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Price was $89.97 - $90.00. These pants are beyond comfortable. These became my new favorite pants overnight. I will definetely be buy another pair. Only negative is the price point, it's a tough pill to swallow even with the great durability.

-Y. Angelica

Men’s traverse 2.0 how do you make a good pair of pants better you make them lighter, tougher, and more comfortable. introducing traverse pants 2. 0, made from a breathable single-weave fabric. featuring -5.11 men’s traverse 2.0 pants

  • Additional: 10 Total Pockets Sized For Tactical Use.
  • Additional: Full Running Gusset, Elasticized Waistband.

Competitive 5.11 Men’s Traverse 2.0 Pants (Sporting Goods) 74438 P

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Best pants i ever owned. love em The Best men's traverse 2.0 as-of ( Jan 2019 ) | A C Kerman Le-Sporting Goods Review Additional 5.11 Men's Traverse 2.0 Pants Water-repellant and quick-dry, single-weave stretch fabric. 10 total pockets sized for tactical use. Full running gusset, elasticized waistband. Bartacking at major seams and stress points. Ykk zippers .

5.11 Men's Traverse 2.0 Pants Review (74438 019 l30 w34 p)

The fit is kind of tight around the waist to thigh area for me, but the performance is great. I just wish 5. 11 made this pant with the same pockets they have on the taclite pro. -U. Franklin

5 11 Mens Traverse 2 0 Pants

  • Order: Sports
  • Brand: 5.11
  • Manufacturer: A.C. Kerman - LE
  • Model: 74438-P
  • MPN: 74438*019*L30*W34-P
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 74438*019*L30*W34-P
  • Sub-Type: Sports
  • Category: SPORTING GOODS

men's traverse 2.0 Sports, How do you make a good pair of pants better you make them lighter, tougher, and more comfortable. introducing traverse pants 2. 0, made from a breathable single-weave fabric. featuring articulated knees and a fully gusseted inseam for movement, double-reinforced knees and a durable water resistant finish for enhanced durability and water-resistance, and ten pockets for everything from keys to magazines, you can use these pants to master your environment. these lightweight, flexible, water-repellant pants are ideal for high activity and outdoor demands. 5.11 Men's Traverse 2.0 Pants (74438-P-5 11).

5 11 Mens Traverse 2 0 Pants Sports

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I m 5 ft 9, 170 and bought the 34/36. They were a little long at first and i was worried but when washed, that made them fit nice and snug. Not to say they shrink a lot, but they do a little. Fantastic product, i will buy again.

5.11 Men's Traverse 2.0 Pants
Click to see Notice5.11 Men's Traverse 2.0 Pants (Sporting Goods)"Love the pants. I have to wear a large knee brace now that i am bone on bone. The brace is large enough that i can't put it under my pants. The stretch of the fabric is enough that i can put it over the pants and still bend and move comfortably."

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5.11 Men's Taclite Pro 11 Shorts

These shorts sit naturally on waist and feature tough, lightweight and breathable, fade and wrinkle resistant material that is ptfe resin treated for stain repellency. They also have a patented rear strap, slash pockets, an action waist for enhanced movement, double reinforced seat, bartacks in high stress areas, genuine ykk zippers and prym snaps, and an 11" inseam.

5.11 Men's Taclite Pro 11 Shorts5-11-Mens-Taclite-Pro-Shorts

Brand :    5.11
Color :    Black
Model :    W-511-7330
Quantity :    1
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  • Action waist for fit and comfort
  • Teflon treated for spill and stain resistance
  • Fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Signature rear strap and slash pocket design
  • Genuine ykk zippers prym snaps
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 Men's Taclite Pro 11 Shorts available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

5.11 Traverse Double Buckle Belt

A superior multi-purpose belt, the traverse double buckle is 1. 5' wide and features enhanced strength and durability in a comfortable low profile design. Ideal for both casual and duty wear, the traverse double buckle belt easily supports a holster and sidearm without rolling or deforming. Additional features include lightweight aluminum anodized buckles, ribbed weave nylon webbing, a reinforced signature 5. 11 belt tip, and subtle logo touches throughout. Mini flag attachment point with 1'x1' loop patch on front. Sizes run small, tactical 5. 11 recommend that you order 1 size up. Material: nylon.

