. With this unwanted green bag, i'm still thinking a gross mistake has occurred and accordingly i return the bag again. And with much gnashing of teeth (and maybe a little foot stomping), i open "sandstone" pack number two and find it also vividly green! . Desperately wanting a true sand color, i rinse and repeat the whole process, and of course the third "sandstone" bag was also od green! aaaaauuuuggghhhh! sorry, i need to take a deep breath here. :inhale-count to five-exhale: there. The rage wave is receding. . My third bag was returned and i'm trying one last time to get a 5. 11 rush 72 bag in a color i like. Only this time i'm ordering the dark earth color from online store and saving some money. . Hmph. I just checked something on the 5. 11 website while updating this review and there is a new photo of their "sandstone" bag, only now it appears od green; albeit not as vivid a green as the actual product. Nor is the bag anywhere close to the prior khaki hue they had pictured for "sandstone" previously! (if you're interested compare online store's sandstone color, as their photos haven't been changed like 5. 11s. )

O. Anderson, Bournemouth says

This is my second 5. 11 tactical pack - the first is a moab 10. This pack is built like a tank. It's the latest model with the slightly wider straps, loops on the bottom and the upgraded shoulder yoke. Within a week of getting this pack i took a 10 day trip to south africa, with the two 5. 11 bags as my luggage. This rush 72 swallowed a whole lot of clothing and gear. I carried them both on the planes for the trip to south africa. I like the pockets and organization and the rush 72 fit right into the overhead compartment. On the way back, we had some souvenirs and wine, so i expanded into a sea to summit sil duffle bag for carry on, and checked the rush 72. All i did to prep it for the baggage handling goons was to put a loop of paracord around the pack to cinch the pack straps tight (they are typically what gets caught in the baggage machinery). The pack did fine, showed up three flights and 9000 miles later none the worse for wear. At customs in atlanta, i was randomly selected for the bag shakedown. The inspector was not too interested in my personal items but seemed to like the pack. Asked where i bought it, how i liked it, etc. . I did make one minor change to the bag. The zipper pulls throughout are black, which makes it difficult to find the zippers on the inside of the bag. I removed the black pull cords on all the inside zippers and replaced them with reflective yellow pulls made from 2. 5mm cord. Big improvement, now you can open it up and instantly find the zipper pulls. . I intend to use the rush 72 as my travel and camping bag. Among the features i like - just the right size, lots of organization in the pockets, fairly unobtrusive in black, when it isn't full it compresses down nicely. Like the other 5. 11 tactical gear, it's well built and sturdy. Pals webbing on the outside is handy for attaching stuff. . I have a separate 70 liter backpack that i take backpacking. Some have noted that the rush 72 is a bit heavy. It's tactical gear, not backpacking gear. A real backpack has better load bearing, more space and a better hip belt.

R. Irene, Shropshire

I've tried literally every "one bag" travel bag under the sun. I've tried:. Tom bihn tri-star. Tom bihn aeronaut. Redoxx sky train. Redoxx airboss. Goruck gr2. 5. 11 rush 72. Osprey porter 46. Patagonia transport mlc. And many more. . This bag is really, really, really good for one-bag travel. The main compartment is very spacious, the backpack straps comfortable. And hip belt hideable for when you dont' need it. The outer pockets allow for great expansion all while staying carry on compliant. Much better than the tortuga or osprey porter 46. Tons of well-thought out organization and high quality components like ykk zippers throughout. . This bag easily fit in every plane's overhead i've tried, from erj-145 on up. . As a bonus, i was able to nearly fit my tom bihn daylight briefcase into the admin pocket or the semi-open pocket between the main pouch and admin.

J. Widmer, Lincolnshire says

I bought this backpack about a year ago for my job in the oilfield since it was so big it can carry all of my gear, extra frs and snacks. I haven't babied the bag at all, it gets tortured daily (thrown around, wet, muddy and dusty) keeps items inside clean and dry. Has a compartment to keep paperwork where it won't get wrinkled and destroyed. Straps are comfortable even with about 25lbs of all my bs. Great bag for the price and i will buy another just like it if this one ever gives up on me!

V. Garner, Slough

I have had this bag long enough that i feel that i can give an accurate review:. . First impressions: not the color i was hoping for. It is definitely more od green than sandstone. That being said i have come to really like the color. There are tons of pockets. When i say tons, i mean that you will still find pockets that you didnt know you had several weeks after you receive it. It is a very large bag (that is why i wanted it) but with the compression straps, it really is not much larger than a normal backpack. The bag has moly everywhere (seriously) and is very well made. There are 2 places for patches but they are not that big. Large enough for a normal patch on the front and a small rectangle patch up top. Over all impressed with everything. Final impressions - i use this bag as my part of my edc and it goes everywhere with me. I keep a very well stocked med kit and various other little things that i or my family may need while out and about. I have hooked at least 20 pounds to it many times so that dont have to make several trips to the car in order to get everything and the molly never even wrinkled. Zippers are strong and have never had a problem with anything not working as it is supposed to. I have carried this bag in excess of 6 hours fully loaded and it never hurt my neck like some other bags have. The waist and the shoulder straps distributed the weight perfectly and comfortably. Overall i would say that if you are looking for a really nice bag that will take whatever you throw at it and more, then this is perfect.

U. Guest, City of Bristol says

This is the go to bag for i have a lot of stuff i need to take with me in a hurry. If you are debating this purchase, let me tell you: you will not regret it. The organization is perfect, you can fit a metal plate into the water bladder area to make it bulletproof. Handguns fit in nicely on the side compartments, and the quality is top notch. I got this on cyber monday, and it arrived earlier than expected. I loved this bag so much i bought the 24hr bag, or the other way around. Whether you're a photographer, military, hiker, snowboarder, or college student, this thing will do it all.

Z. Guest, Stoke-on-Trent

This is a very "tactical" bag, well packed when arrival; a lot of pockets, so that my stuff won't be messy together. The color is good that it won't get that much heat from the sun, causing the stuff inside hot, or your body hot. I got this for my road trip, hiking. And i like it a lot so far. However, there are some parts you may need to know before you buy it, if they may become your concern:. 1. This empty bag is about 5lb, i believe that this bag being really strong is because of the material and the back support design, which you can see in the video introduction; . 2. The part of the should strap, which is close to your neck, is about 10cm wide, if your have a strong neck, it may rub your skin, making you uncomfortable, especially when you are sweaty; . 3. The pocket on the very top, which was introduced as a sunglasses pocket, i don't think it is wide enough for me to put my sunglasses in, but you can use it for other purposes. Will see what may happen when i am using it.

A. Joanna, Wandsworth says

Very excellent, roomy backpack. The rush 72 is perfect for trips and camping. I regularly travel to dallas, tx to attend an instructors' workshop and this is what i take with me 'cause it fits all the gear i need to bring including a 15" laptop. The bag can fit thru the tsa security scanner just fine, as long as you don't over pack it, however it does have those straps for tightening the bag so that it's not so bulky and loose. It's not as heavy as some people make it out to be. If you're gonna carry more stuff that you yourself can physically carry, then of course it'll become heavy. I all i gotta say is man up and don't b! tch about the weight. Lighten the load if you don't want it too heavy or start working out and develop the strength and endurance to carry heavier loads. It's got nice padded shoulder straps so they're very comfortable. . I have too many black bags, so i went for the "sandstone, " which for some reason it looks like desert tan in all the pictures. Actually, the bag has a greenish color kinda like a light foliage green color with tan straps. Really nice combination and kinda matches my maxpedition lunada, which is in foliage green. . One thing, this is a "tactical" backpack and has a very military look to it. So be prepared if you're going thru the airport and tsa or fellow passengers mistake you for a serviceman.

D. Yvette, Hertfordshire

So i have been looking at this pack now for year or so. Against my wife wishes due to the price last week i decided to pull the trigger and purchase it. When i received it she got it out the box and was blown away with the design and quality. It is worth every penny. From the little pockets in the inside to the extra large compartments. Now she is on me to order one for her. I love the backpack and can't wait to use it again.

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