5.11 Traverse Double Buckle Belt5-11-Traverse-Double-Buckle-Belt

Brand :    5.11
  • Superior multi-purpose belt
  • Sizes run small, tactical 5 11 recommend that you order 1 size up
  • Easily supports a holster and sidearm without rolling or deforming
  • Mini flag attachment point with 1'x1' loop patch on front
  • Lightweight aluminum anodized buckles, ribbed weave nylon webbing
Price :    —
Model :    5-59510-116-S-P
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 Traverse Double Buckle Belt available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

5.11 RIDGELINE Tactical Pant, Style 74411

Love these. They are the 2nd pair i've bought within the last month. I found that it was annoying to carry all my edc gear in my work khakis with tiny pockets. So i ordered the battle brown pair 1st and wore them 5 days in a row to work haha, yeah i love them. I just received this pair (2nd paid) in storm grey and plan to wear these constantly too. Its perfect for a pocket knife or leatherman, flashlight, keys, wallet, phone. Everything you need to carry all while looking somewhat business professional. I work in an office setting where i can get away with these with a polo or button up shirt, these would not be good to replace dress pants for work. The best part is they stretch/flex as you move. The button is attached with a piece of fabric unlike normal pants just sewn on and eventually hang on by a thread. Buy these you wont be sorry.

The new ridgeline pant from 5. 11 tactical combines a casual look and feel with tough and ruggedized high performance utility. Built from our rip stop flex-tic fabric with mechanical stretch, the ridgeline features barracking at major stress points, durable buttons and double needle stitching at all major seams. The ridgeline pant is engineered to excel in the most demanding environments without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

5.11 RIDGELINE Tactical Pant, Style 744115-11-RIDGELINE-Tactical-Style-74411

5.11 Ridegeline Pants (74411 070 40 32) FAQ.

These were my first pair of 5. 11 pants. And wow is all i can say! i'm a short dude. 5'4" and most pants i have that have 30" inseams are way to long. I either need them hemmed up or i wear boots that have a larger heel in them. Not the case with these. They work great with normal running shoes. And that isn't even the best part! i told my wife the first time i wore these out that they felt better than wearing my boxers around the house. They are so comfortable and they give way when i kneel down or bend over. They stretch when they need to but without being too loose and baggy. I think 5. 11 hit a grand slam with these pants and i will be purchasing as many as my wife will let me buy! the only concern i would voice would be if the length is accurate compared to other pants due to these fitting so differently compared to my wranglers and levi's jeans. Either way, just get some and try bc they are worth it! -Notice from V. Candy, Southampton

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I really want to 5 star these pants, but i've had a frustrating time with them thus far. The first pair i ordered was in my typical size, 32x32, in stone. When i got them, i was disappointed to find that they were about an inch too short in the leg and about a half inch too small in the waist. They were still wearable, certainly. However, they become quite uncomfortable if i try to conceal carry iwb - normally a 32 waist and slight stretch fabric would be perfect for me, but there just isn't enough room. . That being said, the pants do everything else perfectly. They are durable, flexible, and work great on hikes in both hot and cold weather. I like the reinforced front pockets, which hold a folding knife, multi-tool, or cell phone perfectly. And i particularly like the dual back pockets. I will say that the front pockets can be difficult to access, especially when sitting down, because of how high and small the opening is. . I liked them enough to buy a second pair, this time 33x34 in battle brown, thinking that if the 32x32 was too small, these measurements should be perfect. They're huge! this pair must be true to size, because they are way too big in every dimension. In the end, i don't know if 5. 11 has consistency issues with the sizing, or if i'm in some kind of limbo between sizes, but i'll be taking these to a tailor to see if they can't make these wearable. I don't hear of many other people having this issue, so don't let it deter you. These are great pants.

5.11-ridegeline-pants-(74411-070-40-32) set picture

- G. LauraI will very confidently write that these are the best pants i've ever put on. The ridgeline pants wear like regular fit khakis and the stone color looks like khakis too. I am 5'10", 180lb, with an athletic build (i never skip leg day), and the 32-32 sizing was perfect for me. The waist sits about 3" below my naval which is a lot better than just below my nipples like so many other tactical pants. There's a bit of elastic in the waist band which allows for comfortable concealed carry, and/or a little give after a big meal, so i would recommend ordering your jean size. I am able to wear a good base layer under the pants without taking up all of the room, so i am able to wear them year round comfortably, and the flex-tac material allows for very secure and comfortable blousing when i'm traipsing around the woods. Overall, i would recommend these pants to everyone.

I was a little nervous about the fit because i have several pairs of a different line of 5. 11 pants, but these fit exactly the same as the other pairs i own. I am not in law enforcement, nor do i carry, so i can't speak to hear attachment or storage, only look and feel. I purchased the storm and black colors. The storm has a hint of pinstripes within about 5 feet sight due to the ripstop fabric; the black ripstop fabric looks like a solid color. I'm probably about as average build as you can get (6'-0", 170 , 32"wx34"l), and these pants fit perfect. They are professional enough for my office job which involves meeting with clients, and are also perfect for hiking or most any other casual event. I'm definitely going to be buying more of these ridgeline series.

S. Perez, Arkansas

Brand :    5.11
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    74411_070_40_32
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 RIDGELINE Tactical Pant, Style 74411 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    —
  • 6. 76 oz. flex-tac ripstop fabric with teflon finish for moisture and stain resistance
  • Outstanding performance, superior comfort
  • Durable, flexible covert pants with the ideal blend of toughness and comfort are excellent for covert duty or casual wear
  • Double-stitching with bartacking at major seams and stress points, a fully gusseted crotch, nylon reinforced pockets and ykk zippers
  • Extra pockets sized for tactical use

5.11 STRYKE Tactical Pant, Style 74369

These pants are great! they repel water and are stretchy like advertised and very comfortable. I wore them for a shooting class in the rain and they did great beading water and shedding it. I am 5'11" 178lbs with an athletic build and wear 32x32 regularly. These fit the same knowing there will be a little extra room for movement in tactical pants. The green seems a little more green than the picture so i attached a photo to show the true color. Overall, they are very durable and comfortable and have plenty of pockets for what you need. I would definately recommend these.

5. 11's most popular pants, 5. 11 stryke pants are what all other tactical pants want to be. Made from our patented two-way mechanical stretch fabric, with a fully gusseted crotch, self-adjusting tunnel waistband, and articulated knees, 5. 11 stryke pants offer the superior range of motion necessary for active work. Built to last and blend in, these pants feature 12 smart pockets, including double-deep reinforced cargo pockets and front pockets sized for your everyday tactical carry items. On and off the job, meet your new favorite pants.

5.11 STRYKE Tactical Pant, Style 743695-11-STRYKE-Tactical-Style-74369

5.11 Men's Stryke Pant Flex-tac (74369 019) FAQ.

I owe this review to online store and all future person(s) seeking the perfect pair of ems pants in which are incredibly comfortable, professional looking, and not baggy whatsoever! i just was hired at my local hospital as an emt/er technician so i was directed to purchase black emt pants or something tactical with a professional appearance to satisfy the professional appearance requirements as well as job requirements when away from the er responding to a call. The town in which i reside is very small with no such store in which to purchase these said pants. I must have ordered and returned 4 pairs of emt pants from online store to no avail! i'm 5'9" with a waist size of 29 so my ideal pant size is 29/30. It's been a struggle finding pants in that size let me tell you and everything i've ordered was too large due to the smallest size being 30/30 or one of the two measurements being too large. Well i was about to give up all hope until i found these pants on prime! the size of these pants are 28/30 and their absolutely perfect! the waist is one size smaller but the adjustable waist component to these pants makes it perfect and snug. The length is also perfect and true to advertised length! these pants fit and feel like a dream! the material is amazingly comfortable and appears durable to endure anything. These pants fit very well with no "baggy" appearance and look very professional! there are more pockets than i know what to do with! absolutely love these pants! will most certainly be buying more! my recommendation is purchase a pant with the waist size being 1 size below your normal and that's just a recommendation as the adjusting waist gently compress around you making it a even more ideal feeling fit. If you want non-baggy, amazingly well fitted true to size pant then look no further and order these. It will be your first and last purchase unless you buy more of these! all these positive reviews are true! believe us, these are the greatest fitting, feeling, and looking pants for any ems related job! -Notice from O. Gina, Darlington

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Great pants at a price. I knew these would be heavier than the 5. 11 taclite pants, but they feel great. High quality all around. Nice finishing on the flaps, etc. My only wish is that the rear pockets began at the outseam as they do on the taclite pants. That feature allows a wallet to ride on your hip rather than your rear. It makes a big difference when driving or sitting for a long time. Overall, i'll choose the taclite pants over these, for the pockets and for being $25. 00 less.

5.11-men's-stryke-pant-flex-tac-(74369-019) set picture

- L. RebeccaThis is my 3rd stryke and again it is a strike, yessir! got the battle brown this time and again no regrets! my 1st time to buy a stryke from online store. Com though and boy they ship fast as always! got online store prime btw and yes it's the wife's account lol! . . Hey online store please stock on the coyote color! i prefer buying it here coz you do mach 1 shipping as opposed to the maker of these pants although i did buy a 28x30 stryke storm ( great color too! ) from them and it took only 4 days to get to me w/c is reasonably fast ! my khaki version was purchased when i was still in the philippines. I seldom use it now, a size 30x30, as i find it baggy. I am a size 29 and 5'8" in height so i find the 28x30 a much better fit. Material is stretchy so better order one size down. . Oh, i like it better than the apex w/c i got to try on more than once. Material is thicker ( new mexico is cold so thicker is better) and yeah i love the 2 front pockets man! it triples as a cp, flashlight and knife pouch! . . Btw, i ordered a 28x30 stryke coyote this morning from 5. 11. They are on sale right now and is the same price as online store's $56! come on, online store, stock up on the coyote! . . The featured battle brown color is accurate, ladies and gents! the one on the 5. 11 site is too light and is akin to their coyote version.

These pants make a lot of great improvements on the standard 5. 11 tac-lite pros. They looks more professional and can be worn in more situations without screaming "tactical" or "cargo pants" (though they aren't going to blend 100% is someone is looking). . The main front pockets have a great redesign that keeps items with clips (knifes, lights, pens) riding vertically, rather than at the funky angle of the tac-lite pros. . The cargo pockets have been raised up which puts them at a better location. When not in use they are pulled fairly tightly into the pant making them very unobtrusive and low profile. . The two small front-thigh pockets fit a iphone very well. Larger phablets may be a tight fit, check the measurements. . The back pockets changing from the slash design to a more traditional looking pocket has pros and cons depending on your needs. They are not as easy to quickly stuff something into as the tac-lite pros, but they looks a lot more normal. So if you don't need them much this may be a better design for you.

S. Ruby, Hampshire

Price :    —
  • The durability of the stryke pants is unmatched with triple-stich reinforcement and extensive bartacking at major seams and stress points. flex-tac fabric with 4-way mechanical stretch
  • The stryke pant is made from 5. 11's patented two-way mechanical stretch 65% polyester/35% cotton ripstop fabric which makes them lightweight and durable. they provide outstanding comfort and performance in harsh conditions, professional and recreational
  • The teflon fabric treatment protects against stains, spills, and soil to keep your pants looking their best
  • The 5. 11 stryke pants have many operational features which include 12 pockets including double-deep cargo pockets for tactical use, ykk zippers, prym snaps
  • With comfort features like a self-adjusting tunnel waistband, a fully gusseted crotch and articulated knees you will be prepared for running, kneeling, crawling, and hustling your work demands
Brand :    5.11
Model :    74369-116
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 STRYKE Tactical Pant, Style 74369 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

5.11 APEX Tactical Pant, Style 74434

These are some of the most comfortable pants you will ever buy. I have worn them to church with sperry's. These are my go to atv riding pants. They feel stretchable, breathable, yet water resistant. Also, the biggest thing is the crotch. You can squat down without even worrying if you are going to bust a seam. I like carrying concealed while wearing these or open carry. Inside the leg lockets are separated mag pouches basically. I can carry an extra mag for my s&w m&p 9mm shield and you cant even tell. Excellent for having you phone in one pocket, an extra mag in the other pocket and your id all right there, this is especially useful on an atv. I can't begin to explain all the good things about these pants. Definitely the only con may be the price but sacrifices must be made sometimes. Guys and gals, these are worth buying. I am wanting to buy one of each color, but i have the brown ones and they can be used out in the woods, casual wear, or pretty much anything.

Combining precision engineering, functional design, and resilient construction, the apex pant is a next-gen cargo pant that exceeds expectations in any role. Ideal for tactical, casual, or covert wear, the apex pant is built from 7. 2 oz. Flex-tac mechanical stretch canvas that offers extreme durability while remaining flexible and mobile. Front hip pockets feature reinforced fabric at the knife clip, and thigh-mounted cargo pockets are deep, smooth, and include zip closure to keep your gear stable when you're on the move. Internal pockets sewn into each cargo pouch and twin back yoke pockets are all sized for ar magazines, providing plenty of space for spare ammo. A covert pocket at the front waistband is sized for a set of flex cuffs, and a handcuff key pocket is hidden at the rear waistband. A flexible comfort waistband, seven sturdy belt loops, a fully gusseted crotch, and articulated knees ensure complete freedom of movement, and a teflon treated exterior repels stains, spills, and soil to keep you looking your best.

5.11 APEX Tactical Pant, Style 744345-11-APEX-Tactical-Style-74434

5.11 Men's Apex Pants (5 11) FAQ.

They work great. I work in a busy level trauma center and they work better than scrubs or end pants. I bought the 5. 11 ems pants and these are better. More comfortable and they manage what i carry better. Because i'm in the trauma room i don't need flaps, the zippered cargo pockets are great. My chart can be folded and carry easy. -Notice from L. Walsh, New Jersey

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Worth the cost.

5.11-men's-apex-pants-(5-11) set picture

- U. LaraThese are the most comfortable pants i own. They are not cheap, but you will definitely feel the difference between these and others like it that are less expensive. I wear a 34 waist and these fit absolutely perfect. I could not be happier with the quality or the fit.

Fantastic pant - best 5. 11 pant yet. I agree with previous reviews on sizing: size similar to stryke pant: true to size for waist and err on a little longer for the inseam.

N. Linda, Buckinghamshire

5.11 APEX TACTICAL PANT, STYLE 74434 Highlight
Brand :    5.11
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Fully gusseted crotch, comfort waistband, articulated knees provide comfort, range of movement and durability
  • Sorona 42%/cotton 31%/polyester 27%
  • Internal cargo pouch magazine pockets flex-cuff pocket inside front waist, handcuff key pocket inside rear waist, twin back yoke magazine pockets
  • 7. 2 oz. flex-tac mechanical stretch canvas is teflon treated to repel stains, soil, and moisture
  • Bartacked stress locations, seven reinforced belt loops, reinforced knife clip area and genuine ykk zippers insure that durability is not an issue
Price :    —
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 APEX Tactical Pant, Style 74434 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

5.11 Tactical Men's Traverse Pant

The lightweight standoff fabric wicks perspiration and enhances airflow and breathability.  the reverse coiled back zippered pockets and low profile cordura lined cargo pockets secure your gear while you are on the move. The tactical traverse pant features a contoured, high back stretch waist band and articulated knees for a customized fit.   the hem to hem gusset enhances mobility on the range, training exercise or trail run.  .

5.11 Tactical Men's Traverse Pant5-11-Tactical-Mens-Traverse-Pant

Brand :    5.11
Color :    Khaki
Size :    One Size
Model :    5-74401-019-38-30-parent
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 Tactical Men's Traverse Pant available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Full running gusset
  • Contoured elastic high rise waistband
  • Reversed back zippered pockets
  • Enhances airflow and breathability
  • Quick drying 4-way stretch fabric

5.11 Men's PERFORMANCE Short Sleeve Polo Tactical Shirt, Style 71049

This is the absolute best polo i have ever owned. While the dry-fit like material can be a bit uncomfortable at first compared to say cotton you will get used to it fast. More over i now find this more comfortable than cotton now because just as advertiesed it is super breezy and whicks mostiure like nothing i have ever worn. I went to disney wearing the black one of these while it was a balmy 93 degrees and 95% humidity out. I was "cool calm and comfortable" just like they say. I own two of these so far they are well worth the price. Don't think just buy one of these.

Made of 100% polyester, this performance polo shirt has a slight sheen and stays looking good day in and day out.   we ve included all the features of our cotton tactical polo including mic clips, fully gusseted sleeves and pen pockets on the left sleeve.   the performance polo shirt fabric is moisture wicking which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria. Made with our proprietary smartweave fabric, the performance polo shirt resists snags and remains wrinkle free.  you can attach your radio microphone to any of the three mic clips on the shoulders and chest placket.  the performance polo shirt has two pen pockets located on the left sleeve.  the synthetic fabric of the performance polo shirts resists stains, tears and snags.   the no roll collar has flexible stays which keep the collars from rolling at the edges.   the pen pockets are stitched to endure constant use and all seams are designed for both comfort and durability. 5. 11 tactical series uses only melamine buttons on the performance polo shirt. Melamine buttons don t crack or break and can withstand the heat of an iron without melting.   the stitching and materials used in the construction of the performance polo shirt are of the highest quality demanded by law enforcement, fire and military personnel. The 5. 11 performance polo shirts are the ultimate in comfort and fit.   we ve added fully gusseted sleeves to give you full range of motion even when wearing your ballistic vest. Because the performance polo shirt does not wrinkle, shrink or fade, it is an exceptional value.   most polo shirts on the market can be worn only a few times before losing their professional look.   our proprietary smartweave fabric keeps its slight sheen even after multiple washings and the fabric won t snag or peel, giving it a long life.   the performance polo shirt outlasts other polo shirts by such a great factor and is so reasonably priced; it just makes sense to wear the best.

5.11 Men's PERFORMANCE Short Sleeve Polo Tactical Shirt, Style 710495-11-PERFORMANCE-Short-Sleeve-Tactical

5.11 Men's 71049 Performance Polo Short Sleeve Shirt (5 71049 010) FAQ.

This polo really impressed me. I have worn 5. 11 products before, but never the performance line. This is probably one of the nicest polos that i have worn. Nice tapered fit that makes even this big guy look good. Great material, the collar is awesome. I love the fact that its not branded like most polos out there. I plan on ordering more of this shirt for company shirts. This polo is extremely comfortable. The material is lightweight and well made as are all 5. 11 products that i have ordered in the past. I will definitely buy more in the future. You will not be disappointed. -Notice from J. Jessica, Derbyshire

Click to Show 5.11 men's 71049 performance polo short sleeve shirt (5 71049 010) Details

This is the greatest polo shirt ever. It is fantastic in every way and if i had to choose 1 polo for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Does not wrinkle, looks professional even after washing. I only wish the length was a bit longer. I am 6'5" and this shirt barely tucks in. It looks good untucked, but sometimes i have to tuck it for work. It will tuck, but comes untucked in the tail if i bend over.

5.11-men's-71049-performance-polo-short-sleeve-shirt-(5-71049-010) set picture

- F. KellyA really great quality shirt. I love all of the little features like the center-strap clip, mic clips on the shoulder, and the convenient pen pocket on the left sleeve. Lightweight enough, very breathable. No issues in the desert heat. Buttons and stitching are very nice, and everything holds up well in the wash so far. . My only complaint is that, for my size large, it feels a bit baggy. The polo is definitely not a "slim fit" style, and it was a little too expensive to start trying to purchase a size down to try it first. Your best bet may be to drop a size down if you really want a polo that hugs you, or try on another 5. 11 shirt to make sure you have the fit you like.

Unlike 5. 11 pants that seem to run a bit smaller in the waist than other pants of the same measurements, these shirts fit just right. I have two of them and both fit perfectly. Also, most other polos i wear tend to snag on things and get ruined. These have been snagged on things but don't get threads yanked out ruining the appearance of the fabric. I will be getting more of these in the future.

Q. Williams, Durham

Price :    —
  • Moisture wicking, quick drying, fully gusseted sleeves, traditional three button placket
  • Dual pen pockets at left sleeve, integrated mic loops at the shoulders and chest
  • Professional appearance, lasting comfort, snag and wrinkle resistant fabric, no roll collar, 6. 7 oz. jersey knit polyester
  • Why 5. 11 - apparel that is built for your environment. 5. 11 creates products for both professionals and consumers that embody our mission to create purpose-built tactical gear for the most demanding missions. always be ready
  • Melamine buttons won't burn, crack, or melt, bartacking at major stress points, accepts embroidery and silkscreening
Brand :    5.11
Color :    L.e.green
Size :    3X-Large
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    5-71049
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (Sports product review) for 5.11 Men's PERFORMANCE Short Sleeve Polo Tactical Shirt, Style 71049 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

5.11 Men's Freedom Flex Woven Short Sleeve Shirt

Flexibility and comfort indoors or out. The moisture-wicking 3. 9-oz. (132g/m) polyester fabric is built with stretch for freedom of movement and comfort. Like our covert shirts, the freedom flex is built with a rapidraw placket for access to our holster shirt or shoulder holster. The freedom flex delivers performance and outstanding functionality at the range or in the office. Imported.

5.11 Men's Freedom Flex Woven Short Sleeve Shirt5-11-Freedom-Woven-Short-Sleeve

Brand :    5.11
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    71340_836_S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for 5.11 Men's Freedom Flex Woven Short Sleeve Shirt available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
Price :    —
  • Full length arm and side gusset
  • Wear tucked in or out
  • Bartacked construction
  • Pen pockets, chest pockets

5.11 TACLITE PRO Tactical Pant, Style 74273

All of my blue jeans have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Extinct! i wear nothing but tactical cargo pants now and the vast majority are 5. 11 taclite poly blend or their 100% cotton pant brothers. The poly blend pant is great for hot, southern late spring and summer months and the cotton pant does late fall and winter duty. I wear them as casual dress and outdoor work attire, and the heavier cotton pant also doubles as hunting attire when in a fully enclosed blind or shoot house, as they are baggy enough and with the elasticized waist, allow ua or duofold thermal wear without binding in the knee or butt or feeling too tight in the waist. I haven't noticed much of any fading on the taclites but of course since the cotton pant stains easier and holds dirt and grime more than the poly blend taclites, they are being washed differently and have faded a bit in the darker colors. Some of the pants are over four years old now and the only wear i have noticed is on the bottom hem at the heel from dragging the ground. Great gear, and well worth the price given how long they last, and the fit and finish.

5. 11 tactical has done it again. Our new taclite pro pant is ready for wear and we know this one will be a hit. Fashioned after our traditional 5. 11 tactical pant, the new 5. 11 taclite pro pant features a lightweight poly-cotton ripstop fabric and a fully gusseted crotch that allows for full range of movement. These pants have pockets located for easy access to all of your gear. An external knife pocket on the right front side gives you easy access to a 5. 11 knife. Cargo pockets are located on both thighs and a magazine/cell phone pocket is located over the left cargo pocket for quick access with your off-hand. The magazine and new knife pocket are reinforced with 100% cordura nylon. We have kept our signature slash pockets in the rear along with the strap found on our 5. 11 tactical pants. Cops have been waiting patiently for a lightweight version of our classic 5. 11 tactical pant and the taclite pro pant fits the bill. Made of lightweight 65% polyester and 35% non-fading polycotton ripstop, you have a pant that is extremely functional and maintains a neat, clean and professional look. We ve also treated the pants with ht teflon wear resistant finish for stain and soil resistance to maintain that good look no matter what the daily activity. The belt loops are thick enough to support a large belt to carry the weight of a sidearm, cuffs or other equipment. We use only ykk zippers, prym snaps and horn buttons so that you can rest assured that these taclite pro pant will last. We ve also included our traditional clip loop on the front of the taclite pro pant for our great traditional 5. 11 tactical look. We ve given you a full range of great colors. The 5. 11 taclite pro pant comes in black, coyote, tdu green, tundra, tdu khaki and dark navy.

5.11 TACLITE PRO Tactical Pant, Style 742735-11-TACLITE-Tactical-Style-74273

5.11 Men's Tactical 74273 Taclite Pro Pant (74273 019 44 36) FAQ.

5. 11 pants have become my go to cargo pant for everyday use replacing the wrangler cargo pants that i have been using for the last year or so. The 5. 11 pants look much cleaner and have a fit that is tighter without being restrictive. Compared to the wrangler cargos the 5. 11 pants have a much better pocket layout with less bulk. I ordered the same size as the wranglers 38x30 sizing and the fit is perfect exactly as expected. The best feature for me of the 5. 11 taclite are the massive rear pockets, large deep and easily secured by one simple velcro tab. -Notice from I. Whiteman, Picardie

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I'm not an operator, but i do spend quite a bit of time outdoors and clothing needs to be tough, comfortable and dependable. These pants allow for great flexibility, while providing a ton of pocket storage space for all the small items i carry outdoors. These pants are built well, with no loose threads or bad stitching at all. I've worn and washed this pair well over 50 times already, and they always look like new every time i put them on. The tundra color is fantastic for hiding dirt on long outings in all types of terrain. . These pants make great paintball/airsoft clothes as well. With as much movement as they allow, you can keep on the move comfortably. . They dry fast. I've had to get wet up to my thighs in these, and they dried out completely within 1/2 hour on a dry day. While wet, they aren't heavy like wet denim would be, so you can keep going about doing what you were doing while they dry and they won't weigh you down. Best backpacking and camping pants i have ever owned.

5.11-men's-tactical-74273-taclite-pro-pant-(74273-019-44-36) set picture

- O. BarbaraOverall these are pretty good, but there are a few things i don't like. So here's a list of my pros and cons:. . Pros:. -pockets lay flat. Very important to me. -inseam is just a touch longer than what i'm used to for 34". This is really good for me, as i've been cursed with an 35" inseam which the clothing industry is apparently incapable of providing for. -deep front pockets! . -wife really likes them for some reason, she's the reason i ultimately decided to keep them despite a fitting issue (below). . Cons:. -the so called utility strip across the right butt cheek is just strange looking, and i have doubts about it's usefulness as it's just flimsy woven cotton. -i don't care for the back pockets, it kind of looks like i put my pants on backward. -the waist is too high. Just because i'm a 42 waist doesn't mean i'm in the habit of tucking my belly into my pants like a woman. Guess i'll just go with a saggy crotch. -the belt loops happen to line up just perfectly to interfere with my iwb holtster. This is the only pair of pants i've had that issue with. -swish swish when i walk, but i guess that's to be expected with this material.

Excellent pants for work if you need all the pockets. Very comfortable, sits above the waist just a bit. Elastic waistband allows for comfortable working if your constantly on the go, even with the pockets loaded! they look good, seem to repel dirt and grime. Better looking than jeans if you can dress casual for work. I recommend the 5. 11 wide leather belt that will fit the belt loops.

K. Zelda, Greenwich

Brand :    5.11
Model :    74273_019_44_36
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Lightweight 65% polyester and 35% poly cotton ripstop is treated with ht teflon wear-resistant finish
  • Signature rear strap and slash pocket design; rear web strap
  • Two cargo pockets; magazine/cell phone pocket
  • External knife pocket
  • Ykk zippers. prym snaps, clip loop. hip-mounted d-ring. gussetted construction for flexibility and strength
Price :    —
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5.11 Tactical 72194 Rapid Assault Shirt

The new rapid assault shirt is the perfect addition to 511 s popular tactical duty uniform. We have worked with a team of law enforcement officers and military personel across the country to develop the ultimate combat shirt for tactical use. The body fabric is a lightweight poly/cotton/spandex knit that wicks perspiration and dries quickly. We ve engineered side mesh panels to improve air flow, keeping you cool. With premium stretch the torso is form fitting without being tight or restrictive. We ve utilized flat lock seams to reduce chafing and maximize comfort for wear under body armor. The saddle shoulder construction allows for maximum range of motion for all operations. The sleeves are constructed of a tough poly/cotton ripstop with articulated, reinforced elbows. Large, dual shoulder pockets provide additional storage capacity. The rapid assault shirt has a half zip entry with a woven collar that can be worn up or down. We ve considered every detail in designing the perfect addition to your tactical uniform.

5.11 Tactical 72194 Rapid Assault Shirt5-11-Tactical-72194-Rapid-Assault

Brand :    5.11
Color :    Black
Model :    5-72194
Quantity :    1
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Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports product review) for 5.11 Tactical 72194 Rapid Assault Shirt available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

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The F.A.Q. for 5.11 men's traverse 2.0 pants

The best work pants out there. very comfortable.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How does the sizes fit? or there a need to get one size up or lower. i wear my pants at my hips (37-37. 5inches)

(note) Question: where/how to get 5 11 (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar 5 11's products

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Best 5.11 men's traverse 2.0 pants (sporting goods) in review

As long as 5. 11 keeps making these pants, i won't wear anything else. Its like you have nothing on, yet you still have lots of pockets! they are wonderful in warm weather; i wear a light long-john under them in cold weather. The fabric does feel too delicate to be tramping though the blackberry bushes (although i haven't put them to that kind of test), but should stand up to most everything else i do. Construction is top-notch. I do note that the second pair that i bought had a waste size that was 1" smaller than the first pair, even though both are showing 32w-32l.

L. Valdez, Northern Territory

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V. Dorothy, Bourgogne says

Fit smaller than my tac lite pros.

G. Dorine, South Carolina

Very comfortable pants. Came in a decent amount of time too.

Z. Zelda, Suffolk says

Great work pants but look like casual clean and lightweight fabric!

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